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Default [Keisei Bloodline] Kunshu Onsei, The Monarch's Voice

Kunshu Onsei
The Monarch's Voice

The Gift of the Keisei


The Kunshu Onsei was born many generations ago, before there were shinobi clans, before there were villages. But unlike many other bloodlines, those who wield it would never become shinobi, and so their understanding of the power they use comes from dedication, grit, and force of will.

Their power is in the voice, the Kunshu Onsei's name came from comparison to a king's divine right to rule. When a Keisei with the gift speaks with passion, their words spread like a virus of the mind. It allows them to make any statement they make sound that much better, or put pause in the minds of those who would act against them. While fledgling users like the ancient ancestors of the family could barely hope to stop an angry attacker, the power of the gift has grown, mutated, and become a focused tool that serves the Keisei mafia well.

In action, the Kunshu Onsei works in several ways.

When a Keisei bloodline member is just speaking normally, there is a little 'something' in their voice, a charm, a demeanor. There is no magic here, but those who can sense chakra could with time notice the smallest difference that makes it dangerous for a Keisei to try to hide among non-family.

Influence is the term to describe a Keisei who is trying to shift the mindset of a target. Influence requires a little concentration and effort from the Keisei, but with practice the difference in how they talk and act wouldn't be noticed by an outsider. The effect it has on those being influenced though is hard to miss. The Keisei's words influence the brain, bouncing their every sentence around in the heads of their victims. Worse, while the words are initially processed as those of the Keisei, the influenced take them on as their own, the repeating phrases and sounds coming back in their own voice. The goal with Influence isn't to create a specific effect, they can talk about most anything, but to turn the Keisei's suggestions into the victim's thoughts. When influencing, it would be hard for a chakra sensor to miss what is happening, waves of chakra coming from the throat and mouth of the Keisei.

Command is the power of the Kunshu Onsei that people fear. With enough time, the power of a Keisei to influence someone creates an opportunity to give them a command that their brain will read back as their own impulses. The suggestion to 'sign here on the dotted line' wasn't the words of the Keisei, but an action that needs to be accomplished. Command takes deeper concentration, requiring targets, and specific wording that the Keisei hopes will be interpreted correctly. Too many commands strains the gift, and the voice, and can leave a Keisei with nothing but their wits and muscle. It isn't mind control though, it is a powerful suggestion, that is carried out by the target. But used correctly, it has given the Keisei access the world will never know. Commands practically glow for those who can sense chakra.

The Give and Take

The Take
- Awareness - Kunshu Onsei doesn't require you to know who you are influencing. You don't need to be able to see them, you don't need to pick them out of a crowd. It can be used over everyone in an area. You do have to know someone is there to avoid influencing them though.
- Ease - Since the Kunshu Onsei is a bloodline, none of the training on how to use it requires knowledge of the ninjutsu arts, or even awareness of how they work. The power is a natural extension of their bodies.
- Open - Being able to command someone to action is a powerful tool, so is manipulating their mind. PCs should be respected (let the player decide what does and doesn't work on them), and even most NPCs. But grunts can be controlled to a wide degree.

The Give
- Clarity - When influencing others, the Kunshu Onsei requires clarity. You can't mumble, you can't whisper. The target has to understand what is being said, even if (with Influence) what is being said has nothing to do with the growing influence over their target. The words have to come through clearly.
- Understanding - This relates to clarity, but the Keisei must be speaking a language the target understands. Those who cannot understand what is being said won't be influenced or commanded.
- Proximity - For reasons relating to how the bloodline influences minds, targets must be hearing the speaker's voice live and in person, at a natural distance. Enhancing the voice, recording it, these provide no influence.
- Concentration - For influence, the Keisei could be mildly distracted, but to use any greater aspect of the gift the speaker needs to be able to concentrate on what they are doing. (Kunshu Onsei Command is an offensive ability)
- Immunity - Others with the gift are immune to influence from those with a lower stage of the gift, and immune to commands from the same stage. Influencing others with the gift is considered a bad move within the family.

The nature of Kunshu Onsei is similar to Genjutsu. In one way, it can be defeated the same. Pain will snap the mind to attention, and immediately end any command, as well as erasing any influence that was built up. The influence of The Speaker is pushed out, and for a post, stays out. But Genjutsu Kai doesn't work as well as it does with genjutsu. While you can use Kai to break yourself or someone else out of a command, the building of influence is only temporarily disrupted and will continue to build immediately as soon as Kai is over.

Stage One
Requirements: Willpower 8, Tactics 8, Intelligence 6, Any percentage of Keisei blood

The basic power of The Voice, Kunshu Onsei, is subtle. It doesn't even require a physical tell, and that is part of what gives the Keisei family so much power. Their great gift can be confused for simple gift of the gab. With a little concentration, a Keisei's voice has influence over everyone who can hear it. This isn't damning at this stage, but it does allow them to manipulate how others feel about the speaker. With the right words, they can make someone warm up to them, or start to hate them. It doesn't change their emotional state, but tweaks their impression. But this manipulation is rough, and the mind of the targets is constantly self-regulating and correcting what it knows is a mistake. You can make someone not hate you, but you can't make them act like someone that doesn't hate you, not without additional pressure. Weaker minds (like common folk NPCs) could be won over with this alone, but those with a stronger mind will be aware something is off, or may find themselves mentally disturbed at the cognitive dissonance, struggling to come to terms with the foreign mindset invading them.

