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Default Junglings Wizlab

I got a bunch of stuff on an old hard drive, and some of it I actually want to keep! I'll be putting things here largely for the amusement of others, since I doubt I'll put forth any more effort in completing them. Expect more poorly done lists in the future!

Here's a justification for having a 'skeleton' item registered in universal!

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Don't look here! Or do, it's all a draft so it's not like it matters.

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The Maeda Bulletin

Straight from the desk of the Major comes the most pressing issues for the day that aren't related to being ran over by the Rain military! These are a collection of Maeda-related thread/mission ideas that I'll be writing up which will hopefully all relate (directly or indirectly) to a larger clan arc. As new characters are added to the Maeda roster I'll be updating this with some tailor-made missions so we can do some family bonding stuff. I'll be available to NPC any of these as well, so if you want to do one but can't find another Rain character to do them with, I can help!

Unless otherwise noted these missions don't have to be done with only Maeda characters. If you have a non-Maeda character you could do them too, though I can't offer anything cool for you at all in that case.

Underneath each mission description (what your characters will know) I'll provide additional mission info (what you know) for guidance. You are free to ignore the stuff in the spoilers, I'm just providing it to give you some ideas on where to take the thread if you don't have any yourself.

Fresh New Hotness
From: Maeda Coroner Jubei
Subject: Deaths in the Family
7 Maeda adolescents, ages 11 to 17, have died in the last month. The cause in each was acute ethanol poisoning, from what appeared to be the ingestion of lethal amounts of food-grade alcohol. There is reason to believe either a single or group of Maeda is giving these minors access to this dangerous substance. If you find any information related to these events, please notify the Healthy and Safety Corps as soon as possible.

From: Major Shuuya
Subject: Outreach and Extension Meeting Canceled
Once again it looks like our visit to the local primary schools to promote vaccination have to be postponed since another outbreak of karamushi cropped up. This is the third time this year it's happened. Please, if you have children who are active in the community, remind them to wash their hands often. It hurts everyone when accidents happen. Shinobi, do your part to promote safe health habits when around kids, they look up to you!

From: Maeda Amegakure Representative Shingo
Subject: Missing Notice: Tsukasa Kuu
A jounin-level missing nin has been reported on the surface who has possibly been working for the Rain military. Though he is believed to come from Sound, reports suggest he is using very Maeda-like techniques that merit some concern. Neutralization is preferred.

Ongoing Missions
These missions are going to be based on stuff that's already been done by other Maeda. You should probably know what happened in the earlier thread if you want to take one of these!

(Prior thread: Nuptial Flight)
From: Maeda Amegakure Representative Shingo
Subject: CCC Cleanup
Though Usagi's been under house arrest for some time, vagrants are still being pulled from the canals with her strain inside them. Based of prior reports it's likely the CCC has either a store of her blood or living hosts to perpetuate the parasite. Though these second-generation infections are much weaker, the fact Maeda family secrets are being bought and sold like crack cocaine is somewhat concerning. Work with local Amegakure clinics to figure out where the source is, and destroy or neutralize it.

Family Register
I'll be putting some ideas for missions for specific Maeda characters here. These are rough suggestions based on character biographys, current happenings with said characters, and previous mission histories of those characters. These will provide you opportunities to have linked continuity between threads and the Maeda as a whole, but by no means are they 'canon' unless you want them to be. 'Taking' a mission here will effect the clan as a whole on some level (and hopefully your character as well), but feel free to bring others along if you want. By necessity these will be more guided by me than the above mission ideas, but hopefully my presence won't be too suffocating. If you got specific ideas in mind too let me know and we can work together to figure something out.

Maeda Ten
Maeda Ten and Maeda Renko have been seen together quite a bit lately. Is there something more going on there?
To do: Anything that makes you look less suspicious.
Spoilers:Harder than it looks!

Maeda Shin
Medical Corps Missions Posting
We've had the drugs needed to treat karamushi infections for decades, but the military has only recently started trying to solve the problem as our shinobi continue to be a thorn in their side. Their progress has been closely watched and it seems as though they're on the cusp of getting a cheap cure to hand out to their troops. Their research facilities are well defended but the warehouses storing their medicine are sitting ducks. We need a medic to go confirm the presence of the drug, then to destroy it (and maybe the rest of the medical supplies stored there as well).
To do: Drugbusting, in reverse
Spoilers: There aren't any.

