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Default The Sunken Place

Here lies the ancient secrets of a geisha...

Progression Charts
Random Shit
Tanshin Zuku:|: Mist Jounin

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Arechihana Rika
Progression Chart
[Everything in this World is my Enemy]
Arechihana Rika, Spartoi of Sunagakure, Jinchuuriki of the Wind Country

Thread 1: +1 Strength, +1 Tactics, + Arechihana Eye of the Needle
Thread 2: +2 Power
Thread 3: +2 Reserves
Thread 4: +2 Reserves
Thread 5: +1 Control
Thread 6: +4 Intelligence + Magnet Release: CaoCao Carcass
Thread 8: +2 Speed
Thread 9: +1 Speed, +1 Stamina, +1 Bijuu Stat: Force
Thread 10: +2 Stamina
Thread 11: +2 Stamina
Thread 12: +1 Stamina, +1 Strength
Thread 13: +2 Strength
Thread 14: +2 Strength
Thread 15: +1 Strength, +1 Control
Thread 16: +2 Control
Thread 17: + Stage Four Arechihana Taijutsu, +1 Power
Thread 18: +2 Power
Thread 19: +1 Control, +1 Reserves, +1 Bijuu Stat: Finesse
Thread 20: +2 Reserves
Thread 21: + Stage Four Kinokozaku-Fu

[Profound Goals]
Stage Four Magnet Release ://: 11 Points [Power 2, Control 1, Reserves 4, Intelligence 4]
Stage Four Arechihana Taijutsu ://: 20 Points [Speed 3, Stamina 6, Strength 8, Control 3]
Meerkat Summons List ://: List Pending
Stage Four Kinokozaku-Fu ://: [Power 3, Control 1, Reserves 3]
Furthering Trust System ://: Forming a more harmonious bond with her hosted bijuu
Chuunin Promotion / Time Skip ://: Older Chuunin Rika Face Claim

Note: Any additional points should go to the next allocation schedule i.e. Stage 4 Arechihana Taijutsu.

Character Development:

[6/11/17] A girl lost in the world, lost in her own head, Rika is misunderstood and mistreated some facts that she cannot help. She is a jinchuuriki to a rather malicious bijuu and his effects on her are greatly increased by the fact that her fear of him is evident and clear. She sees him as a monster, a horrible boogeyman that she can't run from. And thus, even in non-violent or serious situations, CaoCao finds a way to bleed into her emotions, strengthen her reserve and do harm to everyone around. Thus, she is even further ostracized as wily and unpredictable. [Thread Support: [1] [2] [3] [4] ]

Thread Tracker:

Completed Threads:

- [Spartoi] The Language of Flowers feat. Spartoi Graduating Class
- Talking Greazy feat. Isamu
- [Spartoi] A Battle Between Frienemies feat. Kaihoukan Yuudai and Obama Hiryo
- Man vs Herself feat. \\ Len Sosu
- Member's Only feat. \\ Kojirou Ryu
- Noble's Game feat. Four- Man Squad \\ Shuju, Isamu, Rina

Current Threads:

- Team Nine: Half/Half feat. Full Genin team \\ Yuudai, Etsuya, Uedo-Sensei
- Arsonist's Lullaby feat. Hyuuga Yuu
- More Than Meets the Ire feat. \\ Kojirou Ryu

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Default Psychological Warfare

Yo, he's a BEAST wit' it!

“OK, first things first I'll eat your brains
Then I'm a start rocking gold teeth and fangs
Cause that's what a motherfucking monster do”

Full Name, Inuzuka Kami
Nicknames, Killa Kam
Gender, Male
Age, Sixteen
Height, Five-Nine
Village, Konohagakure no Sato
Rank, Advanced Chuunin
Division, KAZE

Physical Description:
Kami stands at a somewhat underwhelming height of five foot five, lithe and in every other regard unintimidating. He is however rather pretty, with sharp amber eyes, a sizzled sienna hue and the beginnings of what is sure to be a dashingly jawline in the future; not exactly would say telltale signs of a Leaf denizen. He enjoys only a few course, napped hairstyles, often clipping the sides and letting his cushion upwards.
Carrying himself with a cool swag and gait that speaks paragraphs of his inherent uniqueness that just makes him seem fresher, more at ease, more confident than you or anyone else in the room.

Zuku can be commonly seen with half his face covered with a mask, mostly to discourage fans of HAZE from recognizing him. Still, he's grown attached to the style and rarely thinks to change it or take it off when not outdoors. Like most Tanshin, he has a unique style all his own, and apart from the occasion clan symbol stitched into some of his attire, he's very casual and, dare I say, trendy.

Nindo: "Out the bottom, I'm livin' proof. Ain't compromising, half a million on the coupe."

