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Default Junglings Wizlab

I got a bunch of stuff on an old hard drive, and some of it I actually want to keep! I'll be putting things here largely for the amusement of others, since I doubt I'll put forth any more effort in completing them. Expect more poorly done lists in the future!

Here's a justification for having a 'skeleton' item registered in universal!

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Don't look here! Or do, it's all a draft so it's not like it matters.

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The Maeda Bulletin

Straight from the desk of the Major comes the most pressing issues for the day that aren't related to being ran over by the Rain military! These are a collection of Maeda-related thread/mission ideas that I'll be writing up which will hopefully all relate (directly or indirectly) to a larger clan arc. As new characters are added to the Maeda roster I'll be updating this with some tailor-made missions so we can do some family bonding stuff. I'll be available to NPC any of these as well, so if you want to do one but can't find another Rain character to do them with, I can help!

Unless otherwise noted these missions don't have to be done with only Maeda characters. If you have a non-Maeda character you could do them too, though I can't offer anything cool for you at all in that case.

Underneath each mission description (what your characters will know) I'll provide additional mission info (what you know) for guidance. You are free to ignore the stuff in the spoilers, I'm just providing it to give you some ideas on where to take the thread if you don't have any yourself.

Fresh New Hotness
From: Maeda Coroner Jubei
Subject: Deaths in the Family
7 Maeda adolescents, ages 11 to 17, have died in the last month. The cause in each was acute ethanol poisoning, from what appeared to be the ingestion of lethal amounts of food-grade alcohol. There is reason to believe either a single or group of Maeda is giving these minors access to this dangerous substance. If you find any information related to these events, please notify the Healthy and Safety Corps as soon as possible.

From: Major Shuuya
Subject: Outreach and Extension Meeting Canceled
Once again it looks like our visit to the local primary schools to promote vaccination have to be postponed since another outbreak of karamushi cropped up. This is the third time this year it's happened. Please, if you have children who are active in the community, remind them to wash their hands often. It hurts everyone when accidents happen. Shinobi, do your part to promote safe health habits when around kids, they look up to you!

From: Maeda Amegakure Representative Shingo
Subject: Missing Notice: Tsukasa Kuu
A jounin-level missing nin has been reported on the surface who has possibly been working for the Rain military. Though he is believed to come from Sound, reports suggest he is using very Maeda-like techniques that merit some concern. Neutralization is preferred.

Ongoing Missions
These missions are going to be based on stuff that's already been done by other Maeda. You should probably know what happened in the earlier thread if you want to take one of these!

(Prior thread: Nuptial Flight)
From: Maeda Amegakure Representative Shingo
Subject: CCC Cleanup
Though Usagi's been under house arrest for some time, vagrants are still being pulled from the canals with her strain inside them. Based of prior reports it's likely the CCC has either a store of her blood or living hosts to perpetuate the parasite. Though these second-generation infections are much weaker, the fact Maeda family secrets are being bought and sold like crack cocaine is somewhat concerning. Work with local Amegakure clinics to figure out where the source is, and destroy or neutralize it.

Family Register
I'll be putting some ideas for missions for specific Maeda characters here. These are rough suggestions based on character biographys, current happenings with said characters, and previous mission histories of those characters. These will provide you opportunities to have linked continuity between threads and the Maeda as a whole, but by no means are they 'canon' unless you want them to be. 'Taking' a mission here will effect the clan as a whole on some level (and hopefully your character as well), but feel free to bring others along if you want. By necessity these will be more guided by me than the above mission ideas, but hopefully my presence won't be too suffocating. If you got specific ideas in mind too let me know and we can work together to figure something out.

Maeda Ten
Maeda Ten and Maeda Renko have been seen together quite a bit lately. Is there something more going on there?
To do: Anything that makes you look less suspicious.
Spoilers:Harder than it looks!

Maeda Shin
Medical Corps Missions Posting
We've had the drugs needed to treat karamushi infections for decades, but the military has only recently started trying to solve the problem as our shinobi continue to be a thorn in their side. Their progress has been closely watched and it seems as though they're on the cusp of getting a cheap cure to hand out to their troops. Their research facilities are well defended but the warehouses storing their medicine are sitting ducks. We need a medic to go confirm the presence of the drug, then to destroy it (and maybe the rest of the medical supplies stored there as well).
To do: Drugbusting, in reverse
Spoilers: There aren't any.

Maeda Kazuhiko
(Continuation of Debugging)
Maeda Jubei's Autopsy Reports
I might run the morgue but that doesn't mean I like seeing bodies come in. Now something new is cropping up; Amegakure officials have recovered dead from canals in Sector Two with signs of karamushi infection. They didn't die of it thankfully, and my investigation seems to indicate this strain wasn't contagious at all. Still, it makes us all look bad when dead people show up with our clan inside them, and coupled with those other reports...we could really use a good answer for what's going on here.
To do: File some intense paperwork
Spoilers: Take a wild guess.

Mission Logs
Here's where I'll put some stuff regarding completed missions. Check here for reference material or something, maybe!

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I'm going to use this post to save junk that's been moved from the Bulletin. It's all just reference material now.

Maeda Ten
Poster outside Building Monitor Maeda Uryu's office
Vandals struck the west wing of the compound again. Special thanks to Kitami's boys for cleaning it up before the big dinner. We know it's someone inside the family doing this, and we'll catch you eventually so you better just turn yourself in! There's enough trouble in Sector Two without a bunch of kids pretending to be vampires and performing fake blood rituals in our bathrooms. If I see another Shambler rat in the halls, the whole block is going under curfew!
To do: Smack some sense into those kids
Spoilers: It's not kids.

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Academy Jutsu: Stage 1
Third Jutsu: A=3, F=2
Open Slot: A=4, B=4
Open Slot: D=4, E=4

Genin Jutsu: Stage 2
Third Jutsu: A=6, B=6, D=4
Open Slot: A=7, B= 7, D=6
Open Slot: D=7, E=7, B=6

Advanced Genin Jutsu: Stage 3
Third Jutsu: A=9, B=9, D=7
Open Slot: A=10, B=10, F=8
Open Slot: D=10, E=10, C=8

Chuunin Jutsu: Stage 4
Third Jutsu: A=14, B=13, C=11, E=10
Open Slot: A=15, B=15, C=13, D=14
Open Slot: D=15, E=15, F=13, A=14

Advanced Chuunin Jutsu: Stage 5
Third Jutsu: A=18, B=17, C=17, E=14
Open Slot: A=19, B=19, C=18, D=16
Open Slot: D=19, E=19, F=18, A=16

Jounin Jutsu: Stage 6
Third Jutsu: A=23, B=23, C=22, E=16, F=15
Open Slot: A=26, B=25, C=24, D=19, E=17
Open Slot: D=26, E=25, F=24, A=19, B=17

Advanced Jounin: Stage 7
Third Jutsu: A=32, B=30, C=28, D= 24, E=22
Open Slot: A=35, B=33, C=31, D=26, F=18
Open Slot: D=35, E=33, F=31, A=26, C=18

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Current Name: Chosokabe Muneshige
Age: 72
Sex: Female
Height: 5’ 4”

Character Type: Non-Shinobi

Country/Village: Valley County/Brigade of Light Campus
Rank: Wakamusha
Division: Brigade of Light: First Brigadier

Physical Description:
Age has not taken the luster from her eyes and in short bursts, she moves as if fifty years younger. Her thin white hair will often be tied back in a bun. Muneshige’s skin is grey and pockmarked with heavy wrinkles along her face and hands. She speaks like a bullfrog, in mighty croaks and rumbles. Once she was portly and soft. Now she is stout and stiff. A scent of grass and herbs wafts from her on good days and tobacco on bad ones. She is not yet a husk- vigor and life somehow still fill those old bones.

When traveling Muneshige typically wears the simple brown and white robes of traveling clergymen, with only a cloak pin showing her allegiance of the Brigade of Light. A travelling pack and bedroll are often strapped to her back, which she will insist on carrying herself. Inside are numerous books and scrolls over a variety of topics. Muneshige considers herself an ‘eternal student’. Her most important possession, a tobacco pouch and pipe, never seems to be far from her wrinkled fingers. Finally a simple pair of wooden sandals and cane finish off the ‘cranky old person’ aesthetic she loves to cultivate

“I’m just as stupid as you,” Muneshige says, “Only I’ve been stupid longer.” Her purpose is to serve; whether it be people, causes, or gods, she always works under some banner. She doesn’t get conventionally angry. Muneshige’s justice is a slow burn. In the face of the most repulsive of horrors she is stoic and nostalgic. Her tone is weary, but excited, like an old dog finding strength to give one last chase. The old fart’s wits have dulled, but the perceptive will notice that beneath the tired eyes a beast still stirs, very much alive and ready to pounce.

