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Default Cayuga's Swaps

Jutsu Name: Bone Lance
Stage: 3
Description: Sifting through hand signs Sengo is able to create a lance made from awkwardly formed bones. The lance is five feet in length and requires both hands to wield properly.
Stage 4:Lance increases length by one foot

Jutsu Name: Rams head
Stage: 3
Description:A deceptive technique that is both defensive and offensive. Performing the necessary signs Sengo is able to don a helmet relatable to a rams head with spiral horns. The purpose of this head is to be bxoth a protection from bladed weapons and offensively used to ram people heads. The helmet can withstand Level 3 strength. If the helmet is attacked by a level higher then the it can negate it will cause the Sengo to become disoriented as if he had just sustained a concussion.
Stage 4:Level 4 Strength ninjutsu withstand
Stage 5:Level 5 Strength and ninjutsu withstand

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Default Chitin Swaps

Jutsu Name: Spider
Stage: 3
Description: a chitin adaptation that allows Ten to take up the aspect of a spiders fangs. If used on her head armor, the lower half of her face is covered in a protective chitin and down the middle where her mouth would be two large fangs protrude down towards the ground. The fangs themselves are one foot in length.
Stage 4+-Mouth appendages grow to two feet broken upon a successful attack
Stage 5+-Appendages remain intact upon an attack, back appendages grow to 6 inches

Jutsu Name:Centipede
Description: A chitin adaptation that allows Ten to take the the forcipules of the centipede. The main difference from this adaptation and the scorpion adaptation is the jagged hooks that form throughout the long appendage. Also only one of these appendages can be grow on each set of armor. Five feet in length, the whip like structure is segmented into little pieces and has numerous amounts of hook like structures that protrude two inches off the armor. The hooks are very brittle and break off after an attack. However, due to their design then stay lodged in whatever they had originally attached to until ripped out. This can obviously leave a mark. The appendage is not strong enough to hold the weight of the user.
Stage5+-Able to hold weight of user
Stage6+-hooks don’t fall off after being attached to something, forcipules grow to three inches

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Default Honegaiki Swap

Swaps for Zouge no Kioku-Sengo

Jutsu Name: Frankenstein
Stage: 5
Description:Using his knowledge of the Honegaiki and delving into the ancient books of the clan he has discovered something quite amazing but very cynical. Using a dead persons body as a catalyst he is able to use his Honegaiki jutsu. The reanimate corpse is nothing more then a doll. Holding no personality nor ability to speak or move on its own. The body is simple a large sac of bones essentially that is able to be moved into a position without drawing too much attention. The limit of this technique comes with the obvious restriction of the amounts of bones within the human body which means that only Stage 4 and lower can be used with the bodies bones. Subsequently, because of this the body can only handle Three Jutsu Usages before being rendered useless. The body itself has Stage One physical traits. Sengo is unable to move or defend himself while this jutsu is active, any jutsu used will come out of the Frankenstein. Only able to control one Frankenstein at a time

Jutsu Name:Frankenstein:Pincushion
Stage: 5
Description:Using his Frankenstein he sends a surge of chakra that forces all the bones of the Frankenstein to jut out four inches. Essentially, this transforms the Frankenstein into a human pincushion with four inch bone spikes for the duration of its existence. Counts towards the Three Jutsu Usages allowed.

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Default The Den of Spiders: Cayuga Personal Summons

Personal Summons of Cayuga

The Den of Spiders
A: Control
B: Power
C: Reserves
D: Intelligence
E: Tactics
F: Willpower

Lists Used
Wire Pullers Ritual
Global Ninjutsu
Ribbon List

Special Rules Poison Special Rules: Poisons can only be delivered by direct contact unless specifically stated. Summons always deliver poisons by direct contact, and their poisons only last one post for each exposure. Each post, a summoner can use a Sage Usage, or a Usage of the poison's Stage, to continue the effect for an additional post.

Spider warning behind spoilers

Stage 1 - Relo
Control 3, Willpower 2

Relo is gold in color and has a black forehead. He doesn’t hold much strength or size; however, he is quite the stealthy type. Relo thinks of himself as a very sneaky bug and will usually take his recon very seriously. He knows he is quite weak compared to his family but he has the determination to do some good. Relo will make sure that when he is summoned he gives his all and doesn't let up for a second.

