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Default Sanada Raiden—Leaf Chuunin

Age: 18
Sex: Male
Height: 6"1

Character Type: Shinobi

Country/Village: Hi no Kuni | Konohagakure
Rank: Chuunin
Division: Hada

Nindo; "Way of the Ninja":
"For honor."
Physical Description:
With face held high and long backbone supporting his towering figure, Rai’s stature possesses a regality so pronounced that it almost suggests an underlying frailty, although certainly not one of the body.

His lithe, well-toned build easily allows him to accomplish feats of great dexterity and balance, and his bountiful energy serves his acrobatic tendencies well. With every motion, Rai betrays his potential for speed, sporting heightened reflexes that match a characteristic responsiveness. This aspect is embraced so completely, in fact, that the chuunin can do little to veil his emotional reactions.

His face is an open book; the slightest change in its features might betray his opinion, from a flash of anger in his eyes to the slightest curve in the corner of his mouth. His default expression, however, its one of steeled resoluteness, leading some to believe that when he is not speaking, he is, instead, quietly concentrating on his goal. Lament is his face’s greatest adversary, and though he performs admirably in attempts to hide the emotion, glints of mourning can be gleaned with the right attention to detail — deep cracks in his psyche that can be traced to his early youth.

This emotional saturation adds such depth of credibility to his expressions that his opposition has been known to falter when met with his look of conviction — the strength of purpose bound to a leader: the one who charges first. Other defining features include a chiseled jaw and two disturbingly observant amber irises that lie poised within angular, dark-lined eyes. Above his jagged eyebrows, Rai’s head is crowned by long, raven hair, slicked back with the exception of a signature strand that bobs, like an unruly ribbon, over his forehead to tickle the pointed tip of his nose.

His skin is fair and entirely free of blemishes, save the mole on the crest of his right cheekbone. His musk, meanwhile, is reserved, smelling vaguely of the oak trees that he passes on his frequent trips through the forest.

The teen favours practical clothing, best suited to the situation at hand. Oftentimes, he will forego vestments that might restrict his energetic movements, as well as anything too outrageous. Thus, opting for a style that is neither flashy nor trashy, Raiden gravitates towards the simple yet slightly preppy look, fabrics dyed with the dark colours typical to his clan. He is, however, averse to hiding beneath the cowl of a hood or cloak.

Above all, he could be described as treading the middle ground between making an impression and underwhelming others with his style. He believes that it is the man who makes the clothing, and not the other way around. That said, formal situations often motivate Raiden to clean up rather well — spiff and span. To do any less would be an insult to the occasion and thus, to an extent, dishonourable.

In training or in the field, however, he sports malleable under-layers that can be augmented by body armour should the need arise. To this end, his favourite numbers include sleeveless combat tees and mandarin-style shirts. A minimal supply kit will fit easily onto the belt around his waist or the utilitarian pockets of his pants but, should a more extensive inventory be required, he will instead carry these items in a streamlined backpack.


Raiden is a cool, and typically calm, teen characterized by being steadfast, and stubbornly insurgent. Living by his rigid personal philosophy, he is an individual who always places priority of his own opinion over others. Within this philosophy is a heroic delusion of Byronic proportion, and he is subject to occasional condemnable acts against the rules. However, few times will this philosophy steer him to blatant and ill-willed insubordination, as Rai's ideals are also largely maintained by honor, a malleable term that he defines for himself. Respect is earned. However, Raiden's free will can also interfere with his personal integrity.

Passionate of his own set of beliefs, people easily identify him as either an arrogant jerk or a martyr. To some, Rai's maverick mind forms a thin magnetism to others around him, becoming an example to follow, and an idol to become. They prefer his strict principles over blurred lines, and they consider him a strong person for it. To others, they look down at his actions as flagrant, and stubborn, defiance. And perhaps to some degree, they are right.

He will maintain his opinion obstinately, regardless of any social rejection or isolation, or scolding. While this trait can be self-destructive, it can also be an admirable quality, especially for such disregard for public opinion. As a shinobi, being unfettered by moral rules to accomplish goals, too, becomes a very valuable trait. Underneath this layer, however, Rai is introspective, and can be very self-critical. The pains suffered from his hardship, among other things, drive Rai to be better. Internally, he imposes his own personal set of rules. A wrong, in his book, has to be righted. To this end, the same is applied to those around him, and many are subject to his critical mindset.