Maeda Kazuhiko
(Continuation of Debugging)
Maeda Jubei's Autopsy Reports
I might run the morgue but that doesn't mean I like seeing bodies come in. Now something new is cropping up; Amegakure officials have recovered dead from canals in Sector Two with signs of karamushi infection. They didn't die of it thankfully, and my investigation seems to indicate this strain wasn't contagious at all. Still, it makes us all look bad when dead people show up with our clan inside them, and coupled with those other reports...we could really use a good answer for what's going on here.
To do: File some intense paperwork
Spoilers: Take a wild guess.

Mission Logs
Here's where I'll put some stuff regarding completed missions. Check here for reference material or something, maybe!

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I'm going to use this post to save junk that's been moved from the Bulletin. It's all just reference material now.

Maeda Ten
Poster outside Building Monitor Maeda Uryu's office
Vandals struck the west wing of the compound again. Special thanks to Kitami's boys for cleaning it up before the big dinner. We know it's someone inside the family doing this, and we'll catch you eventually so you better just turn yourself in! There's enough trouble in Sector Two without a bunch of kids pretending to be vampires and performing fake blood rituals in our bathrooms. If I see another Shambler rat in the halls, the whole block is going under curfew!
To do: Smack some sense into those kids
Spoilers: It's not kids.

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Academy Jutsu: Stage 1
Third Jutsu: A=3, F=2
Open Slot: A=4, B=4
Open Slot: D=4, E=4

Genin Jutsu: Stage 2
Third Jutsu: A=6, B=6, D=4
Open Slot: A=7, B= 7, D=6
Open Slot: D=7, E=7, B=6

Advanced Genin Jutsu: Stage 3
Third Jutsu: A=9, B=9, D=7
Open Slot: A=10, B=10, F=8
Open Slot: D=10, E=10, C=8

Chuunin Jutsu: Stage 4
Third Jutsu: A=14, B=13, C=11, E=10
Open Slot: A=15, B=15, C=13, D=14
Open Slot: D=15, E=15, F=13, A=14

Advanced Chuunin Jutsu: Stage 5
Third Jutsu: A=18, B=17, C=17, E=14
Open Slot: A=19, B=19, C=18, D=16
Open Slot: D=19, E=19, F=18, A=16

Jounin Jutsu: Stage 6
Third Jutsu: A=23, B=23, C=22, E=16, F=15
Open Slot: A=26, B=25, C=24, D=19, E=17
Open Slot: D=26, E=25, F=24, A=19, B=17

Advanced Jounin: Stage 7
Third Jutsu: A=32, B=30, C=28, D= 24, E=22
Open Slot: A=35, B=33, C=31, D=26, F=18
Open Slot: D=35, E=33, F=31, A=26, C=18

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No guarantee I'll be able to get my computer back to the states so I'll be dumping lots of esoteric crap in this post. None of this might ever actually see the light of day but I'd rather have it around than not so I can steal from myself later if needed.

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Glass Ninjutsu

Glass is a broad term that encompasses the transformation of many minerals or materials into a new, usually transparent substance. The shinobi art of glassmaking most frequently makes use of silicon dioxide (sand) to produce glass, but dirt, ash, dust, and even metals can be alchemized as well if the proper technique is known. Chakra is used in place of heat for the transfiguration, thus even liquid glass in this list will be cool to the touch.

By taking this list, shinobi gain an instinctive knowledge on how to manipulate minerals to produce crystal-like structures most commonly referred to as ‘glass’. This includes the manipulation of glass-like structures which already exist. Most often it will be the case there is no nearby glass to use as material for a jutsu, so it becomes necessary for the shinobi to create their own. By consuming 2 stages of a jutsu which requires glass, the user may make the necessary glass from material in their surroundings. In Kaze no Kuni this usually means using sand, but in a pinch the natural but trace amounts of silica and iron in blood and bone can be used to make dark red glass. Even if broken, the glass formed with his technique remains present in the thread and can be used for other techniques without incurring another usage cost. Stage Seven glass techniques always generate their own glass so long as material is present for conversion.

As an aside, shinobi produced glass is considered ugly and cheap, and doesn’t fetch very good prices compared to the artisan crafted glass of Garasu.

OOC RP Note: For some jutsu there are penalties incurred when they backfire. These injuries must be sustained no matter what, so no cheeky ‘my character did X to avoid taking the damage’ plays. This mostly means no using kawarimi to get out of a misfiring jutsu. Why even take the list if you’re not gonna play it straight?

