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Default Keisei Kobun - The Keisei Gang Captain List

Keisei Kobun
The Keisei Gang Captain List

A - Tactics
B - Intelligence
C - Willpower
D - Strength
E - Stamina
F - Speed

When you earn your keep within The Family, you are rewarded in kind. While some ask for money, and others weapons, some ask for power. This list represents that power. The structure of the Keisei gang allows for those who help the family to be given assistance from local Ototo, young and fresh gang members. These fresh faced gangsters are eager, willing, but can generally be clueless. Without leadership, all they are good for is hurting those weaker than them. But with leadership, with proper orders, they can become a force to be reckoned with. As a member rises through the Keisei family, they may find themselves gifted with stronger and stronger gangsters to use both on their missions and at their leisure. Specialized gang members become available, or begin to answer to the member directly for missions. At the same time, rising members learn more inventive orders they can execute with proper shouting, intimidation, and charisma.

Gang Members

The user's personal gang is made up of individuals from the Keisei Mafia family, 'loaned' out for the sake of advancing the agenda of the family. For this reason, members of the gang controlled by this list will leave if they realize they are acting against the will of the Keisei family. Likewise, these gangsters have a similar anti-shinobi stance as the family itself, and will avoid working directly for someone displaying certain traits.

Gangsters refuse to work for anyone using puppeteering, as they find the puppet 'backup' disconcerting. They also refuse to work with ninja animals, so beast masters have trouble working with them as well. It is possible to use one or the other in a fight, but once puppets appear, the gangsters will immediately retreat, for example. Gangsters are still weirded out by other chakra weirdness, but will power through. On the other hand, gangsters are okay with working with non-supernatural retainers of a Leader archetype character. The orders in this list will treat Leader retainers as allies.

Stats & Control

The capabilities of the gangsters under a user's command are directly proportional to the capabilities of their leader. The mental stats of the commander translate into the stat line of the gangsters. From there, other abilities may modify the stats of the gangsters from that baseline. The rank of the gangsters is determined as one lower than their commander, with Wakamusha/Genin being the minimum.

User's Intelligence = Gangster's Strength
User's Tactics = Gangster's Speed
User's Willpower = Gangster's Stamina

Gangsters as people are varied, but all low level members of a widespread gang. They are generally lowlifes, thugs, and not the brightest. A commander may not see the same gangsters twice from thread to thread, or may find themselves paired up with the same people over and over. Once specialists are purchased, it is more common to see the same gangsters, as these specialists are higher ranked within the family and not as common. That said, any naming or general history of the gangsters is up to user, they are non-important NPCs that may meet their end in any thread.

They can be roleplayed as using basic attacks using the equipment they have available, but anything more complicated than 'go there, and attack' or 'go there and perform basic gangster function', may go right over their heads and lead to failure. A gangster could bash in a lock, but don't expect them to be carrying a lockpick or be able to crack a safe, unless it seems appropriate for their specialization. Their inventory is limited as well, since they don't carry around the case of varied items that most PCs do, they only have on them what their inventory says.

For more elaborate actions, an Order is required. Orders are techniques within this list that influence all allies (so gangsters from this list, and Leader archetype retainers). They apply only to allies that can hear the order (so without communication units, this requires them being within earshot and away from loud noises). Once an order is given, it makes the applicable allies act in accordance with the order, while often giving them an attribute boost. The Order's duration is as long as it makes sense, so an order that starts a fight lasts until the ally is told to do something unrelated to the fight. Orders will give specifics on their duration.

There are two types of Orders, Hard and Soft.
Soft orders can be given in a short amount of time, and doesn't require a lot of specifics. Because of this, soft orders can be given freely, without taking up one of your actions in a post.
Hard orders require more specifics, and may even require the commander to continue talking for the duration. Because of this, a hard order takes up an action for your post, either defensive or offensive.

When giving orders in a thread, it can be good to list in the OOC who was given orders, and what order they are currently under, as multiple orders may be being executed at once.

Taking This List

This list requires taking the 'stages' as a jutsu as well as the orders, members, and advancements.