The chuunin fancies himself as a poet and a romantic, in a way. He will talk of big and grandiose things, especially of experiences he has had. This in a way makes him a great storyteller, like his father.

Despite many flaws, Rai is an intelligent and adaptable person, albeit with a strange mystery to him. Driven, and somewhat sophisticated, Rai strives for what he feels is best.


Sanada. | Celestial Body

Primary Archetype: Sanada Bloodline Specialist
Archetype Special: One free Sanada Bloodline Swap
Primary stat: Own Choice - Physical
Secondary Stat: Own choice - Chakra
Tertiary Stat: Own choice - Mental
Merit: +1 Reserves, +1 Control, +1 Willpower
Flaw: -1 Speed, -1 Strength, -1 Stamina

Secondary Archetype: Taijutsu Specialist
Merit: +1 to Strength, +1 to Speed, +1 to Stamina
Flaw: -2 to Reserves, -1 to Power



Physical - Primary

Strength: 1 -1 +1 +10 = 11 (+12 Arsenal)
Speed: 1 -1 +1 +10 = 11 (+12 Arsenal)
Stamina: 1 -1 +1 +10 + 1[TH] = 12 (+9 Perfect Balance)

Mental - Tertiary

Intelligence: 1 +8 = 9
Tactics: 1 +8 = 9
Willpower: 1 +1 +8 = 10

Chakra - Secondary

Power: 1 -1 +9 [+1AP] [+1TH] = 11
Control: 1 +1 +9 = 11
Reserves: 1 +1 -2 +9 [+1AP] = 10

2 AP Spent: Power, Reserves


Jutsu and Techniques:

Sanada Bloodline: Celestial Body
st1— • Cell Hardening Power 2, Tactics 2
• Metamorphosis Control 2, Willpower 2
• Regeneration Power 3, Intelligence 2
st2— • (ap) Rapid Bloodclot Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4
• Nervous Disorder Willpower 5, Tactics 4, Intelligence 4
st3— • (ap) Genesis Power 8, Control 8, Reserves 6
• Rebirth Willpower 8, Tactics 8, Intelligence 6
• Kaiku Power 9, Control 9, Willpower 7

Perfect Balance
st1— Reqs: 5 Stamina, 3 Strength
Bonus: +3 Strength, +3 Speed, +3 Stamina

st2— Reqs: Stamina 6, Strength 8, Willpower 6
Bonus: +3 Strength, +3 Speed, +3 Stamina

st3— Reqs: Stamina 11, Strength 9, Willpower 8
Bonus: +3 Strength, +3 Speed, +3 Stamina

Arsenal of the Brave
st1— Reqs: Speed 5, Stamina 3
Bonus: +4 Speed, +4 Strength, +1 Stamina

st2— Reqs: Speed 8, Stamina 6, Tactics 6
Bonus: +4 Speed, +4 Strength, +1 Stamina

st3— Reqs: Speed 10, Stamina 10, Tactics 8
Bonus: +4 Speed, +4 Strength, +1 Stamina

Global Ninjutsu
st1— • Unlocking Technique Intelligence 3, Reserves 3
st2— • Tree/Wall Walking Technique Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4

2 AP Spent: Rapid Bloodclot, Genesis

  • Shinobi Kit [0]
  • Bo staff [3] "Shinko"
    - Repair [1]
    - Recall [2]
  • Body Armor [2]

Remaining: 0
Additional Gained: 0



"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet."

An old tale was once taught by my father. Two wanderers drifted from land to land, searching for a precious place like no other. The first, and elder, searched alongside his beloved friend, partners of tragic past. Weary, they made their way throughout the known world, frantic for the untold prosperity that awaited them. From time to time, they grew doubtful of their cause, but their reason could not best their desire. Sick, and repelled by the lands that cursed them, they continued beyond the world of which they knew and into the wilderness.

Mistakenly lost among a large expansive desert, the two trudged on, fueled on by their poisonous dreams. Day by day, they both became desperate. Thirst and hunger gripped their frail bodies, for supplies were spent. Reverted to his primal mind, all they could feel were their caved stomachs and hunger. Finally, one night in a hopeless and utterly despaired act, the elder took a rock and beat his companion in his sleep. Driven to cannibalism by his starvation, he ate the flesh of his once kindred spirit. The following day, he found the precious land of his dreams, a paradise greater than he ever imagined. Luscious fruit-bearing trees and pools of sparkling water, raw nature untouched by mankind, ready for his taking. Yet as he grasped one such fruit in his hands and took a bite, it soured within his mouth and tasted as ash within his throat.

