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Default Maeda [Rain Clan]


Clan History:
To call the people who would be known as the Maeda a clan would be inaccurate. They were a collection of large families with a multitude of intersecting branches, living a hard life in the most miserable and infectious swamps in Rain Country. There wasn't a soul in the swamp whose hands weren't dirtied by something illegal. Being swamp rats of exceptional caliber, Rain's backwater folk were more often than not safe from being crushed under the heel of the military machine. The Maeda sprang from one such encounter with the Rain Military.

Locals often made a quick buck selling the government lies and fabrications about smuggling rings, or stolen gold, or secret shinobi tech hidden in the murky depths of Ame no Kuni's isolated swamplands. One such lie included the rumor that a distant village within the bogs held vast secret reserves of precious medicinal herbs, including a legendary cure-all flower spoken of only in folklore. A prize too tempting to pass up, the government dispatched their best medical unit to the area. The prestige of uncovering such a secret fueled the medics to aggressively ransack every settlement for any sign of value. Initial casualties numbered in the dozens as the poorly equipped scientists and second-rate soldiers succumbed to the diseases of those sick, lonely lands.

Many who lived in the military-seized villages were unsightly and covered in rough, calloused skin- more than a few had bizarre bark-like rashes in weird places. There had been no magical cure-all flower, but it seemed as though something of worth had been discovered in the sheer number of new illnesses and blood-borne pathogens the military unit was discovering. As the unit grew smaller the group began acting more paranoid. Reports stopped coming to the Capital. Communication fell silent. Messengers kept disappearing. And still the death toll rose. Soon the showdown reached a climax erupted through the gray fog of Rain's eternal deluge. Everything burned. The soldier's camps, the occupied villages, the research: Even the wind and rain couldn't sate the mighty towers of flame, as though some god had laid down his wrath upon the sinful people below.

Locals in those parts still tell horror stories of the maundering zombies of the old lost Rain Military unit. How a village of the damned curse anyone who enter their hollowed grounds to an eternity of being eaten alive. Of the underworld demons that consumed the entire population in the blink of an eye. The only evidence that remains of the incident are a few pages from journals found among the wet ashes, salvaged by another unrelated militia expedition years later. Who can really say what happened, or where those souls went?

Well, Amegakure for starters. Or you could ask the Maeda yourself, though the story each family tells is ever so slightly different.

Clan Abilities

Those of the Maeda have one trait, and one trait only: an intense resistance to the parasitic larva of the intestinal fluke classified as Fasciolopsis trematoda, or colloquially within the clan as 'karamushi'. The existence of the karamushi within them grant the Maeda two types of secondary ability- manipulation of the parasite, and the on-demand ability to generate chitin structures which mimic the natural hosts of the karamushi.

A variety of karamushi species live within the swamps of Ame no Kuni and most specialize in the infection of a handful of organisms. F. trematoda's complex life cycle involves both maturation and larval development within a human host, with the larva existing primarily in the intestine, and the adults residing primarily in structural organs such as skin or bone. Karamushi larva are transparent, hair-like worms, and several hundred thousand can live inside one infected individual. Though they reside in the intestine, the larva are capable of entering the bloodstream in search of food. When the larva exit the body, they do so in clumps or colonies that form on the skin in rough chitin blisters. These complicated chitinous structures change form after falling off the body, mimicking the forms of other chitin-based animals, usually insects. These pupa are then eventually ingested by birds or other creatures, where the karamushi emerge from the shared pupa into adults. Adults are thicker and more globular when compared to the more mobile larva, and attach themselves to rigid structures within the new host. The adults produce eggs inside the new host, which are then deposited by the organism or hatch within it, continuing the cycle.

Though the karamushi life cycle often involves more than one host, the same host can reinfect themselves multiple times if safety precautions are not taken. A standard infection will last about a month to three months, with symptoms including extreme hunger, dehydration, stomach pains, random bruising, and in extreme cases, internal hemorrhaging and organ failure. Karamushi infection is very rarely fatal, though the odds increase if the host is suffering from starvation or malnutrition.