Power 5
Control 2
Reserves 3

Intelligence 3
Tactics 2
Willpower 3

Strength 1
Speed 4
Stamina 1

TLO: S1 - Dance of Illusions - Power 3, Intelligence 2

Stage 2 - Togo
Control 6, Power 6, Intelligence 4

Togo is a trap door spider. Larger then his brother Relo, he is quite heavy. He is about three times larger than Relo. Brown in color, he has a large bulbous thorax that makes him waddle as he runs. Relo is quite cocky and thinks that he is the most skilled spider in the summoning tree. He will always try to outdo the shinobi that summons him. It gets so bad that he sometimes gets in the way of his summoner and is known to get himself in trouble. His main skill is creating traps that will lure unsuspecting prey into his den. Relying on the element of surprise Togo usually retreats when summoned to create a perfect trap. Able to cloak himself into any type of object he can make a perfect trap.

Power 5
Control 4
Reserves 4

Intelligence 3
Tactics 5
Willpower 3

Strength 3
Speed 4
Stamina 1

-TLO: Perfect Imitation: Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4

-Poison: Poison Ivy *

*Poison: Poison Ivy
Control 7, Power 7, Intelligence 6
This poison causes the target to experience an incredible itching rash if it makes contact with clothing or skin. Each time the poison takes effect it spreads over another area of the body. Initially it would cover a minor area (like a hand, or the arm from the elbow to the wrist) and with each effect it spreads. Sages can use this to coat their weapon or fists. (The weapon stays coated until another poison is applied)

Stage 3 - Shibi
Control 9, Power 9, Intelligence 7

Cousin to Relo and Togo, Shibi is a jumping spider. Shibi is the last of the normal spiders and is about the size of a large house cat. He has skinny but muscular grey legs. His body is colored in black and white patterns. Shibi is another spider that takes things serious. So much so that he is quite dramatic in his demeanor. If he is unable to succeed in his mission he feels terrible.

Power 8
Control 8
Reserves 2

Intelligence 3
Tactics 8
Willpower 2

Strength 3 +4
Speed 11 +10
Stamina 9 +4

-Stage 2 Wire Puller’s Ritual : Speed 9, Stamina 5, Tactics 6

-Poison: Toxin*

*Poison: Toxin
Control 10, Power 10, Willpower 8
This poison serves to slowly affect the vision of the target once it enters their bloodstream. Each time it takes effect it narrows the target’s field of vision by fifteen degrees. Assuming that the target has a field of vision of 180 degrees, the target will be completely blind on the twelfth effect. Each post of duration counts as one effect. Can be healed by Chiyute. Sages can use this to coat their weapon or fists. (The weapon stays coated until another poison is applied)

Stage 4 - Richi
Control 14, Power 13, Reserves 11, Tactics 10

This is when the guardians to the queen begin. Richi is a Wolf Spider. This is where the appearance of the spiders turns more human-like. This is for good reason as Richi is the weakest of the guardians of the queen. Nearly Five feet in length the transition to human is starting to take form in the shape of an elongated midsection. Richi is unique that he is not yet human nor does he look completely like a spider. Able to walk on two feet that have adapted to be more like legs he still prefers crawling. Two other claws have transformed into hands as well. This thorax is elongated too. Richi is proficient in obscuring his opponent’s senses. Richi is bloodthirsty. Always trying to find his next meal he will hunt to no end to obtain it. He even goes so far as saying that if he doesn’t get a meal he will eat allies. Most of the time Richi will play with his prey and enjoys torturing people or animals that he captures.

Power 11
Control 12
Reserves 10

Intelligence 12
Tactics 10
Willpower 5

Strength 10
Speed 11
Stamina 9

-Ribbon Ninjutsu
S3: Living Ribbon
S2: Ribbon Javelin

S2:Perfect Imitation: Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4
S4:Shadow Prison: Control 12, Power 11, Reserves 10, Intelligence 12

-Poison: Smog*

*Poison: Smog
Control 15, Power 15, Reserves 13, Intelligence 14
This poison is applied through exposure to the bloodstream. It becomes hard to breath. It is hard to see. The swelling and the irritation is intense. The first post of effect the eyes become irritated and start to water and you feel a choking cough. This process repeats itself on the second effect, again your eyes are extremely agitated and water and again your breathing becomes tough and you cough. But the irritation and coughing stop in between these two effects. The third time the poison takes effect the eyes swell in their irritation and the lungs become inflamed. The coughing and the watering, itching, painful eyes don't stop now. The fourth post of effect you cough up blood but stop until the next effect. The fifth effect the coughing up blood does not stop and your eyes have continued to swell. The seventh effect you begin extreme fits of coughing and it becomes difficult to see. The eighth effect all coughing ceases, your eyes don’t hurt as much, you think it is over. You are wrong. The ninth effect the coughing returns in full force and does not stop. You are coughing up a lot of blood now. Your eyes are completely swollen shut, though they continue to water and now hurt and irritate even more. The tenth effect the coughing has become so intense that you cannot breath anymore, unless healed within 1 more post, you die, blood having filled your lungs. Can be healed by Chiyute. Sages can use this to coat their weapon or fists. (The weapon stays coated until another poison is applied)

