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Default April Fools 2019!

That's right, you know what day it is!

Our favourite shinobi were artful pranksters in their youth, you know they would have loved today almost as much as we do.

Lets celebrate the spirit of mischief by giving examples of jokes or pranks your characters would love to play, or have played already.

As always, there will be a prize for simply entering, as well as a bonus for any standout examples!

PS: Don't forget to vote in Engiversary 15's MotY to knock Buko off his throne, or see if he can get it twice running!

Example: Masami tends to position all her subjects strategically along someones path, and make them whisper things like "Wake up", "They miss you", and "This isn't real" to the same target as they pass each of them one by one...
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Shuju often uses his lifelike puppet as bait. The puppet looks exactly like he does so he has it take a sword to the heart or something and then go "surprise mo**********" or something along those lines as he comes back from the dead.
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A day doesn't go by where Fist doesn't grow an eyeball and give it to a teammate while saying "I got my eye on you and shit."

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Picture it. Kazuhiko wakes up in the middle of the night with a Rain Military lieutenant he’s sent to seduce. He professes his love, and then in the same maneuver, whispers ”April Fools!” and stabs him in the heart.
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As a child, Afro-Hitoko would cook meals for his teammates (woah, throw back to 3-man cell teams and a Jounin). I could see him doing something lame like saying he baked everyone some brownies, but when they open the container it'd just be filled with paper letter "E"s shaded in with brown markers.

Lol aight that's pretty funny.
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Akisame was a childhood ringleader, and during football practice they would sneak into the female locker rooms while they showered and enchanted the girl’s clothes to sit in the stands and cheer them on. The young kunoichis’ wrath would often lead to a yearly brawl post practice, and even the coaches dared not interfere.

Hayate was far more innocent, but in his naivety much more destructive, there was a case then he turned the entrance of the research lab into an oil slick. Following this there were subsequent explosions that hospitalized more than a few of the doctors, and generally people try to avoid him this time of year.

Haboubu was neither daring, nor foolish. He was however notorious for cleaning out the KAZE equipment stores prior to the day, and recording the numerous pranks played by students across Sunagakure. The blackmail kept him relatively prank proof for many a year.
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in lame man terms
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If anything, Kuma would be the type to pass out gag cigars, exploding in puffs of sooty smoke in the smoker's face.

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Ranko once thought it would be a great trick to make a student in one of her classes think he was going to be dressed down for (allegedly) cheating on a test, only to surprise him when he showed up to the discipline hall.

But he ran away and was never heard from again.
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Daisuke's a pretty funny guy but definitely not on command, y'know? Historically has proven some degree of reliance on puns and double entendre. He once rather cruelly pranked his girlfriend early on in their relationship using the "False Body" Sand Genjutsu technique to make her believe she'd accidentally killed him in a bit of rough-housing...

Eiko, on the other hand, is markedly less funny, perhaps for lack of trying to be? She's pretty serious--that won't do, we'll need to think about that.


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Haha, you Fools!

You fell for my ultimate trick.

Instead of getting just 1GMAP for entering... you get 2GMAP each.

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