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Default [Leaf] Aburame Roku

Aburame Roku
5’7 – 175 lbs – Konohagakure

32 – Jounin - Seishou

Trials await the foolhearty.

Physical Description:
Roku doesn’t look much unlike most Aburame with his stereo typical black hair and brown peering eyes. His frame is a bit on the short side but unlike the rest of his clan is a bit on the stockier side. To him the idea of being a rail on legs isn’t appealing at all so he underwent some taijutsu training to remedy that. Of course he also took care not to build excessive muscle, so his body has a toned look to it. His pale skin is thoroughly taken care of and he takes great lengths to ensure that scars would be minimal if not nonexistent.

The Aburame’s normal attire doesn’t deter far from his roots. Over his face, covering his eyes is a pair of thin sunglasses. While working around the village or in the clinic Roku more than likely is seen in a straight black business suit with a long flowing black cloak. His shirt stays a bleached white color and he keeps a scarf of the same color around his neck but keeps it loose. When in the field though, he changes to something more functional, keeping the coat but buttoning it up to his neck. The suit pants are exchanged out for a pair of long black shorts that offer him freedom of motion. His hitai ite is normally stuffed into the pocket the coat, but when it needs to be worn, it stays around his neck, tied loosely around the outside of the collar of his coat.

Calling Roku a stick in the mud wouldn’t completely be a stretch of things, though he prefers the term straight laced. From when he was a kid it was something that was drove into him, he had to be the counter to his brother. His mind was always calculating and his emotions were tempered. In the Aburame’s mind, the slightest misstep, one falter in handiwork could lead to death. Because of this people that live life too freely irritate him beyond belief. Fools that are willing to risk their life without proper preparation or fly by the seat of their pants are just that, foolish.

The thought that he puts into everything extends to even his words. Because of this profanity barely escaped his lips. On the other hand though, Roku is not one to pull punches or sugar coat things which can cause him to be mistaken as brash. Once someone gets to know him though, they know that he cares for those that are close to him, cares for them to the point to where they are family to him, closer to him that even those of his clan.

Aburame Clan SpecialistOffensive Healer
Gains access to the Aburame Clan List. If this is taken as a Primary Archetype, the character receives Stage One for free (pending they meet the stat requirements).
Primary: Chakra
Secondary: Physical
Tertiary: Mental
Stats merits: +2 Tactics,, +1 Speed, +1 Intelligence
Stats flaws: -1 Strength, -1 Stamina, -1 Willpower, -1 Power



Power: 1 [-1] +20 +4=24
Control: 1 +20 +5=26
Reserves: 1 +20 +5=26


Strength: 1 [-1] +6 +1=7
Speed: 1 [+1] +24 =26
Stamina: 1 [-1] +20 =20


Intelligence: 1 [+1] +16 =18
Tactics: 1 [+2] +8 |+2| +1 +2=16
Willpower: 1 [-1] +16 +2 =18


Jutsu and Techniques:
Aburame Clan Contract
||Stage One|| [Reserves 4, Power 4]
||Stage Two|| [Reserves 8, Power 6, Willpower 4]
||Stage Three|| [Reserves 10, Power 10, Willpower 8]
||Stage Four|| [Reserves 15, Power 15, Control 13, Willpower 14]
||Stage Five|| [Reserves 20, Power 20, Control 16, Willpower 16]
--Camouflage II

Medical Ninjutsu
||Stage One||
Igaku Kunren [Control 2, Willpower 2]
Kanrinin [Control 3, Tactics 2]
||Stage Two||
Keksuki Gyouko [Control 5, Power 4, Reserves 4]
Medical Mandible [Intelligence 7, Willpower 7, Power 6]
||Stage Three||
Chiyute no Jutsu [Control 8, Power 8, Reserves 6]
||Stage Four||
Chakra Enjintou [Control 12, Power 11, Reserves 10, Intelligence 12]
Hollowfication [Intelligence 15, Willpower 15, Tactics 13, Control 14]
||Stage Five||
Satsugaite [Control 17, Power 16, Reserves 16, Intelligence 15, Healing Hands]
Kanpekina Kino [Control 18, Power 17, Reserves 17, Willpower 14]
||Stage Six||
Chiyute no Jutsu: Ichidanto [ Control 21, Power 20, Reserves 19, Intelligence 17, Willpower 15, Chiyute no Jutsu]

