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it never gets easier
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Default Junglings Wizlab

I got a bunch of stuff on an old hard drive, and some of it I actually want to keep! I'll be putting things here largely for the amusement of others, since I doubt I'll put forth any more effort in completing them. Expect more poorly done lists in the future!

Here's a justification for having a 'skeleton' item registered in universal!

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it never gets easier
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Don't look here! Or do, it's all a draft so it's not like it matters.

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it never gets easier
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The Maeda Bulletin

Straight from the desk of the Major comes the most pressing issues for the day that aren't related to being ran over by the Rain military! These are a collection of Maeda-related thread/mission ideas that I'll be writing up which will hopefully all relate (directly or indirectly) to a larger clan arc. As new characters are added to the Maeda roster I'll be updating this with some tailor-made missions so we can do some family bonding stuff. I'll be available to NPC any of these as well, so if you want to do one but can't find another Rain character to do them with, I can help!

Unless otherwise noted these missions don't have to be done with only Maeda characters. If you have a non-Maeda character you could do them too, though I can't offer anything cool for you at all in that case.

Underneath each mission description (what your characters will know) I'll provide additional mission info (what you know) for guidance. You are free to ignore the stuff in the spoilers, I'm just providing it to give you some ideas on where to take the thread if you don't have any yourself.

Fresh New Hotness
From: Maeda Coroner Jubei
Subject: Deaths in the Family
7 Maeda adolescents, ages 11 to 17, have died in the last month. The cause in each was acute ethanol poisoning, from what appeared to be the ingestion of lethal amounts of food-grade alcohol. There is reason to believe either a single or group of Maeda is giving these minors access to this dangerous substance. If you find any information related to these events, please notify the Healthy and Safety Corps as soon as possible.

From: Major Shuuya
Subject: Outreach and Extension Meeting Canceled
Once again it looks like our visit to the local primary schools to promote vaccination have to be postponed since another outbreak of karamushi cropped up. This is the third time this year it's happened. Please, if you have children who are active in the community, remind them to wash their hands often. It hurts everyone when accidents happen. Shinobi, do your part to promote safe health habits when around kids, they look up to you!

From: Maeda Amegakure Representative Shingo
Subject: Missing Notice: Tsukasa Kuu
A jounin-level missing nin has been reported on the surface who has possibly been working for the Rain military. Though he is believed to come from Sound, reports suggest he is using very Maeda-like techniques that merit some concern. Neutralization is preferred.

Ongoing Missions
These missions are going to be based on stuff that's already been done by other Maeda. You should probably know what happened in the earlier thread if you want to take one of these!

(Prior thread: Nuptial Flight)
From: Maeda Amegakure Representative Shingo
Subject: CCC Cleanup
Though Usagi's been under house arrest for some time, vagrants are still being pulled from the canals with her strain inside them. Based of prior reports it's likely the CCC has either a store of her blood or living hosts to perpetuate the parasite. Though these second-generation infections are much weaker, the fact Maeda family secrets are being bought and sold like crack cocaine is somewhat concerning. Work with local Amegakure clinics to figure out where the source is, and destroy or neutralize it.

Family Register
I'll be putting some ideas for missions for specific Maeda characters here. These are rough suggestions based on character biographys, current happenings with said characters, and previous mission histories of those characters. These will provide you opportunities to have linked continuity between threads and the Maeda as a whole, but by no means are they 'canon' unless you want them to be. 'Taking' a mission here will effect the clan as a whole on some level (and hopefully your character as well), but feel free to bring others along if you want. By necessity these will be more guided by me than the above mission ideas, but hopefully my presence won't be too suffocating. If you got specific ideas in mind too let me know and we can work together to figure something out.

Maeda Ten
Maeda Ten and Maeda Renko have been seen together quite a bit lately. Is there something more going on there?
To do: Anything that makes you look less suspicious.
Spoilers:Harder than it looks!

Maeda Shin
Medical Corps Missions Posting
We've had the drugs needed to treat karamushi infections for decades, but the military has only recently started trying to solve the problem as our shinobi continue to be a thorn in their side. Their progress has been closely watched and it seems as though they're on the cusp of getting a cheap cure to hand out to their troops. Their research facilities are well defended but the warehouses storing their medicine are sitting ducks. We need a medic to go confirm the presence of the drug, then to destroy it (and maybe the rest of the medical supplies stored there as well).
To do: Drugbusting, in reverse
Spoilers: There aren't any.

Maeda Kazuhiko
(Continuation of Debugging)
Maeda Jubei's Autopsy Reports
I might run the morgue but that doesn't mean I like seeing bodies come in. Now something new is cropping up; Amegakure officials have recovered dead from canals in Sector Two with signs of karamushi infection. They didn't die of it thankfully, and my investigation seems to indicate this strain wasn't contagious at all. Still, it makes us all look bad when dead people show up with our clan inside them, and coupled with those other reports...we could really use a good answer for what's going on here.
To do: File some intense paperwork
Spoilers: Take a wild guess.

Mission Logs
Here's where I'll put some stuff regarding completed missions. Check here for reference material or something, maybe!

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it never gets easier
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I'm going to use this post to save junk that's been moved from the Bulletin. It's all just reference material now.

Maeda Ten
Poster outside Building Monitor Maeda Uryu's office
Vandals struck the west wing of the compound again. Special thanks to Kitami's boys for cleaning it up before the big dinner. We know it's someone inside the family doing this, and we'll catch you eventually so you better just turn yourself in! There's enough trouble in Sector Two without a bunch of kids pretending to be vampires and performing fake blood rituals in our bathrooms. If I see another Shambler rat in the halls, the whole block is going under curfew!
To do: Smack some sense into those kids
Spoilers: It's not kids.

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it never gets easier
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Academy Jutsu: Stage 1
Third Jutsu: A=3, F=2
Open Slot: A=4, B=4
Open Slot: D=4, E=4

Genin Jutsu: Stage 2
Third Jutsu: A=6, B=6, D=4
Open Slot: A=7, B= 7, D=6
Open Slot: D=7, E=7, B=6

Advanced Genin Jutsu: Stage 3
Third Jutsu: A=9, B=9, D=7
Open Slot: A=10, B=10, F=8
Open Slot: D=10, E=10, C=8

Chuunin Jutsu: Stage 4
Third Jutsu: A=14, B=13, C=11, E=10
Open Slot: A=15, B=15, C=13, D=14
Open Slot: D=15, E=15, F=13, A=14

Advanced Chuunin Jutsu: Stage 5
Third Jutsu: A=18, B=17, C=17, E=14
Open Slot: A=19, B=19, C=18, D=16
Open Slot: D=19, E=19, F=18, A=16

Jounin Jutsu: Stage 6
Third Jutsu: A=23, B=23, C=22, E=16, F=15
Open Slot: A=26, B=25, C=24, D=19, E=17
Open Slot: D=26, E=25, F=24, A=19, B=17

Advanced Jounin: Stage 7
Third Jutsu: A=32, B=30, C=28, D= 24, E=22
Open Slot: A=35, B=33, C=31, D=26, F=18
Open Slot: D=35, E=33, F=31, A=26, C=18

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