The Maeda's have bodies which are naturally immune to the worst of the karamushi's attack, which simultaneously makes them highly effect vectors of the parasite. The larva can still be spread extremely rapidly through blood contact, and all Maeda blood is naturally laden with the large quantities of the parasite.

Chitin Manipulation (Insect Imitation, Armor Generation, and Fighting Style)
Parasite Manipulation (Karamushi-based Ninjutsu)

Clan Information:

The Maeda were originally composed of an eclectic group of country hillbillies, medical professionals, and old Rain military deserters. Since their absorption into Amegakure the 'clan' has grown to include anyone who marries into it, though for obvious reasons the Maeda family tree has not exploded. Typically outsiders entering the clan happen to have a genetic predisposition to be highly resistant to the karamushi, though anyone naturally born of Maeda parents can easily adjust to the parasite. As a fact of life, having a relationship with a perpetually infested and highly contagious individual usually proves difficult without already being robust yourself. The strongest Maeda tend to be born of Maeda mothers, though any combination of parents may still produce a potent Maeda child. All children with at least one Maeda relative (regardless of how far up the family tree they might be) are capable of mastering the clan techniques.

None of the founding members of the clan still remain alive (as karamushi infections tend to shorten lifespans), so the clan is made up mostly of children and grandchildren with only a few generations having lived within the borders of Amegakure. As such, the clan has no traditions or lifestyles beyond those which came with them from the surface. Though descended from those who might of had the greatest reason to detest shinobi while on the surface, by now those attitudes have dissolved and most Maeda are comfortable with where they now reside, as most clan members are descended from those who did not hold loyalty paramount in the first place.

Depending on how recent the last outbreak of karamushi within the village has been, the Maeda tend to either be comfortably accepted by shinobi society, or kept at an arms distance (for health reasons, of course).

Clan Appearance:
There is no set physical appearance of the Maeda. The shinobi in the clan have enough control and resistance to the parasite to suppress its effects, so they do not normally appear sick or infectious. Non-shinobi Maeda will occasionally have chitinous rashes form on the skin from karamushi flare-ups, but otherwise do not appear sick or weak. Even though the parasite constantly feeds from their own hosts blood and food, even fat Maeda do exist. Most Maeda make great efforts to remain supernaturally clean as getting a non-Maeda acquaintance infected is seen as extremely shameful, and there have been numerous karamushi related deaths across Amegakure caused by Maeda accidentally.

Clan Hierarchy:
Though the days where the Rain soldiers terrorized the original 'Maeda' family have long passed, there still exists a pseudo-hierarchy within the clan depending on birth. Those descended from the old soldiers are expected to become shinobi, just as the first children from those soldiers became shinobi. Likewise, the old military ranking system was adopted and is still held in the clan today; the current 'elder' is commonly refereed to as 'Major', with similar titles of the old surviving Rain soldiers given to the thirteen clanmates immediately below him or her. However, those within the community who become doctors or medical experts are seen as more of the spiritual heart of the clan, with much of the clan's current work focused on studying disease rather than trying to gain influence through producing elite shinobi.

The current 'Major' is Maeda Shuuya, a gray-haired descendent from the old Rain Military unit's cook. Though not a shinobi himself, Shuuya often makes trips to Sector 1 to deal with clan affairs and is known for shifting the focus of the Maeda away from shinobi business and more towards helping the community. In general the Maeda family is small enough that most have one or more relatives serving on the clan's committee, and thus are well in tune with the politics between Amegakure and the Maeda.

Clan Housing:

For obvious reasons, all clan members with active karamushi are more or less required to live on clan grounds. The Maeda were originally set up in Sector 2 as part of a quarantine by the Amegakure government. Several factories were blocked off and 'stitched' together to form a crude housing block. Separate buildings exist for medical treatment, for residence by the Maeda, and for training new shinobi without risk of spreading contamination outside the compound.