Stage 5 - Tengu
Control 18, Power 17, Reserves 17, Tactics 14

Tengu is the Second Guardian of the Queen and is a Tarantula. 10 feet in length this monster of a spider has now transitioned into something that is almost completely human like except for his head. He also has two feet and hands with protruding spider claws on the back of his body which is where a small thorax is located as well. Tengu is the meat shield of the guardians and is proficient at paralyzing his opponent. Tengu doesn’t speak much and likes to protect his summoner. He is a very loyal and will put his body on the line to protect his allies.

Power 15
Control 15
Reserves 13

Intelligence 14
Tactics 14
Willpower 5

Strength 10 +6
Speed 18 +15
Stamina 10 +6

-S4 Overload: Power 15, Control 15, Reserves 13, Intelligence 14

-Global Ninjutsu:
-S4: Iron Chain Calling Technique: Power 14, Control 13, Reserves 11, Tactics 10

-Wire Puller’s Ritual Stage 3: Speed 11, Stamina 9, Tactics 8

-Poison: Viper*

*Poison: Viper
Control 19, Power 19, Reserves 18, Intelligence 16
This poison is essentially a concentrated Rat Poison. With any contact, even through clothing, the target is exposed. Instead of solely causing a numbing effect, this causes the area to become completely useless. Each time the poison takes effect it spreads over another area of the body. Initially it would cover a minor area (like a hand, or the arm from the elbow to the wrist from that area it would cover the entire arm and it would spread more rapidly from then on out) and with every effect it spreads. By the eighth effect it will have affected the entire body. The poisoned person may still breathe and move their head but that is the only control they have left. Sages can use this to coat their weapon or fists. (The weapon stays coated until another poison is applied)

Stage 6 - Suro
Control 23, Power 23, Reserves 22, Tactics 16, Willpower 15

Suro is the leader of the guardians and the lover of the Queen. He is a brown recluse spider. The most poisonous of all spider species Suro is quite a force. Suro stands shorter then Tengu at 8 feet his is still quite large and muscular. Barely recognizable as a spider except for four spider legs the thorax seems to be completely missing. Instead Suro can shoot webs out of his hands. Suro is very confident in his abilities and knows that next to the Queen he is the strongest. He is seen as the patriarch of the spider family and is feared by everyone. Suro also does not like to take orders from anyone other then the Queen and when summoned will do what he wants to do.

Power 22
Control 21
Reserves 20

Intelligence 18
Tactics 18
Willpower 17

Strength 10 +8
Speed 18 +20
Stamina 15 +8

-Wire Puller’s Ritual Stage Four: Speed 18, Stamina 15, Strength 10, Tactics 14

-Global Ninjutsu
--S6: Shadow Clone Technique: Power 21, Control 20, Reserves 19, Intelligence 17, Tactics 15
--S5: Spiral Sphere: Power 19, Control 19, Reserves 18, Intelligence 16

--S6: Temporary Body Paralysis Technique: Control 21, Power 20, Reserves 19, Intelligence 17, Tactics 15
--S5: Numbing Smoke: Control 17, Power 16, Reserves 16, Intelligence 15
--S5: Dimension Door: Intelligence 18, Tactics 17, Willpower 17, Power 14

-Poison: Bane*

*Poison: Bane
Control 26, Power 25, Reserves 24, Intelligence 19, Tactics 17
This must be exposed to the bloodstream. The first effect the veins in the limb turn black and using the limb becomes extremely painful. The second post of effect the blackness spreads to the rest of the limb and the already enormous pain intensifies. The third effect the skin cracks and bleeds, the pain mounts. The fourth effect the entire limb becomes brittle enough that the slightest amount of strain will cause it the bones to crack, the skin to flake and fall like glass, and while the limb is all but dead the nerve endings still register the enormous pain. The poison affects the limbs in an odd way, actually acting as an adhesive so that the useless limbs do not fall off, this adhesive effect does not stop the bleeding though. The fourth effect it starts all over again with a different limb. (The target may specify which limb is affected). This process repeats itself for all the limbs until no limbs are left. Once this affects all limbs then the next effect after that the torso turns black. The following effect the heart ruptures. (it takes 14 effects to cause death) Sages can use this to coat their weapon or fists. (The weapon stays coated until another poison is applied)

Stage 7 - The Queen
Control 32, Power 30, Reserves 28, Intelligence 24, Tactics 22

The Queen is a woman dressed in a large black dress. Although its quite obvious that she is a spider/human hybrid from the protruding claws on her back; she is so beautiful that mortal man do not care. Her voice is sweet and her kiss is deadly. She is very slim and reaches to the height of 7 feet. Able to create webs seamlessly out of any body part it is unclear where her thorax is. When summoned she will often flirt with everyone, whether its ally or enemy. She will demand a meal if she is summoned no matter if they are ally or enemy. She is very seductive and prefers to keep her prey alive while she slowly eats them.