It’s fate, after all!

Clan/Bloodline: NA

Primary Archetype:
Special: Has Three Loyal Non-Shinobi Retainers. Uses Beastmaster Rules For Techniques and Progression. May Give All Their TP To Retainers.
Stats: +2 Tactics, +1 Willpower, -1 Power, -2 Stamina
Primary: Physical
Secondary: Mental
Tertiary: Chakra
2 Chakra Pool sacrificed for +4 WP



Strength: 1 +1 = 2
Speed: 1 +4 = 5
Stamina: 1 -2 + 5 = = 4


Intelligence: 1 +4 = 5
Tactics: 1 +2 +2 =5
Willpower: 1 +1 +2 = 4


Power: 1 +1 = 2
Control: 1 -1 +2 = 2
Reserves: 1 +1 = 2


Jutsu and Techniques:

Leader Trait List
Novice Leader
Key Trait Slot: Supernatural Beast (Sato Ryoseidowa – Nothing but Miko)

Basic Trait Slot: Pack Mule (All Retainers)

Basic Trait Slot: Technique Training I (Sato Ryoseidowa)

First Lord’s Charge
Stage I:
Stat Requirements: 4 Stamina, 4 Speed
Stage Bonuses: +5 Speed, +4 Strength

Mercenary Skills
[1] Balance (Tactics=2, Stamina=2)
[1] Coded Language (Intelligence=3, Strength=2)
[2] Eyes of the Mercenary (Tactics=5, Intelligence=4, Willpower=4)

1 – Javelins
2 – Body Armor
2 – Grappling Hook (Soft Weapon)
3 – Trident
On Loan
1 – Baton (to Noboru)
1 – Limb Armor (to Inabune)
2 – Body Armor (to Inabune)

Item Points Remaining: 0
Additional Item Points Gained: 4

Chosokabe Muneshige, also known as Shibo, Lady Uwai, or Jue, is the current alias of the servant of the now fallen Ashikaga warlord family. She was the first and only wife of royal guard commander Uwai Ranmaru and held the title of Chief Priestess at the Sentako-ji Temple in northern Valley Country. Her current employment is with the Brigade of Light, where she serves as First Brigadier. Her current residence is on Long Lake, not far from the Brigade of Light’s university campus.

Early Life
Her mother, name unknown, was a servant under one of the wives of the Valley Country warlord Ashikaga no Masetake. Her mother gave birth to her third and last child over seventy years ago. The mother's two older sons are both died as teenagers in battle serving in the Ashikaga military's raiding parties. The girl child was sired of an unknown father but as per custom she became the property of the Ashikaga estate and was raised to be a lady-in-waiting for the household. When the marriage of the Ashikaga's eldest son occurred, the married couple took with them many Ashikaga servants. Her mother, along with herself, were taken as well. She was given the name 'Shibo' around the beginning of her adolescence as was custom. The naming was done by Ashikaga's second wife, for whom Shibo would serve under for the next eleven years.

As a slave Shibo’s duties were primarily focused on serving the non-primary wives of the elder Ashikaga. Due to the shortage of men during the outbreaks of fighting that occurred in this period within Valley Country, many tasks typically done by the male servants had to be done by female servants instead. Harsh war conditions meant those under the employ of warlords were trained to defend themselves, and the Ashikaga household was no exception. During the siege of Enshu-Ino Castle Shibo was part of the defending forces. After successfully repelling the attacking forces Ashikaga promoted some of his surviving slaves to elevated status, of which Shibo was included.

Shibo was given as a wife to the captain of the Ashikaga patriarch's bodyguard, who was also his personal advisor, Uwai Ranmaru, around two years later. Shibo held onto her position as a caregiver and guardian to Ashikaga grandchildren even after the marriage. As a favored handmaiden (and from political favors owed to Ranmaru) the union was blessed by the lord and Uwai was given an honorary title under the lordship of Ashikaga no Masetake.

Lady Uwai
While the Uwai household was not considered noble, their positions in the court of the Ashikaga dynasty and good relations with the family ensured favored treatment throughout the remaining tenure of the aging patriarch. Notably, three of their eight children were educated by Ashikaga family tutors, and the two youngest boys both eventually came to high ranking positions within military outfits within Valley Country itself. Uwai’s posthumous elevation to landed noble after his death enabled several of the descendants of the Uwai household to posture for succession rights once the Ashikaga family fell apart in the middle of the century, the fighting of which still continues to this day.

Lady Uwai herself sired a total of eight children, seven still alive presently, and five boys among them. She has four grandchildren among her offspring. She served as an attendant through the duration of her marriage to Uwai, and served the elder Ashikaga before his passing and his wife afterwards.

Priestess Jue
After the death of Ashikaga no Masetake’s primary wife she separated herself from the Ashikaga household as was instructed in the will of the late wife and undertook a pilgrimage. Her two remaining children, still not yet adults, were likewise given to a monastery for training. It would be six years later when she would be recognized as acolyte Jue of the Sentako-ji Temple, becoming a priestess of the shrine after four years of devotion and chief priestess after twelve years of service. During her time as a priestess Jue was known for her extensive traveling and interest in the occult. While serving at a shrine in Swamp she was accused of witchcraft on account of her youthful appearance despite her age. These rumors along with other accusations (such as consorting with devils and being responsible for missing children in the region) eventually lead to Jue being disposed of as the head priestess of her shrine in Valley Country. Rather than submit to a trial to prove her purity she chose to flee, and the specific accusations have never been proven nor disproved after the incident.

It was believed Jue had committed ritual suicide after by throwing herself into the bogs, as was custom for disgraced priests. A public record of her death exists as her fellow priests observed the death, and though she received no burial a small memorial shrine was constructed years later in the spot of her demise.

Presumed Dead
Priestess Jue was believed dead for thirteen years and not seen in civilization for the duration. In fact she had faked her death, choosing to live as a hermit in the mountains of Coal Country and practice asceticism.

Chosokabe Muneshige
Five years ago, by chance, the Headmaster of the Brigade of Light located her dwelling while traveling. Though he knew not of her history, he persuaded her to rejoin society for under the flag of the Brigade of Light. With her decades of experience she quickly proved to be an adept and flexible leader. A rapid set of promotions brought her to the rank of First Brigadier within three years, allowing her to personally select her own team to serve the Brigade of Light’s needs. To date she has served on nine different Brigades, with the newest iteration being her tenth and having only been put together six months ago.

Thread History:
07/27/17 – An Orbnique Orbutunity: Rating foregone


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The Brigade of Light's
Grand Grimoire

Style Description:
A single Grimoire is a large, single, unique book or scroll that has been transcribed by a member of the Brigade of Light. The chapters and passages within are taken from the original, ‘true’ Grimoire, also known as the Grand Grimoire, which resides in a vault within the Brigade of Light’s university. All Grimoire copies must be made from this single source to have access to the sealed spirits within. By reciting passages from the Grimoire the reader can then perform a controlled release of these strange and unorthodox powers.

Brigade of Light membership and a functional understanding of Scripture, the Brigade of Light’s language.

The Brigade of Light (BoL) has spent the better part of a century learning, experimenting, and sealing what they view as ‘corrupted’ forms of the Kami. Commoners often refer to these corruptions as ‘demons’ or ‘ghosts’ or ‘yokai’ or any number of outlandish superstitious things. The academics in the BoL prefer to use more precise, scientific language, instead calling these mysterious beings ‘anomalies’.

Using a ritualized technique that has its origins in old Miko practices, these corrupting influences can have their powers sealed into books and scrolls, rendering the spirit mostly harmless. The books act something like a ‘contract’ between the BoL and the aberrant Kami creatures, where the BoL confiscates the corrupted Kami of the monster or beast in place of execution. These powers, once captured, are transported back to the BoL campus and kept locked away in a deep underground vault. After evaluation these anomalies are later transferred to the pages of the master Grand Grimoire where they reside peacefully for further study, or until called on. If the anomaly is found to be too evil, too dangerous, or too difficult to contain, a permanent seal is created and those pages are torn from the Grand Grimoire, sealed in a silver urn, and sunk into Long Lake.