1 - Base
1 - Archetype
1 - Account Point
1 - Thread Point

Beast Master x Emissary
Primary: Physical
Secondary: Chakra
Tertiary: Mental
Stat Merit: +4 to Speed, +1 to Willpower, +1 Control
Stat Flaw: -3 to Intelligence, -1 to Tactics, -1 Willpower, -1 to Control

Strength: 1 +2 = 3 [Level 1]
Speed: 1 [4] +5 = 10 [12] [Level 4]
Stamina: 1 +10 = 11 [15] [Level 4]


Intelligence: 1 [-3] +5 = 3
Tactics: 1 [-1] +3 = 3
Willpower: 1 [+/- 1] +3 = 4


Power: 1 +5 = 6
Control: 1 [+/- 1] +7 = 8
Reserves: 1 +2 = 3

Wind Release
Stage One: Wind Clone ://: Control 2, Intelligence 4
Stage Two: Gale Surge ://: Control 5, Power 4, Reserves 4

- Shinobi Kit (0)
- Shinkin WP (18)

Initial Weapon Points: 8
Weapon Points Purchased: 0
Weapon Points Used: 8
Remaining Weapon Points: 0


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Default Kuchiyose no Jutsu

Beast Application for Arechihana Rika (AP Limit Breaker + Engi '19 Restricted Archetype List)

Kuchiyose no Jutsu
Summoning: Wayward Monkey - Son Wukong

Family Name: Monkey
Summon Type: Dedicated Summons Beast Type
Summoner: Arechihana Rika

Rank: Genin

Son Wukong is a something of a lumbering beast, standing at striking six-foot three inches with a weight matching his hefty frame. Though his back hunches and tends to stand on bended knees, his physical stature does not go easily unnoticed. He seems something of a hybrid between an ape and a large man, with a rather human looking out from behind large bushy brows, overextending ears, and, well, tattered dark brown hair that covers just about his entire head and body.

And it's definitely a muscled one at that, riddled with cuts, scrapes, and battle scars to prove just how long he's been in the game. He has a rather wide arm-span, more than outstretching his height and dropping down so that his knuckles could touch the ground if he hung them. His shoulder deltoids seem almost exaggerated, leading to a well-formed set of pecs and abs, carved out from the rest of his furry body in a tan casing of stomach flesh. Though wide and jacked in his upper body, his torso and waist seem rather slender for something so bulked. They do, however, lead to equally powerful legs. His feet, almost identical to his hands, are ambidextrous and nimble, his digits able to grab and hold onto anything his hands can.

His tail is long and trimmed, rounding out at about five feet long.
Like most summons, Son Wukong does not bare himself naked for all the world to see. Instead, the shinobi clothes himself in something akin to battled-dulled war armor. A tattered headband is always tied around his forehead to the side, graffitied and well-worn, with Sand logo on it, marking him an exile from his Leaf-loyal brethren. He is nearly always seen with a smoking joint on the tip of his lips, something of a habitual smoker.

When not in armor, he does sometimes wear a black denim sleeveless jacket atop his furry flesh, unbuttoned, studded, and tattered into the dingy, distressed style that he prefers, with the cut sleeves spraying out in a ruffle of torn strands. With matching black denim jeans that have been cut into shorts, it's obvious the monkey man is an avid denim-on-denim aficionado.

Along either wrist are a collection of straps, hospital bands, and watches that he's collected over the years.
A monkey of few, though decidedly direct, words. Described mostly as the strong, silent type, he reserves his input for only the most critical of moments. And don't be surprised that he’s begrudged because he had to offer it. He is the pinnacle of the traditional ideals of what shinobi should be, and as such, does not like when the title is wielded casually and all, well, nilly-willy. He is quick to pass judgment on those around him, even if he isn't going to immediately make it known.

His relationship with Rika has matured into one of familial affection, like a wise, but stern father, securing her safety and making sure that she grows into the kind of shinobi worth a damned is his main concern. As Rika contracted with him at a rather young age, he's since had to get past most of his malcontent with being paired with such a young shinobi. But over the years he's learned to respect, appreciate and, most assuredly, care for this young ward. He will do whatever he has to do to ensure her continued success.



Strength: 1 +4 +5 BB +2 = 12 [15] [Level 4]
Speed: 1 +3 +4 = 8 [12] [Level 3]
Stamina: 1 +7 = 8 [6] [Level 1]


Intelligence: 1
Tactics: 1 +1 = 2
Willpower: 1 +4 +3 = 8


Power: 1 +1 = 2
Control: 1 +1 = 2
Reserves: 1 +1 = 2

Baisuu Tou Ryuu: Multiple Sword Style
Stage I - It-Tou-Ryuu: Iai "One-Sword-Style: Draw" Strength 5, Speed 3
+5 Strength, +4 Speed
Stage II - "Discard" Strength 8, Speed 6, Willpower 6
+5 Strength, +4 Speed
Stage III - Ichi Ton Keishu "One Ton Guard" Strength 12, Speed 8, Willpower 8
+5 Strength, +4 Speed
sI: Aficionado
sII: The One Road of Harmony
sIII: 72 Pound Cannon
Chigatana no Kenbu: Sword Dance of the Bloody Sword
Stage I - "Sneaky Bastard" Strength 5, Stamina 3
+4 Strength, +3 Speed, +2 Stamina
Stage II - "Ruffian" Strength 7, Stamina 7, Willpower 6
+4 Strength, +3 Speed, +2 Stamina
Stage III - "Hoodlum" Strength 12, Stamina 8, Willpower 8
+4 Strength, +3 Speed, +2 Stamina
sIII: Feeling of Bloodlust Lvl I

- Shinobi Kit (0)
- Wakazashi x4 (8)
- Debilitating Poison (3)

Initial Weapon Points: 11 8[PM] + 3[BTR]
Weapon Points Purchased: 0
Weapon Points Used: 11
Remaining Weapon Points: 0

AP Used: 25 [16 on stats, 9 on jutsu]

For Arechihana Rika Character Sheet:

Beast Trait List
Novice Trainer
Key Trait Slot: Dedicated Summons
Novice Beast Trait Slot: Pack Mule
Novice Beast Trait Slot: Brute Beast I

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