When asked of its meaning, my father would only smile and say, "You'll know. Someday." I had spent time after time pondering the violent fable, trying to find the message that I knew my father was trying to send me, looking for the day when I would finally understand. And at times, I would approach him, proud and joyful. "I figured it out." I would say, "The story." My father would look up, eyebrow raised. Curious.

"It's a story about mistakes." My chest puffed, and my lips curled. "If we keep to the rules, we avoid the consequences that follow." He would laugh, heartily. And not a word more.

The eldest of Sanada Shichiro, I was taught a set of morals from day one. The first, never reveal the family secrets. My grandmother, Setsuko, taught us to always be wary of the outside world. Our family was different, and the world wasn't ready for it. Stray looks and gnarled expression towards our clan told me, that in a way, she is right. The world doesn't understand us. Our abilities alienate us. They make us unnatural, and people interpret that as a demonic trait. Walk, talk, or look like other people - it didn't matter. We were separate.

But my father taught us something extra: Separate did not mean we could not be together. This, too, took me years to understand. How could we could be isolated yet integrate ourselves within Konoha? The teachings themselves seemingly contradicted each other. As my knowledge of the world grew, so did my perspective. I remember when I first saw Sanada Masayuki walk through the streets, expecting people to scorn him and shirk from his presence. While many did, I remember a change in the air. Respect. They revered him for his strength, not of his literal strength, but of his accomplishment. His merit. His rank. His honor. We were still scorned and shirked from all the same. But undeniably, the truth of the matter was, different or not, we were together.

I began to strive for it. To become what Masayuki is to them, to the family. This dream I carried with me, young and naive, as I entered the Academy. Bright-eyed, and ready. Unbeknownst to me, blood and destruction would soon engulf my young world.

At my tender young age, I looked up to my older cousins as they advanced above me. Shin, Seijirou, Makiko. They were all respectable in their own right, and their example helped motivate me. I would often watch them intently on the clan grounds, whether they trained or were just strolling by. But they were genin, and I was still a growing academy student. At first, I began as a recluse, avoiding the attention of the kids in order to avoid their hateful insults. But—it all changed with a red-haired kid named Hanarabi Takeo. Violent. Aggressive. I watched as he bullied kids and ordered them around, agitated by his arrogance. It was then when I realized that I didn't want to hide anymore. I was done being a shadow.

I stood up against him, a time before my abilities developed and I learned how to fight. And I was beaten up.

When I returned home that day with my face swollen and bruised, I did not gain much sympathy. Granny Setsuko only clicked her tongue in disapproval, disapproving of the fact that I had got myself into a fight and lost. "Serves you right," she would say after I explained to her. "You shouldn't have joined the conflict." I was dissonant with her advice, but I said nothing. I was beginning to realize that Grans, while a loving and caring grandmother, was cynical of the outside world as many of the other elders in the clan. When my father returned home, I was less than pleased to find that he forbade that I get treated and healed, and that I also would need to go to the Academy the next day. Obedient, I returned to the Academy, my face having slowly improved (or swiftly, compared to a normal person). And fair enough, Takeo's conflict with me had solidified. When I came home again, my young body shaken worse than the previous day, I was certain that whatever experience I was supposed to have was done. But sure enough, my father reacted the same.

This process continued, until the fourth day. I went to the Academy, my nose crooked and skin black and blue, and I challenged him. Rather than allow the ginger to pick a fight with me, I challenged him to a fight. That day was the first day I fought with my heart, the battle cheering my limbs on. To me, it was no longer a little clash, but a duel. Where I could prove myself worthy. And I won.

This experience I carried on with me as I advanced onto genin a couple years later. Because of it, a distant rivalry was born between me and Takeo, but more importantly, it fueled my growth as a shinobi.

Nothing eventful happened at the start of my genin years. I simply began to gain perspective of the world, and continued to strive for my goals. Makiko, especially, gave me the occasional tips on controlling my bloodline, and would give me some crucial pointers that helped me become a chuunin. Having graduated from the academy a year earlier than many other current chuunins, not many shared my age. Takeo, himself, wouldn't graduate until my cousin Sanshiro, or the Fist as everyone likes to call him, graduated. My genin team wasn't one at all, but rather me and a jounin mentor.