A = Power, B = Control, C = Reserves, D = Intelligence, E = Willpower, F = Tactics

Stage One

Name: Hari Seisakusho (Glass Works)
Requirements: Power 2, Willpower 2
Description: This gives the user the ability to passively manipulate glass, as if the glass were in its molten state. This is not required for the other techniques in the list. This does allow for the creation of simple glass items, including things that one might find in a shinobi kit (items of 0 cost). Glass items are fragile and will break if attacked or used in an attack but are durable otherwise. This technique also allows the user to fix broken glass by taking 1 post to do so. Nothing complicated like zoom goggles, antidotes, explosion notes, etc, can be created with this technique. Only items that could reasonable be crafted from glass may be generated.
Stage Two : Items costing 1 may be generated
Stage Three: Items costing 2 points may be generated, and can possess the Glow modifier.
Stage Four Items costing 3 points may be generated, can have the Glow modifier, and may also possess the Implanted modifier (the item can emerge from the body).

Name: Katsu Kagamiita (Shatter Panel)
Requirements: Control 3, Intelligence 2
Description:. A panel of glass forms up to one meter away from the user. The panel is only a quarter of an inch thick and will shatter from physical attacks greater than level 1 Strength. This panel can be in any shape so long as it does not exceed the max dimensions. The panel can be made either to not reflect any light, making it nearly invisible save for a faint outline, or be turned into a one-way mirror. The panel can be up to five feet by five feet in length and width, and more than one panel can be created so long as the combined sizes do not exceed these measures.
Stage Two : The panel can be up to seven feet by seven feet in length and width.
Stage Three: The panel can be up to ten feet by ten feet in length and width.

Name: Yousei Hokori (Fairy Dust)
Requirements: Power 3, Tactics 2
Description: Any glass held in the hand (or generated in the hand) can be cracked and turned into a fine dust. This dust produces about a smoke-bombs worth of material and can be thrown and controlled by the user for up to 15 feet, though like smoke it is easy to blow away. Glass dust irritates the eyes, open wounds, and if inhaled, the lungs. Glass dust will also scramble any radio signals which try to transmit into or out of the cloud. The cloud lasts 1 post, while the duration of its irritation effects will be felt for 2.
Stage Two: Fairy Dust will cause small, superficial cuts on thin materials on the skin, like being scratched, in addition to its usual effects.
Stage Three: One glass structure in sight may be turned into Fairy Dust, without requiring physical contact.

Name: Hari Kuuchuukassou (Glass Gliding)
Requirements: Reserves 3, Intelligence 3
Description: The user forms a layer of glass beneath his feet, reducing friction and allowing them to ‘skate’ across surfaces. The user gains 1 level of Speed so long as the glass remains in contact with the ground. However if both feet should ever lose contact with the ground, the glass instantly shatters and heavily damages the user’s feet and legs, lowering their Speed level by 2 to a minimum of 1 for the rest of the thread in addition to causing serious wounds. The glass skates must last 3 posts, or take a full post and action to safely remove otherwise.
Stage Two: Speed level increases by 2, penalty decreases Speed level by 3 to a minimum of 1.
Stage Three: Speed level increases by 4, penalty decreases Speed to 0, rending the feet and legs unusable and the user immobile for remainder of thread.

Name:Hari no Yoroi – Aki (Armour of Glass: Red)
Requirements: Power 4, Control 4
Description: Blood that’s been exposed to air can be converted into a dark red glass coating. One wound per usage may be protected this way. This only covers open, recent wounds that are currently bleeding. As long as this glass is in place, it will stop any bleeding. Red armor also provides defense against further injury. The defense level of the armor is one step lower than from what caused the damage (physical level or ninjutsu stage). If the armor sustains an attack greater than this, it shatters inwards, making the wound so bad that it won’t heal until the end of the next thread. Lasts the duration of the thread otherwise. This cannot be formed on any body part that already has an Armour of Glass technique covering it.

Open Slot
Requirements: Willpower 4 Tactics 4

Stage Two

Name: Hari no Yoroi - Hari Kawarimi (Armour of Glass: Glass Replacement)
Requirements: Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4
Description: When struck by an attack, that area of the user’s body instead bursts out into glass shards as if that body part was made of glass. The user is in fact unharmed and can slip away in the instant while the glass replacement takes the brunt of the attack. This cannot be used if an Armour of Glass technique was covering the struck body part. Counts towards the 2 maximum kawarimi usages.

