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Default Douzen Ishinara - SnS Chuunin

I'm re-registering my only character, my chuunin that rocks... Everything else is basically still the same except for editing according to new rules now... And i sort of shortened the writing example a little and made slight changes. It still looks friggin long though... Also, please point out if i make any mistakes because this system is still partially confusing me...

Name: Douzen Ishinara
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Height: 1.82 metres

Character Type: Shinobi

Country/Village: Country of Earth, Hidden
village of Stone
Rank: Chunnin

Division: Sareki no Shinkan Shaken Division

Physical Description: Ishinara has little to no expression on his face. His eyes are somewhat dreamy, and he never seems to be fully paying attention to anything. He may not be the best looking guy, but his mellow expression makes his looks somewhat likable. His hair is seldom combed properly, but is instead in a messed up style, almost like a ragdoll. With a slim but toned build, Ishnara is in a rather good physical shape, and armed with his stone taijutsu skills, he is good enough to engage most non-taijutsu experts/human tank shinobis in hand to hand combat despite being slightly more focused on ninjutsu.

Clothing: He doesn’t like to bother about dressing. Most of the time, he simply wears the StoneVillage’s standard shinobi uniform. His forehead protector is either on his forehead, or sometimes around his neck depending on how hot it is, or if it actually dropped down by itself.

Weapons & Accessories: Shuriken – 2, Kunai - 2 Explosive Tags – 4, ointments - 3 Double edged Kunai – 3, ankle blade – 3, Hallucinogenic poison - 3

Weapon Points Left: 0

Personality: Ishinara has a very calm and easy going nature. Growing up in sync with the earth, his personality is moulded to be close to this particular element. Stable calm and peaceful, but tough and ruthless when enraged. He bothers little about other shinobis, but is amazingly fond of the nature, and cares a lot for them. He loves the earth, and sometimes dives around in them simply for pleasure. He loves rocks as well, and has a collection of unique rocks at home.

All in all, Ishinara may seem like a really boring person. In truth, he really isn’t a very spontaneous or robust person. Often, he’ll just be sitting among some rocks, and gazing into blank space with an expressionless look. He’s like that not because of anything drastic that occurred in his life or whatever dramatic reasons, but simply because that is his natural personality. However, his calm demeanour usually results in other shinobis underestimating him. That is a very wrong thing to do. He may seem like a happy go lucky guy, but when it comes down to his shinobi work, duties and missions, he is as dedicated as any other ninja can ever be.

During battle, the heat of the action often stirs his inner, more virulent nature. He may be a cool and calm person, but he is merciless to his opponents. It makes things worst if his opponents provoke him. Due to his seemingly oblivious personality, this often happens. He absorbs the provocation to a certain extend, but once it reaches a limit, the earth will start to move, and it usually results in a dead person. Quick to strike, sturdy to hits and ruthless when on the roll, Ishinara is a person with rather different personalities in and out of battle, and a ninja past adversaries who survive him will be wary of. Of course, even when he’s angry, he isn’t over rash and neither will be become senseless. Being a sensible person, he will know when he is at a disadvantage, or if his opponent is too strong for him to handle. Anger will never cause him to lose his rationality.

Nindo; "Way of the Ninja": “Missions must be completed, enemies must be slain. Provoke me and you’re likely dead. Survive if I can’t win.”
Clan/Bloodline: None
Primary Archetype:

Stone Assassin
When taken as Primary you gain a free low level SnS technique
Primary: Own Choice (Chakra)
Secondary: Choice (Mental)
Tertiary: Own Choice (Physical)
Stat Merit: +2 Speed, +1 Control
Stat Flaw: -2 Stamina, -1 Strength

Secondary Archetype: None

Statistics: (I’m using the two AP I have for Intelligence)


Power: 1 + 11 = 12
Control: 1 + 1 + 10 = 12
Reserves: 1 + 9 = 10


Intelligence: 1 + 9 + 2 = 12 (2 AP used)
Tactics: 1 + 9 = 10
Willpower: 1 + 9 = 10


Strength: 1 – 1 + 7 = 7 (+8 Stone taijutsu) = 15
Speed: 1 + 2 + 9 = 12 (+ 2 Stone taijutsu) = 14
Stamina: 1 – 2 + 8 = 7 (+8 Stone taijutsu) = 15

Jutsu and Techniques

Global Ninjutsu

Stage 1

Kawarimi No Jutsu (Body Switch Technique) [Academy 1]
Type: Ninjutsu
Requirements: Intelligence 3, Reserves 3
Description: A common jutsu - used to quickly replace a body with a close by object. Creates confusing among the opponent(s) - creating a chance to escape, or return with a larger strike. Useful for avoiding attacks, and hiding from potential enemies. Kawarimi may be used twice per battle.

