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Default [Cloud Chuunin]Iwakura Atsushi

Iwakura Atsushi
16 – 5’5” – 155 lbs.

Kumogakure – Chuunin/Corporal – Internal Affairs
The most important thing to me is me.

Physical Description:
The boys chiseled face is often seen with a scowl but all that is for is to hide his true emotions. Long, black dreaded locks sway from his head sometimes in front of his dark brown eyes. His light brown skin is often marred with bruises and scars from his own training and the encounters he’s had in either the streets of Kumogakure or on the battlefield. It is also that training though that keeps his body toned. There isn’t an excess of body mass on any one portion of his relatively short frame but what is there is shaped from constant muscle use. That frame of his is what allows him the freedom of mobility he loves without leaving him susceptible to being collateral damage.

Iwakura’s every day attire doesn’t differ much from his shinobi garb. Over his torso is a black, long sleeved shirt that runs to the middle of his thighs. Adorning it is a yellow symbol, said to be the symbol of his family while on the left breast he wears his medals with pride. That is if they were showing from beneath his long, black jacket. Atsushi’s jacket is usually kept open but runs to his knees. The jacket is bordered by the same yellow that appears on his chest and comes complete with a hood that he normally wears over his head. The sleeves of the jacket are often rolled up to the elbow so that they don’t get in the way of his hands should a situation arise. The boy’s hands are covered with full length yellow gloves with cuffs rolled up to the wrist.

Covering lithe legs is usually a pair of track pants. They aren’t too tight to cut off circulation but are also not too loose to impede with running. Over his feet are a pair of yellow shoes that grip any surface they come into contact with easily, allowing him to cover any distance without a hitch.

To say that the attitude and actions of Atsushi are morally gray would be a bit of an understatement. Everything he does is in the benefit for number one, himself. His actions may seem to be in accordance with Cloud and Nagai; however, in doing so he is looking out for himself and himself only. The Sergeant’s interactions with even a single person could differ from day to day, from minute to minute based on his judgement and whether or not the outcome will be in his advantage or not.

At the same time though, to say that Iwakura is cold and heartless is also false. The boy can have friends if he chooses so. He is also the type that has the ability to get close to others, that is also at his discretion though. Atsushi determines when the time comes whether or not to distance himself or close the emotional gap with each person individually. It is because of this that some may find him unapproachable.

Ninjutsu Specialist – Elemental Specialist
An Elementum is allowed to effortlessly (and without seals) manipulate their specialist element for a single post post. This can include: launching it, blocking with it, or including it in strikes. It strikes (or blocks) with the force of a Ninjutsu 2 stages below their highest level in their village list (or stage 1 for genin). A 2 post cooldown afterwards is required before the ability can be activated again.
Primary: Chakra
Secondary: Physical
Tertiary: Mental
Stat Merit: +4 Power, +1 Control , +1 Reserves
Stat Flaw: -3 to Strength, -3 to Tactics


Power: 1 +4 +10 =15
Control: 1 +1 +11 +2=15
Reserves: 1 +1 +9 =11


Strength: 1 -3 +7 =5
Speed: 1 +13 =14 +9
Stamina: 1 +7 =8


Intelligence: 1 +7 =8
Tactics: 1 -3 +12=10
Willpower: 1 +5 =6

Jishaku Genkotsu
Stage One [5 Control, 3 Reserves]
//Electric Spike Strike
Stage Two [7 Control, 7 Reserves, 6 Speed]
Stage Three [10 Control, 10 Reserves, 8 Speed]
//Magnetic Rush

Stage One
//Raiton: Mukounisuru [Power 3, Intelligence 2]
Stage Two
//Raiton: Goshi [Power 7, Control 7, Willpower 6]
Stage Three
//Raiton: Idaina Myakudo [Willpower 9, Tactics 9, Control 7]
//Raiton: Denki no Henkan [Power 10, Control 10, Intelligence 8]
Stage Four
//Raiton: Raikou Unagi [Power 14, Control 13, Reserve 11, Tactics 10]

Global Ninjutsu
Stage One
//Kawarimi no Jutsu [Power 2, Tactics 2]
Stage Two
//Kinobori/Kabenobori no Jutsu [Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4]