Power 32
Control 31
Reserves 30

Intelligence 30
Tactics 23
Willpower 30

Strength 20 +8
Speed 30 +20
Stamina 23 +8

-Wire Puller’s Ritual Stage 4: Speed 18, Stamina 15, Strength 10, Tactics 14

--S7: Transcendent Imitation: Control 30, Power 27, Reserves 26, Intelligence 22, Tactics 20
--S6: Revelation: Power 23, Control 23, Reserves 22, Tactics 16, Willpower 15
--S6: Hiding With Camouflage Technique: Intelligence 21, Tactics 20, Willpower 19, Power 17, Control 15
--S6: Temporary Body Paralysis Technique: Control 21, Power 20, Reserves 19, Intelligence 17, Tactics 15

-Ribbon Wielder’s Techniques
--S7: Dance of the Explosive Phantom Touch: Power 32, Control 30, Reserves 28, Intelligence 24, Willpower 22
--S7: Unwoven: Power 30, Control 27, Reserves 26, Intelligence 22, Willpower 20

-Global Ninjutsu
--S6: Shuriken Shadow Clone Technique: Power 23, Control 23, Reserves 22, Tactics 16, Willpower 15

-Special: Angel of Death
This poison takes only five effects to kill. The first three post effects the target will experience a plethora of euphoric emotions. The fourth effect the target will become extremely chilled and lethargic. The fifth effect the target will simply close their eyes never to awake again.

-Poison: The Pain*

*Poison: The Pain
Control 35, Power 33, Reserves 31, Intelligence 26, Willpower 18
The Pain must enter the bloodstream. While this poison does not kill, it mutilates horribly. The first time it takes effect the skin becomes black and feels as if on fire and being racked, it gets worse from here, so you better find a cure quickly. The second effect is for the skin on the arms below the elbows and on the legs below the knees to actually crack open and flake off. The third effect causes blisters to form on the eyes, the tongue to crack and become so brittle it breaks off easily with the slightest movement, the nose begins to bleed profusely, and the hearing in the ears intensifies. The fourth effect the blisters on the eyes explode open and their pus burns like acid; the areas with cracked skin become so brittle they easily break off; the tongue, if it hasn’t fallen out already, becomes useless. All this while the skin continues to cause excruciating pain. The fifth effect, the eyes bleed and the target loses all chance of being able to see, speak, and use his/her arms or legs; the nose also rots off. The sixth effect ceases all other effects except the incredible pain and the extreme sensitivity to the ears. Sages can use this to coat their weapon or fists. (The weapon stays coated until another poison is applied)

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Family Name: The Den of Spiders (Kuchiyose no Komunosu)

Summon Type: Poison
Village: None

Home: The Spiders of The Den live in a remote area of forest said to exist somewhere East of Rice. The only true details known are that you must enter a forest in the dead of night to find your way to The Den. Many summoners first happen upon this house of spider summons by falling into their web, first thinking they are just unlucky before they realize they are in an impossible forest completely covered by webbing.

Upon closer inspection, the whole forest is crawling with small natural spiders, all the web teeming with the babies of the spider queen. If they manage to make it further in, past the walls of webs, they will realize that The Den is a network of web pathways, centers of egg sacs, and rooms to store wrapped 'meals' that they caught in the web.

There is no grand shrines, or beautiful homes. The Den could take root over night, and could vanish again by daytime, to be spun out again somewhere else. Whether it does move or not, is hard to tell.

In The Den, the summons focus on food, and their ability to catch their next meal. Their only other focus is honing their poisons, used to debilitate and destroy their prey.

Description: As a small summon house, The Den focus on survival more than other houses. Most of the members focus on protecting The Queen, and capturing their next meal.

There are areas of The Den focused on creating new poisons, mixing herbs and bits of kills to create the next terrible creation that will shut down their victims. But as such a small house, their enemies are limited to a few others. The Cats of Grass, all the houses in Cloud, both houses of owls, but beyond that they see no threats in the world because everyone is just one poison away from death.