Only in the last decade was it discovered that copies of the master texts also copy a fragment of the anomaly sealed inside. By reading, chanting, singing, or otherwise vocalizing the words on the page a person could temporarily call upon the original spirit of these exotic powers. Some have called this playing with the devil’s toys, but the BoL firmly believes that the penitent should be allowed opportunities for redemption. The spirits summoned from the Grimoire are not evil per se, though many deal with the dead or can cause bodily harm. ‘Dangerous’ isn’t the same as ‘Evil’, as many a Brigade member can tell you.

Regardless, any given Grimoire represents a very carefully curated selection of captured Kami spirits, whose purpose and intent has been judged to be useful or benign enough to merit their continued existence rather than destruction or permanent exile. Often the spirits themselves are peaceful even if they are compelled to perform acts the living might see as gruesome or disturbing. Brigade members are encouraged to build a rapport with spirits they intend to call frequently or even go out and capture one of their own, though this is by no means necessary.

All texts within a Grimoire range from short to encyclopedic in length but always detail some kind of story or narrative, as opposed to the BoL’s drier, more academic writings. The power within the book is released by reciting some of the lines from the page, and the creature associated with that power is summoned to the location of the Grimoire. All Grimoires are written in the BoL’s own academic language of Scripture, but no specific language is required to be spoken to call upon these anomalies. It is possible to add or subtract some of the words to the text, to rearrange the sentences, or even to put the old text in a new form, such as in song or in poems. It is only necessary that the user’s ‘heart’ be fully invested into calling out the force of the Kami within. In that respect the user can speak, sing, scream, or even drunkenly mumble the necessary incantation and still activate these powers. Summoning requires making any vocalization while touching the Grimoire.

(Players, you can also just make up your own text for each book, as long as its thematic it’ll be fine.)

Spirits summoned by the Grimoire exist for 1 post before disappearing unless otherwise stated. Spirits cannot be seen except by those with Grimoires, or those who have experience with the Kami (have at least 1 Miko technique or archetype). Spirits may linger and say a few sentences or engage in a short dialog before leaving, but most are content to silently perform their task then vanish.

By default all characters who take this list are familiar with the Brigade of Light’s internal academic language, referred to as Scripture.
All Grimoires are written in Scripture and cannot be read (and thus used) by anyone who does not have an understanding of the language.

Each ‘summon’ can only be used once per thread, but recharge in between threads.

A Intelligence
B Willpower
C Tactics
D Stamina
E Speed
F Strength

Stage One

Gwoulai un Galvane (Gwoulai the Risen)
….struck out at it out of instinct and felt rather embarrassed after...
Requirements: INTELLIGENCE 2, SPEED 2
Effect: Summons the lively umbrella spirit Kasa-obake, who enjoys surprising people. Requires eye contact with an inanimate object the speaker could normally pick up. After the recitation, the object will leap up into the air no more than six feet and stay there for a post. Can be hold as much weight as the speaker is capable of.

Res Prepe Homin (To Serve Man)
…sweet and tender like pork belly …
Requirements: WILLPOWER 3, STAMINA 2
Effect: Summons the disgusting, filth devouring Akaname. Substances consumed by the listeners after the recitation are spoiled, ruined, and soured to smell and taste, removing any nutritional or medicinal properties they might have had. A foul taste like rancid meat covers the tongue of all who hear the recital regardless. Lasts for 3 posts.

Exe no Solfaus (On Lumens)
…though I do enjoy cursing the darkness…
Effect: Summons the ghostly, aimless fire of Akurujin-no-hi. During the recitation, several items or locations must be also listed by name. The named objects or areas will then begin to glow with a diffuse, golden illumination, for 3 posts. Limited in scope to objects or areas the speaker can see. People may also be targeted, but in this case their full and accurate name must be said to do so.

Un Meptha Toxcavis (The Last Gravedigger)
…only of the recently deceased, making a mess of the whole estate…
Requirements: STAMINA 3, TACTICS 3
Effect: Summons Datsue-ba, an old woman spirit who is responsible for preparing the dead for the afterlife. The post immediately after the recitation occurs, all visible dead bodies shed their clothing and items and will sink into the earth (or water) before coming to rest six feet under the surface. Bodies atop structures too hard to sink into will grotesquely flop around at random and cast anything they are wearing or holding all around, but otherwise be unaffected.

Oss ol Oss (Eye for an Eye)
…student to student. An early recess was called to sort it out…
Effect: Summons the reformed demon Dodomeki, who sports hundreds of eyes on each of her long arms and enjoys spreading her enthusiasm for eyeballs with others. During the recitation a specific and accurate name of an individual is also said. The speaker and the stated individual can then both share vision between themselves, each losing one eye’s sight to see from the eye of the other. Can only be done on individuals within eyesight. Lasts 2 posts.

Un Zycohn de Eoe (The Half Approval)
…driven mad by nothing more than a stamp…
Requirements: STAMINA 4, SPEED 4
Effect: Summons a ghostly swarm of rats known as Tesso, who was once priest shamed by his superiors. After the recitation those hostile to the speaker are filled with a compulsion to commit acts of minor, insignificant self-harm. The degree of harm tends to be proportional to the guilt of the listener, though it will never exceed more than a single scratch. Common manifestations of this are biting one’s tongue or lip, pinching the skin, slapping the face, or cutting small lacerations on the body.

Stage Two

Singu Sum ol Vasaca (Room for One More)
…he said, yellowed lips curled into a grin…
Effect: Summons the protective little boy spirit Zashiko-Warashi. As this story is recited, space is warped. Large rooms will suddenly have their walls move inwards, and small areas will quickly expand. In both cases the boundaries of the room this is spoken in will shift as needed to eventually make a room about 20 feet by 20 feet by 10 feet high. If spoken outdoors, the earth and vegetation will shift to make a similarly proportioned room. Lasts until someone enters or exits the room, at which point all dimensions snap back to normal.

Quo Vvess un Sustice Krone (All the Time I Need)
… not the time I want…
Requirements: STAMINA 5, SPEED 4, STRENGTH 4
Effect: Summons the living clock Zorigami who hates seeing people fritter their lives away. While reciting, all listeners and objects within earshot are subject to time dilation. This can effectively slow the progression of time down by a factor up to 10. Thinking speed is unaffected, however any movement (including of the eyes), sound, and all other physical phenomena are subject to the slow down. This effect ends for all parties if any hostile action is taken by someone outside the time dilation. Lasts only for the post of recitation.

Kaiji un Epette Glottis (Kaiji the Sword Swallower)
…then he sneezed…
Effect: Summons the spirit Teke Teke, a floating upper torso of what was once a schoolgirl who accidentally killed herself by mishandling a weapon. After recitation the speaker’s Necronomicon becomes impervious to bladed weaponry, instead reflecting back any blows it sustains onto the attacker. This reflection is physical in nature and looks like a ghostly copy of the weapon bursting from the pages to strike the attacker, and thus can still be dodged or parried. The reflection possesses the same physical stats as the attack it sustained. Lasts 3 posts.

Xa Burer cyn Xa Muul (It Hides in Walls)
...saw only his flailing legs before they too were dragged in…
Requirements: STAMINA 6, SPEED 5, WILLPOWER 5
Effect: Summons the Mukurokumen, a large family of dozens of eyeballs that like to live in doors. In the next post all solid material the user looked at during the recitation turns soft and mud-like to those mentioned, making it so they can sink up to a foot in it. By the next post the material returns to its normal state, trapping anyone still stuck inside it.

Oh! (Oh!)
…[expletive deleted]...
Effect: Summons Bakezori, the spirit of abandoned footwear. During the recitation the speaker may perform jumps up to four times their normal height or distance. At the end of the recitation their shoes (if they are wearing any) will disintegrate, so it is advised to remove them beforehand.

