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Default [Cloud Jounin] Shoda Hoshihana

Only kings understand each other...

[Age] 30
[Sex] Female
[Height] 5 feet, 10 inches
[Character Type] Shinobi
[Country/Village] Rai no Kuni / Kumogakure no Sato
[Rank] Sergeant
[Division] Intelligence - Reconaissance

[Nindo; "Way of the Ninja"]
"Better a lion leading sheep than a sheep leading lions."


Good genetics, hard work, and discipline have yielded an exceptional result with regards to Hoshihana’s physique. The kunoichi has always caught looks because of her comely and shapely figure, but to write her off as just a beauty would be a discredit to truth. It would also, likely, be impossible to anyone with two eyes. Hoshihana—“Hoshi” for short—is, as expected of any good soldier, a physical specimen beyond her curves. She stands taller than many men and, honestly, is probably stronger than many as well. As expected of any good ‘warrior queen’ of her clan, she is equipped with well-toned and defined musculature, a well-tuned machine of war—of which, Hoshihana has seen plenty. Slender and broad-shouldered with a slim waist and flared hips, Shoda’s ‘valkyrie’ could almost be mistaken for some sculpture of a haughty war goddess come to life. All in all, she is an exemplar of the Hisashi branch of the clan, bearing the features most typical of their line. Long, straight, thick black hair that falls onto her shoulders and is cut neatly across her brow frames a strong, pleasant face, her bright green eyes—or eye, rather—peering out at the world with an inescapable superiority over all she surveys beneath strong, curved brows. Where her right eye used to be sits a white patch, all the world at large will ever see of Hoshi’s one true mar. Under the patch, the flesh is scarred shut from torture at the hands of the G-Men during a short-lived stint of captivity, reminding her daily of all those who didn’t see the other side of the war. Another personal memorial of the war is inscribed on her left shoulder, a large black tattoo of a winged fist gripping a sword with a central lightning bolt. In the feathers of the wings, the name of every Shoda who died in the war against the G-Men is written.


Priding herself on being a good soldier and an exemplar officer, Hoshihana sticks fairly close to the standard uniform of the post-war Cloud-nin. Black combat boots—always impeccably shined—have become one of her trademarks, the hem of her pants (usually in whichever camouflage pattern best applies to her mission) is tucked in to prevent intrusion anything getting up her pantlegs. The pants are nothing special, constructed of a durable but light materialand bearing numerous pockets and pouches. Tucked in at the waist, Hoshi typically wears a formfitting black shirt, sleeveless or full-sleeved depending on the season, serving mostly as something to wear between the traditional flak jacket and her skin. Her dark blue flak jacket is a break from the standard, instead coming to an end at the waist and bears a few more pouches than standard as well as a black leather sheath on her lower back for her combat knife. It does bear all the expected heraldry and insignias, joined by the Shoda clan’s own symbol on both sides of the front of the jacket. Her hitai-ate is either worn on her head in standard fashion or, often enough, hanging more loosely about her neck. On her right hip, a tastefully ornate scabbard holds her weapon of choice, Hajimeken, it’s polished hilt glinting in whatever light is present. In rainy conditions, she has been known to forego the flak jacket for a long dark blue trench coat of waterproofed material with a sugegasa to keep the rain out of her face.


Some people spend their entire lives unsure of their place in the world, examining their every circumstance to the individual threads, doubting even the motions of their own heart. They question every stroke of the brush, every stride through the grass, every word passing their lips. Those unburdened by such concerns are those free to do accomplish truly great things. Hoshihana is, fitting a Shoda, one of these fortunate minorities. A child of the chief bloodline of her clan, she was raised knowing, without a doubt, that she was destined for greatness and leadership. Some may call it arrogance, but they are welcome to prove her anything less than what she thinks—none have succeeded as of yet, but she welcomes all challenges. Just don’t cry too much when she proves you wrong, okay?

She, however, is not a braggart. She knows exactly what she is and it isn’t her responsibility to make sure you are up to pace with long explanations or braggadocio. Look at her results, for that is all that matters. Hoshi will get the job done and be back in time to enjoy a neat glass or two of whiskey and her favorite variety of narrow-gauge cigars in comfort. This quality has engendered some good will in her favor, despite fighting on the ‘wrong’ side of the war. And, while we are on that little chestnut, what side was her family supposed to choose besides the side that chose them first? It was Denryuu, not Nagai, that reached out to the Shoda. There is no shame in standing by those who were loyal to you over strangers, and so Hoshihana feels no such shame for her family’s place in the war.