Stage Two

Kinobori no Jutsu (Tree Walking Technique)/Kabenobori no Jutsu (Wall Walking Technique) [Academy 2]
Requirements: Power 6, Control 6, Intelligence 4
Description: By focusing chakra into the feet and keeping it balanced, the user can walk up against vertical objects and cling to its surface.

Universal Genjutsu

Fukushi no Jutsu (Double Vision Technique) [Academy 3]
Requirements: Power 3, Willpower 2
Description: This is a simple genjutsu that causes the opponent to see doubles of everything.
Base Duration: 2 posts

Meisai no Jutsu (Camouflage Technique) [Jutsu 1]
Requirements: Willpower 7, Intelligence 7, Power 6
Description: This skill allows the user to become transparent and slink into the confines of a natural resource. It takes a small amount of chakra to initiate but it can take quite a bit depending on how long you wish to stay camouflaged within the confines of the natural resource. Elaborating on natural resources, it must be something like a tree or the ground or a boulder that has not been created or shaped by mankind.
Base Duration: 4 posts

Stone Ninjutsu (Swap with SnS list)

Stage 1

Doton Bunshin no Jutsu (Earth Element Earth Clone Skill) [Jutsu 2]
Requirements: Power=3, Willpower=2
Description: This jutsu creates one single clone out of the ground. Its defense is incredible, and it's very powerful, but lacks speed. Two hits will destroy the bunshin. The user can create 1 bunshin for ever 3 Power.

Stage 2

Doton Shinjuu Zanshu no Jutsu (Earth Element Inner Decapitation Skill) [Jutsu 3]
Requirements: Intelligence=6, Tactics=5, Control=5
Description: This earth jutsu allows the user to “dive” into the ground and move around in it as if it was water, or even thin air. This ability allows the user to get near an opponent without notice and when below him, pull down the opponent to ground, burying his body and leaving only the head above the ground. This particular jutsu isn’t an attack by itself, but it easily creates and opening for more deadly attacks.

Bakuyaku Shuriken (Exploding Shuriken) [Stone assassin archetype free SnS jutsu]
Replacing: Doton Shuriken no Jutsu (Stone Shuriken Skill)
Requirements: Power=5, Control=4, Reserves=4
Molding Chakra into either actual shurikens or shakens or ones created from the earth, the shinobi tosses the projectiles as they usually would. The only difference is that when these strike anything, they explode with the force of an explosive pouch for Genin and Chuunin, and an explosive note for Jounin.

Doton: Oyogu Hayai (Earth Elemental: Swift Swim) [Jutsu 4]
Replacing: Doton: Rikujou Douyou no jutsu (Earth element: Ground shaking technique)
Requirements: Power=7, Control= 7, Intelligence=6
Instead of just traveling through the earth, the shinobi can now do so at a very rapid rate. This allows someone to literally dive into the earth and swim around rapidly. Very useful for fleeing from someone when you don’t want to leave any tracks or when chasing someone when you want to remain unseen. Jounin can “breath” underground allowing them to travel long distances underground and remain unseen.

Stage 3

Doton Doryu Taiga (Earth Element Mud River) [Jutsu 5]
Requirements: Power=10, Control=10, Willpower=8 or Intelligence=10
Description: In this common stone jutsu, the user converts part of the floor\ground that he and his opponent are standing on into a raging avalanche of mud and earth. The opponent quickly loses his\her standing and starts sliding wherever the mud river will take him\her.

Doton: Yari no Sogekihei (Earth Element: Sniper's Spear) [Jutsu 6]
Replacing: Doton Katana no Jutsu (Earth Element Sword)
Requirements: Intelligence=8, Tactics=6, Willpower=8
A tube of stone is made and aimed at a target, then from within the tube is launched with a powerful burst of chakra a single spear of stone. The spear is launched with such force that it can travel up to a mile and a half before falling to the earth. The effects of being hit by it are obviously rather deadly.