Name: Wareyasui (Fragile)
Requirements: Intelligence 5, Willpower 4, Tactics 4
Description: The user weakens their body in exchange for strengthening their jutsu. After placing a seal on their forehead using this technique, one ninjutsu (any element) can be used at one level higher scaling at some point in the thread. All damage the user takes for the remainder of the thread is doubled (IE, a wound on one arm will also appear on the other arm). This seal can also be placed on consenting individuals of equal or lower rank. Cannot be stacked.
Stage Three: 2 ninjutsu may have their scaling boosted by 1.
Stage Four: All ninjutsu for the remainder of the thread have their scaling boosted by 1, all damage taken lasts until the end of the next thread.

Name: Hari Densouro (Glass Link)
Requirements: Power 6, Control 6, Intelligence 4
Description: Creates up to 4 slabs of glass small enough to fit inside a pocket comfortably. By focusing chakra (consuming a usage) into the slab it can connect from anywhere to Sunagakure’s ‘local area network’, which is just a library of resources usually open to shinobi anyway. Information that can be found includes: the bingo book, maps, universally known lists, individual publically available data about Sunagakure shinobi, and anything else that might reasonably be found in the archives. The slabs can also communicate though audio, text, picture, or video with anyone else holding slabs while providing details (if the other holder consents) regarding their general health, location, and current score on Sunagakure’s ‘EtagSweeper’ leaderboards. Notoriously fragile.

Name: Giragira Tekidan (Glare Grenade)
Requirements: Intelligence 6, Willpower 5, Control 5
Description: A single hand-sized blunt-edged prism of glass is created. When thrown the grenade will hover in the air, moving on the users command. The grenade will reflect visible light as desired by the user. This is most commonly used to shine light into multiple opponents’ eyes and blind them for a few moments, just like a flashbang. Other uses include generating its own light in order to brighten up a dark area, putting a continuous spotlight on another person, changing the color of light, or to redirect light to keep certain areas in shadow. Lasts 1 post for every stage known in this list, and will break if struck by any attack.

Name: Hari Tetsubishi (Glass Caltrops)
Requirements: Power 7, Control 7, Intelligence 6
Description: By slamming both palms to a surface, the user can cause miniature glass spikes to rise an inch up off that surface. These spikes, if not pulled out in the post they are touched, will drill themselves into whatever they have pierced, going up to an half an inch into any material softer than steel. About a dozen are created and can be formed anywhere within 15 feet of where the user touches. Does not discern between friend or foe.
Stage Three: 2 dozen caltrops created, can burrow 1 inches.
Stage Four: 4 dozen caltrops created, can burrow 3 inches.

Open Slot
Requirements: Intelligence 7, Willpower 7, Power 6

Stage Three

Name: Hari no Yoroi - Karui (Armour of Glass - Minor)
Requirements: Power 8, Control 8, Reserves 6
Description: This jutsu creates a set of most basic armour for the user. Two inch thick plates of glass adorn the user in various locations: forearms, biceps, shoulders, torso/back, thighs, and shins. This armor is significantly stronger than similar elemental armors, but with a large drawback. If the armor is broken, the user sustains heavy cuts and stab wounds from the shattering glass in addition to the damage from the attack itself, neither of which cannot be healed within the thread. Must last 3 posts or until a full action and post is taken to remove the armor. Defends against Level Four strength and Level Three ninjutsu.
Stage Four: Level Five Strength and Stage Four Ninjutsu are negated.
Stage Five: Level Six Strength and Stage Five Ninjutsu are negated.

Name: Kirameki Tama (Glitter Shot)
Requirements: Intelligence 8, Willpower 6, Tactics 8
Description: The user creates any 1 or lower cost projectile out of glass in line of sight. Lenses embedded in these projectiles cause the weapons to shine and flare, projecting false images of more projectiles when they are in flight. Projectiles made this way can be launched from their surfaces with the same Strength and Speed levels the user possesses. Each projectile created will also create 3 false images of itself, randomly dispersed in the immediate area. 3 projectiles can be created this way per usage.
Stage Four: 6 projectiles created
Stage Five: 6 projectiles created, 6 false images created per projectile