Pyth Hatoco Cylphuh (Three Thousand Words)
…and what of it?
Requirements: STAMINA 7, SPEED 7, WILLPOWER 6
Effect: Summons Mu-Onna, the nothing woman. For 3 posts after this recitation, nobody who heard the user will remember anything that they hear the post after they hear it. They will not even be aware that they forgot in the first place. This doesn’t affect any other type of memory.

Stage Three

Emi un Ixbuian Glottis (Emi the Flame Eater)
… declined our gift, saying ‘I can’t handle spicy food’…
Effect: Summons the infant, imp-like spirit Abura-Akgao, known for its appetite for lamp oil. If mundane, non-jutsu fire is present during the recital, it will at once be sucked into the Grimoire and extinguished. If no fire is present during the recital, a dozen small, match-sized flames will suddenly spring to life on the most flammable substances in eyesight. If the speaker reads the last line of the text,[i]’hope still remains‘[i], their Grimoire will explode like a firework and cast flaming paper out in all directions, rendering it useless for the rest of the thread.

Res Qwera u Prepis u Gami no Auxkami (How to Sate a Gate Demon)
…necessitated replacing every doorknob in the house to the chagrin of the headmaster…
Requirements: STAMINA 8, SPEED 6, STRENGTH 8
Effect: Summons the black-cloud demon Akashita, known for its mischievous opening of flood gates during rainstorms. During the recital, all locks (mechanical, magical, or otherwise) in sight become safely unlocked, and doors open by themselves. This can be used while moving so long as the recitation is not interrupted. In addition this works on items with trick locks and disarms simple traps.

Un Losis (The Ferryman)
”…the toll,” the feline purred, “I will collect later…”
Effect: Summons the corpse-collecting cat Kasha, who isn’t picky about how she gets her bodies. After the recitation, a derelict transport of some sort will suddenly become available. If at the water’s edge, a boat with just enough room for all present might appear. If on the road, a horse-drawn but driverless carriage might come clopping on down. If stranded in a tree, a series of branches might suddenly provide and easy path down to the ground. This technique guarantees a mode of travel will appear which is capable of moving the speaker between any two given points, though it doesn’t guarantee the safety of the travelers.

U Filaign-Calimos (A Toy Story)
Requirements: STAMINA 9, SPEED 9, WILLPOWER 7
…howled in agony as he stepped on the infernal piece of plastic hidden in the carpet …
Effect: Summons a [i]Tsukomogami[i], the 100-year old spirits of old objects. Up to 5 different objects no bigger than a chair and within eyesight can be brought to life and given simple orders. These objects will never have more than Level 1 in physical stats but can last the duration of the thread. All commands must be given vocally.

Galviskapse Luuvine (Raised by Birds)
…finally caught her attention with a handful of rice…
Effect: Summons Kokokachu , a crow-like spirit known for stealing infants from cribs to place them in trees. A single object in sight may be called out during the recitation and it will fly back into the speaker’s hands as if it possessed the Return modifier. Objects up the speaker’s own weight can be flung this way, travelling with physical levels of up to 3.

Nosolbuss naq Yunge (Claimed and Rated)
…typos galore, and sometimes even omitting entire words…
Requirements: STAMINA 10, SPEED 10, TACTICS 8
Effect:Summons the Amanojaku, an oni spirit known for being maliciously contrarian. During the recital, the speaker berates and insults a specific individual. If the name of the individual isn’t known, they must be described in (usually lurid) detail during the recitation. That individual’s physical stats are decreased by 1 level while the user speaks. This can be maintained for at most 2 posts, consuming the speaker’s actions for both. Then, when the speaker finishes, the feeling of indignation that fills the offended person grants them an additional 1 physical level in all stats for 3 posts.

Stage Four

Redentin Galvat Auxhomin (Habits of Highly Effective Corpses)
…breaking big goals down into smaller, more achievable ones, like eating the fingers first…
Effect: Summons the Ikiryo, who are the spirits of those still living. After the recitation, anyone within earshot who has sustained a serious but nonfatal wound will suddenly be overcome with a tremendous desire to pass out. If this sleep is maintained for 2 posts, their wounds will heal slightly over the duration. This healing will not restore a person to perfect shape, but will provide just enough to keep them from dying from their current injuries. In addition all individuals sleeping under this effect will be placed in a shared dream, usually reminiscent of how the speaker believes the afterlife to appear.

Qed Xa Zlipi (Then it Blew Up)
… at her and scowled. “I know what I’m doing”…
Effect: Summons the steam spirit Enenra who detests being bottled up but always gets summoned inside something small. Any closed vessels in sight slowly build up pressure over the course the speaker’s speech. Then, when the speaker finishes (usually by saying ‘boom!’), all these objects explode and shatter at once, spraying shrapnel in all directions. Any tightly closed bottle, flask, gourd, crate, barrel, or general container can be used for this, though nothing exceeding the size of an adult human can be pressurized enough to explode.

Akino un Al-kami (Akino the Genie)
… failed to specify exactly who was the beneficiary of the infinite wishes…
Effect: Summons the wish-granting prayer beads Ishiren-Bozu, who tend to be frustratingly literal. When the recital is finished, the speaker’s Grimoire poofs into smoke and is replaced by a single item not exceeding 4 weapon points in value. This item is often something desired at that moment by the speaker, but occasionally it is a strange or incomprehensible object that they will later discover was exactly what they actually needed instead. The item may copy an existing item, but does not replace it (IE wishing for your opponent’s sword does not remove the sword from their possession). As the Grimoire is exchanged for the item, no other Grimoire techniques can be used for the remainder of the thread. Trying to wish for additional Grimoires often produces more trouble than its worth.

Ach Lithomin Ach (Run Baby Run)
…only have to be faster than your slowest ally…
Requirements: STAMINA 14, SPEED 13, STRENGTH 11, WILLPOWER 10
Effect: Summons a ghostly pair of severed feet known as Betobeto, who enjoy the sounds of human footsteps. Usually this is recited while fleeing, though it can be used while stationary to instead bestow its effects to another. Either the speaker or a group of persons (not including the speaker) are granted either +4 or double their current Speed levels, whichever would be higher. This only applies for the purposes of escaping combat or the thread.

Quo Proonpp Singu Glotflxs Pzor-loadm (I Had One Drink Too Many)
…no regrets though…
Effect: Summons Kyokutsu, the skeletal spirit of wells and springs. While typically more known for pushing people into wells, Kyokutsu now prefers to do the opposite. During the recital the speaker and anyone they mention by name will have perfect, unfaltering balance, such that they cannot be knocked off their own two feet for the duration. Doesn’t help if the feet don’t stay on the ground though. Lasts one post after the recitation finishes.

Mephona Gounen (Endless Biography)
…then, on her fifth birthday, she received: a doll, a toy horse, several of her favorite candies including…
Effect: Summons the two-mouthed woman Futakuchi-Onna who rewards those who talk too much. After repeating a short passage from the original text, the speaker then begins to say, in detail, every movement, attack, and technique they intend to execute (and the targets of those actions) in the next moment. Unlike most recitations this one must be spoken loudly and clearly so as to be heard by anyone who might be affected by the speaker’s actions. In the next following post, a sudden burst of speed permits the speaker to perform every act they previously proclaimed. Only one action may be taken against a single target, but multiple targets may be acted against in this single post.

Stage Five

Pili Pili (Drip Drip)
”…can’t last that much longer, can it?...”
Summons the Ameonna, the female spirit who loves rain. A light, pleasant rainfall is brought forth during the recital in a 100 foot radius of the speaker, which persists for 3 posts. During this rainfall, anyone who tries to stay dry during the effect will find a tiny raincloud following them that pours a much heavier rain for 3 more posts, or until that person gets wet.

Un Gordian Bau (The Gordian Knot)
…again and again. So we switched to a more lethal approach…
Summons the lobster-like Amikiri, who takes great pleasure in escaping and destroying fish nets. Reciting this unties, unbinds, or untangles all mundane and binding-type jutsu Stage Four or lower within 100 feet of the speaker. In addition in bestows a similar protection from being bound to all listeners for 2 posts after the post in which it is recited.

Hakutaku un Ademian (Hakutaku the Student)
…”Woefully incomplete.” He clucked his tongue. “Let me see what I can do…”
Summons the Hakutaku, a cow-like creature obsessed with collecting and sharing knowledge. Unlike most spirits Hakutaku sticks around for 4 posts, providing encyclopedic commentary on what he observes. Hakutaku is an expert in all things widely known, and can identify and describe any taijutsu or jutsu list that is considered to be ‘universal’. He also likes to collect bad emotions and memories, and will devour such things from those who wish it. He will stick around 1 more post each time he witnesses something ‘unique’ like a swap, clan ability, or bijuu.