Stage 4

Doton: Tora Ichigan (Earth Elemental: Tiger Pack) [Jutsu 7]
Replacing: Doton Ishi no Yari (Earth Element Stone Spear)
Requirements: Power=12, Control=11, Reserves=10, Intelligence=12
Black, white, and grey tigers are created from the earth and sent attacking a target. They are not real tigers, but rather creations made from the earth itself. Their claws can cut through stone and they are very fierce, and are about the size of Siberian tigers. At most a Chuunin can create 3 while a Jounin can create 5.

Stone Taijutsu

Stage 1 [Jutsu 8]

Stat Requirements: Strength 4, Stamina 4
Stat Bonus: +4 Strength, +4 Stamina, + 1 Speed

Stances: None


Tsuruhashihijishou (Pickaxe Elbow)
Requirements: None
Description: The only complicated move the shinobi is capable of at this stage. An elbow attack that is delivered downwards or backwards. Often combined in a combo.

Shoushitsu (Rising Knee)
Requirement: None
Description: The user brings his knee upwards to knock the air out of the enemy’s stomach and to make the enemy more vulnerable and open for a new and more powerful attack.

Hourakushou (Cave-in Palm)
Requirement: None
Description: A basic Taijutsu attac. Similar to how a Hyuuga attacks with a gentle fist attack, the Yama-Ken user rams his open palm forward to hit the enemy’s chest and belly. A direct hit can knock the air out of the opponent.

Special Techniques: None

Stage 2 [Jutsu 9]

Stat Requirements: Strength 7, Stamina 7, Willpower 6
Stat Bonus: +4 Strength, +4 Stamina, + 1 Speed

Stances: None


Hasai Houyou (Crushing hug)
Requirement: None
Description: The user lunges and puts his arms around his enemy’s whole body, holding their arms and upper body in a tight hug. He holds the enemy tightly, making it hard for the enemy to move. Upper level taijutsu users can easily escape, as well as shinobi with a Strength and a Willpower stat above that of the user. However, if the enemy is too weak, he is stuck and cannot move, leaving him vulnerable to attacks from other people. This technique can also have the unfortunate consequence of having the user being hurt by an attack from an ally.

Kannyuu Tanima (Collapsing Valley)
Requirement: None
Description: The user readies his fists on either side of a part of the target’s body, most commonly the head or ribs, then pounds inward with great force at a slight downward angle. This is a simple but effective attack aims to distract the enemy by causing pain in two places simultaneously.

Biography: Ishinara may be at the rather young age being only 19, but he’s a highly skilled Chuunin, one who is comparable to even some rookie Jounins. Given a little more time, he will most certainly exceed his current capabilities. He was never some super genius who graduated academy classes at a very young age and turned chuunin very young as well. Yet, neither was he some lousy drop out who probably should quit being a ninja. Instead, Ishinara is simply an average person. He became a Genin at the age of 12 and became a Chuunin at 16. Through the years, he spends most of his time either day dreaming, doing missions or training. He owns his skills as a shinobi almost entirely because of the amount of time he spends training. However, this is so not because he’s a super hardworking person, but simply because he usually has nothing better to do.

Being an orphan with no siblings, Ishinara had rather lousy human interaction skills. He would never go forward and make friends with others, and the few friends he has are with people who’re actually spontaneous enough to approach him. Even till date, such friends are few. He can actually be very caring and stuff if people actually get to know him. Yet that alone is something hard to happen. However, although he had no companions since a tender age, and hardly made any friends, this didn’t turn him into some cynical teen who either constantly seeks others attention, or become some crazy killing machines. Nor did he bother about having people recognise his existence and worth and things like that. He merely lived his own life as a quiet by dedicated shinobi, the only path he knew in life.

Yet, it was thankful for him as well that he didn’t have to face anyone ostracising him in a very severe manner in his childhood although in his younger days, peers did label him as a “stuck up boring guy”. This sort of prevented him from growing up into a dysfunctional human. However, it was probably due to his natural personality that prevented him from over reacting to whatever bad times he may have faced. Both his parents died while on a mission, and because of this, he knew that while living his life as a ninja, he had to put in all his effort, heart and soul into doing his missions. Because of this only determination he has, Ishinara has never failed in any of his missions from the time he became a Genin.