[b]Name: Hari Honryuu (Glass Torrent )
[b]Requirements: Power 9, Control 9, Intelligence 7
[b]Description: Any glass in line of sight may be shattered, then the broken pieces will swarm around the user in multiple, fast moving torrents. These torrents orbit a foot from the user and moves as the user does. However the torrent cannot safely move any faster than Level 3 Speed. Any greater speed will cause the user to run into their own torrent and sustain heavy cuts from the technique. Likewise, ‘fast moving’ techniques like kawarimi or shunshin will cause the torrent to instantly shred the user’s body and render it paralyzed for 2 posts. While the technique is active anyone who steps into range is shredded. In addition the torrent mirrors the user’s physical Strength level and will perform attacks mimicking the user (even if those attacks exceed Level 3 Speed). Lasts 3 posts or until the user takes a full action and post to dispel it.
Stage Four: Two torrents will form, both capable of mirroring attacks at equal Strength levels.
Stage Five : Four torrents can be formed, all capable of mirroring attacks. This cannot be dispelled until out of combat.

Name: Hari no Yoroi - Kesshousei Seikei (Armour of Glass: Crystalline Cast)
Requirements: Intelligence 9, Willpower 9, Control 7
Description: Glass is formed around the limb of either the user or a consenting individual. One entire limb can be covered (one arm or one leg). The physical stats of just the limb covered with this glass are increased by 3 levels. However, the glass possesses no defensive capabilities, and if it is touched by any physical attack or ninjutsu it will shatter. If the cast is broken it completely mangles the limb and renders it paralyzed for the remainder of the thread. If the cast strikes any material harder than flesh, it will break and incur the same penalty. Non-hostile actions will not break the cast. The cast must last for 3 posts, or an entire post and action must be spent removing it. No other Armour of Glass technique may be applied to that limb while the cast is active.

Open Slot
Requirements: Control 10, Power 10, F 8

Open Slot
Requirements: Intelligence 10, Willpower 10, Power 8

Stage Four

Name: Hari Shunshin (Glass Instantaneous Body)
Requirements: Power 12, Control 11, Reserves 10, Intelligence 12
Description: After forming a single hand seal, any two pieces of glass the user has touched in the thread can become a two-way portal. This portal instantly transfers anything inserted into one side to the other, so long as both pieces of glass are no more than 1 mile apart. The only requirement is that the transferred item must be able to fit into the glass. Anyone, not just the user, may use the portal while it remains active. If the portal breaks while an object is in mid-transition, the object pops back out of the side it entered unharmed. This can only be used in combat to escape or to exit a thread like any other shunshin. The portal lasts 2 posts.

Name: Hari Kumo no Amimono (Webs of the Glass Spider)
Requirements: Intelligence 12, Willpower 11, Tactics 10, Power 12
Description: Long, thin, fragile glass webs can be created at the fingertips, then attached to various points by flicking them from the hand. When these webs are broken the user is instantly notified of the location and size of what did so. Each web may be charged with an additional ninjutsu or genjutsu the user knows, consuming a usage in the process. In this case the trigger for the genjutsu is changed to be ‘touching the web’. That jutsu will activate when the web is tripped and launch itself at the target. Webs bend light and are hard to see, unless the user wants them to be seen. One web may be created per stage known in this list. Each web can stretch 20 feet between two points. Technically infinite in duration, and rumors abound of webs being used to guard the pyramid of the first Kazekage in the Dedashi Sakyu.

Name: Hari no Yoroi - Juuyou (Armour of Glass - Major)
Requirements: Power 14, Control 13, Reserves 11, Willpower 10
Description: A two inch layer of liquid glass is formed over the entire body user. This mobile glass is constantly shifting into various lenses which passively gives the user x20 zoom vision while active, and can apply either the Glow or Obscured modifier to their whole body as needed. The armor’s liquid state softens, rather than nullifies attacks, reducing their physical levels by 1 to a minimum of 1. Can be applied over any other Armour of Glass technique apart from itself, stacking the benefits of both.
Stage Five: Reduces physical levels by 2 to a minimum of 1.
Stage Six: If an Armour of Glass technique would break from an attack, this technique will break instead, consuming a kawarimi usage.