Zlitte Galvexe Zlitte (Tatters Upon Tatters)
…I really liked that shirt, too…
Requirements: STAMINA 18, SPEED 17, STRENGTH 17, WILLPOWER 14
Summons Ittan-Momen, a very affectionate towel with an unfortunate tendency to smother people. While reciting, all clothing worn by those who listen will become restrictive and uncomfortably tight. This drops Speed and Strength levels by 2 to a minimum of 1, so long as the clothing is normally worn. This effect lasts for 2 posts, or until the clothing is damaged in some way or removed.

Lythlulu (Shriekers)
…you would remember their song forever, if you heard it just once …
Summons the dog-like Yamabiko, a spirit who causes echoes. During the recitation the volume of the user grows louder and louder with reverberations. The recitation continues an entire round of posting, reaching a point where anyone within 50 feet must protect their ears from the painful loudness. Covering the ears with the hands will prevent hearing damage but won’t prevent the headache inducing pain. When the recitation is finished those within the area of effect who did not exit it will have a ringing fill their ears for the next 2 posts.

Yuopu Yucaga (Twenty Posts)
…ended abruptly, despite having only travelled halfway…
Summons Okiku, the spirit of servant whose task in life was to keep track of her employer’s dishes. Any set of similar items numbering exactly 20, no more, no less, can be lifted from the ground in a 20 yard radius and flung towards a location exactly 20 yards from the speaker. The objects strike with 20 in all physical stats (not levels). The recitation itself must use exactly 20 words. The spirit will fail to materialize at all if even one of these conditions is not met.

Stage Six

Un Prepis Foilg (The Taking Tree)
…stopped being a vegetarian after the encounter…
Summons Jubokku, tree which grows from blood rather than water. Any tree within sight may serve as a proper vessel for the spirit, alive or dead. During the recital the branches of the tree come to life and coil together in the shape of claws. These claws can then rake out at any living being they can normally reach, attacking with Level 8 Strength and Speed. This lasts for 3 posts or until 1 person is killed, which sates the tree spirit’s appetite and causes it to disappear.

Un Brigadier’s Grimoire Exe Bau plu Plamt (A Brigadier’s Guide to Tackles and Lures)
…don’t reel in too fast, or you’ll spook the ghosts…
Summons Bake-Kurija, the skeletal remains of a whale. After the recital a ghostly but giant mouth will rise from below and close around the speaker and up to 3 others. This mouth lasts for 2 posts and can sustain taijutsu attacks level 8 and below, but does nothing against ninjutsu. If the mouth is undamaged after 2 posts, it may also spit those inside out up to 100 feet away.

Nonkami Fielis Khronzli (Bad Hair Day)
[i]…wasn’t as funny in hindsight, with all the bodies we had to clean up…[i]
Summons Harionago, the woman with poisonous, living hair. A possession target must be identified by the speaker during the recitation; in this case either the hair attached to their own body, or hair that’s been severed in some way from anybody can serve as a catalyst. Each strand wiggles to life and attacks the nearest warm body. The hairs only level 1 Speed and Strength, but transmit a crippling poison should they come into skin contact with another individual. This poison causes extremely vivid hallucinations and increases sensitivity to pain tenfold. The speaker is immune to their own technique, but allies are not.

Doppo un Sopejkun-Vorslame (Doppo the Rubbernecker)
…no understanding of the concept ‘personal space’…
Summons Nurariyon, a gourd-headed spirit who likes to squeeze into crowded areas. After a short recitation, whenever the user stands within 5 feet of 3 people or more, they cannot be seen by those outside the group. This invisibility persists even if offensive actions are taken. Lasts until the conditions are no longer met.

Quo Cestos Exe un Auxmoouter (My Trip to the Wasteland)
…went about as you might expect…
Summons Hiderigami, a placid female spirit associated with droughts. As the recital begins those listening experience a sudden dryness in their mouth. As the recitation continues the air becomes hot and arid, and standing in the light (natural or unnatural) slowly becomes more painful. By the time the recitation finishes anyone standing within 100 feet of the speaker will experiencing painful skin burning and blistering if they remain in the light. Standing in the dark or in shadow, or dousing oneself in water can prevent this. This lasts for 3 posts for all affected, apart for the speaker themselves.

Auxnute (Junked)
…thousands of ideas, none of them any good…
Summons Bakeneko, the shapeshifting cat with an identity crisis. Unlike most Kami spirits, Bakeneko can be seen by those without Kami sensitivity, and appears as a slightly luminescent white cat. Bakeneko takes the form of whoever is the most ‘interesting’ person she sees, mimicking their speech, personality, behaviors, and physical stats for a short duration. What qualifies as ‘interesting’ tends to vary depending on circumstance, but it’s usually whoever is experiencing the strongest emotional state at the time. In battle this typically means whoever is angriest or most bloodthirsty, but in casual settings this could mean anyone. Bakeneko lasts for 3 posts where she’ll do whatever she wants, or until any physical attack hits her and she chickens out.

Stage Seven

Un Chyitu Iieas Auxpredhokn Brixxis (The Bet You Shouldn’t Make)
…”For the right price, anything.”…
Summons the money-hoarding Kanedama, who requires an unconscious or sleeping person to possess to be summoned. In keeping with the Brigade of Light’s non-profit philosophy, Kanedama offers assistance only to those performing jobs with no expectation of payment after. After a short discussion with whoever summoned him, Kanedama will give his summoner a small totem or token of some kind. For the duration of the thread anyone who sees this item (apart from those present when it was first given) will be filled an intense desire to obtain the item, no matter how worthless it might actually be. The individual makes up the reason for this desire, but usually it is either because they believe it to be valuable, or because they believe it to have power. The item loses this allure as soon as it travels more than a mile away from the person it was given to.

Quo Prepnoa Brixxn un Auxhomin (I Made Friends with the Undead)
…”You’ll find me quite the side-splitter!”…
Summons the wise-cracking, giant skeleton Gashadokuro. During the recital the speaker points at various targets or locations, and when the recitation is finished Gashadokuro noiselessly reaches his long neck out and takes a mighty bite out of those areas. Those who do not move are crushed with Level 14 Strength, though the skeleton himself only moves at a Speed level of 5. Gashadokuro cannot be seen by the Kami-insensitive but can be seen by those he’s been ordered to chomp on. He disappears the post after his work is finished, regardless of whether or not his bites wounded anyone. While he is known for being quite stealthy and indestructible, the old bag of bones will only get to work after making his summoner listen to a wise-crack or bad pun first.

Res Qolyt Iiea, Syuro un Syuis? (Where are you, Father?)
…”Being spineless isn’t so bad. At least it means you can’t be broken!”…
Summons the formless, sagging, body-odor reeking fat blob Nuppeppu. Despite the genderless Nuppeppu’s grotesque smell and appearance, its really quite harmless and docile. The flesh of Nuppeppu, when eaten, heals all wounds, even normally fatal ones, and will permanently grant Kami-sensitivity to those who consume it. Nuppeppu flesh is also said to extend the lifespan by 20 years, though this is unproven. Its flesh is also offensive to the tongue and stomach as might be expected. Nuppeppu freely gives its flesh to anyone who would sit and listen to it tell a story for a post. Only one chunk of Nuppeppu flesh may be eaten a thread. Nuppeppu will linger around for two posts regardless since it likes to hang out. Nuppeppu won’t come out in a battle since violence upsets it.

Auxpoku (Unworthy)
…”No words exist that can express my disdain for plebeians such as yourself.”…
Summons Aonyobo, a female guardian spirit of royalty. Aonyobo wears many kimonos and has black teeth, in the ancient royal style. Those who are not in the speaker’s ‘household’, which is to say anyone the speaker chooses, will experience a strong push away from the speaker during the recitation equal to level 2 Strength. Each post the speaker continues their recitation, this force doubles. This can be maintained indefinitely and anyone who can still hear the speaker will continue to be pushed back with ever increasing force until they can no longer hear the recitation. Aonyobo refuses to touch those with royal blood, or those from famous shinobi clans, as she believes herself below those individuals.