At the same time, after accepting a greater variety of missions as a chuunin, Ishinara has made sure he will complete the missions assigned to him. He excelled particularly at any form of assassination missions, or missions that requires him to engage other ninjas. Most of the time, unless the opponent is stronger than he is, Ishinara will end up with a dead opponent. Yet, it is not like he enjoys killing. To him, it’s just part of his job. There was also the fact that almost every opponent he faces will end up laughing at him, ridiculing him or simply provoking him in some way or another. This would often piss him off, which made him more eager to kill his opponent. Of course, he has faced far stronger adversaries. Namely, Jounins from other villages. In such cases, Ishinara is no fool. He knows when to flee. However, it could either be attributed to his skills and his luck, even if the enemies contain shinobi more powerful than he is, he will still be able to achieve the mission objective.

It is because of this that he was probably recognised by the Sareki no Shinkan when he was 18. The stone elite group approached him one regular fine day. He himself was very much surprised. Due to his lack of human interaction, Ishinara didn’t even know his village had such an organisation. Ishinara himself had no particular feelings about joining the silent pebbles. Yet he accepted without thinking twice simply because he saw this as his path forward as a ninja. The test was laid out for him, and Ishinara passed it perfectly much to his SnS superior’s delight. Yet, in all of Ishinara’s capabilities as a shinobi, his greatest fault is his inability to work with others. While as a Genin and Chuunin, missions were mostly carried out in groups. Because of this Ishinara had a hard time coordinating with his team members. His naturally developed anti-social nature resulted in his handicap in teamwork. However, despite that being the case, Ishinara’s sheer dedication to his missions gave him the ability to follow instructions and do exactly as he was told. This allowed the missions to become successful. Of course, this also proved that Ishinara had no leadership qualities.

Although this lack of teamwork ability had been a hindrance to him as a shinobi, the Sareki no Shinkan is the perfect environment for him, especially his role in the Shaken division. As long as his targets were not stronger than him by a great measure, Ishinara will not fail in it. This group specialising in individual efforts and work simply fitted Ishinara’s personality perfectly.

Even at this point of time in his life, Ishinara still possesses little to no friends. He only has acquaintances, but no actual friends. Even the acquaintances are few. It remains to see if Ishinara will ever make friends, but for now, he dedicates his life to his missions, and his next goal is to finally become a Jounin.

Other Info: He sleeps a lot. Simply because he has no other interest besides day dreaming. Thus, when he has no missions at hand and he has no particular intentions to train, he mostly ends up sleeping since there’s nothing for him to do. Amazingly, he has the ability to sleep anywhere he wants, in any compromising or seemingly uncomfortable positions. This of course doesn’t mean that he’ll fall asleep just anyhow. He will only fall asleep when he is permitted to and when he has nothing better to do. Other than that, he’ll be training.

Writing Example:

7 am. The ninja opened his eyes bluntly and stared up at the celling. After 15 minutes of preparation, he left his house and headed to the village entrance. There, he waited for a moment. Today was the first mission he had received after being promoted to a Chuunin. He had no intentions of screwing up his first mission. Afterall, he had a perfect record so far. This first mission wasn’t supposed to be very hard. But due to the presence of three chuunin ranked missing nins, it was ranked A. In a nutshell, he was supposed to follow the lead of a Jounin called Otto Kusari and work with another Chuunin called Shireki Oyamada and head to this bandit hideout to retrieve some stolen stuff.

This mission was called upon by the Earth Country daimyo who apparently wants his family heirloom golden urn back, which was stolen by these 8 bandits who have gotten rather notorious, three of them which are chuunin ranked missing nins from the village of Cloud. The mission was straight forward enough. Head to bandit hideout, try to find the urn. If possible, capture or destroy the bandits, get all the loot and make Iwakagure rich. Of course, that was supposed to be a secondary action and is supposed to be done secretly. It didn’t take long for both Kusari and Oyamada to arrive.

“Alright, let’s get going… I’ve figured out the location of the bandit hideout, so anyway just follow my lead. We’ll form a plan when we near the location.”

The Jounin Kusari finished speaking and proceeded to swiftly leap up onto a nearby tree. Ishinara and Oyamada followed suit and leaped up the tree. The three ninjas began travelling among the trees whenever available, and sped through the rocky grounds, while leaping among the rocks. All through the journey, not a single word was uttered. The three ninjas finally arrived at the location 3 hours later. Kusari landed behind a huge rock, and the two new Chuunins followed suit.

