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Default [Spartoi] Renchishin Takai

Takai the Tall

[Name] Renchishin Takai
[Title] The Saboteur

[Age] 12
[Sex] Male
[Height] 6'8"
[Country/Village] Kaze no Kuni
[Rank] Advanced Genin
[Division] [SUNA] -- Recruit
[Clan] Renchishin

[Bujutsu; “The Warrior's Art”]
"Battle is a contest of character and ingenuity. The warrior with more will, determination, desire, and intelligence is always the one who comes out the victor."

[Physical/Clothing Description]
Originally Posted by Renchishin Takai
All the medics say I still have room to grow and I'm scared about that. I would like to stay the same height I am just now...I don't like being bigger than everyone. You don't wanna see the looks people give when chastising a kid that's taller than 'em.
Takai stands closer to seven feet than he does to six and for a boy on the cusp of manhood--the implications of that are astonishing. A youthful face contrasts the sheer size of the adolescent--he seems to take up significant space wherever he goes. He is tall, gangly and scrawny, often sprawled out on the nearest staircase. He has a lazy expression that tends to stick out on his caramel complexion. His default expression being a scowl or passive stare. In many ways Takai resembles a mad stork, extra clumsy and constantly keeping stray hairs out of his face while invading the personal space of others. He cannot help it. He is attention grabbing by design.

The most normal thing about the young boy is his distinct ruby red eyes, common to all Renchishin. That says all that there needs to be said about how normal and under the radar Takai appears to be.

In terms of his clothing Takai is often seen in the wearing a modified version of the standard Spartoi outfit. Being much taller than his classmates his outfit has foregone the golden shoulder armor in favor of allowing full range of motion of the shoulders and arms for which better to make use in grappling situations. Constant fidgeting and a lifetime in the desert has left Takai with an aversion to any cumbersome clothing and his outfit's entire motif is freedom of movement. The maroon tank top is decorated with a large Renchishin emblem on the back, as much an indicator of Takai's history as his ruby eyes. His brown pants are more akin to shorts, billowing out around his mid shin and leaving a large amount of his long legs visible to the public.

Black dreads, linked up well past the boys chin are kept in place by both headband and his Spartoi Cape, bundled up on the top of his head and tied haphazardly into an excessively long bandanna. The blocky SPARTOI letters directly above the hourglass of Kaze no Kuni. Takai the tall prefers to be open and honest in his allegiances and loyalties. His uniform reflects that.

Takai wears the uniform and title of Spartoi with a dignified pride. The Saboteur casts a large shadow as the tallest of the Iron Flowers--as such he is already accustomed to stares.

Originally Posted by Renchishin Takai
Ugh! Enough! I know where I'm going and I know the truth, and I don't have to be what you want me to be. I'm free to be what I want. I'm willing to pay the cost to pave my own way. I'm my own man, not my father's child, not the Celestial Dragon's third cousin twice removed. Me. Nobody else. I know what that means...even if nobody else does. It's better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles.
Takai is defined most by his insecurity. He is a large boy and always has been, but he has often struggled to fill his own shoes. An orphan at a young age and being a member of a large family, Takai has had a chip on his shoulder the size of a boulder since he was able to walk. Analysis at the shinobi academy seem to show the boy as possessing several learning disabilities, chiefly a mixture of both dyslexia, ADD, and minor tourettes . The Mad Stork, Takai the Tall is a fidgety sort, often prone to staring into space and being lost within his mind. He struggles in stillness and is a kinetic learner first and foremost, because of this both the academy and disciplined life of the Renchishin have been struggles for him.

Takai is an introspective sort, keenly aware of the world around him and eager to both make a name for himself and prove others wrong. With this being said, he is also a boy keenly familiar with loss and unfamiliar with winning. Amongst the Renchishin his struggles with the Ekitai Kenfu have left even the youngest of his relatives ahead of him in the family's trademark style and in the academy his struggles in both genjutsu and ninjutsu as well as the written exams have left him far and away the worst student in his year.