Futoumeisei Gai Nai No
Stage One
//Utsusemi no Jutsu [Control 3, Willpower 2]
Stage Two
//Doujutsu: Senrigan [Intelligence 5, Tactics 4, Willpower 4]
//Kanryousou Gisei [Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4]
Stage Three
//Kageochi no Jutsu [Power 9, Control 9, Intelligence 7]

Shinobi Kit
Handcuffs [2]
Body Armor [2]
Hand Claws [2]
//Hidden [1]
//Elemental Weapon [1]

Item Points Remaining: 0


Born in White Sand to Narahiko, a wealthy casino owner and Kiriko, an ex call girl, Atsushi grew up experiencing the personalities of people from a multitude of countries and backgrounds. There were some that were trustworthy while others were ones you were less likely to entrust anything to. The boy learned from a young age that the most important person that he had to look out for was himself. He also knew that he had to get out. While the tourism industry worked for his father, the young Iwakura could already feel himself slipping into more detestable habits such as petty thievery.

At the age of eight, Atsushi was enlisted in the Cloud Shinobi Academy as a chance to straighten himself out. The four years were tough as the boy did anything he could to stay out of trouble and advance. He found few friends and those that he found were talented enough to help him look good while they did whatever they needed to do. The boy graduated no where near the top of his class but he wasn’t at the bottom either. He was able to gauge the abilities of others and ensured that. One thing that he learned was that if he stood out too much, there would be too many eyes on him but slack behind those same eyes were on him for different reasons.

Upon graduating and earning the rank of Genin, Atsushi wasn’t allowed time to adjust to his new rank. Cloud was in the midst of a civil war with shinobi choosing sides. Either they show allegiance to Nagai and his LMG or to follow the Raikage. It was unfortunate that he didn’t have time to choose. The boy found himself face to face with a Nagai supporter. Iwakura knew a losing battle when he saw it and decided to join the shinobi in front of him.

He was taken to show his skills, show where he excelled and that area was watching people. At first it was a menial job, keeping eyes on the shinobi within the LMG camps. Frantic brown eyes scanned over each person from a distance. It was his responsibility to find any traitors and to deal with them as he saw fit. It turned out to be a position that he enjoyed, having the freedom to do what was best for him and for Cloud as a whole.

When the war ended, things seemed to have calmed down and Nagai’s side won. Atsushi kept his position in Intelligence, keeping an eye on those around him. There were still dissenters around and those who would plot to overthrow Nagai. His job was to keep them quiet and keep revolts to a minimum.

It was during one of his watches that the boy, an experienced Genin by this point, had those around him questioning the morality of his decision making.

A middle aged shinobi, a tenured Chuunin if the reports came in correctly, was seen ducking into an alley within the village every few days and Atsushi was assigned to keep an eye on him, to see what exactly was being done. He followed the man closely but carefully, ensuring to keep his eyes open for anyone that might catch him. As the man ducked into an alley, Iwakura followed, finding a hideout for holdouts. There were families within the basement complex.

He reported in his findings and was told to act with prejudice. There wasn’t a lot of time for him to act though. A few of the men were already talking, ready to make their move so instead Atsushi waited on a nearby rooftop. He left a trail of thin, electrical strings along the alley way. Along those strings waited eels. Three men emerged from the cellar door, each one catching an eel to their legs, rending movement useless. It was at that point that he lept into action, emitting a great pulse,

The pulse was enough to incapacitate the three men but the job wasn’t done there. The families inside were conspirators to the plot and as such they had to be dealt with appropriately. There was still time before backup arrived, he had an opportunity to let the families off with a warning but no. Instead he kept the families there, allowed them to all be taken into custody as well.

This display of loyalty earned Atsushi a promotion to the rank of Chuunin and solidified his spot within Internal Affairs. Even to this day the boy roams the streets of Kumogakure, keeping an eye on shinobi and ensuring the streets stay clean for, for his benefit.

Other Info:
Surname, First Initial: Iwakura, A
Alias: None
Serial: 195022102574
Military Rank: Internal Affairs
Company/Squad: N/A
Technical Occupation: Intelligence
Specialization: Raiton
Birthplace: White Sand
Associations: None
Dependents: None
Marital Status: Single
Declared Next of Kin: Iwakura Kiriko

Thread Ratings:
Prologue : 2 GMAP [Jutsu]
To War in Peace : Kanryousou Gisei, +1 Control
The Unrelenting Search : Kageochi no Jutsu, +1 Control
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