Name: Jigoku Suiiki (Hell Waters)
Requirements: Intelligence 14, Willpower 13, Tactics 11, Control 10
Description: A single large disc of glass is formed in the hands, like a discus. This disc is razor sharp and can be thrown like a fuuma shuriken. When thrown upwards it can stay airborne for 3 posts. The disc will travel up above any cloud cover, such that the sun or the moon can cast light upon it. The disc then acts as a magnifying lens and concentrates the sun’s or moon’s light downwards back to the surface. This creates an extreme pinpoint of light and heat that pierces through even the clouds. The pinpoint is about 1 inch in radius but so hot it melts steel. The disc and the focused light beam can be moved at a Speed level equal to the highest stage known in this list. Derives its name from pranksters using it to boil the water near swimmers on Garasu’s beaches.
Stage Five: Two discs may be formed and thrown.
Stage Six:: Four discs may be formed and thrown.

Name: Kyuuten no Ikari (Anger of the Heavens)
Requirements: Power 15, Control 15, Reserves 13, Intelligence 14
Description: After finishing the handseals for this jutsu, large marbles of glass (3 feet in diameter) will form and rise into the air and hover. Each marble reflects light in such a way as to be nearly invisible, even given their size. The marbles can fly around up to 10 feet off the ground, and possess physical levels equal to the highest stage known in this list. Up to 2 marbles are created, with 4 posts of duration to share between them. This is an ancient jutsu first thought to have been the predecessor to the Hakkenshi rosary techniques.
Stage Five: Up to 4 marbles may be created, with 8 posts of duration to share between them.
Stage Six Effect: Up to 6 marbles are created, with 12 posts of duration to share between them.

Open Slot
Requirements: Power 15, Control 15, Reserves 13, Willpower 14

Stage Five

Name: Koukiaru Kabe (Shine Wall)
Requirements: Power 17, Control 17, Reserves 16, Intelligence 15
Description: A wall of glass five inches thick , ten feet in height and seven feet in width is formed anywhere in sight. The wall defends against any physical attack or ninjutsu lower in stage than the maximum stage known in this list. Via physical touch by the user, the side opposite to the user can produce any image and sound the user can mentally imagine, up to and including blinding light or absolute darkness. The wall is otherwise nearly invisible, with only a thin outline of its edges being possible to see. Sometimes used to run bootleg ‘movie nights’ by delinquent chuunin.

Name: Kagirinai Hyou (Eternal Ice)
Requirements: Intelligence 17, Willpower 16, Tactics 16, Power 15
Description: After hurling a small piece of glass into the high into the air, it shatters and forms into a big white fluffy cloud. For the next 5 posts, a soft snow will fall on the battlefield, extending in a 150 radius. The snow is in fact tiny glass snowflakes. In addition to providing an abundance of usable glass for ninjutsu, this glass snow obscures vision and reduces visibility and the transmission of sound to a 20 foot radius, and also scrambles all radio communications. Glass snow also irritates the eyes and lungs of friend and foe alike, and increases the pain of any open wounds it falls into. The user is not immune to any of these effects.
-24 Intelligence: 250 radius snowfall
-23 Willpower: 10 foot radius vision and auditory dampening
-23 Tactics: Lasts 10 posts

Name: Hari Midika (Glass Familiar)
Requirements: Power 18, Control 17, Reserves 17 Willpower 14
Description: A small glass figurine is created in one hand. The figure can be human, an animal, or even a monster. As long as the figurine is held, the user may make up to 3 life-sized copies of it from any glass in sight per post, without consuming additional usages. These copies are autonomous and possess 1 Novice trait from the Beast Master list, if it would make sense. The copies possess the same physical stats (plus bonuses) as the user and can use 1 glass ninjutsu the user knows. If any copy or the figurine cracks, they all crack, and the figurine explodes, completely paralyzing the hand it was held in for a post count equal to the number of copies made. This jutsu ends only by taking an entire action and post to dissolve the original figurine, destroying the copies in the process.

Name: Hari no Yoroi –Kuro (Armour of Glass – Black)
Requirements: Willpower 18, Intelligence 17, Tactics 17, Control 14
Description: Opaque glass is formed over the entire body or parts of the body, though the head is always covered. The glass is not necessarily but most commonly black in color. Black glass blocks the user’s vision but grants them the sight from anyone who is currently looking at the armor itself. This includes allies, enemies, and any animal larger than a rat. The user will also experience any visual genjutsu that the shared vision target is experiencing. Black glass defends against level 8 physical levels or Stage Five or below ninjutsu. If any part of the armor is broken, the user is rendered blind for the remainder of the thread. Lasts 3 posts or until the user consumes an entire action and post to remove it. This cannot be used if another Armour of Glass technique is already covering the user’s head.