There is a tenaciousness inside of Takai though and an intelligence that is yearning to be drawn out and used. The young boy is a ball of perseverance and relishes being underestimated and overlooked. There is a strength boiling underneath the surface and Takai very rarely chooses to reveal it. He is fiercely individualistic and doubly stubborn. His motivation comes from rage and hunger. Rage at himself, rage at his family, rage at those he deems 'phony'. Hunger for success, hunger for praise, hunger for power. This is a boy who at a young age sees the world through a cynical lens and himself as a person on an island of one with his back against the wall. Takai is a young man that does not know the meaning of the word surrender. He is best in the moment, in the heat of battle.

A brave and valiant warrior...

Even if nobody knows it but him.

[Primary Archetype]
The Lee
Taijutsu Specialist + Daredevil
Bonus: The Lee is a taijutsu specialist above all others in dedication. This character can take a third taijutsu style at one point per stage, a fourth at two points, and so on.

Physical - Primary

Strength: 1 + 1 [TL] + 3 [AP] + 2 [GMAP] + 2 [+1 Thread] = 10 [+9 Forbidden Sloth]
Speed: 1 + 1 [TL] + 2 [AG] + 3 [AP] + 5= 12 [+15 Drunken Fist]
Stamina: 1 + 3 [TL] + 1 [AP] + 3 + 2 [TP]= 10 [+15 Fool's Bane]

Mental - Secondary

Intelligence: 1 -1 [TL] + 3 [AG] + 1 = 4
Tactics: 1 - 2 [TL] + 7 + 2[AP] = 8
Willpower: 1 + 1 [TL] = 2

Chakra - Tertiary

Power: 1 - 1 [TL] + 1 = 1
Control: 1 + 3 + 1 [AG] + 1[AP] = 6
Reserves: 1 - 2 [TL] + 1 [AG] + 2 = 2

[Jutsu & Techniques]

Forbidden Sloth
[F1] Stage One: Strength 4, Stamina 4
[F2] Stage Two: Strength 7, Stamina 7, Tactics 6

Drunken Fist
[F3] Stage One: Speed 5, Strength 3
[F4] Stage Two: Speed 8, Strength 6, Tactics 6
[AP] Stage Three: Speed 11, Strength 9, Tactics 8

Ekitai Kenfu: Rittaisen
[F5] Stage One: Stamina 5, Speed 3
[AG] Assaishou / Seiryu Reppu Tsume: Control 2, Reserves 2
[AG] Stage Two: Stamina 8, Speed 6, Control 6

Fool's Bane
[F6] + [F7] Stage One: 6 Speed, 2 Stamina
[AG] + [AG] Stage Two: 10 Speed, 4 Stamina, 6 Tactics
[AG] Tabakaru--Super Basic: 4 Tactics, 4 Intelligence
[AP] Stage Three: 12 Speed, 8 Stamina, 8 Tactics

Celestial Gates
[AP] Kai-Mon: Stamina 4, Strength 4

Shinobi Kit

Initial Weapon Points: 8
Weapon Points Purchased: 0
Weapon Points Used: 0
Remaining Weapon Points: 8

Originally Posted by Bureaucracy of Kaze no Kuni--Inteview

Hello Takai-kun, how are you feeling today?



Fine. I'm fine.

What did you do today Takai-kun?

What...? You know what I did. Today is testing, written and interview...this is the interview, we just finished the written.

This is for the interview Takai-kun--how do you think you did on the exam?



What's so funny sensei? Is me doing fine amusing to you?

I'm just proud Takai-kun, you struggle with testing. You doing fine would be a welcome change of pace, if a bit uncharacteristic. What did you think of question #3?

...skipped it.

What? That was about taijutsu, you're pretty good at that...what about question #5?

Skipped that one too...

Huh? There were only ten short answer questions. Which ones didn't you skip?

I skipped them all.


I skipped them all. I didn't understand them. I didn't see the point. I didn't do them. I've failed nearly every test I've taken in this academy...why would this be different?