Some might consider, given her confident superiority and lack of boisterousness that many associate with ‘overconfident’ individuals , that she is some sort of ice queen. That isn’t entirely accurate. It isn’t so much ice as it is class and dignity. But, there are some thing that are sure ways to get her ‘fired up’. For one thing, if you decide to have her family’s name in your mouth, mind your manners lest she slap it right out, especially with regards to her father and late brothers. She also has no tolerance for torture, an understandable position given her past experiences. Laziness and stupidity, in general, will at least earn her scorn and perhaps her fury depending on the consequences.

Primary Archetype: Elemental Specialist (Electric)
Special: When taken as Primary Archetype, you gain a free low-level technique of the corresponding element for free.
Secondary Archetype: Fallen Queen

Net Stat Merits: +2 Power, Reserves; +1 Strength
Net Stat Flaws: -2 Willpower, Tactics; -1 Speed


Primary: (60)
Power: 1 + 2 (Arch) + 20 = 23
Control: 1 + 21 = 22
Reserves: 1 + 2 (Arch) + 19 = 22

Secondary: (50)
Strength: 1 + 1 (Arch) + 16 = 18
Speed: 1 - 1 (Arch) + 19 = 19
Stamina: 1 + 15 = 16

Tertiary: (40 + 8 AP + 2 GMAP)
Intelligence: 1 + 12 + 2 AP + 1 GMAP = 16
Tactics: 1 – 2 (Arch) + 13 + 3 AP + 1 GMAP = 16
Willpower: 1 – 2 (Arch) + 15 + 3 AP = 17

(18 + 1 Archetype bonus + 3 AP = 22)

Raiton – Electrical Release (9)
Stage 1:
- Raiton: Dengeki Bunshin (Lightning Release: Electric Shock Clone) (Archetype Special) (Req: Willpower 3, Reserve 3)
Stage 2:
- Raiton: Rakurai (Lightning Release: Lightning Bolt)(Req.: Willpower 6, Tactics 5, Control 5)
- Raiton Goshi (Lightning Release: Five Fingers) (Req.: Power 7, Control 7, Willpower 6)
Stage 3:
- Raiton: Den’atsu Kasui (Lightning Release: Volt Spike)(Req.: Power 8, Control 8, Reserve 6)
- Raiton: Denki no Henkan (Lightning Release: Electrical Transformation(Req.: Power 10, Control 10, intelligence 8)
Stage 4:
- Raiton: Kyuuden (Lightning Release: Ball Lightning)(Req.: Willpower 14, Tactics 13, Intelligence 11, Control 10)
- Raiton: Raikou Kanaamu (Lightning Release: Lightning Netting)(Req.: Willpower 12, Tactic 11, Intelligence 10, Power 12)
Stage 5:
- Raition: Nue (Lightning Release: Nue)(Req.: Power 17, Control 16, Reserve 16, Willpower 15)
Stage 6:
- Raiton: Sennari Denshisen (Lightning Release: Electron Beam Cluster)(Req.: Power 21, Control 20, Reserve 19, Willpower 17, Tactics 15)

Fenshingu (4)
Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4
-Bonuses: +16 Speed, +12 Strength, +8 Stamina
-(Req.:Speed 15, Strength 15, Stamina 15, Intelligence 14)

Raikoukikan – The Shoda Bloodline Limit (6)
Stage 1 (Req.: Shoda Clan Archetype, Control 3, Reserves 3, Power 3)
- Doutai: Shadanki (Conductor: Circuit Breaker)
Stage 2 (Req.: Control 8, Reserves 8, Power 6)
- Doutai: Kizuna (Conductor: Tether)
- Teikou: Secchi (Resistor: Ground)
Stage 3 (Req.: Control 17, Control 16, Power 16, Tactics 15)

Global Ninjutsu (3)
Stage 1
- Kawarimi no Jutsu (Req.: Power 2, Tactics 2)
- Henge no Jutsu (Req.: Control 3, Intelligence 2)
Stage 2
- Kinobori/Kabenobori no Jutsu (Req.: Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4)