Global NInjutsu
||Stage One||
Kawarimi no Jutsu [ Power 2, Tactics 2]
||Stage Two||
Kinobori/Kabenobori no Jutsu [Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4]
||Stage Three||
Chakra Tsuitou no Jutsu [Power 8, Control 8, Reserves 6]

Futoumeisei Gai Nai No
||Stage One||
Maboroshi no Mai [Power 3, Intelligence 2]

||Stage Four|| [Speed 20, Stamina 16, Strength 7, Tactics 14]
Style Bonus: Speed +20, Stamina +12, Strength +4
||Special Techniques||
Slight of Hand

Wrist Blades - 2
Knee Blades - 2
Elbow Blades - 2
Foot Spikes - 2
Shinobi Kit

Weapon Points Remaining: 0


Ever since Roku could remember he’d been one with the bugs. His bonding happened at a young age…too young for him to have a recollection of the intense pain that one supposedly goes through. He was the youngest of two boys, the other being Shiotso, a kid that lived a rambunctious lifestyle. Roku could distinctly remember watching his brother come home from the academy stoked about something that was learned and wanting to try it out immediately even if his rendition of it was far from perfect. The older boy didn’t seem to take a single thing seriously and once the younger brother began to take a grasp of things, he had an issue with it.

At the age of eight, Roku had asked his parents to become enrolled in the shinobi academy. His goal was to show his brother that to get things done efficiently, one needed a more serious outlook on life. From day one he kept his mind focused on studies and while that didn’t grant him many friends it managed to gain respect. This attention in the academy led to him graduating near the top of his class with plenty of options ahead of him.

Now as a Genin, the boy knew that his first task at hand was to be able to fully utilize the kikai within his body. Without their help he wasn’t sure what sort of shinobi he’d be and he’d be damned if he was going to let down his parents or himself by becoming a has been before even being known. His initial team found him matched up with an Inuzuka to put his thoughts into the appropriate words. He and Rochi worked greatly together but Rochi was a bit on the wild side.

This brought Roku to a focus. He doubted that he’d be able to reign in his partner or his brother, so instead of trying to keep them from their wild personalities, he focused on ensuring their hijinks wouldn’t lead to their death. The Aburame found himself visiting the clinic more often than not, trying to pick up on the things that he’d need to keep people alive.

After completing several missions with his team, one of which included ringing in a C ranked missing nin, Roku and company were signed up for the Chuunin exams. While they didn’t go miserable, the Aburame found himself wanting more out of the team so he went back to the basics to hone his skills further. He found himself focusing more on controlling and utilizing his kikai while also working with his hands and chakra to keep those around him healthy. There was plenty of practice for the latter with Shiotso around, so for that he was grateful.

It came time for another missing nin search and Roku’s team was ready. This time, the team of experienced Genin were tasked with bringing in a low B ranked missing nin. The capture got a bit rough as the team met some unexpected resistance but it was nothing that the Abruame’s nimble fingers couldn’t heal and patch up. After returning home from the mission, Roku’s Jounin sensei recommended that the team get promoted, but mostly the Aburame and that request was granted, landing the Aburame at the rank of Chuunin.

Even as a Chuunin, Roku didn’t lose his way. His mind remained on his studies, despite the increased responsibility thrust upon him by the rank advancement. His partnership with Rochi continued from their Genin days, but this time it was primarily the two of them. The pair of them conducted two man sting operations against operations against Leaf within Fire Country. Roku even began to train his body alongside his Inuzuka teammate and friend.

Shiotso was still miles ahead of Roku, becoming a Jounin at the age of 25 on top of having a family now. Initially this infuriated the younger brother, wondering how someone who lives life so easily can get so much but that anger turned into motivation. He still had his way of living and wouldn’t deviate as such. It just meant that there were more people that Roku had to look after in his brother’s stead.

