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Default ANBU - Konoha's Elite Special Forces

ANBU of the Leaf

The ANBU, short for Ansatsu Senjutsu Tokushu Butai, are the elite military corps of Konoha. Constructed of extremely well-knit teams, boasting prowess in a variety of different skills, they are the main force within Konoha’s ranks. Highly skilled individually, the battalions of the ANBU have proven time and time again to be extremely effective, often times taking up the most dangerous of missions for the village.

ANBU personnel are also highly exclusive. The best and brightest in the village are taken, and still only a handful is ever chosen for enrollment onto the ANBU track. Some families have close ties with the organization, and thus fit their children into a regiment that best befits what they seek. But those who are seen as exceptionally gifted, usually bearing enormous potential, often find themselves set up for the ANBU career far before they even hear mention of it. This is because the ANBU keeps a close eye on those in the Academy, picking up on whether or not a candidate is capable of the training-methods and missions of the organization.

Also to be noted, they are the main “push back” group during invasions, they themselves being defenders. During the infamous Sound Invasion, they proved to be extremely effective in enacting the plan of evacuation and counterattack. Also, since Konoha does not possess this specific unit, the ANBU replace the roles of Hunter-nins, also proving to be valuable in that cause as well. Not to be underestimated, the ANBU are the Elite of Konoha, feared by all.
Demonstrating Konoha’s ingenuity in spades, the ANBU are far and beyond even your modern-day special forces. Oft mimicked, but never equaled, they are the standard by which all villages are set to surpass. Founded nearly three centuries ago under the mentorship of Niidaime, the ANBU have served many purposes over the years and have thus become more and more specialized as a result. In the beginning they were simply bodyguards for Konoha’s most influential and powerful clients, including even the Daimyo of Hi no Kuni. Today they are so much more.

The beginnings of an ANBU are anything but simple. More often than not, potentials are constituently harvested through the Academy by only the most rigorous standards; each member is thereafter crafted into a specialty which traditionally spanned twelve divisions. These divisions were coined after animals of the Zodiac, hence the usage of masks bearing the resemblance of beasts seen commonly amongst all ANBU. As of late, this has been altered by Kyuudaime to instead support only seven divisions (still animal-based), inspired by the function and less by lore. There are older ANBU, though, who still bear the insignia and mask of their generation.

There are three schools of training within the ANBU, each modeled traditionally after the three primary virtues known as the Santoku: Yuuba (Valor), Saiki (Wisdom), and Jihishin (Benevolence). To each school is set the task of instructing each and every member in the common ways of the ANBU, from survival training to squad-based tactics. However, even more primary to this rudimentary training is to instill a unique combat and ethical sense into every member. Each school plays an integral part in the development of an ANBU member, which can span as little as a year (eight months being the record), to five years. If after the fifth year a potential recruit has not been recognized as worthy, they are reintroduced to the basic faculties of the village after careful screening.

Each member of a squad boasts the skills prevalent to their purpose, as well as those far more general yet specific all the same. As far as Special Forces are concerned, this means to say the ANBU (though experts in a particular field) are still proficient enough to fulfill multiples roles. What this allows, then, is for squads to perform at varying levels of difficulty or intention without having to switch stations very often. What this means is that squads are interchangeable and members mix and match well despite any conditions that would otherwise prove difficult to work under. To this end, the ANBU are the most adaptable Special Forces organization to date.

A career in ANBU is usually life-long. In the realm of shinobi, this is an occupational hazard accustomed to most. Yet to the ANBU it is a much more serious note. To them, their life expectancy is anything but deplorable. Statistically speaking, most active field ANBU (especially captains) do not live to see past the age of 25. Yet for many, it is a notable and deserved mark to live by. Nothing in the ANBU is done without necessity, and all matters are carefully guided by patience.

Retired ANBU exist, of course, but only in small numbers. Again, most live and give their life through the duration of their career. However to be a retired ANBU is to leave the organization completely; to all but the most exceptional, there is no return from such a decision.

As mentioned, the ANBU are separated into seven divisions. Each division serves a specific role, but any individual is versatile enough to perform more than their division will account for. Also of note is that there is no such thing as genin ANBU. Their ranks are comprised primarily of chuunin and jounin.

Neko (Cats)
- Stealth and Assassination
- Governed by the laws of the shadow, the Neko are one of the only units that do not focus on mainstay teamwork. Often times only working in groups of two, the Neko are essentially manufactured from the moment they are chosen to become ANBU. Extremely dynamic tactics in the arts of stealth and trickery are taught to these shinobi so that their missions are completed in a timely and satisfactory manner. Aside from that, they are often classified by their intense speed and picked out for their skills in taijutsu rather than any of the other skill sets. Also required to be very clever, able to think of their feet, the Neko is a unit that represents the ANBU with fatal precision.