The old factories themselves were used to manufacturing mining equipment and thus are absurdly spacious, even by Amegakure's standards. Each individual Maeda family lives in tight offshoots built onto the sides of the massive buildings, with the big storage areas used for communal events and recreation. There are even sculptures and pieces of armor on display in some rooms from the more artistic Maeda within their ranks. Growing up the Maeda tend to spend more time out in the open among other Maeda families rather than at home with their immediate family, giving rise to the joke that the Maeda are no different from the karamushi when it comes to being a pest to others.

There exists a small area within the medical grounds that is off limits to most members of the clan. That area is primarily used for in-depth studies of karamushi within other organisms, as well as serving as the location where new cultures of the parasite are bred and raised. Because of its somewhat secret existence there have been rumors in the past of human experiments being conducted, but all research that takes place within the Maeda compound is fully disclosed to the Amegakure government. If anything suspicious is taking place, it's with the express consent of those in charge.

Special: Once per thread, the user's parasites can act on their own to preserve the life of the host. This can take any form (up to the player) and functions similarly to an extra kawarimi usage.
Primary: Any
Secondary: Any
Tertiary: Any
Stat Merit: +1 Power, +1 to Stamina, +1 Intelligence
Stat Flaw: -1 Reserves, -1 Strength, -1 Tactics
The Maeda themselves are often reluctant hosts to the worm. Like all carriers, some hosts have better compatibility with the karamushi than others. Maybe it's something in that families diet, maybe they caught a stronger strain of the parasite: the Maeda don't know why or how, but those they call the Wormcallers are among the best hosts within the clan that the karamushi could hope for. Some see it as a blessing, some as a curse. Almost everyone agrees it's pretty gross.

Clan Members:

Maeda Kazuhiko - Wess
Maeda Ten - Cayuga
Maeda Shin - Commonrider

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Ignoring cooldowns is questionable since a lot of balance is done against cooldowns. Plus it could lead to potential future problems when someone creates karamushi swaps for themselves where the archetype can be abused, especially since personal swaps tend to be looked at more in a vaccuum.
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This archetype must be taken to take Hyakunen no Hana.
Special: When taken as Primary Archetype, the character can use two special techniques of Hyakunen no Hana in the same post once per thread.
Primary: Physical
Secondary: Chakra
Tertiary: Mental
Stat Merit: +1 to Strength, +1 to Speed, +1 to Stamina
Stat Flaw: -1 to Intelligence, -1 Willpower, -1 Tactics
^Maven and couple other archetypes I've seen come to mind. This is getting approvals, so if it's a matter of 'cooldowns' just take that bit about and have it say that you can use two karamushi techniques in one post once per thread? Res' concerns are valid, but since it's once per post per thread perhaps there's further balancing to be done on this archetype? If one technique is stage four or higher, the other must be stage three or lower? IDK.

Edit: discussed stat blocks on IRC


AP: 9

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There's probably a slight balancing issue given that there are two possible lists (as of right now) that both have to gel with the archetype as well. I've changed the archetype to something that shouldn't be too offensive as well to make it different from just taking one of the archetypes that already lets you use two abilities in one post. You could say I'm copping from the Daredevil archetype but, eh, I can live with that.
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If you're running into stat block issues, do remember that archtypes can be open. There's nothing wrong with just putting "any" for the primary, secondary, etc. past there, it looks good, I'll try and comb through with a finer tooth comb here in a bit. If the stat block thing was already resolved via irc, then disregard the first part of this post xD

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I'll take the ring to Mordor.



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Creepy. :x

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Approved for you.
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I figure this is worth mentioning (and bumping!) : the Maeda are now considered a bloodline. You can check over the new content by reading the big, bolded BLOODLINE word positioned strategically above the clan abilities, since that's pretty much all that's changed. The fluff has been adjusted accordingly and being a Maeda is now entirely genetic. Sorry prospective converts ):

The sentence referring to non-Maeda has been removed and replaced. Only those with some amount of Maeda blood are allowed to use clan techniques. Everything else stands as it is.
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