So you didn't even try?

Trying has little to do with anything. If you don't get that then you don't get me sensei.

Hmm...you don't live with your parents, do you?

With my uncle and my five cousins.

Your parents?

Mom died when I was born, my father drank himself to death shortly after...he couldn't find work. It was hard for our family to find work at that time...

And you moved with your uncle? Renchishin Takeshi?

Yes. Though he didn't want me. I plan on getting my own place on the compound with my stipend once I...if I graduate. That'd make me a man...

A headband doesn't make a man Takai-kun.

No...but it makes you a part of something bigger than yourself. That's been hard for me to find.

No kidding...you don't feel close with the other Renchishin?


That amuses you?

How close are you with your second cousins? I love my family. I love being a Renchishin...but...things are complicated. I don't have a normal family even amongst my family...I can't help but feel a little exclu...it's complicated.

Complicated how?

My uncle is my father's twin and he...he and my father were not close. My uncle takes care of me but...he doesn't go beyond for me. I'm my own responsibility. I've known that for a long time...

He doesn't train you?

He trains me. Sorta. It's tough to say...me and my uncle are different and he only sees my father when he looks at me. The Ekitai-Kenfu is more than a style of fighting, it's a way for past generations to communicate with others. Whenever my uncle trains me and trains his sons, I see the difference. I understand what he's saying even if he doesn't say it.

And what's that?

I'm my own responsibility.

I get it. But it must be hard, isn't it? You've struggled in the academy. Poor test scores. No skills in ninjutsu or genjutsu and your taijutsu style seems to be way too high risk with too low of rewards. Is it worth it?

Isn't that for me to decide?

Not if you want that headband.

Wanting it isn't enough.

What is?

I dunno...I just know that I have to become stronger

Hmmm...The Golden Gauntlet? I have to say...you disappointed me with your performance...

I disappointed myself...

You won the first round though...

Won? Eiko forfeited with no explanation! She didn't even acknowledge me...she just gave up and walked off making a big show of it by giving no show at all. It was the worst possible thing...


Because I already know that I'm the worst! Everybody is expecting an easy match against me, even my family expects for me to fail...even I expect me to lose. It's not about winning or losing...it's about fighting my fight. I just wanted a chance to showcase my abilities...

It sucks that my classmates don't even think I'm worth that.

You're smarter than your classmates think Takai and maybe that's why Eiko didn't want to fight you. Give her some credit, I'm sure she thought she was helping you in her own way.

Heh. In her own selfish way, sure. *shakes head*

Hehehehehehe. You're meaner than your classmates think as well Takai. So what happened against Hiryu? What stopped you from fighting your fight then?



Eiko had gotten into my head and Obama-san as well. She just seemed so smug in her silence and him so cool in his arrogance. I just felt like I was swimming in a pool of syrup. I stared at Hiryu and I thought about ten thousand different ways the battle could go and in all of them I lost.

I didn't care sensei. Like I said, it was about fighting my fight...

I wasn't going to give up.

I was going to take the number one rookie to the brink.


I didn't hear the bell ring.


I was so caught up in my own head and thinking about how the fight was going to go...I didn't hear the bell. Luck was on Hiryu's side that day...

And you?

I was on the ground. Grabbing my private parts and trying not to cry in public...just my luck.

Luck is just preparation meets perspiration.

Heh. You'd fit well with the Renchishin...

Why's that?

Because most of my family are all fortune cookie philosophers as well. I'm not so full of myself to think that luck doesn't play a part in my life. I am not that much of a control freak.

You seem to have given this a lot of thought...

How could I not? This year has been insane and littered with hundreds of tragedies both minor and major. How could I be surprised that I lose the most important match of my life by kick to the nads? We just had a bunch of academy students murdered. It coulda been me, maybe it shoulda. Tons of people pat this 'Iron Flower' generation on the back for bravery in the face of tragedy...Hiryo gets the title that I coulda won. The title that would change my life? You think that if I could've sweat more to avoid that I wouldn't have? You don't think fate plays any role in where I'm at? The fact that we're sitting right here and I'm about to beg to graduate into the only life I could ever know?