To take a stage of this list you must use Keisei Currency, earned by completing Keisei missions. Because you must have the currency to take it, you may not use AP to buy the stages of this list. But because the currency cost is being paid, any thread where you earn enough to pay for a stage (or gifts that cost currency), you can take it without spending one of your points from that thread rating. The Keisei Currency purchase is independent of your points and jutsu for your thread rating. (10 Keisei Currency would usually earn you an AP. So think of it as sort of using an AP to buy the stage)

Every stage has two 'Gift' slots. At the bottom of this list are the' Gifts from the Family', which are special members, orders, and advancements, that can be purchased for higher currency amounts to represent flexing your dedication to the family to get benefits.

Stage One - New Blood
Tactics 2, Stamina 2
Currency Cost: 10
A low level commander isn't really trusted with a lot yet. They may be interesting enough for the family to grace them with some Ototo to help in future jobs, but that doesn't mean they want to sacrifice anyone important to help.

The family graces you with one Ototo gangster. They carry a concealable knife (1), and knuckle dusters (2).

Order - Flank Them!
Order Type: Soft
Intelligence 3, Strength 2
With a command or signal, an ally moves into position and then attacks from the target's flank. The attack can be timed to coincide with another attack, and can catch enemies by surprise, or at least put them in a difficult position when they try to find the best way to dodge the attack. For every ally participating in this order, the effective speed taijutsu level of the flankers goes up by 1 (aka, this starts by giving +1. With two allies, both of them get +2, etc). This order lasts from the point it is given, until the ally is attacked or given another order. The ally has +1 speed per stage in this list for the duration of the order.
Stage Three: Two allies can be given this order.
-Stage Five: Three allies can be given this order.

Member - Lookout
Tactics 3, Speed 2
You can replace one member of your gang with a Lookout for any thread. Lookouts keep an eye on what is happening as jobs are going down. They may stay outside and watch for trouble, or they may run ahead and make sure no surprises are going to pop up. Lookouts usually dress light, or wear disguses. They carry a knife (1), and a blowdart launcher with needles (1). The Lookout has +3 speed per stage in this list.

They come with the following order:
Order - Scout Them Out
Order Type: Soft
Lookouts are trained to know everything about an enemy from just a few moments of observation. It spells the difference between a gang getting blindsided, and having all the tools to get the job done. With the order, the Lookout will be distracted for the next post, lowering their taijutsu levels by one, because they are keeping an eye on the target. If the target uses a taijutsu attack, the lookout can report what styles they know. If they use a jutsu, the lookout can report back the possible lists (based on the element) and what level (genin/chuunin/jounin/sennin). If the techniques used are weaker than your stage in this list, the lookout will know the exact stage of the technique (explained as a general power level).
Order - Follow Them
Order Type: Soft
Strength 3, Willpower 3, Lookout
An ally can be given a special order to follow a target or group. When people flee, an ally will chase after them, going to great lengths to keep within range of the target until they stop or escape. As long as the ally's speed level isn't more than one less than the target, they will continue to keep up until some alternative means are used to confuse or lose them, in which case the ally will communicate this back to the captain. This order lasts until the ally is given a new order, or attacked. They have +3 speed for the duration of the order.
Stage Two: +6 speed for the duration of the order
-Stage Three: +9 speed for the duration of the order

Gift Slot 1
Strength 3, Willpower 3

Gift Slot 2
Tactics 4, Intelligence 4

Stage Two - The Ropes
Tactics 5, Intelligence 4, Willpower 4
Currency Cost: 10
You've done more than nothing now, at least. That means you've at least earned the right to have more than one Ototo with you, or maybe the family just wants an additional person around to keep an eye on you. It doesn't matter, you've earned this chance to prove yourself on the job. It is important that you don't waste it.

With this stage, you have two gangsters in your gang. They both have a Knife (1) and knuckle dusters (2).