The Voice can beat down targets over time. With each additional post hearing influence, the effect digs deeper. After three posts of influence, a genin level character would be willing to listen to a command, four for a chuunin, and five for a jounin. Listening doesn't mean enacting, but their mind can be put in the best possible state to try and command them.

It takes force to make a real change. Using Command strains the user, but attempts to close the loop their invasive words created. A simple command can be given, and anyone that is properly influenced and can hear it will attempt to follow it. It must be short, and will only work on those already willing to perform it. The command has to be something that can be completed in less than a minute. While the command can demand violence, violence only works on those overwhelmingly willing to perform it. Command only works twice in a thread before the user's voice is strained, destroying any clarity in their voice. After a command is given, influence must be built up again.

Those with Stage One of Kunshu Onsei can create swaps for the Mercenary list up to stage three.

Stage Two
Requirements: Willpower 17, Tactics 16, Intelligence 16, Stamina 15, Strong Keisei blood, Stage One

Using the more powerful aspects of Kunshu Onsei reveals it as an unnatural gift. It takes a lot of practice, using it on others, getting the right intonations, pressing your will onto the mind of others. But those with the gift find that they have an easier time controlling others.

The second stage of The Voice now has a greater range of possibility. It can create a sense of friendship and love, past grudges, greed, intrigue, or awe. The speaker can now be whoever they want to be for their targets, their king, their friend, their nightmare. While in stage one the mind can easily grasp that this is wrong, stage two is harder to fight against, with the echo of The Speaker's suggestion bouncing around so thoroughly that it can take a few seconds to realize that something is off. It can still be resisted, but now there is a cost for acting against what your mind believes is true (When acting against what a Speaker intends, your taijutsu levels are two lower than usual, and typically fast actions like hand seals are slower and more obvious).

The Voice's influence builds much faster now. One post for a genin, two for a chuunin, three for a jounin.

Commands are stronger now, can be longer, and more elaborate. A command can take up to 10 minutes for the target to complete, and can be specific instructions that require multiple steps. But the more complex the instructions, the more likely it is that the target will actually not know how to perform the task, or will find themselves unable to finish their mission. This 'failure state' leads to a visible panic and mental freeze up, before the command will suddenly end, leaving the target mentally exhausted. Violence is accepted even from those unwilling to perform it, but they may resist the whole time. Three commands can be given per thread. After a command is given, influence must be built up again.

Stage Two Kunshu Onsei can be used to make swaps for up to stage five of the mercenary list.

Divergent Stage
Requirements: Willpower 18, Tactics 17, Intelligence 17, Strength 14, "100%" Keisei Blood, Stage One

Those at the top of the Keisei track their lineage back to the original family in Swamp country. Enough generations have passed that the only real indicators for 'pure' blood is a Keisei being accepted as such by the Ienaga, or reaching the Divergent Stage. The powers of this stage are the same as Stage Two, except there is some unique twist to their gift. They have a 'unique voice', as it were. Their powers have shattered the limits that the rest of the Keisei family know to be central to their power. In this way, every member of the Divergent Stage have a unique version of the bloodline that makes their family powerful, and they use it to further that power.

There is one consistency. When those with the Divergent Stage of Kunshu Onsei use aspects of their gift that are different, their throats glow with an odd light.

[Divergent Kunshu Onsei are registered for characters that have this stage]

Divergent Stage users can create swaps up to stage six in the mercenary list.

Final Stage
Requirements: NPC Only, Be the Ienaga, Stage Two/Divergent Stage

There is another stage to the Kunshu Onsei, and only two Keisei have ever had it. Beyond the Divergent stage, this level of power allows a Keisei to immediately influence anyone that can hear them, even jounin, in one post. Only sennin can resist their influence for long, lasting three posts. This also allows them to give whatever command they wish, with any level of complexity, and without an ending duration. A poor soul could be commanded to lay down until they starve, or jump off of a bridge. Yes, this even allows the Keisei to demand the target kill themselves. The commands could be resisted, for a few moments, but enough people have died as a testament to how powerful this ability is given time to reiterate a command.

But it comes at a cost. The more insidious the command, the more it destroys the user's voice. The original Keisei who discovered the Final Stage, went mute within a month, and was killed shortly after. While commands more like stage two will simply strain the voice temporarily, the grotesque end of the Final command will strain the voice immediately and leave a little permanent damage.

The Final Stage allows swaps up to stage seven in the mercenary list.

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Considering the limits on this, I'm going to Approved it.
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Huh. Interesting idea. I want to say "don't tell me how to live my life," but it seems these guys could theoretically do just that.

I don't see anything glaring that would present a problem, so enjoy this fine, custom-made Admin approval.

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Half-Approved, you made an offer I couldn't refuse, you made me do this


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