Fukurou (Owls)
- Stealth and Information Retrieval
- A somewhat enigmatic group of shinobi, the Fukurou are also another branch of the ANBU that usually work in pairs or alone. As much a scout as a spy, the Fukurou are often times the carriers of messages from one field to another. They are the information seekers of the ANBU and travel within large networks to gather intelligence on various things. Not necessarily trackers, they are the shinobi who pick up on the hearsay and divide fact from fiction. Their skills include great speed and agility, often taking up great talent with long range weaponry as well as their accompanying jutsus. Also of mention is their ability to take on various and oftentimes undetectable disguises which are far and between simple ninjutsu.

Taka (Falcons)
- Hunt and Disposal
- One of the deadliest units in the ANBU regime, they are well-known and feared throughout the continent. Usually taking up one position in the normal 4-man group, most are highly trained in the art of the senbon needle. Though seemingly less potent than more rugged weapons, there is no application the Taka cannot perform with senbon needles. Masters of acupuncture and even human biology, their capacity even stretches to that of strategic fighters. Able to pinpoint weaknesses in an opponent that wouldn’t normally be readable by untrained eyes, they can develop methods by which to easily incapacitate enemies with the least amount of effort. Truly, they are some of the most lethal shinobi in the Leaf.

Ookami (Wolves)
- Torture and Interrogation
- Though all ANBU undergo a thorough training in the art of resisting interrogation, only the Ookami are trained in the use of it. Owing to high intellectual prowess, able to fool the human mind into answering different things even without the use of Genjutsu, they are highly practiced in many areas of torture to attain these means. However, quite a many Ookami have found that the quickest and most effective way to the truth is through the most devastating genjutsus available in the Leaf. Often times only traveling with a team to provide backup, they are mostly found in the halls of the ANBU, always delving deeper into the mind and studying the secrets it contains. There are very few Ookami who serve in combat well, and they are a terrifying thing to behold.

Kuna (Bears)
- Protection and Investigation
- This is one of the more unique units in that it is further split into two classes. The protection aspect of the Kuna unit is that they are usually built up as defenders and guardians. Most four-man teams usually consist of at least one Kuna with this role. The other faction that the Kuna take up is investigation, which although is a secondary aspect of all bears, some tend to take it a step further. Natural detectives, deducing different sorts of facts through all sorts of evidence, they are also, sometimes, known to be decent trackers. The Kuna, although sharing in a particularly multi-tasked purpose, are still very specialized in many areas.

Kawazu (Frogs)
- Medical and Crisis
- Perhaps the most important part of any team, and also a mandatory unit for them as well, nothing is more noteworthy than the team medic. A hybrid of the normal medical-nin, they are gifted with both healing techniques and offensive ones. Granted a more detailed training regimen than the average medical-nin, they are a bit more than generally skilled in both areas. They make some of the most potent support shinobi, while at the same time adding an offensive touch in the taijutsu range that is hard to deny. Medical-nin of the ANBU rank are quite rare in the Chuunin rank, but every so often there are some that are both extremely talented and dedicated that they just cannot be denied the rank.

Ryuu (Dragons)
- Organization and Gathering
- The captains and commanders of the ANBU, they are much rarer than even Chuunin-ranked Kawazu. Ryuu are required to be skilled in almost every area of the ANBU, possessing skill-sets from most if not all the units in the organization. Skilled highly in ninjutsu overall, they are the forefront of every battlefield, leading their team bravely from mission to mission. They are also those who are held primarily responsible for the mishaps, failures, and successes of said missions.


ANBU: <insert division>
Special: One free ANBU Jutsu.
Primary: Own choice
Secondary: Own choice
Tertiary: Own choice
Stat Merit: +1 Speed, +1 Power, +1 Willpower
Stat Flaw: -1 Speed, -1 Power, -1 Willpower

Member Criteria
- ANBU is invite-only. One may only begin an ANBU with permission or if I (or Cnagy) sanction it.
- One does not have to take the ANBU archetype in order to be recognized as one. Simply adding “ANBU: <insert division>” in the Division portion of your character sheet will suffice.
- Any and all other criteria are set, maintained, and at the discretion of Cnagy and I. Any comments, concerns, or questions are to be directed at either of us.

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