Order - Guard Us!
Order Type: Hard
Strength 5, Stamina 4, Speed 4
Two allies move to the captain's location, gaining +3 stamina for the duration of the order. They keep their backs to the captain and anyone the captain is with, watching for attacks from different directions. If they spot an attack, they will leap in the way, and try to guard their leader, risking harm to themselves. The captain has to keep an eye out as well, giving them constant orders of positioning, and watching for attacks they might miss. As long as the allies have a stamina level higher than the speed level of the attack, they can re-position in time to be in front of the attack, and guard it with whatever means they have. This doesn't help them survive the attack anymore than their stamina and gear would allow. The order lasts until they are given a new order, or break formation with the captain.
Stage Three: +6 stamina
-Stage Four: +9 stamina

Member - Brawler
Tactics 6, Intelligence 6, Strength 4
You can replace one member of your gang with a Brawler for any thread. Overconfident, strong, and looking to cause trouble, easiest way to describe a brawler. These hand to hand focused gangsters either lack common sense, or see a trail of broken enemies as the only way to impress their Oji. They are intimidating, and ready to start a fight at a moment's notice. The Brawler has +3 strength for every stage you have in this list. They carry knuckle dusters (2), and Limb Armor for their arms (1) and shins (1).

They come with the following order:
Order - Lay Them Out
Order Type: Soft
Brawlers learn real fast how to stun and disable enemies. Whether it is a blow that bangs up their legs, or a punch to the head that leaves them confused, the brawler can lay on the pain. When given the order, they go for one of these wounding punches, hoping to slow down a target for the rest of their gang. The Brawler lays into a target with a devastating combo of punches. If the attack lands, the target has one of their taijutsu levels lowered by one for three posts or until healed. For uncontrolled NPCs, you decide which taijutsu level is lowered, when attacking a PC, they decide which is lowered. For the duration of this order, the Brawler has +1 strength for every stage you have in this list. The order lasts until the Brawler takes a direct hit, or is given another order.
Order - Bust It Up!
Order Type: Hard
Strength 6, Stamina 5, Intelligence 5
At the captain's orders, any number of allies begin to cause general chaos. Best used in an urban environment, they break windows, knock over appliances, push over bystanders, clang their weapons against poles, whatever is necessary to cause a disruption. This will terrify any bystanders that aren't immediately scared away from the scene. It also causes so much noise that anyone trying to concentrate or communicate will have trouble getting a word in. Outside of urban environments this may just lead to cutting at trees, kicking up dust, or general acts of violence. Bust it up can scare opponents and witnesses, causing a rising dread that makes them too afraid to attack into the chaos and violence. The duration of this is explained below. All allies given the order get +1 strength per stage in this list for the duration, which is two posts, or they are hit with an attack.

[The dread and confusion of Bust it Up has a duration like a genjutsu. The duration is 0/2/2, with 'training' based on the taijutsu stage of those around vs the captain's stages in this list. Even if they are unaffected by the dread effect, bust it up causes so much noise that verbal communication with anyone more than 10 feet away is impossible.]

Gift Slot 1
Strength 6, Stamina 5, Intelligence 5

Gift Slot 2
Tactics 7, Intelligence 7, Strength 6

Stage Three - Making Moves
Tactics 8, Intelligence 8, Willpower 6
Currency Cost: 10
At this point, you are trusted with Ototo that are likely to be promoted to Ani any day now. They might even start calling you Oji, Uncle, to show that they see you as a leader within the family. Depending on your position within the Keisei, that might be squashed or embraced. Either way, the gangsters are a little more competent now, and aren't liable to get themselves into more trouble than you intend for them. Which is good, because the family expects you to earn your cut.

Your two Ototo now carry wakizashi instead of knives, and are competent enough with them that people take them seriously when they brandish them. They aren't some iaijutsu expert, but they have seen enough examples of someone being cut down that they can try a proper cut. Inventory is now Wakizashi (2) and knuckle dusters (2).

Order - Root Them Out!
Order Type: Hard
Strength 8, Stamina 6, Speed 8
The captain gives specific orders on any number of allies going into an area to search for hiding targets. Because the captain needs to say what areas to search, who should go, and who to look for, this order can take a little to elaborate on. The allies will dive into whatever area, a swamp, a busy shopping center, a dense fog, and search systematically go through everything looking for their target. They have enough experience looking for people, that any illusion that is a lower stage than your stage in this list, will be rooted out by the allies. Each post, thirty feet of space will be searched per ally given the order. They have +1 speed per stage in this list for the duration of the order, which lasts until they are attacked, or given a new order.

