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Default Engi no Valentines 2019

Happy Valentines Engi!

I hope everyone has been having a day full of love and care, whether with a partner or simply taking care of yourself and doing something nice.

And just to add to the loving feeling, the traditional Valentine's contest!

Last year we did pick up lines, so this year, lets assume they worked, and describe the ideal IC date night for one or more of your characters

All Entrants get 1 GMAP for showing their characters vulnerable side, with some bonuses for any that make us aww!


Example: Masami would probably enjoy some kind of entertainment venue best, like an arcade or carnival. Something where she can send her other selves off to entertain themselves and make the night more one-on-one and less... weird or even intimidating, for her partner.

Just don't take her on any food dates, she gets very self conscious that she has to eat four times as much as you will...
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Hadoubu's ideal date would be pretty classic, diner and a movie.... except most of the night would involve critiquing the chef, menu artist, director, everyone... so he would probably enjoy some debate from his partner, and not just a "Yes, I agree" girl.
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Daisuke's ideal date is at a festival or carnival. Nothing is better for showing off your one and only skill than carnival games. Win a lot of prizes, share them with your significant other!
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Hitoko's a weirdo so he'd be down for an adventure in terms of a date, like going out and discovering something new or exploring for some relics - or just a normal museum date with food lol.

Echizen is too young to be dating, but an arcade or festival would definitely be right up his ally. Or just a simple date walking around a mall and hitting the food court haha.
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Tento’s ideal date would be hanging out in the sands of Sunagakure and having some type of picnic/ intellectual talk

Cho would be researching bugs with Sakura as they play with the dog


Sosu would go to an axe throwing place or maybe archery range
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Shuju would not like to go out on a proper date. It's too formal, too sugar-coated and he wouldn't like people seeing him out 'together' with someone and being affectionate in any way. He would rather do something casual and hang out in a place that is not too public or some place he likes to hang out in.

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I think for Hotaru, just take her out for some icecream, if a festival is going on or around town, that'd work too, but she'd probably wanna eat something sweet xD.
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Kazuhiko’s ideal date is showing people his worms. No, literally. Dropping off an egg sack like, “Yep, I just gave birth to over ten thousand parasites. Does that do something for you?” Honestly though, he’d prefer a dinner date inside a Rain Military compound with whatever commander he was told to seduce. Cue to that night, and the brutal murder that follows.
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I think for Ton, his ideal date would just be hanging out with the person, likely at one of their homes. He would probably want to sleep a lot, like literally just lay around together and cuddle. His poor partner would have to put up with his unusual taste for fish if they ended up going to eat anywhere
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I forgot about this last time, lol, Buko cleaned house

Eiko's been on the verge of boy-craziness for a while now -- her ideal date would be to explore some ancient ruins in a foreign land (or maybe visit a museum), or to have a vacation/sight-seeing experience in a foreign city. Also libraries.

Nadare's not really about that life, but his ideal date would be a conversation over a drink (with the Daimyo of Bear <<)

Poor Daisuke already met Sango (the love of his life!) close to a year ago in character -- their anniversary is scheduled to be about a week after the imminent Eclipse. His career has kept them from eachother for about half that time, though -- many weeks spent working with Hyuuga Kannon of Leaf, as many weeks working for Grass ala the Saints of the Blades, and his new position of SHINRAI, seem to keep him everywhere but Wind Country. He's had a lot of time to think about her (and face temptation!) since making his way up Calamity Mountain to answer the call of the High Wardens; by now, he's ready to return home and to her!


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