-Shinobi Kit [0]
-Hajimeken [3] (Large blade (Saber) [3])
-Recon goggles [3] (Night Vision Goggles [2] + Zoom goggles [1])
-Combat Knife [1] (Small blade [1])

Initial Weapon Points: 8
Weapon Points Purchased: 0
Weapon Points Used:7
Remaining Weapon Points: 1


On the night of Shoda Hoshihana’s birth, she came screaming into the world and opened her eyes to see the face of her father, Shoda Hideyoshi, smiling broadly on her, smoke billowing like a chimney from a cigar and tears in his eyes. Hoshi wasn’t his first child—nor was she his last—but she was, from that moment, the apple of her father’s eye. She was handed off to her mother, Hisako, fairly quickly as the nurses ushered the smokestack of a man out of the room, but the bond was cemented between the future leader of the Fallen Kings of Cloud and his one and only daughter. Two sons preceded her—Hajime and Hotaka—and two followed her—Hikaru and Hiroki. But, when all was said and done, it would be Hoshihana that would serve as Hideyoshi’s crown jewel.

By contrast to the serious, determined, and utterly self-assured woman she is today, she started off as carefree as any other child, much more concerned with toys and, yes, dolls than discipline and leadership. For the first few years, that was acceptable. But, for all members of the clan, there came a time when the things of childhood must be made distant and they must begin to learn their place in the world.

Childhood for a Shoda was different than most shinobi of Hidden Cloud. After all, playing the role of ‘royalty in exile’, they weren’t exactly put through the typical shinobi village system. They were trained, of course, and educated in matters expected of their heritage. By the time Hoshi came along, the twelve branches of the royal line had pretty well nailed down their routine for how to train up their young. There were both advantages and disadvantages to their system. For instance, the control and discipline they were able to instill often came at the cost of a certain diversity of tactics and techniques. If it wasn’t in the arsenal of the clan when they left Kumogakure, there wasn’t much of a chance of it finding its way into the curriculum of the ensuing generations barring some skilled visitor taking up a longer residence than usual.

But, royalty must know more than how to fight in this world; they must know how to lead. Histories of leaders and wars, of victories and defeats, of collapses and routs, of alliances and politics—all these plus philosophies and art are part of the education of young Shoda. And, as Hoshi was to find out, they were much of the earliest lessons. It is done on purpose, of course, to tame the whimsy of childhood with the discipline of adulthood. There is not much better at preparing a young mind for the hardships of conflict, peace, and leading through it all than a proper education.

And, in time, the girl took to it. She was much more eager to get to do the stuff her older brothers were doing, but she was reassured it would come in time; and, she realized, the sooner she buckled down and did that ‘book-learning’ part of the whole thing, the sooner that time would come. So, buckle down she did: learning of the clan’s founder, Hiroki, and his many military victories and his ultimate defeat at the hand of a girl, teaching the lesson to never underestimate your opponent lest you reap the same ruin; learning of Hideki, who had seized the Kawari eyes and revealed them to the clan, ultimately leading to his ruin and the clan’s secret, teaching the lesson of the fateful power of information and the vital importance of confident choices; of countless other pivotal figures in the clan’s history beyond the branch of Hiroki—O-shitsune the double-edged queen, Bankatsu the gambler prince, Katsuyori the striking bolt, Tomohiro the stone pitbull, Mio the storm artist, Naito the ungovernable…by the time she was 10, Hoshihana could recount the successes and failures of scores of her ancestors, their fortunes and follies in the cyclical prosperity of the Shoda, learning well the most important theme of the clan: no matter how many times the world knocks their crowns into the mud, the Shoda always pluck them out of the muck, shine them up, and rise to the top. The central theme of her people’s history was perseverance, even in the hardest of times.

When it came to the shinobi-side of her education, the girl took to that eagerly, chomping to prove herself amongst her siblings. But, of course, the basics were first, learning the important lessons of chakra manipulation and how the various handseals are used to train your body to mold chakra in specific ways, essentially serving as a sort of ‘muscle memory’. It was a lot of hard work and practice, but Hoshi exhibited a talent for ninjutsu. In particular, she possessed an inherent talent for ration, sparking hopes that she would manifest the bloodline. Thanks to her oldest brother, Hajime, she also gained an education in fencing, spending many an afternoon learning the proper forms of swordsmanship.