“Ok… We’re here… This place looks so typical of a bandit’s hideout… A dubious looking cave like that… Anyway, the plan should be rather simple. I will personally charge up to the front and cause a diversion. I shall engage the robbers right outside the caves. You don’t have to worry about me. Three Cloud Chuunins, I should be able to handle. The two of you shall utilise the Shinjuu Zanshu no Jutsu to enter the cave and scout the entire cave. We shall remain contact through the communicators. By the looks of it, this cave should be rather huge. Your responsibilities are to hunt for the urn separately. However, remain unseen while doing this by staying underground. While you are doing that, I shall engage the robbers outside of the cave. Aside from forming a diversion, I will also be accessing their abilities. If they prove to be defeatable, I will contact the two of you, and we shall end this mission by destroying all eight of them. If they prove to be too much for me to handle alone, I will flee while accessing if the three of us can defeat them. The mission will be much more convenient if they are defeatable.”

Oyamada: “Hmmm… Fighting eh? I’m up for a good one… Alright, I got the idea.”

Ishinara: “….. Understood…..”

With that analysed, Kusari disappeared almost instantaneously as he leaped into the air and landed right infront of the cave. He stared at it for a moment. There was no one outside to detect his presence. Kusari began to form the handseals required for his technique before muttering forth the words.

Doton, Tsuchi Zuhan Danmaku”

All of a sudden, the ground in front of Kusari began to burst forward, lifting off large pieces of the ground under the influence of the powerful jutsu, sending them flying towards the cave. The force was tremendous, and the ground pelting upon the cave entrance sent forth violent shockwaves that shook the entire area. Ishinara and Oyamada watched for a moment, slightly awed by the powerful technique before proceeding with their work.

“Doton, Shinjuu Zanshu no Jutsu.”

Immediately, both Iwa-nins dived underground. They rapidly navigated their way through towards the entrance of the cave. They had to wait till the massive landscape destruction performed by their Jounin leader had slowed down before moving into the cave. The violent action obviously caught the attention of its inhabitants. All eight of the robbers promptly emerged through the cave and stared at Kusari, rather dumbfounded. The two stone chuunins immediately sneaked past the eight robbers into the cave while remaining underground. They went separate ways and began locating for the treasures.

“Humph… You pathetic robbers finally decided to show yourselves eh? Your reign shall end right now.”

The robbers who were initially surprised by the destruction caused by Kusari begen to get bolder upon realising Kusari was alone. Three of them stood forward. They were obviously the missing nin.

“Ha! A mere Rock Ninja. You must be severely over-estimating yourself if you think you can defeat us alone. The three of us were from the Hidden Cloud. You will not find us easy to defeat!”

The one in the middle spoke with much confidence. Kusari deduced that this one would likely be the leader. He himself knew he shouldn’t underestimate his opponents. Although they were only Chuunin ranked, the three of them combining efforts could prove to be troublesome to deal with. Immediately as the first one completed his sentence, all three of them proceeded to perform the exact hand seal. Knowing that being Cloud ninjas, they probably specialised in electric based techniques, Kusari wasted no time himself. He began to prepare his reflexes while the three cloud nin shouted forth in unison.

Raiton! Raikou Matsuden no Jutsu!”

The three cloud Chuunins performed the jutsu at the same time, causing three separate streaks of lightning visibly seen to begin to surge towards Kusari. The jounin immediately leapt into the air in order to avoid the lightning. If he was hit by all three, the effects would be rather devastating. The three ninjas however had no intentions of leaving it like that. They combined their chakra focus and forced the lightning to leap off the ground and rapidly move towards Kusari. Fortunately for the Jounin, his skills and experience allowed him manoeuvre his body to momentarily avoid the lightning while tossing a kunai straight towards the surging bolts. The lightning struck the metal kunai which promptly falls to the ground, taking the hit for Kusari.

“Is that all your can do? Doton Kazangan Doryuudan!!”