Tamamo un Auxveedi (Tamamo the Liar)
…”How did I do? Was I cool?”…
Summons an imposter Tamamo-no-Mae, the manipulative fox demon. She pretends to have nine tails like the legendary fiend she imitates, but in fact is nothing more than an unrelatedly powerful fox spirit. When called out Tamomo-no-Mae takes the form of any bijuu desired by the speaker and will appear in a colorful swirl of glowing, evil power. This can appear to destroy the landscape around the speaker, knocking buildings over and causing all manner of disasters as they recite from their Grimoire. So potent is the illusion even those with enhanced vision will think it real. This collective hallucination lasts until the speaker stops talking, at which point everything poofs back to normal as if nothing happened. The fake Tamamo won’t appear unless she is promised an opportunity to show off in front of more than 1 person. Can last at most 2 posts.

Zinh Mu, Zihn (Always Perfect, Always )
…”Who are you to tell me what beauty is?”…
Summons Nure-Onna, the solitude seeking snake monster. Nure-Onna scorns most humans as she finds them vain and petty and won’t appear unless summoned with selfless, noble intent. She appears to the Kami-insensitive as whatever it is they might find desirable in a partner, friend, or lover, of either gender or orientation. To everyone else she’s just a giant, human-headed snake. Nure-Onna can identify from sight alone those who have killed in cold blood, for material gain, or out of lust, and can also detect killing or harmful intent from those she speaks with. Nure-Onna will linger for 4 posts after being summoned and communicates with a one-way telepathic link to her summoner. She doesn’t follow orders typically, preferring to actively go out searching for evil men and women to extract revenge on. Nure-Onna is not strong or fast, but a single bite from her is fatal within 1 post.[/spoiler]

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Seal Name: Livestock Collar

Seal Description: The Livestock Collars appears as simple inch-wide chain pattern that circles around the entire throat, right at the base of the neck.

Seal Bonus: Those branded with the Livestock Collar know the exact disposition of any person with any stage of the Butcher Brand (see below). The seal will also begin to bleed and burn when a Butcher Brand is within 10 miles of the bearer, scaling up in pain the closer the seal is. At the minimum level it bleeds no more than a papercut, whereas within a few feet it will bleed like a minor cut. In addition any mundane injury, up to and including injuries which cause death, are healed by the start of the next thread. This includes the regeneration of missing limbs, if applicable. If the user died in the previous thread, then they start the next thread at half stats (rounded down) while they recover, as well as halved jutsu usages.
  • The seal bleeds and burns with increasing intensity the closer an individual with the Butcher Brand is, with up to a 10 mile maximum radius.
  • Knowledge of the emotional state and thoughts of those with the Butcher Brand within one mile
  • All wounds are healed by the start of the next thread.
  • Can recover from death, but suffers one thread at half stats and usages in the next thread.

Seal Weakness: Any person or animal fighting someone with the Livestock Collar gains one level in all physical stats so long as they intend to cause harm to the seal bearer.

Any person or animal fighting the seal bearer will hear a voice in their head after drawing blood from the seal bearer. The voice offers them power in exchange for their humanity. If the affected individual accepts, they gain the Butcher Brand Brand (see below) for the duration of the thread, and the bearer of the Livestock Collar loses one level in all physical stats and one jutsu usage from each Stage. If this would bring any of the physical stats of the bearer to 0, they are immediately rendered immobile and cannot fight.

Any injuries sustained from individuals with the Butcher Brand cannot be healed by the effect of the Livestock Collar. Thus, the only way for the bearer to die is by the hand of someone with a Butcher Brand. Each time the bearer dies from a non-Butcher related source, they forget several happy memories from their past. The bearer won't remember what they forgot, but will be aware they forgot something.
  • Individuals hostile to the seal bearer gain one level in all physical stats when attacking the seal bearer.
  • Individuals who draw blood from the seal bearer may choose to gain access to the Butcher Brand
  • Each Butcher Brand created in a thread consumes 1 usage from each stage of the bearer, and reduces the bearer's physical levels by 1 to a minimum of 1, rendering them immobile if their stats cannot be reduced further.
  • Injuries sustained from those with the Butcher Brand cannot be healed by the Livestock Collar
  • Each death recovered from removes several positive memories from the bearer

Seal Name: Butcher Brand

Seal Description: The Butcher Brand appears as a black mark on the tongue of those affected. It takes the form of pair of interlocked fangs.

Seal Bonus: Those affected by the Butcher Brand can tap into different powers depending on the rank of the seal they choose to succumb too. At all levels those who bear the brand will hear a voice whispering to them, trying to tempt them to accept greater power. This voice can take any form though often it will sound like someone important (friend or enemy) from the bearer's past. Anyone with a Livestock Collar cannot have a Butcher Brand.

Base Level
At the base level, those with the Butcher Brand gain enhanced taste and smell senses which can detect different types of blood for up to a mile. Those with the base level can also gain one physical level in one stat for one post each time they successfully land an attack on any target.
  • Enhanced taste and smell senses that can detect different blood sources for up to a mile
  • For each successfully landed attack, may gain one level in one physical stat for one post

Second Level
The second level of the Butcher Brand causes the seal to spread from the tongue, and colors the entire mouth and teeth black. The second level can only be achieved by ingesting an ounce of flesh from a person bearing the Livestock Collar. At the second level, the Butcher Brand enhances the bearer's eyesight, allowing for either night vision, thermal vision, or 20-times zoom vision, though they must choose one and cannot switch between them once the choice is made. This also colors the bearer's sclera black. By ingesting a liter of blood from any source the bearer may heal all scrapes and bruises on their person. In addition they may gain up to 2 of the following body modifications: six inch claws, foot long horns, razor sharp teeth, six foot long tongue, two additional eyeballs anywhere on the body, two foot long spiked tail, doubled body weight, doubled body height, or double muscle mass.
  • Grants one of the following: Night vision, thermal vision, zoom vision
  • Ingesting a liter of blood causes a base-level chiyute-type healing to occur on the entire body
  • Grants up to two of the following: six inch claws, foot long horns, razor sharp teeth, six foot tongue, two additional eyes, two foot long spiked tail, double body muscle (grants +1 level of Strength), double body weight (grants +2 levels of Stamina), double body height (grants +1 levels of Speed)

Final Level
The final level of the Butcher Brand causes the seal to cover the entire face of the bearer, staining it red. This level can be embraced by consuming a fist-sized chunk of flesh from a person bearing the Livestock Collar. The final level of the Butcher Brand is not temporary, and individuals who choose to succumb to it must live with it for the remainder of their life. For unknown reasons not every individual can accept the final level of the brand (player-characters cannot receive this level of the seal).

The bearer may gain 2 more body modifications from the Second Level, or double the size/length of body modifications they already possess. Body modifications may be swapped once per post. All enhanced senses are tripled in range. The bearer may use any jutsu, taijutsu, or special techniques known to those with Livestock Collar who are within eyesight, expending the victim's chakra usages instead of their own to do so. All wounds, excluding fatal ones, are healed after two posts. Finally, the Livestock Collar may be applied to any individual so long as the bearer can keep both their hands around the neck of the target for an entire post.

If the bearer devours a person with a Livestock Collar, they can revert back to their normal form exactly once. In the normal form all seal bonuses and weaknesses are inactive, and there is no visual indication that the bearer has a cursed seal. The bearer will look as the did before embracing the brand. At any time in normal form they may reactivate the seal to return to any level of the seal they wish with the accompanying weaknesses/bonuses. Another Livestock Collar must be consumed for each reversion back to the normal form.
  • 2 more body modifications, or a doubling in size/length of current modifications, may be performed.
  • Body modifications may be swapped once per post.
  • All senses are tripled in range
  • Any jutsu or taijutsu known by those with the Livestock Brand may be used, draining the target's chakra rather than the bearer's
  • All wounds, excluding fatal ones, are healed two posts after they are sustained
  • The Livestock Brand may be applied to individuals
  • Consuming a Livestock Brand bearer grants a one-time use to seal the brand, reverting them back to normal.

Seal Weakness: Each seal weakness applies based on the current level of the Brand the bearer has chosen to accept.

Base Level
The brand is temporary, and will last 3 posts before fading away. The brand cannot be reapplied in the same thread.