The years rolled on and Hoshihana began to grow into a capable young woman, talented in shinobi arts and gaining the capable confidence of a queen, becoming an assistant to her father after he ascended to lead the Shoda, learning by example. As she reached adulthood, the raikoukikan remained out of reach, but she had not let that discourage her. She spent time honing her abilities with raiton and the blade, becoming quite the cable warrior—albeit, an untested one. But that was the blessing and curse of the exile lifestyle of the Shoda.

That would change, though. Twelve years ago, an 18-year-old Hoshihana stood in the room as her father, Shoda Hideyoshi, spoke with an outsider. This was not uncommon—the Shoda grounds were typically open to travelers and the like, after all. But this was not some mere traveler. No, this visitor was a shinobi of Cloud, coming dangling a return to greatness and glory in battle before the clan. The envoy insisted that the Shoda would be necessary in the storm that was taking the country as the war with the government began. If this man had been a certain Nagai Jyushin, perhaps many things would be different today for the Shoda and for Hoshi.

But that man was not Nagai Jyushin. It wasn’t Nagai who offered the Shoda a way back into Hidden Cloud. It wasn’t Nagai who offered them another chance at life, let alone greatness. It was Denryuu Kazuhiro.

The kings-in-exile were all too happy to put themselves to the task of war against the government and its G-Men. It had been too long since this line built on conquest had been able to sup on battle and, especially for the generations born since they retreated to the old family estate, proving their worth was beyond tempting. Hoshi was no exception. And Hideyoshi, eager to prove his children as worthy as any other branch of the clan, did not hold his oldest children back. Hajime, Hotaka, and Hoshihana often found themselves assigned to vanguard and forward scouting duties more often than not, the three siblings earning quite a name for themselves. But war was not easy. That was an important lesson that none of them could quite learn from the history books. As the Shoda started falling the war, it became all too real, especially for the kunoichi. Her family had been all she had really ever known, lacking the typical shinobi society anyone raised within the hidden village system might have experienced. She took the deaths of all those she fought alongside seriously, but her kin most seriously of all.

It didn’t cow her, however. No, every heartbreak and hardship only emboldened the young shinobi to fight harder; after all, anything else would be wasting their deaths. Hoshi did her best to remember every comrade that fell, not losing sight of every loss even in the face of victories.

Two years into the war, Hajime and Hoshihana found themselves leading a forward scouting party to observe a G-Men outpost, a small band of seven that were to focus on intel and report back for further instructions. It wasn’t exactly ‘safe’, but it certainly wasn’t the riskiest assignment any of them had taken on during the war. However, something went wrong. Even thinking about it all these years later, Hoshi can’t quite pinpoint how it went wrong, but things went pear-shaped and fast. They had been spotted and surrounded and two of their group were already dead. It was five versus ten in the favor of the G-Men, but, still, Hajime—the dumb brave bastard—decided that he could take them on. And, to be fair, it was a bit of a rally for the five of them. They managed to drop four before it was just Hajime and Hoshihana left standing, the siblings back to back, sabers drawn and ready. They would die on their feet.

Or they would have if they had the chance. They would find out later that they had been subjected to a poison during the fight. Their captors told them this as they began to try and pump the pair for information, subjecting them to numerous tortures. Waterboarding, sleep deprivation, starvation, beatings...they wanted information, but the siblings were resolute to not give it to them. The G-men decided that Hoshi was ultimately the weaker link of the two and began to exact more horrible tortures on Hajime in an effort to get her to break. But she wouldn’t and he wouldn’t have ever forgiven her if she did. Not as they took knuckles off his sword hand. Not as they started pulling teeth out of his mouth. Not as they cut off his ears and nose or gouged out his eyes. She resolutely stared, horrified but determined to not fail her brother’s sacrifice. They ultimately dragged him away, mutilated, and renewed their focus on her. They decided that they didn’t like the proud look in her eyes.