The Den reward dedication and skill. Among the lesser spiders it is possible to impress them with fine kills. But The Queen is known to want specific kills, enemies that through real or imagined slights have caused her strife.

History: The history of The Den is shrouded in legend. The oldest surviving member is The Queen, and the other members have all been short lived and dedicated to her cause.

Legend says that The Queen was once a normal woman, a seductress that lured men to their deaths for money and power. She continued to seduce whatever man she pleased, until she crossed an old priest, who survived her poison only to curse her with the form of a spider-hag.

But time and research made the priest a fool. The Queen gained control of her form, and soon her many babies gained more power than anyone could ever imagine.

Whether that is true or not, doesn't matter. The Den of spiders haven't played a major role in history, they have served The Queen, and will continue to do so as long as she draws breath.

Important Members:
The Hatchlings: Relu, Togo, and Shibi, are part of the group of summons known as The Hatchlings. They are small and overall look like normal spiders. The Den is teeming with siblings for these three summons, many of which can look identical to someone who hasn't grown accustomed to the family. The Queen is almost constantly giving birth to spiders, only a few of which become 'intelligent' enough to be considered Hatchlings instead of just... spiders.

The Guard: The older brothers, Guard spiders have human-like torsos and terrifying bodies. While intelligent, they can often be seen as more feral than the Hatchlings, because their dedication to serving The Queen makes them more dangerous on average. It is an unfortunate soul who bumps into one of the Guards when they first fall into the Den. But thankfully their numbers are limited.

Suro: The powerful patriarch, and most dedicated to the Queen, Suro is a dangerous being to behold. He is willing to destroy anyone in his path, especially if he considers them a threat to the Queen's rule. When given specific orders by the Queen, he can be dangerous, thoughtful, meticulous. But if the Queen wasn't the one to give him his mission, he can be more than mindless, he can be destructive.

The Queen: Less of an animal than her children, The Queen is a thoughful seductress. She keeps the nicest quarters in the Den, wonderful trinkets that are shifted from location to location if she decides to pack up and move. She keeps track of the outside world, and like her children it is to find out where her next meal will be. But unlike her children, she is a picky eater, and sometimes wants specific people or types of people for her meal. She is dangerous, and less than mentally stable, but not completely unpleasant to be around.

Riku: An injured guardian, Riku is the closest thing to a sage among the Den. He tends to the care of the more important Hatchlings, while keeping track of the more obscure and dangerous poisons the Den have created over time. He moves around the Den on cut off legs, which he says were torn off by a vindictive summoner from ages past. He is a fishing spider.

Techniques: The Den have access to terrible venom and poisons that they have cultivated over the years. Otherwise they use tricky jutsu from many lists that focus on stealth and control of the battlefield.


Summon Path:

1 - You have a small string of web somewhere on you, that has tagged you as 'a person of interest' by The Queen. No matter what you do it doesn't come off.
2 - No matter where you rest your head, you will find spider-webs in the area by morning.
3 - You may take the Den of Spiders Summon Contact. If you already had it, the first Spider you summon each thread doesn't count against your jutsu usages.
4 - You no longer get stuck to Spiderwebs.
5 - You are immune to poisons from the Den of Spiders summons.
6 - You can easily find your way to The Den.
7 - Your summon can use any Those Lacking Opacity or Global Ninjutsu technique you know of any stage lower than its own stage.
8 - You may use a Ribbon jutsu you qualify for once per thread without knowing it.
9 - Your summons can use poisons in your inventory in their attacks.
10 - You can learn the Den of Spiders Sage Mode.
11 - Twice per thread, your summons can use any jutsu you know of any stage lower than its own stage (except summons and sage jutsu).
12 - You may climb walls like a spider, even surfaces that seem sheer.
13 - You can have two summons in combat, as long as one is below stage 4.
14 - Your summons can introduce two poisons at once, using a second poison from a stage below them.
15 - You gain an extra Sage Chakra Usage when you enter Sage Mode.

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Default Sanada Swap

Name:Sweat Release
Description:Using the celestial body, the Sanada is able to excrete a large amount of slick sweat on any part of their body. This subsequently makes it easier for a Sanada to wiggle out of bonds. If grabbed by another person, the Sanada is able to release themselves within one post as long as the grapple is not a compound grapple. If the grapple is chakra infused, the jutsu will not work.
ie: Jutsu works if the person is in a headlock but not a full nelson or it will work if the Sanada is being held by his wrists of ankles but not an arm lock.

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