Immediately, the ground began shaking and a large bronze dragon emerged from the ground and began blasting lava obtained from beneath the earth towards the cloud ninjas. Alarmed, all three leaped off in scattered directions. The remaining robbers who were standing at the back watching screamed in terror and began running for their lives. Immediately as the three ninjas leaped away, Kusari leaped up as well and targeted the nearest ninja. He hurled three shurikens towards the first one before brandishing his Kunai. The cloud ninja shifted left to dodge the shurikens, which was exacty what Kusari had hopped for. His Kunai had already been sent flying at that same position. Unable to dodge, the cloud ninja, brought out his own kunai to deflect it. Kusari then slammed his elbow right into the cloud nin’s stomach while he was distracted with the kunai.

The cloud nin fell down to the ground. However, the other two obviously weren’t idling about either. Kusari quickly found a number of shurikens flying towards him from different directions. He manoeuvred his body skilfully and dodged three of the shurikens before deflecting the rest with his Kunai. However, he soon found lightning bolts coming right at him as the cloud ninjas used their techniques again. Kusari applied all his skills as a ninja to avoid the onslaught of attacks. He never expected these three ninjas to work together so well.

In the meantime, Ishinara and Oyamada had little to no luck locating the treasures while moving underground. The cave was indeed huge, and for Ishinara, he didn’t particular enjoy doing something like that. It was at this moment that Kusari was attacked by even the other 5 non shinobi robbers. Wielding an assortment of weapons, eight of them charged up right at him including the three ninjas, completely surrounding him. Kusari was beginning to get frantic. In a desperate attempt, he quickly performed the kawarimi technique and replaced his body with a rock lying nearby. The various weapons plunged into his ‘body’. The ‘body’ however disappeared in a puff of smoke and turned into a piece of rock.

Kusari who was now high above in the air threw down a kunai with an exploding tag attached. The kunai struck the ground just in front of the rock. Upon noticing it, all the robbers began scattering. The tag exploded, which bought Kusari enough time to contact the two chuunins through their communicators.

“Hey! This is getting too much for me to handle alone… I think we’ll go into plan B… Just get out here and help me destroy these freaks!”

Ishinara himself was glad to hear this instruction. He immediately made his way out of the cave. Oyamada himself probably did the same. Ishinara didn’t emerge from the ground even when he arrived outside. Instead, he went straight for one of the robber’s standing position and emerged to pull him down into the earth till only the head remained. Ishinara then leapt out of the ground.


With that, he pierced his double bladed kunai right down the robber’s head. As soon as he heard that, he heard a scream some distance away from a bow wielding robber.


Ishinara turned and faced the bow wielding robber, with a taunting look on his face. The robber immediately fired a volley of arrows from his crossbow. The arrows were launched at a faster pace than he expected. Ishinara back flipped a few times and dodged a few arrows in its course. However, the angered robber was relentless in his attack. The arrows chased after him one after another. Ishinara finally stood his position, and with his double bladed kunai, he skilfully deflected the arrows. It was an easy task for him. The arrows were much larger and easier to see.
After deflecting a few arrows, Ishinara suddenly leaped high into the air. With a single flip, he neared the bow user, and he began forming hand seals.

Doton Doryu Taiga!”

The ground beneath the bow user suddenly turned into mud. The flowing avalanche of mud began to slide, bringing the bow wielding robber with the flow of the mud, effectively causing the robber to fall into the flowing mud and get flushed along. The arrows from his crossbow were sent flying in all directions as he fell. Ishinara proceeded to throwing three shurikens down at the vulnerable robber, which stabbed right on target.

“Hmmm… No challenge…”

Ishinara then turned his attention to the three cloud nins Kusari was still battling. It would seem that at this point of time, he was forced to be on the defensive edge, only receiving the attacks from the three ninjas. Ishinara targeted the nearest one and focusing on a rock beside him, Ishinara began forming hand seals while focusing his chakra.

“Ryuusha no jutsu”

As that particular cloud nin landed on the ground, he was surprised to find the ground unstable. In fact, he almost fell into what felt like quicksand. The cloud nin was alarmed and tried to leap out of the quicksand. The time of distraction from the cloud nin was enough for Ishinara to make his way towards his opponent, suddenly appearing right in front of him. The cloud nin received another surprise upon noticing someone in front of him. Ishinara had enough time to perform the Hourakushou of the stone Taijutsu, smashing his palm squarely across the cloud nin’s chest, sending him sprawling to the ground, coughing for air. The cloud nin tried to regain his composure as quickly as possible

Ishinara wasted no time and moved towards the cloud ninja rapidly. With his double bladed kunai in his hands, Ishinara swung and horizontal slash at the cloud ninja. As expected, his adversary dodged the slash by leaning his body backwards. However, Ishinara had anticipated this move of his. While balancing on a single leg, Ishinara continued his slash with a kick delivered in a spinning motion right after the kunai slash. His leg being longer slammed right into the cloud shinobi’s face which sent him crashing into the ground.