And that’s when the asshole put a red hot iron in Hoshi’s right eye. She screamed as she was blinded, the flesh burning and cauterizing. The tormenters decided that was good enough for now. ”Think over talking. Now that there isn’t any polite company around, we might not be as gentle with a pretty little girl liked you when we come back.” The meaning was clear even through the pain and shock. They locked her in a cage with a bowl of water like a dog for what must have been days. She couldn’t tell. All she knew is that Hajime was not nearby. Hoshiahana was weak and hungry and dehydrated and had lost a goddamn eye. But that was nothing compared to what her brother had lost. She knew she could not give in, knew that she needed to hold out hope that rescue would come or that…hell, that something would happen. What she knew for sure, though, was that whatever came next, she would take it. She wouldn’t break. She had the blood of kings and queens in her veins, after all. Even like this, she was better than any of the dogs in this whole post.

Finally, something did happen. One of the G-men came in, seeking to taunt her. The kunoichi was weak and delirious, but she realized that, as he stood outside of the cage, she could feel something in his hand. Something warm and sharp and invigorating that crackled with voices, voices of panic and concern and alarm. The man turned to leave, but did not get far as the crackling of his hand flared before ceasing. Suddenly, Shoda Hoshihana felt alive, more alive than she felt in days, life crackling across her body like a current. Her captor turned back to look at her for just a second before her arm stretched out through the bars of the cage and grabbed hold of the hand with what she could now tell was a walkie talkie in it and simultaneously yanked him off his feet and discharged electricity through him. The man went limp and, quickly enough, the kunoichi had managed to get the cage door unlocked thanks to a key on his belt.

Peeking out of the tent, the scene was chaos, raiton and kunai flying through the air as she saw the familiar uniforms of her comrades-in-arms. They had come. A tear came to her eye as she realized she had done well, had held out, had survived, and now…now, there was rescue. Hajime and her would be fine. Skulking out of the tent and around the camp Hoshi desperately sought her der brother while trying to avoid detection by any of the G-men. Ducking around one tent, she suddenly came face to face with someone and instinctively struck out only to find her haind seized. “Hoshi? Oh god, sis, you’re alive!” She suddenly realized it was Hotaka and, in that moment, she wasn’t the strong warrior woman anymore, but the little sister who woke up from a bad dream as she collapsed against him, sobbing. Her brother had come for them.

She quickly told him of the torture and that they hadn’t given up any info and that they had to find Hajime, starting to move before her older brother stopped her in her tracks. He explained that they had found Hajime already and, after some pestering, conceded that their oldest brother had died, having bled to death in the cage the G-men had left him in. The tears stopped, not because Shoda Hideyoshi’s only daughter wasn’t sad, but because she couldn’t even process it all anymore, proving altogether too much.

Ultimately, the G-Men at that camp were defeated or captured and Hoshihana was escorted back to somewhere safe where she could recover and be treated. She had finally forced Hotaka to let her see Hajime before they left, his body in tow to receive proper rites. On one of her captors, lying face down in the mud as they left, she saw her oldest brother’s saber, the same one he had used in their lessons, and plucked it off his belt before dropping low and using it to sever the man’s head before continuing out of the camp.

For all the bad that had come of her captivity, however, there was some positives. First, she had not broken, holding out like a good soldier until help arrived. Even though it had ultimately cost her brother’s life, they were as good as dead if either of them had talked. At the least, she would realize, she had honored Hajime’s sacrifice. And, second, she had awoken the raikoukikan bloodline limit of the Shoda, using it to save her life, dragging enough energy out of the batteries in the radio to make her escape and to survive.

It would be months before Hoshi returned to the fray, learning to harness the Shoda bloodline abilities while also learning to live without one of her eyes. She was offered support positions, away from the front, but she was determined to return to the front lines and be better than ever. Wielding Hajime’s weapon, she learned to fence with diminished vision, adjusting her stances to minimize her blindspot. Five months of recovery and training later, Hideyoshi’s daughter returned to action, as good as ever—hell, probably even better, to be honest. With the fabled bloodline of her clan at her disposal and an unmatchable resolve, the legend of the Valkyrie began to arise.

Years of war passed. Bloody years. Hard years. Sides were chosen, the head of the Shoda siding with the brother of the man who had offered them a chance to return to glory. Hoshihana saw many friends and allies fall in battle, but never let such an offense go unanswered, felling many of the government dogs with Hajimeken and making her name a feared one amongst her enemies.

