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Default Yakumake Ishimaru

Name: Yakumake "The Angel of Death" Ishimaru
Age: 26
Sex: Male
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 155lbs

Village: Hidden Village of Stone
Rank: Jounin
Division: Ex-SnS Shaken Division / Businessman / Part-time teacher / Tora Senshi
Team: Power

Physical Description:
Ishimaru has gained a great deal of respect over the years. A prominent figure in Stone’s business industry, known to all the children at the academy, while being an elite shinobi at the same time has turned Ishimaru into a strong and confident leader which shows in his stance, demeanour and expression.

His body though hasn’t changed a bit. Still perfectly toned and subtle from his years of speed training and, likewise, relatively unblemished due to being a long range fighter, Ishimaru’s body sits at the same average height it has always sat at. At one point he almost managed to tame his hair – although it cost quite a bit – but even the best hairdresser one could buy didn’t keep it down for more than a week. Still Purple. Still Feral.

When he’s off duty, Ishimaru tends to dress with style. Currently he’s settled on his trusty combat boots and pair of worn black jeans that he seriously needs to replace. He covers his slightly faded blue yin yang shirt with a really expensive leather jacket which has the sleeves rolled up past his elbows. His fingerless leather gloves conceal all his wire, and he wears several different bracelets on both his arms – usually in the black with spikes department.

On duty he takes a much more practical sense to wardrobe. Keeping his combat boots, he swaps out his jeans for a rugged pair of dark brown cargo pants. His shirt is replaced by the standard ninja mesh, and overlaid with light brown shirt – its sleeves reaching down to his forearms. Of course he wears in Jounin flak jacket with this, and he keeps his leather gloves from his other outfit. His forehead protector is tied to his right arm – tight and out of the way.

On either outfit he keeps his standard ninja pouch hooked to the back of his belt. Most of his kunai are scattered around his body in various places for quick access, with the rest in his pouch.

Nindo: Stay strong and loyal, protect the future, and strive for a better tomorrow.

- Daredevil
- Quicksilver

Jutsu/Stat/Weapon Edits
02 June - Added +2 Stamina and Cast Off; TS/PWd Desert Waltz


- Strength: 1 -1 +16 = 16 (+4 Higi no Kagemusha)
- Speed: 1 +2 +27 = 30 (+25 Higi no Kagemusha)
- Stamina 1 +2 +1 +17 + 2(02 June) = 23 (+10 Higi no Kagemusha)
- Intelligence: 1 -1 +15 = 15
- Tactics: 1 -2 +20 = 19
- Willpower: 1 +1 +15 = 17

- Power: 1 -1 +13 = 13
- Control: 1 -1 +15 = 15
- Reserves: 1 +12 = 13


Tora Senshi
- Mark of the Tigre

Global Genjutsu
- Mud Clone (Stage 1)*
- Camouflage (Stage 2)
- Kai (Stage 3)

Higi No Kagemusha
- Stage 1
- Stage 2
- Stage 3
- Stage 4
- Stage 5

- Burst (Stage 3)
- Anchor (Stage 4)

Futoumeisei Ga Nai No
- Shadow Sight (Stage 1)
- Cast Off (Stage 1)
- No Sound (Stage 2)
- Distance Hearing (Stage 3)
- Translucent Weapons (Stage 4)

Global Ninjutsu
- Kawarimi (Stage 1)
- Pebble Flash Bang (Stage 1)*
- Tree Walking (Stage 2)
- Kunai of the silent stone (Stage 2)*
- Earth Element: Swift Swim (Stage 2)*
- Water Walking (Stage 3)
- Shunshin (Stage 4)

- Explosive tags (4)
- Razor Wire (2)
- Kunai (2)

- Lethal Poison (7)
- Armour Plates Front/Back (4)
- Bandages (1)

Weapon Points Left: 0

Once a fanatic out for revenge, his years with Kogane have mellowed Ishimaru to a degree. With the fire of revenge quenched somewhat by a river of blood and tempered by friendship, the young veteran has spent his time desperately trying to slow his life down in an attempt to loosen up and just enjoy living for once like a normal human being.

The doubt, guilt and self-loathing that tormented his conscience have been buried in the past. His fractured soul fixed slightly in a bid to find some medium of peace in the violent world of the shinobi. Unfortunately old habits die hard and time cannot erase the scars etched into his mind; his fierce sense of loyalty still burning bright – along with his contempt for traitor and coward alike.

If anything, he’s become even more efficient over the years. Running a company on the side of everything else requires dedication and careful planning – as does managing to survive on the field of open battle. Ishimaru only manages to find time for all of this because he doesn’t sleep a lot – years back nightmares would keep him awake or tossing even if he did manage to close his eyes. With those terrors gone he can sleep peacefully, but being accustomed to so little sleep for so long does have a certain affect on you.

As protective as ever, his love for children finally manifested itself when he finally took up a teaching job. Likewise, his dedication to all things feline hasn’t even wavered over the years – even after Bullet’s sad demise.


Other Info:

-Ishimaru only owns one cat at the moment – an aging ginger tabby called Davy Jones – Bullet, his other cat, passed away a couple months back

- Now the prime stock holder of his father's - now his - company, and he takes an active hand in most of its dealings. And yes, he's still filthy rich.

- He actually became an alcoholic during his village arrest, so he gave up drinking for 4 years. Recently, he's begun taking alcholhol in moderation, but nothing to his previous extent.

- Unfortunately, he has no living family. He does hope to settle down when he finally comes to terms with himself, and keep his name going.

- He has a small allergy to dogs, and this might be why he’s such a cat person.

(3 AP used on Jutsu. He has mud clone because he had it one Engi 2. Tis basically a bunshin really, but if I need to jump through any hoops I'll gladly do it ^_^)

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Team would be Power CB.

I thought swap jutsu had to go into the same element?
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Edited to Team Power

As for the swap jutsu they have to be of the same type (Ninjutsu/Genjutsu) and they can't be from differnt themes. Methinks the global lists are the catch all dumping ground since they have no element :3
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Sounds good to me, I should have Kogane up shortly. Double Approved
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ishimaru is back, approved and moved.

AP: 11+ 3 Anniversary AP (previous) + 2 AP

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