Kai was a taijutsu specialist, proficient in the bo-staff. It was from him where I decided to learn and specialize in the same fighting style. Not many Sanada tend to become taijutsu specialists, but I did. I learned how to craft a strong, sturdy bo-staff, one that I could command and even manipulate a little bit with my chakra. From him, I learned how to properly fight as a true warrior would. By the time I reached the age of fifteen, my training had progressed to the point where I was ready. I was going to be sent into the Forest of Death. With only a handful of my peers, I was forced to survive with nothing but Shinko and the clothes on my back. For days, I struggled to find food and water whilst fending off wild beasts. It was during this time I began to contemplate the path I had chosen, and the one I would follow. The experience taught me survival, and gave me conviction.

I emerged from the Forest, sweat on my brow and staff in hand, as a true shinobi. I felt, almost for the first time, the feeling of success. And with my first great success, I began to see my dream within my grasp. For the next two years, I was happy. What happened next, however, changed everything...

A war had been declared upon Snow, and shinobi had been sent off to battle. I donned my battle gear among my fellow chuunin, a fledgling foot-soldier willing to die to protect his country. Except, I wasn't dying. I was killing. The great horrors I witnessed on the bloodstained snow require no words, as Snow shinobi lay massacred one next to another. Leaf shinobi, too, died, but I couldn't help but question the morality of the murders we committed. The endless killing. The blood.

Never before had I seen a deeper, crueler scarlet. Leaf did not take any prisoners.

I fought, as any warrior would, but dishonorably. There was no prestige, no respect, in the brutality that was shared between our two nations. The pure savagery. I spent the better part of the next year wallowing in the evils I had done. It disgusted me then, and disgusts me still to this today. After the conflict, we returned to our lives, almost oblivious of the evils we committed. They gave me a promotion to chuunin commending me for my efforts, almost like a practical joke. As if we were supposed to return and forget. I never could.

"Remember that story you always told me as a kid?" I asked my father after I returned home. Again, he only looked up. Eyebrow raised. Curious. "It's about the evils of man," I continued. "Man is evil, and that is unavoidable. We can only be wary and remember that man cannibalized his peer." Rather than reciprocate my tone, my father laughed heartily. "Leaf cannibalizing Snow." He mumbled humorously, and not a word more. I was angry with him, but later that day my father came to me with something to say.

"Do you know about scarring?" Said my father. "It may seem foolish to two people who can heal from cuts and burns like they never happened. But to anyone who doesn't have our ability, it's a pretty normal thing. Especially for shinobi." I listened, wondering where he was going with it. "They're almost normal. They don't get in your way, they don't prevent your muscles or your skin from doing their job."

"Instead, they serve as a painful reminder."

Wounds began to heal. I never could forget, but gradually I finally began to understand that I didn't want to. Because as my wounds began to heal, they scarred. And those scars, no matter how painful, served as a reminder. And I began to understand that I was going to have to decide whether they were going to remind me of evil or of what had to be done to keep my family safe. And so I chose. Gradually, I recovered from the experience. And gradually, I began to save my faith for my village. All wasn't without darkness, and I soon saw that as I watched Konohagakure thrive. The village was building a new regime, a new government in spirit of the people. For a while, I was convinced that the village had changed for good, that I was starting to see the world I had once envisioned as a child. Perhaps, I convinced myself, that the horrors of the Snow village had washed away the Sanada's burden, that we had now proved ourselves true members of the village.

For a year and a half, I basked in service of the village. I felt impenetrable. Invincible. I felt ready to fulfill my dream.

Then the invasion. The existence of an army of monsters, that wielded our bloodline, threatened our home, the village that we fought tooth and nail to keep safe. To keep our children safe. The idea was daunting, but as my family listened to Seijirou's discovery in horror, I stood brave. I thought of it as the noble challenge I had been waiting for. It all began with the looks. Not the kind of looks I go as a kid, which were of uncertainty and disgust. No, these looks were of fear and anger. Then people would scream at me in pure hatred, throw objects at me. I started to hate going out in public.

By the time the monster's came, I was beginning to feel unsure of myself. I wasn't even sure I wanted to pick up my staff and fight. "Why fight for a land full of people that hate you?" I asked my father. He exhaled, a memory I would never forget. As I watched him place his hitai-ate before me, I saw him smile his fatherly smile and say, "Because they took us in when no one would. And that makes them worth fighting for." He left his hitai-ate there, as he stood and donned his battle gear, while I sat there, unfazed by his declaration. I was adamant that this time, I was right. I wasn't sure if the home I had was the one I wanted in the first place.