However, in the end, the Shoda had picked the wrong side. When Nagai’s forces took Jishaku and Nagai himself appeared with the charred, blackened skull of Denryuu Konishi, it was clear to the Shoda that the campaign was over. The clan expected annihilation, to go out proud—and stubborn—like the kings and queens they fancied themselves. However, the new Raikage was willing to offer amnesty to those who would take it. As the clan and Denryuu’s other supporters mulled the offer over, Hoshihana found both her father and Hotaka obstinately refusing. A part of her wanted to tell them to stop being so proud and stubborn and just take the deal.

But another part of them was incredibly proud as they refused to submit and met their ends. Many Shoda took the deal and nobody thought any less of them, for they were each the kings and queens of their own lives. But those who refused to yield, they are still remembered fondly by the clan, symbols of pride, dignity, and self-respect. Hoshihana watched her father, her hero, go from man to symbol with the stroke of a sword.

The war was over. Now came the important part.

In the years since, the Shoda have worked to carve out their place in Nagai’s Hidden Cloud and under the umbrella of the Lightning Military Government. Hoshihana is no different. Her service in the war against the G-Men was evaluated, suggesting a rank of sergeant, though the remaining bias against her family almost caused her to be assigned the rank of corporal instead. However, her response to the evaluation impressed upon them the harm their bias might do here. ”If you feel that I belong at that rank, by all means, stamp my records and set me loose. I will prove exactly where I belong before long. I chose to submit to your rule when many of my family did not. I chose to accept being viewed as an enemy and live with it. But, my service record is as worthy as any other sergeant. My success rate and kill count are as high as any other group. The choice is yours. I will abide by it.”

They honestly couldn’t argue her point. Shoda Hoshihana had proven herself a more than capable soldier of impressive capabilities and, honestly, it couldn’t hurt to engender some good will with the Shoda by treating her as fairly as possible. In the 4 years of peace since, Hoshi has served in the Intelligence division, working in the role she had excelled at in the war as a reconnaissance operative by default and a vanguard by necessity. There are still those who look down their nose at her, as they do with any of her kin.

But that’s fine. Just like the Shoda have always done, Hoshihana will rise. She has plucked her crown out of the mud and is shining it up. In time, nobody will be able to deny her rightful place.

[Other Info]
-Hajimeken - A sentimental weapon that earned a fearsome reputation all its own during the war, first in the hands of Shoda Hajime and, after his murder by the G-Men, in the hands of his sister. It was sized for him, so it is a little longer than a saber most would expect a woman to use, but Hoshi wouldn't use anything less.
-Raikoukikan color: Crimson
-Likes: single malt whiskey, Garyubai sake, dark narrow-gauge cigars, fencing, military history, rainy days, steak (bloody is preferable).
-Dog Tag:
Surname, First Initial: Shoda, H
Alias: Valkyrie
Military Rank: Sergeant
Company/Squad: N/A
Technical Occupation: Intelligence - Reconnaissance
Specialization: Raiton
Birthplace: Shoda Clan Estate
Associations: N/A
Dependents: None
Marital Status: Single
Declared Next of Kin: Shoda Hisako (Mother)
[Mission Log
-5/1/17: Character Creation; used 8 AP on stats, 3 AP on jutsu, and 2 Cloud GMAP on stats as indicated on those portions.

"The more I see of what you call civilization,
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I'll half this, provided Kaen is still giving 2 GMAP, and you fix the broke italics bbcode in her bio. Also, I'm pretty sure a sabre is a medium-sized sword, but I don't really care much for the specifics. It can be a big one if you want lol. But for real, nice work on the bio. I like her.
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Thanks for catching the broken italics tag! Fixed! And I wasn't sure whether a saber classified as medium or large, but I figured pricing it at large would fit it being sized for someone larger than her. And thanks!

EDIT: Oh, and I checked with Kaen before I laid out my mechanics about the 2 GMAP. He said it was still open. Unless I gravely misunderstood him.

"The more I see of what you call civilization,
the more highly I think of what you call savagery!"

Robert E. Howard, King Kull
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Stats and all look fine. And yeah, a sabre could be either a medium or large, depending on actual size of the blade.

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Cloud GM and Shoda GM Approved.

Also, the Shoda clan belongs to you now.
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I'll add the last half on this.
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