Open Slot:
Requirements: Power 19, Control 19, Reserves 18, Willpower 16

Open Slot:
Requirements: Willpower 19, Intelligence 19, Tactics 18, Power 16

Stage Six

Name: Mure no Kyouran (Fury of the Swarm)
Requirements: Power 21, Control 20, Reserves 19, Intelligence 17, Willpower 15
Description: Upon taking damage that draws blood, the user may form the necessary handseals and instantly transforms the released blood into a swarm of dark red glass flying insects. These insects move and strike together with physical levels equal to that of the damage taken (if ninjutsu, equal in Stage). They will always home in on whoever caused the damage, attacking violently at any soft exposed areas. The swarm lasts 2 posts and will reform in the next post if destroyed. If the user sustains another serious wound and releases more blood while this technique is active, the new wound will generate another swarm and extend the duration of the all older swarms by 2 posts.
-Power 28: Two swarms are released per injury
-Power 35: Four swarms are released per injury
-Control 28: Physical levels of the swarm are equal to the attack sustained plus 1 more
-Control 36: Physical levels of the swarm are equal to the attack sustained plus 2 more
-Reserves 27: 3 post initial duration
-Reserves 38: 4 post initial duration

Name: Amatsugoten no Zanchuu (Pillars of the Imperial Palace)
Requirements: Intelligence 21, Willpower 20, Tactics 19, Power 17, Control 15
Description: A large, 10 foot high, 2 foot radius pillar of glass emerges from a solid surface the user is touching. Pillars act as giant homing beacons for both ninjutsu and genjutsu, attracting and sealing any technique Stage Four or lower (from friend OR foe) into the glass. Each pillar has an absorption radius of 50 feet. However, if a jutsu is absorbed that is higher than Stage Four, or if the pillar is attacked with Level 5 Strength or greater, the pillar shatters and all jutsu are released simultaneously at all targets in the area. The glass pillar otherwise lasts indefinitely until the user exits its radius. Then it will simply fade away into dust. The user may always detonate their pillar at any time.
-24 Intelligence: Sealing radius is 75 feet
-31 Intelligence: Sealing radius is 125 feet
-23 Willpower: Defends against Level 6 Strength
-31 Willpower: Defends against Level 7 Strength
-28 Tactics: Up to 2 pillars are created, and both must be broken to cancel the technique.
-37 Tactics: Up to 4 pillars are created, all needing to be broken to cancel the technique.

Name: Kagirinai Hyou Bakuhatsu (Eternal Ice Explosion)
Requirement: Power 23, Control 23, Reserves 22, Willpower 16, Tactics 15
Description: A single ball of glass is formed then thrown high into the air. In the same post it will explode and form a giant, puffy gray cloud in the sky. In the next post enormous shards of glass will fall from the sky like hail, impaling everything below the cloud in a 150 foot radius. The cloud will stay centered above the user unless otherwise made to stay put. The user does not control where the shards of glass fall, but can expect about 1 to hit every 5 square feet of area each post for the duration. The user is not immune to the shards and must take defensive measures like everyone else. Lasts 2 posts, extended by 1 post each time the user takes damage from their own shards.
-30 Power: Twice as many shards fall per post.
-37 Power: Rather than shards, any 3 point glass weapon may be substituted.
-31 Control: Falling shards can twist and coil on their way down to avoid interception
-39 Control: Shards can be ordered to preferentially strike towards the slowest or fastest targets.
-31 Reserves: Lasts 3 posts.
-40 Reserves: Lasts until no more living creatures exist under the cloud.

Name: Suna Megami no Tessen (Fans of the Sand Goddess)
Requirements: Intelligence 23, Willpower 23, Tactics 22, Control 16, Reserves 15
Description: Perhaps the one personal jutsu that a former Kazekage, Arisugawa Nayoko, taught widely, using this jutsu signifies a tribute to the kunoichi known as the Goddess of Sand. A crystal fan similar to Nayoko’s is created in the air and hovers around the user. Each fan is 3 feet in length. In addition to the usual properties of a tessen, these fans will automatically seek out and suppress explosions, sucking them into the glass before any damage can be done. Explosions less than Stage Six in magnitude can be sealed this way, which includes explosion tags stacked up to any number. If the fans are struck by a physical Strength level of 6 or higher, they will explode in a shower of glass. The fans can be ordered to explode by the user at any time, so long as they are within eyesight. Lasts 4 posts.
-30 Intelligence: Two fans are created.
-37 Intelligence: Three fans are created.
-30 Willpower: Defends against Strength Level 7.
-37 Willpower: Defends against Strength Level 8.