Second Level
The bearer must vocalize all their thoughts when within eyesight of an individual with a Livestock Collar.
The bearer must attack someone with a Livestock Collar once every two posts to keep the seal at the second level, otherwise it reverts back to the base level.

Final Level

The bearer must vocalize all their thoughts when within eyesight of any individual without a Butcher Brand.
The bearer must attack someone with a Livestock Collar once every two posts, or they will suffer a decrease in all physical levels by 2 to a minimum of 1.
The brand lasts for a lifetime. The bearer cannot survive off any food source except human flesh for the remainder of their life.

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The Brigade of Light

Hikaru no Ryodan

Let Us Make Good

Location: Valley Country

The Brigade of Light make their home on the Long Lake of Valley Country. The original college now exists as a sprawling campus along the shore of the lake, and a small village grows around its fortress-like walls. To enter the University one must pass through two massive iron doors, both displaying the sigil for the Brigade on the front. Within the Academy lays the library, a warehouse of a room that holds a score of essays on the symbiotic link of Humanity and Kami in addition to numerous other subjects. Within the walls is also the humble Hikaru no Ryodan Shrine, where those sensitive to the Kami can be taught in the ways of the shrine maiden.

The Academy does not charge tuition for its lessons or fees for work by its agents. However, donations from University alumni or those helped by Brigade agents help to fund the growing campus. Construction can be heard all over Long Lake as the increasing fame of the Brigade of Light brings in money, for better and worse.


It is the belief of the Brigade of Light that it is the despair and depravity of humanity that twists the Kami. These twisted Kami lead to natural disasters and supernatural creatures that threaten Humanity. By bringing hope and light to humanity the Brigade of Light can safeguard the Kami, and thus protect Humanity.

All work done by those in the Brigade of Light must be done free of charge. Brigadiers of the Brigade of Light may accept a warm meal or bed as payment for help rendered, or any other manner of gift, but cannot and will not demand any payment be made.


The Brigade of Light has three mandates that members strive to follow.

I. Do Good
When people need help, help. When people need to be defended, defend. The Brigade of Light brings hope to those who despair in their time of need.
II. Heed the Will of God
Protect the Kami from defilement. Black Miko exist to twist those humanity’s prayers into curses.There are only two paths to dealing with a Black Miko, redemption or death.
III. Safeguard Against the Dark
What is the darkness that both Humanity and the Kami must be safeguarded against? No one is sure, but the resurgence of the Isle of Spirits and the Bijuu are a turning point in this Age. Whatever transpires the Brigade of Light will be there without hesitation to stand against what may come.
The Brigade of Light draws membership from any who would come knocking at their door, with a few exceptions. Any of good intent (as determined by the Headmaster) are allowed to enter the campus and study. However, gaining entry into the Brigade is a much harder task.

The two major groups who are not allowed into the Brigade of Light are those who belong to a foreign military and those who would commit evil acts for personal gain. The former is rather easy to prove, while the latter requires a test to be given to the person in order to determine their ‘worthiness’.

The Brigade of Light prides itself in its neutrality and any person working for a government by definition cannot be neutral, and therefore cannot join. Persons who once belonged to a government, or who once held evil beliefs, may of course recant their loyalties in an attempt to join. These circumstances are rare and require immense oversight by the elders of the Brigade to determine if the prospective member has had a change of heart, or are lying.

Members each are given a unique white mask when joining, which signifies their allegiance to the Brigade. Often these are shaped like animals but can be any type of mask the member desires.


Long before man learned to harness chakra there were the Kami and those who studied them. Those who wished to study the link between humanity and the Kami founded an Academy on the shores of Long Lake. Through study these academics found that the extreme reactions of the Kami correlated to negative human emotion. Over decades these ‘curses’ were tracked, their victims counted, and the data meticulously entered into massive logbooks.

The data was clear: as mental conditions of the afflicted grew worse, disasters seemed to spread. Crops withered and died. Livestock grew sick and frail. Some even projected if the curses spread far enough, civilization and society as known by man would crumbled and fall to the darkness.

The Academy wrote dissertations, filled scrolls, and published discovery after discovery. Humanity, they said, influenced spirits of the land, rather than the other way around. Despite heavy refutation from governments and priesthoods alike, these documents gained worldwide infamy. But that is all they gained. Nothing else came from the books and encyclopedias put out by the Academy. The accumulated wisdom of centuries fell on deaf ears. And, as the supernatural threat of the corrupted Kami faded in the memories of mankind, the Academy withdrew from the spotlight.

Twenty years ago, a man strode into their hallowed halls. The scholars could tell from a glance that he was a man of the blade, not of the pen. "What on earth could he want," they asked themselves.

That dormant, unused knowledge was the answer.

The warrior claimed he fought a sorcerer with magicks unknown to humanity. This foul conjurer he learned to be a Black Miko, spoken of in texts so ancient their pages almost dissolved into sand as he turned them. The man grew agitated and distraught as he learned how the Academy knew of this darkness, but did nothing about it.
"How can you do nothing, knowing what vile evil walks this earth?" The man asked when his studies concluded.

"We do something," one scholar answered. "We publish our writings."

"And what good is that! Ten thousand volumes of dust, forgotten by the world! Why do you not fight what you know to be rotting the world?" The man asked.

Another scholar looked away. "It is not our place."

The warrior drew his sword, "Then I shall make it mine."

And thus the Brigade of Light was born.


The Brigade of Light declares itself a neutral entity devoted to study and acquisition of knowledge as well as the extermination of evil. So far, this neutrality is respected by most parties.

-Valley Country: Within Valley Country the feelings for the Brigade are mixed. At best they are seen as an example of goodwill, and at worst they are seen inefficient scholars.

-Shinobi Countries: In general the Brigade does not interfere with the will of the elemental countries. However, the mandate of the Brigade forces members to stand against any acts of depravity to the general populace no matter who instigates the evil. Likewise a member of the Brigade can happily lend what assistance they can if their goals align with those of shinobi operatives.

-Last Legion of the Immortal Guard:
Very rarely does the Brigade have any dealings with the Last Legion aside from entering and leaving the City of Kings. The Brigade is host to a number of Ronin who have split off from the Last Legion due to difference of opinion.

-High Wardens of Calamity Mountain:
The Brigade will have no dealings with the High Wardens. While they respect the High Warden’s dedication, The Brigade of Light does not agree in how they go about their duties seeing it as a half-hearted measure.

-Brigade of Light:
There exist within the Brigade many competing factions that are uncomfortable with the degree of militarization of the Brigade. As of now, the Headmaster permits open discussion of these issues, but is the final word on Brigade of Light policy.

The Brigade of Light are NOT military, and do not operate as such. There is no chain of command, and each member is expected to act intelligently and within their own beliefs in so much as doing so would not harm the overall goals of the organization. However, a rank system of seniority does exist, with those higher on the ladder receiving more deference compared to those lower. Higher ranks are not 'stronger' or 'more important', rather they simply reflect those with greater duties and responsibilities within the group.

Brigadiers are the ‘meat and potatoes’ of the Brigade. Most members fall into this division as it represents nothing but a basic membership into the organization. Brigadiers have access to all the Brigade of Light lists.

Headmaster – The leader of the Brigade of Light, decided each five years by election from all members. Currently held by Dr. Oho no Annei

First Brigadiers – Those who have earned the distinction to lead teams of Brigade members gain this title.

Second Brigadiers
– The base level Brigadier after promotion from Junior Brigadier. Represents full membership in the Brigade of Light.

Junior Brigadiers
– Those who first join the Brigade are assigned this rank until they have proven themselves worthy of more responsibility. Has no access to Brigade of Light lists.
Follows of the Path
Those who are Kami-sensitive and wish to become or already are mikos typically fall into this division. There is no requirement that shrine maidens or priests join the Hikaru no Ryogan shrine as the Brigade of Light is open to all (good intentioned) faiths. Followers of the Path have access to all Brigade of Light lists.

Pontiff – The head of the Hikaru no Ryodan Shrine, who manages its members and grounds. Currently held by the priest Kogyoku Tonegawa.

Eparch – The highest distinction possible for a Hikaru no Ryodan shrine maiden or priest.

Cenobite – The common rank most miko members of the Brigade of Light fall under.