It's all luck sensei. Anyone who tells you different sees the world in a way that I don't like. It's not honest.

Hmmm...I don't know if I'm more surprised by what you're saying or the fact that you're saying anything at all Taikkun. Thank you for your honesty regardless.

Uh...t-thank. Ugh! I mean you're welcome! Thank you for the compliment, you're welcome for the honesty...I think...

Though I guess I might also want to blame something other than myself after that fight as well! Hehehehehe!

Not funny sensei.

A little funny. So you failed the written test and fought a total of 1 second in the Golden Gauntlet. Why should you graduate Takai? Why should we take a chance on you? What can you say to me that would show me something your tangible skills do not...?

I...I don't know. I just know that if you give me a shot, any shot, I swear I won't give up...look, I don't know what you think of me sensei. I don't even know what I think of me...but I know that I have something in me. I can feel it. Please. This is all I have and all I want.

We get one opportunity in life to do what we're gonna do. That's it. We have one chance to leave a legacy...I dunno what mine will be. I dunno if I'm a Hitoko, a Raisuke, a champion or a fool. I change my mind everyday.

But whatever legacy I leave, Imma make sure I leave something. That's all I can say.That's all I can promise you.

[Other Information]
Various influences include...

[-] Ser Duncan the Tall from George RR Martin's Knight of the Seven Kingdoms
[-] Michael Lee from The Wire
[-] Mike Tyson
[-] Muhammad Ali
[-] Simon the Digger from Gurren Lagann
[-] Kareem Abdul Jabaar
[-] Mugen from Samurai Champloo

[Mission Log]
Creation: 5 AP spent (4 on stats and 1 in Jootsu), Advanced Genin (7 on Stats and 5 in Jootsu)
9 AP spent (+2 Strength, +2 Speed, +2 Tactics, +1 Stage 3 Drunken Fist, +2 Stage 3 Fool's Bane)
[Spartoi] Language of Flowers: +1 Strength
Gallantry / Fallen Angels +2 Stamina

Don of the Sanada Family
Leaf & Grass Lieutenant

Yeah, I stunt, but I’m a li’l more realer
When it come from the heart, don’t it feel mo’ iller?
Watch my flow go bananas, I’m a li’l gorilla
So pardon me, man, y’all gon’ have to pardon me

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Strength: 1 + 1 [TL] + 1 [AP] + 2 [GMAP]= 7 [+8 Forbidden Sloth]
Speed: 1 + 1 [TL] + 1 [AP] 6 = 9 [+10 Drunken Fist]
Stamina: 1 + 3 [TL] + 2 + 1 [AP] = 7 [+6 Forbidden Sloth]
Your strength is currently equal to 5.
Power: 1 - 1 [TL] + 1 + 2 [AP]= 3
Control: 1 + 3 + 1 [AP] = 4
Reserves: 1 - 2 [TL] + 2 = 1
Your control is also equal to 5.

I like the biography, but I almost missed the mention of the gas attack like I did in Seikon's lol. I'll be back to check on this once you fix your stats: A few more mentions of recent events wouldn't be so bad either.
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AP / Swaps
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Of course I forgot to add the pool points lol. I fixed the stats, I am going to wait on Hitoko to do any edits to the biography just so I can do all edits at once. I will try and think of places I can put more emphasis on past events, part of the reason I like this interview style is that you can imply a lot with a little.

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Yeah, I stunt, but I’m a li’l more realer
When it come from the heart, don’t it feel mo’ iller?
Watch my flow go bananas, I’m a li’l gorilla
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Stats check out, though I was pretty confused about the jutsu until I went back and checked the combo archetype. Personally I'm not a fan of first person bios because I'm not sure what your character is lying about but hey, if Hitoko's fine with it then I can't complain. Dude's pretty obviously got a gland problem and is gonna die by the age 20 with growth like that though.

Half Approved.