Member - Bomber
Tactics 9, Intelligence 9, Strength 7
You can replace one member of your gang with a Bomber for any thread. Anarchists, pyromaniacs, or sometimes just skilled explosives experts there to do a specific job, Bombers bring a special skill set to a job. When a wall is going to be in your way, the Bomber can save the day. When you need a really big distraction, or a lot of people hurt, a Bomber can do the trick. They don't have top of the line gear, all of their explosives look like a combination of black market goods and stuff they jammed together themselves, but it will do the trick in a pinch. The Bomber has carries powder bombs (timed explosive tags, 0), explosive pouches (0), smoke bombs (0), and a demolition charge (X).

They come with the following order:
Order - Crack it Open!
Order Type: Hard
Some obstacles require a little more oomph. A bomber can use an improvised demolition charge to break down large walls, or even defensive ninjutsu. With the order and location given, the bomber runs in and throws the improvised charge, and it will explode at the end of your post. For mundane obstacles, it usually does the trick unless something is just too thick to penetrate. For defensive jutsu, this explosion is equal to strength level eight, and has an aoe of 15 feet. Because the Bomber only has a limited inventory, this can only be used twice per thread per Bomber.
Order - Go Incognito.
Order Type: Soft
Strength 9, Stamina 9, Intelligence 7
Any number of allies can pretend they aren't involved with you. Using disguises, staying far away, or whatever other reasonable method of not appearing part of your group. At a word, they burst out of hiding, and show up on the scene. This can be used to bring in allies that weren't previously present in the thread, as long as they can logically arrive. After coming out of hiding, they have +1 speed for every stage you have in this list for the duration of the order, which is until they are attacked, or given another order.

Gift Slot 1
Strength 9, Stamina 9, Intelligence 7

Gift Slot 2
Tactics 10, Intelligence 10, Speed 8

Stage Four - Rising Star
Tactics 12, Intelligence 11,Willpower 10, Strength 12
Currency Cost: 10
At this point, the gangsters sent to work with you are Ani, instead of Ototo. They are competent, and have proven themselves within the family already. They aren't as easily shaken, and show grit in battle, making them easier to trust on any particular job. But it doesn't mean you can avoid earning your place as a captain, because Ani are more willing to turn their back on a captain that isn't strong enough to lead them.

You have three Ani gangsters now who still carry their wakizashi, but have thought it prudent to add daggers back to their inventory as a backup weapon. It is also possible for them to carry a second dagger instead of a wakizashi, to better conceal their arsenal. Inventory is now Wakizashi (2) and a dagger (1) or Two Daggers (2), Knuckle Dusters (2).

Order - Cover Me!
Order Type: Soft
Strength 12, Stamina 11, Speed 10, Tactics 12
This order allows you to focus on an enemy while there are other distractions on the battlefield. With the order given, any number of allies can be tasked with watching other targets, as long as they aren't the person you designated as who you are fighting. They will go and fight their target, making sure the captain is clear to their chosen rival. If one of those other enemies goes to attack the captain, the ally covering them immediately makes an additional attack with their main weapon. If their target has an equal or lower stamina level, this attack will interrupt and stop any attempt to attack the captain. The allies given the order have +1 stamina for every stage in this list for the duration, which is until they take a direct hit, or are given a different order.

Member - Marskmen
Tactics 14, Intelligence 13, Willpower 11, Stamina 10
You can replace one member of your gang with a Marksmen for any thread. The Marksmen prefers to stay away from the main fight, and attack from a distance that allows them to get the perfect shot. They are often confident, stealthier than their allies, and ready to end the fight or flee when it goes south. A Marksmen has +3 stamina and +3 speed for every stage you have in this list. They also carry a Crossbow or Bow (3), a knife (1) and zoom goggles (1).