Apostle – Introductory rank given to new students of the shrine. Has no access to Brigade of Light lists.
Technically all students and teachers in the Academy are Brigade of Light members, though they are not expected to go out and slay evil like a Brigadier might. Scholars do not necessarily have access to all Brigade of Light lists and must ask permission to study them. They may still may perform Brigade of Light jobs and missions.

Dean of Studies – The Brigade of Light was and still is a university, and the Dean is in control of all academy happenings within the campus. Elected every six years by the professors. Currently held by Dr. Eikowasa Irio

Professor - Those who teach classes at the Academy, considered experts in their respective fields. Professorhood is earned through at least five years of teaching experience and having written at least 1 dissertation on a novel subject. Promotions to this level are frequently host to the bitter inter-personal politics of campus life.

Adjunct – Professors-in-training, adjuncts are most commonly seen doing the ‘grunt work’ of the academic world. This can mean grading papers, teaching night classes, or being out in the field collecting data for the professors research.

Neophyte – Not a rank so much as a simple title given to those who attend the University’s classes. Students are not technically Brigade of Light members, but can reside within its dormitories and attends its classes.

Glade of the Kirin - Brigade of Light Summons
The Grand Grimoire - Brigade of Light Minor Summons

Player Members:

CommonRider (GM emeritus)

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Your Shichou Briefing
”Never trust just one source of information. Buy all our magazines! – Shichou Yoemon

Welcome to the bustling, vibrant, gossipy Shichou Grounds! Any good designer knows to get the best of your competition, you need to stay abreast of all the latest news. But who says what, and when, changes with the seasons. Who really knows best? The penny-pinching bean counters that occupy Zachi Hall? The haughty, incomprehensible artists who strut around like royalty and smoke long black cigarettes? The greasy loom workers trying to pull that child out of the mechanical loom again? That’s for you to decide!

The Rub
Shichou ‘missions’ take 3 different forms. The first are official mission postings which go through Amegakure. These are you standard ‘missions’, which anyone can take, even non-Shichou who have no connection with the clan at all. These represent jobs which typically involve going to the surface and doing something which bolsters both the Shichou and Amegakure simultaneously.

The second are unofficial, in-house missions known in the clan as ‘favors’. Favors are posted by big-wig or ambitious Shichou looking to gain an edge on competition, both within Amegakure and within the clan itself. These jobs are highly political and espionage centered, though almost always nonviolent. You can think of favors as ‘under the table’ missions- they won’t raise your clout with Amegakure, but they will earn you a place at the table of Shichou politics.

The last group of missions are character-centric and don’t have a cool name, sorry. These represent personal, individual story arcs of Shichou shinobi. How these develop, and who is included in them, is up to the player. As GM I am available to NPC to help characters along, and I’ll try my best to tie the smaller grassroots arcs up into something bigger as we grow. These will be heavily based on stuff I read in character biographies, but if you have a specific idea or direction you want your character to get involved with, I’m totally open to that instead. Feel free to write you own missions!

The Catch
If you don’t want me reading your Shichou threads and writing Shichou missions that spin off from them, just let me know and you can opt out. Otherwise I’m going to be scouring your posts for future story hooks, reoccurring NPCs, and other fun lore-building aspects. Nothing is ‘canon’ until a thread is completed, so just because a job is ‘posted’ doesn’t mean it ‘exists’ yet. Think of these as possibilities, rather than certainties.

The Meat
”Loose lips sink ships, but they also really build the hype for the next issue! –Shichou Yoemon

Official Shichou Mission Postings

From the desk of one of Shichou Liru’s lieutenants…
The lockdown means we’re eating into our surplus funds at an alarming rate. Miss Liru is looking to secure some above-ground materials to lower our overhead…specifically, she’s got her eyes on the Rain Militia’s supply chain. Let’s get some of our top operatives out there and give them the support they need to bring back some loot, for the good of Amegakure of course!
To do: Ransack, pillage, and bring back the bacon for the Shichou’s coffers.
Or maybe: Find some other way to increase Shichou profit that doesn’t involve so much violence
To not do: Too much wonton murder of otherwise harmless civilians gives Amegakure a bad name. So either dial it back, or don’t let the caravans know you’re shinobi.

Posted by the collective landlords of the Shichou Studio Block…
Isn’t is appalling how we Amegakure citizens dug this society out with our bare hands, and now it lays overrun with riffraff and scoundrels? Let us take back our rightful clay! We want the abandoned Kurosaki Cistern area north of Sector 1 cleaned out of criminals and low-lives, then given to the Shichou for safe keeping! Let’s see those scumbags try and move into an area populated by Amegakure’s most dangerous and temperamental shinobi.
To do: Clear out multiple gangs from the Kurosaki Cistern, one way or another.
Or maybe: Find a more permanent solution to the problem.
To not do: Destroy the Cistern, obviously. Any significant structural damage will ruin the spot for future land development. Please check your etags in at the door.

In a joint statement by senior Shichou and Amegakure officials…
It has come to the attention of the regulatory agencies that some in the village are purchasing and wearing bootleg Shichou Looms brand clothing and accessories. While owning counterfeit goods is not technically a violation of Amegakure law, providing funding to enemy forces certainly is. For those wishing to not get court martialed on charges of treason, it would be best to cease purchasing these unauthorized Shichou goods. We have good reason to believe they are manufactured and distributed by the Capital Channel Crew, and will not hesitate to punish those we catch assisting them as such. Thank you for your consideration.
To do: Track down who is making the bootlegs.
Or maybe: Shake down whoever is buying the bootlegs. It won’t solve anything but doesn’t it sound fun?
To not do: Tarnish the Shichou Looms brand. Seriously, don’t.


Whispered by a certain councilmember Shichou Midori
The Unveiling is upon us! Already our lesser brethren scramble to impress us with their tablecloths and fancy bath robes. Despicable, darling, it really is. As if one showing can somehow erase a history of mediocrity- oh, but I shouldn’t ramble. This year the list of contenders is far too long. Too many cooks spoil the broth, if you catch my drift. Do something about these record-high numbers of applicants. But be discrete, dear.
To do: Get various Shichou to pull their outfits from the next Unveiling.
Or maybe:: Expose the nepotism and corruption in the system so something worse can replace it.
To not do: Break Amegakure law, obviously.

In a lonely, crammed cubicle in Berzachi Hall…
I heard Shichou Tenshi hasn’t made a sale in weeks. In weeks! I don’t know what’s got her in a rut but she’s eating up Shichou resources with nothing to show for it. More than a few of our top agents are looking to unseat her. Crabs in a bucket, right? I hear she’s got another week before Liru drops her from her lieutenant team. I also hear she might have a big sale lined up, something that’d make her impossible to fire if it goes through…who knows what’ll happen?
To do: Help, or hurt, Shichou Tenshi’s crazy business plan.
Or maybe: Get in on the action yourself, you greedy bastard.
To not do:: Make things overall worse for the Shichou. We’re supposed to be family, after all.

Shouted out in between noisy, clanging machinery…
Bloody inefficient, is what I’d call it! Rain powered looms- who the hell thought that sounded plausible? These waterways output consistent power, yeah, but they aren’t energy dense enough for us to expand. You know what’d really turn the cranks on these babies? Some goddamn petrol powered engines! We could double production overnight if we retrofitted our gearboxes with the suckers! But those whiny artists say they hate the smoke and noise…bunch of ingrates. We need some land in Sector 2- something we can really juice up to show off what modern engineering can do for the Shichou. They say Shichou Iori has a prototype that could revolutionize the business, go lend him a hand!
To do: Clear out a functioning Sector 2 factory so Shichou mechanics can test out a gasoline powered loom.
Or maybe: Sabotage the whole affair, keep our Shichou products sustainable and environmentally friendly!
To not do: Get all preachy

Character Arcs

Have you heard what they are saying about Shichou Amane? Let me fill you in...
Everyone knows Liru is no stranger to reaching out to the best and brightest of the clan. Everyone also knows how she uses most of them up and tosses them aside once they've been bled dry. The young Amane looks like a new squeeze of hers, with that work he's been doing outside the country. Is Liru looking to expand operations, or milk a new recruit with dangerous side jobs?
To do: Figure out what Liru's latest scheme is.
Or maybe: You do you, man.
To not do: Burn out like a fading star.

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