EDIT: Although I should probably mention your bio is more than 1500 words, which I guess is the limit for Spartoi characters. Might want to fix that up some.

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Actually, I was going to ask for this to be moved to Unfinished. What's changed since I last posted is that I am now waiting on a staff decision on Advanced Genin as well as a jutsu revamp. It's dealing with the crunchy aspects of the character and so I would probably have to get reapproved anyway.

Regardless, long story short, glass half full, all of the marbles, and etc.

I need to move this back.

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Yeah, I stunt, but I’m a li’l more realer
When it come from the heart, don’t it feel mo’ iller?
Watch my flow go bananas, I’m a li’l gorilla
So pardon me, man, y’all gon’ have to pardon me

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This be ready to be moved back to registry! Old Rittaissen is linked but I am currently using the one being discussed in the registry so obviously Takai cannot be moved until that is approved...

That won't stop y'all from showering me with approvals and praise I would hope.

Don of the Sanada Family
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Yeah, I stunt, but I’m a li’l more realer
When it come from the heart, don’t it feel mo’ iller?
Watch my flow go bananas, I’m a li’l gorilla
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The Saboteur—Renchishin Takai [Buko]
The Fool / The beggar

Biography 1325, nice.

Sand Primary GM Approval/Renchishin GM Approval, Renchishin Takai is officially The Saboteur.

Welcome to the Spartoi.

While writing the titles for the Spartoi, in the back of my mind I knew, Buko would either go for Soldier of Fortune or The Saboteur. Why? Because these are the stories you enjoy telling, I can tell. To be honest, glancing at earlier stages of this application I was skeptical on dude’s height and couldn’t fathom the motivation behind such an unorthodox characteristic. Luckily for me, you provided one of the most endearing applications to the Spartoi, which, in some ways, maybe by design of title. Honestly I expected whoever making a character for this title to go the whole Uzumaki route, but the type of isolation that Takai has is much different than anything else.

Next to Hiryo, Takai is a Spartoi that came up in everyone’s biography—whether subtle or at the forefront—so by the time I got to him I had a perfect picture of who he was and what he meant to the class. The boy is layered, and his characteristics and quirks made for a rather human character in a scope of Genin who are, by far, extremely powerful. I feel like you understood what this project is, essentially, about—a group of students going through survivor’s guilt and finding a way to cope with a lot of trauma going down in Sunagakure.

That’s dope.

The most difficult aspect of the first person narrative, I’ve come to realize, wasn’t how people wrote their own characters, but how they utilized their sensei Nevin. You used her well. Not all praise, not at all oblivious, but a teacher who spent the last eleven to twelve years developing a class of academy students and holding a relation with them throughout their early ninja careers. So, yeah dude, thanks for that. Good work.

Lol let’s see if Takai ascends from the bottom.

Additional Notes:
Got to look at this from twin GM perspectives, Sand & Renchishin
Tall as hell, ol’ long neck ass lmfao
Commendable Bujutsu
Smart use of quotes for Personality and Appearance
Homie better get that shoulder armor back, lmao
Damn man, dyslexia, ADD and tourettes?
And The Person Who Handles Nevin The Best Award goes to—Buko. Who would’ve thought?
“The Ekitai-kenfu is more than a style of fighting, it’s a way for past generations to communicate with others.”—Ooooohhh truuuuu, tru, tru. Bars
Fortune cookie philosophers, lmfao, who you tryin’ roast tho?
HMMM that last question tho
A Raisuke?

Spartoi Mentions:
Eiko—the most endearing part of the biography was reading Takai’s distain of their match up. Phew.
Hiryo—lol put’em in a coffin with the nut shot, lmao
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Reserves: 1 - 2 [TL] + 1 [AG] = 2
Using my astute sense of reasoning, I believe you just neglected to add +2 pool points here in the math, since your final stat numbers all check out.

Rehalfed since nothing else is really worth complaining about.
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Half-approved could have sworn I already did this.

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the more highly I think of what you call savagery!"

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