“Grrrr… Who the heck are you!! DIE!! Kumogakure no Jutsu!”

Suddenly, many clouds seemed to descend right around Ishinara. His vision was immediately blurred. In fact, he could hardly see anything. The effects of the descending clouds were rather wide spread, covering even his opponent’s vision. Ishinara thought that there was no way his opponent would handicap himself along with him. As such, he deduced that this must be some kind of Genjutsu. Yet, he knew he wasn’t exactly suited to handle genjutsu. Ishinara focused himself and allowed his other senses to take over. When a kunai began flying towards him, Ishinara heard its movements. He attempted to dodge it, but obviously without his vision, this was a harder feat to achieve. Although he did avoid getting his heart pierced like what his opponent was hoping to achieve, this shoulder was slashed with the kunai flying past.

Ishinara knew he was at a disadvantage. Quickly, he thought of a possible solution out of this. Knowing that his opponent would be able to see him, Ishinara made as little movements as possible as he formed the seals for the Shinjuu Zanshu no Jutsu. Just as the second kunai flew at him, Ishinara’s body sank into the ground. The cloud nin was surprised, but he recognised this signature technique of stone ninjas. Ishinara began rapidly moving towards the cloud ninja by sensing his chakra. At the very moment which he attempted to grab his legs, the cloud ninja leaped up into the air. Ishinara proceeded to leaping out of the ground as well. He threw four shurikens upwards just as the cloud ninja had done downwards. The shurikens struck in mid air and fell harmlessly to the ground.

The various battles went on for some time. With one opponent less, Kusari was able to return to the offensive front. It soon became apparent that he was gaining the upperhand. Oyamada himself dispatched the three samurai robbers and had went to aid Kusari in his battle. Ishinara himself recognised that this Chuunin cloud ninja he faced was much more experienced than him. The fight was gruelling for him.

It finally ended in victory for Ishinara when the cloud ninja fell for a kawarimi. Ishinara then appeared behind him with his kunai in hand, he grabbed the cloud ninja from behind and wasted no time is slitting his throat. At that moment, Kusari finished off the last cloud ninja with a full body tackle followed by his kunai stabbed into the cloud-nin’s heart. All three Iwa-nins landed on the ground and congregated.

“Alright, this was a success… Now all that’s left to do is to contact Tsuchikage-sama and request for more manual aid in locating and bringing back these treasures. We’ll have to be subtle about it though, since this is something like stealing stolen goods for our own use…”

The mission was wrapped up, and Ishinara was back home in no time, resting after his first mission as a Chuunin. His face still had no expressions. He didn’t expect his first mission to involve killing, but it was all fine to him. This is all part of the routines in life as a ninja

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Strength: 1 – 1 – 2 + 9 = 7 (+8 Stone taijutsu) = 15
Why'd you take off 2?

Strength: 1 – 1 – 2 + 9 = 7 (+8 Stone taijutsu) = 15
Speed: 1 + 2 + 7 = 10 (+ 2 Stone taijutsu) = 12
Stamina: 1 – 2 + 8 = 7 (+8 Stone taijutsu) = 15
You used 25 points. It's 24 my friend.
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Ahhh my brains must have not been functioning properly... The mistake arose because i decided to screw using Ninjutsu specialist as my secondary archetype due to the stat flaws giving me a headache in deciding my jutsus... I forgot to alter the physical stats while only happily altering the mental part...

Anyway, it's edited... Any other problems? I was a little confused with swapping and other jutsu stuff... Hopefull i got them right...
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Apparently Mist GM
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Approved. But you need Tigre's approval for the SnS.
Has been on Engi longer then kyz.
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Yes i have already dispatched a PM to him... As requested in that announcement for Stone topic thing...
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Approved as well. You only need Tigre to come and check this out now.
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SnS GM approval both for admittance into SnS and for the archetype. Let me know if you need a different partner than the one listed in Special Squads Announcement.
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Edited a stat point and got rid of one jutsu for another with accordance to the stat changes made to Stone ninjutsu...
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