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Default Kiba's Items

Risky Torrents
Owner: Sazanami Tako
Every sword has two edges. One is it's blade, the other the hands that wield it.
Risky Torrents is a pair of knives, fashioned in much the same way as many Tanshin clan members' Raging Torrents. It's metal is imbued with the blood of Sazanami Tako, and so this durable pair of knives can be summoned back to the hands of Tako. The speed with which they can be summoned to his hand is directly related to the level of training he has in using them.

Risky Torrents is not a pair of straight edged knives. They are two curved blades, reminiscent of the shape of a sickle's half-moon, but without as wide of an arc. But what is more exciting than the shape of the blade is the effect of the blade in Tako's hands. These blades have more than just the blood of Tako imbued in them. Their metal has also been crafted to hold it's edge with poisonous effects. Such a poison is not lethal, but it is rather an implication of danger.

When wounded by Risky Torrents, those who find their body in contact with the metal may notice a subtle change in demeanor. The metal releases a microtoxin into the body that reduces inhibitions, and in many ways can be treated as a relaxant when only introduced via a minor cut. However, with more cuts, or more serious exposure, the wounded will find themselves refraining from making the safe choices they would normally. In a way, this makes the wounded more prone to being reckless, to taking dangerous actions that may put themselves in further danger.

The extent to which the wounded becomes reckless is largely based upon each victim of the toxin, but in many cases, it reduces the flight in fight-or-flight syndromes, makes jumps from great heights seem like an appropriate escape, and placing high stake bets in casinos a given.

What better wounds to be dealt, by the great gambler of Mist, Sazanami Tako.

- Two Small Blades [2]
- Recall [2]
- Reckless Poison [2]

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