They come with this order:
Order - On My Mark.
Order Type: Soft
This order requires at least a post for the Marksmen to set up, after a target has been designated by the captain. It also requires for their location to still be unknown to the target. The marksmen will fire when the signal is given, using the best angle they have. Because the sniper is prepared beforehand, and ready for an exact mark and target, this shot can seem to come out of nowhere, and strike with amazing coordination with other attacks. The signal is made, there is a short delay for the projectile to travel, and that is all the warning that is given. The Marksmen has +1 speed for every stage in this list for the duration of the order, which is until they are attacked, or are given another order.
Advancement - Pyroechnics
Strength 14, Stamina 13, Speed 11, Intelligence 10, Bomber
Just having a bomber available to your gang makes your other members a little more crafty when the situation calls for it. Every gangster has Fire cocktails (an easy to prepare and light bottle of alcohol that spreads hot flames on impact), smoke bombs, and explosive pouches in their inventory.

Gift Slot 1
Strength 14, Stamina 13, Speed 11, Intelligence 10

Gift Slot 2
Tacitcs 15, Intelligence 15, Willpower 13, Strength 14

Stage Five - Made Man
Tactics 17, Intelligence 16, Willpower 16, Strength 15
Currency Cost: 10
Your gang has reached a point where they understand your commands with few words, sometimes even intuiting what you want with just a proper nod and a point to the target. The question of loyalty may come up often now. You are a strong captain, and whether the gang you lead belongs to the Keisei, or just uses Keisei Ani, is a question no one wants to bring up because of the violence that may come with the answer. But your boys are yours, and they will fight for you if you give the order.

You now have three Ani. They each carry wakizashi, limb armor, knives and dusters. They are usually seasoned, and some may have been with you for a few jobs now if you haven't gotten too many people killed along the way. Inventory is now Wakizashi (2) or Twin Daggers (2) , Limb armor (1), Dusters (2).

Order - Pile On!
Order Type: Hard
Strength 17, Stamina 16, Speed 16, Tactics 15
All available allies surround the captain's target, and close in. They will corner and trap the target, or targets if the targets are bunched up. The gangsters will do whatever efforts necessary to keep the targets physically closed in before they can get in for their attack, even leaping into the air to intercept. The pile on itself ends up being a dog pile on the target, punching them unconscious with their dusters. Physically leaving the circle is difficult if the target's speed level is lower than the strength level of the weakest ally given the Pile On order. Allies get +1 strength per stage in this list for the duration of the order, and the order lasts until they take a direct hit or receive a new order.

Member - Wannabee
Tactics 18, Intelligence 17, Willpower 17, Stamina 14
One member of your gang can be replaced with a Wannabee for any thread. Sometimes a gangster gets it in their head that they are something more, a gallant samurai ready to strike down their enemies with a swing of their blade. The Wannabee isn't a samurai. Maybe they started training to be one, they just swing a blade well, or they have the determination. But they just aren't the full deal. That said, they take a hit well, and fight like a soldier in the thick of war. The Wannabee carries a Katana (3), a Wakizashi (2), and Chest Armor (2). They have +3 Strength and +3 Stamina for every stage in this list.

The Wannabee can use normal techniques from any universal sword style as if they knew stage three of the list and the technique doesn't require chakra.
Advancement - Ranged Warfare.
Strength 18, Stamina 17, Speed 17, Intelligence 14, Marksmen
Not every fight requires going toe to toe with the foe, and not every enemy wants to stay still and let you chase them down. With this advancement, every gang member can replace one of their weapons with a Crossbow (3).

Gift Slot 1
Strength 18, Stamina 17, Speed 17, Intelligence 14

Gift Slot 2
Tactics 19, Intelligence 19, Willpower 18, Strength 16

Stage Six - Family Material
Tactics 21, Intelligence 20, Willpower 19, Strength 17, Stamina 15
Currency Cost: 10
A true gang leader, your personal group of boys are dedicated to helping you complete any job you have in mind. They will stick with you through dangers, and they are ready to cut down any enemies that stand between you and your goals. They are more than just gangsters, they are allies.

You now have four Ani who carry Katana (3) or Bats (3), as well as twin daggers (2), Limb Armor (1), and Dusters (2).