As Roku got older, he continued to perform missions, his partners now rotating based on the scope. Shiotso’s daughter continued to grow. He knew that she’d grow up to be a beautiful woman and that he’d need to take extra care when dealing with her, in his mind running through all of the things that a father would.

As tensions boiled near the northern border of Fire Country, Roku found himself stationed at a nearby outpost. The bugs in his body prevented him from traveling too close to the warzone, but he was assigned to lead an intermediate medical unit. There the Aburame treated minor and major wounds from the war but the progress if the war against Yukigakure was unknown to him. It pained him deeply not to know but there was nothing to be done because of the limits of his own abilities.

There was one patient in particular that Roku worked on. The man was suffering from chakra induced frostbite that put his very life in jeopardy. It was a long arduous process but with the kikai’s help in eating the invading chakra, Roku was able to stabilize the man and those reports reached the ears of Konoha. For his quick thinking and surgical precision during the war, Roku was promoted to the rank of Jounin, a rank that his brother held as well.

Roku found himself on duty in the hospital when reports of rampaging hybrid creatures came flowing through the village. He was alert, ready for the assignment to hit the field, but instead he was ordered to stay in the hospital and provide solace to those who were ushered through the doors. Times were trying but as the invasion came, the Aburame couldn’t even find the time to be concerned. His steel resolve was needed to keep his patients from dying but his opinion of the Sanada lowered as before they never registered on his radar with their non-dependency on medical attention.

With the return of the long lost heroes, ANBU, Roku knew that something was in the air. His diligence would be needed in the future to help the sick and injured of the village. He knew that he’d have to keep his goal in life in mind.

Other Info:

Thread Ratings:
Creation : 1 AP, Onken Special
A Routine Procedure Medical Mandible, +2 Tactics
The Art of Entomology Chiyute no Jutsu: Ichidanto, +1 Power
Chrysalis +3 Power
House Call +2 Control, Hollowfication
AP Injection +1 Strength, +1 Tactics, Onken Stage Four
What is This I Don't Even +2 Control, Maboroshi no Mai
Flight Patterns +3 Reserves, Kanpekina Kino
The Ugly Truth +2 Reserves
Never Settle for Less +1 Control, +1 Tactics, Camouflage II
[Hive]Ritual +2 Willpower, +1 Tactics
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Aburame Clan (half)-Approved! So approved. We talked about the stats, but the bio! I really love this guy. It's great fun to rp the black sheep of the Aburame, but that you've found a niche for yourself within the stodgier factions is great. And it's fantastic that you've made your character one of the Abruma medics--I always talk about them IC and now there actually is one, huzzah!

Uncle Shiroku! Welcome to the family <3
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According to the item list, there's no way to introduce Novocaine into a person except through a needle. We have a syringe item (which personally I think is silly) but Novocaine predates that item anyway. So I guess you get the needles for free or something? Never quite sure how that worked out.

Stats check out as far as I can tell. One part of the bio I was confused by:

Roku and company were signed up for the Chuunin exams. While they didn’t go miserable, the Aburame found himself wanting more out of himself so he took himself back to the basics to hone his skills further.
Are you saying they didn't go to the chuunin exams, or did they go and fail, or what? Obviously something bad happened but I'm not clear on what it was.

All the other technical bits check out so I'm still gonna Half it pending WoF's approval.
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While I'm not as excited as Oak, I do think this dude and her dudette will have a fun dynamic.

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Edited for tai and item changes.
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While they didn’t go miserable, the Aburame found himself wanting more out of himself so he took himself back to the basics to hone his skills further. He found himself focusing more on controlling and utilizing his kikai while also working with his hands and chakra to keep those around him healthy.
I'm going to have to agree with Based Kibe on this one. There's a lot of "himself" all up in here and it's making my eye twitch.

With the exception of that, I give this a very stern and anti-fun Leaf GM approval.

Please do not request registry checks. I'll get to it soon enough.
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WOW....that was painful to read. Sorry for that. Fixed and junk
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half-sies for Kana
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