Name: Eikshou Ryuu Bakufuu (Molten Dragon Blast)
Requirements: Power 26, Control 25, Reserves 24, Intelligence 19, Willpower 17
Description: An enormous amount (about a swimming pools worth) of glass is used for this technique, which must either be exhaled from the mouth or gathered from existing glass on the battlefield. This glass twists and coils into the shape of a dragon, the specific details which are up to the user, but usually in the form of the Guardian Demon said to be protecting the first Kazekage’s tomb. This glass dragon has level 2 physical stats but gains an additional 2 levels for each glass ninjutsu already used in the thread (by ANYONE). It can also be wearing one copy of each Armour of Glass technique the user knows. The dragon loses 2 physical levels per post, fading away when its levels reach 0 or when otherwise destroyed.
Open Slot:
Requirements: Power 26, Control 25, Reserves 24, Intelligence 19, Tactics 17

Stage Seven

Name: Amatsugoten no Juzou (Statues of the Imperial Palace)
Requirements: Power 30, Control 27, Reserves 26, Intelligence 22, Willpower 20
Description: One post of preparation must be taken, without attacking or defending, due to the enormous focus required for this technique. The next person or object that the user strikes will gradually and inexorably 'freeze' over until it/he/she is nothing more than a glass monument. A seal version of this technique exists, which performs the same action when placed on a person but can be reversed by erasing the seal.

Name: Kouten no Nagareboshi (Meteor of Heaven)
Requirements: Intelligence 30, Willpower 27, Tactics 26, Power 22, Control 20
Description: A shining obelisk of glass is formed bearing the engraved names of the fallen, much like the one in the Sunagakure. Unlike the cemetery obelisk, this one carries the names of any person the user has knowingly killed. It stands up to 50 feet tall. Any time a hostile action with intent to hurt (from friend of foe) is committed within a 250 foot range of the obelisk, it summons forth a 10 foot wide glass meteor in the shape a skull at its zenith, which then plummets straight towards the instigator of the attack with level 10 Strength and Speed. If someone dies in the area of effect, their name gets engraved into the obelisk, and the killer (unless it was the obelisk itself) is hounded by a glass meteor from the heavens once per post for the remainder of the thread. Lasts 4 posts.

Name: Hari no Yoroi - Saigo (Armour of Glass- Final)
Requirements: Power 32, Control 30, Reserves 28, Intelligence 24, Willpower 22
Description: Placing a seal on their forehead, over the course of a post the user themselves becomes a translucent, incredibly dense glass statue. As a glass statue they retain their sense of sight and hearing and have no need to breathe, eat, or age, but are rooted firmly in place and cannot be moved by any means natural or unnatural. The statue possesses absolute defense from all taijutsu, and only Stage Seven ninjutsu may break it (which kills the user). In addition, the user may use any ninjutsu or genjutsu they know without handseals while in statue form, and consume no usages when doing so. However, the only way to revert back to normal is to have the ‘Evil Sealing Method’ technique used by another person to remove the seal. Failure to do so might result in a long, long vacation.

Name: Amatsu-ou no Tenjoukai Ensei (Celestial Garden of the Imperial King)
Requirements: Intelligence 32, Willpower 30, Tactics 28, Power 24, Control 22
Description: A ripple of Chakra is sent out in a 150 foot radius and after a few moments, everything becomes glass. Trees, animals, buildings, everything short of Shinobi (because of their own Chakra, which retards the initial wave that was sent out by the user) is converted into glass. The glass itself is just as fragile as usual. The effect lasts as long as the user remains alive; anyone caught and suspended, if they didn’t break in the meantime, are awoken and feel as if nothing had ever happened. Technically this effect can be reversed by any shinobi who knows this same technique, in the same fashion.

Open Slot:
Requirements: Power 35, Control 33, Reserves 31, Willpower 26, Tactics 18

Open Slot:
Requirements: Power 26, Control 25, Reserves 24, Willpower 19, Intelligence 17

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This is a secret for later. Seeeeeeecret!

List of things
  • elemental stuff
  • first Lords charge
  • wax refinement
  • construction refinement and or scrapping
  • possible special forces rewrite
  • BoL spellcasting
  • BoL summons

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