Advancement - Armaments
Strength 21, Stamina 20, Speed 19, Tactics 17, Intelligence 15
Most members of the Family will provide their own weapons, and are rather proud of them. But what they carry is definitely shaped by how much they are taking home from jobs, or what their Oji is willing to help them with. With this advancement, your gangsters will carry better weapons to their jobs, based on what they already carry. Knives and Daggers (1) are upgraded to Wakizashi (2). Wakizashi and Axes (2) are upgraded to Katana or Jian (3). Katana (3) are upgraded to Bastard swords or cleavers (4). If it would be a bad idea to carry around the more advanced weapon, this is optional.

Member - Oji
Tacitcs 23, Intelligence 23, Willpower 22, Stamina 16, Speed 15
You may replace one member of your gang with an Oji for any thread. It can be hard to keep a gang running, especially if you also plan to act on the battlefield. Having another Oji around relieves a lot of the stress, since you can just give a simple order, and then they can elaborate on the details or drive the men to action. An Oji is experienced, and deserves respect on the field, so sometimes they don't stick around if the fight is clearly going South. While an Oji is on the field, any Hard order you give is instead Soft, if the Oji can relay it to everyone else. An Oji's inventory is the same as an unmodified Oji/Ani for your stage. The Oji has +3 stamina for every stage you have in this list.

They come with the following order:
Order - Call in a Favor
Order Type: Hard
Oji typically run their own gangs, so it is no surprise that they can organize and manage the members of a gang with a level of expertise that evades even someone learning to be a gang captain. This order shows the level of preparation Oji have in the field. With a call on a communication device, or a pre-set signal, the Oji calls in another gang member that was not previously in the thread. This could just be a basic Ani, or it could be a replacement Member. The call in character may enter the thread and be given an order in the same post, giving them an element of surprise. The limit to this ability is that it does not allow you to go over your maximum number of gang members, so another must have already been defeated, fled, or otherwise not be able to participate. The extra gang member could also find a reason to leave within that same post. This order can only be used once per thread.
Order - Chemical Warfare
Order Type: Hard
Strength 23, Stamina 23, Speed 22, Intelligence 16, Willpower 15, Bomber
This order requires a Doc or a Bomber. With some work together, Docs and Bombers can work together to create a dangerous weapon that can terrorize a battlefield. The weapon looks like a fragile ball of swirling liquid, a combination of a poison and the triggering explosive devices to propel it into the air. It can be thrown up to 40 feet, and explodes on impact, letting out a 40 foot cloud of thick gas. Not only does the gas block eyesight like a thin smoke, but anyone who inhales the gas will find it difficult to breath, causing terrible coughing fits that steal the breath and can leave victims passed out on the floor. The lack of breath doesn't stop just because the target passes out, they will suffocate as the chemicals in the cloud swell their throat closed. It takes one post for coughing to begin, two posts of contact will swell the throat and limit breathing to slow wheezing (taijutsu levels are lowered by two), and by four posts anyone still in the cloud will no longer be able to breath. Once out of the cloud, symptoms continue for two posts before clearing up. This can only be used once per thread. A simple breathing mask or filter can block the terrible effect on the throat and lungs. The cloud lingers for five posts.

Gift Slot 1
Strength 23, Stamina 23,Speed 22, Intelligence 16, Willpower 15

Gift Slot 2
Tactics 26, Intelligence 25, Willpower 24, Strength 19, Stamina17

Gifts from the Family
These special techniques are only available by spending saved up Keisei Currency. They represent assets that the Keisei usually don't spread around, or training that is above and beyond. Only by doing multiple missions, or harder missions, is it possible to gain access to these gifts from the Table. These must be swapped into one of the two gift slots in a stage.

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I'm guessing the cost of the gifts is what's prohibitive about them, but all of them have varying effectiveness and strength. They're all considered equal in regards to stage swapping because of the prohibitive cost, right?

Also, no stage seven makes me sad. Master gang puppeteers would be fun.

Either way, as I've seen this and I like it, Half-Approved.

Also stage Five is lacking a cost.
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I'll half this, bossman.
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This is weird... I like it n_x

Can't see anything wrong with it off the top of my head, its internal system quirkiness seems nicely consistent, so yeah...

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Consider this Approved.

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Currently [OPEN] to item/jutsu registry checks.
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I'll Approve this.
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