But as I sat there, listening to the havoc waged across the village, I began to think about the story. The story my father had often told me. I thought about the cannibal eating his companion. I knew my constant attempts at interpreting it were futile, but somehow I knew deep down that despite my uncertainty, it was all the more reason to fight. When they tell my story, did I want to be the cannibal? Or did I want to be the companion? It was then when I decided that I would rather die in communion than to live in regret.

I geared up and entered the fray. I joined the fight at the Hokage Tower, where I saw the outlawed ANBU, now back to save their village. While I hated the traitors for their betrayal, I felt as if I could relate with them. And I understood the importance of saving a home, even if the home didn't want you. Which was why I fought until my muscles burned and my breathing heavy. We had done it. We had survived.

I was overjoyed, until I was approached by a fellow chuunin, nursing his wounded arm. "Raiden," he said solemnly, his face held downwards. "I'm so sorry." He brought me to the front of the battle, washed with destruction and the bodies of those who had fallen. It was then when I spotted it, sitting there in a pool of blood.

My father's severed head.
Never had I ever felt so alone...

People still glare at me when I walk through the streets. They spit in my direction. They leave when I enter. Prices get inflated when I buy things. Kids get shunned from my presence. Granny Setsuko is bitter. "Prejudice," she would always say. "They never change." But she was wrong. They act terrible, and we don't deserve it. But they weren't terrible people, and if my service had taught me anything, it was that I changed. And they would, too. I would make them change, and I would prove them wrong.

Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I had heeded my father's advice that day. What would have happened if I had fought alongside him instead of waited. I stare at his headband from time to time, as if it could replace the emptiness. But instead of sulking, or coming home feeling worthless, or getting angry at the world, I stop and think. I think about what my father would tell me now. And then I remember: he would sit me down, and teach me an old tale about two wanderers, drifting from land to land.

...an old tale about honor.

Other Info:

—Proficient in woodwork.

—Often takes frequent visits to the forest.

—An excellent storyteller.

—Permission from Kana to use Takeo, as I personified him much more than just an honorable mention.

Thread Ratings:

1 Creation 06/17/14
[4 AP] +Rapid Bloodclot, +Genesis, +1 Power, +1 Reserves
2 Rose-Tinted 11/15/14
+1 Power, + Anrokku no Jutsu (Unlocking Technique)
3 The Celestial Sword 12/30/14
+1 Stamina, +Tree Walking / Wall Walking Technique

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I'm going to keep this simple...

I like this kid and I like what he has the potential to stand for, a good halfway point between both Sanshiro's and Ayaka's extreme familial points. It's also good visually for me to have a Genin-nada, Chuunin-nada and Jounin-nada. What ultimately won you over though was your PM's to me, yeah, they were annoying and yeah, I'm kind of a dick face...but you took the challenge I gave you with a smile and kept on trying. You really put a lot of effort into this thing and I know that both by first hand observation and by our conversation.

Stay active, have fun, and never be scared to raise the stakes or push the limits...

Because if you are, I'll just give the slot to VD.

Sanada GM Approved

Great job, congratulations and enjoy. The only part I'm sketchy about if the Survival Challenge stuff, since I'm not sure if it was a formal institution at the time of Raiden's promotion. Regardless, sending Genin to die in a forest is a tale as old as time, so it should only be minor edits if any at all. I'm really looking to see what you do with this kid and how he develops and changes, several interesting directions and I think it should be very interesting to read/see.

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Thanks Buko!

I'll leave the Survival Challenge bit to WoF, but I really appreciate the chance you're taking with me, and I'll do my best to see to it you aren't disappointed. And hopefully this character evolves into a true member of the Leaf community.

FYI, I'm not quite sure about some phrasing and semantics I've used in the bio, so that is subject to change, but the established story isn't likely to change much.

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Yep, that Survival Challenge part is a little early. It wasn't a "thing" until after the invasion when the new government stepped in. He's still welcome to have gone into the Forest and do his survival thing, but he probably wouldn't have earned a promotion from it. Your best bet is chuunin exams or an in-field promotion (the war, perhaps?).

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Sounds good, editted.

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Stats check out from what I can tell, and it's a good read. Half approval!
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Leaf GM approved.

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Take your Sanada and go!

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