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Default Jange's Swups

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Default A Jwunge Swup

Jutsu Name: Alcohol Conversion
Stage: One
Description: Invented as a party trick by a notorious lush and passed on from mouth to mouth by those in the know, this technique transforms small quantities of water into alcohol. About one small gourd of material can be turned into a 70% (or less) ethanol-water blend. This means alcohol concentrations of up to 70% alcohol-to-water can be created. Concentrations above 50% are considered flammable, though with the small amounts of alcohol present any flame started would quickly burn up before having time to do any kind of damage (one post at most). Typically this jutsu is used as a quick way to create disinfectant, get drunk, or surprise attackers by substituting the water-ethanol mixture in water-based jutsus (though they can only use as much alcohol as they have available).

As an addendum, the alcohol created by this jutsu tastes terrible even at low concentrations.

Alcohol Primer!
up to 10% is normal for beers, requiring the consumption of several small gourds worth of material to get any kind of 'buzz'
up to 40% is normal for hard liquors, and only a few shots from a small gourd will have the same effect as above
anything over 50% is flammable when vaporized, in addition to acting as an irritant if it gets in exposed membranes (eyes or nose)
anything over 70% is strong enough to act as a disinfectant

One full gourd of 40% alcohol, if consumed, is enough to seriously inebriate a person to a point of helplessness. One full gourd of over 70% will cause severe stupor, unconsciousness, and possibly death. Alcohol in general is very volatile and thus anyone consuming it would obviously know what it is, making it impossible to secretly kill someone through alcohol poisoning. Given the unstable nature of the technique, it can't be used in conjunction with any other water jutsu that would force another person to consume the alcohol.

(In game terms, it's only effect when being used with a jutsu is to make that water an irritant if gotten in the eyes/mouth/nose, or to provide additional pain if gotten in any wounds, in addition to being mildly flammable provided there's an ignition source)

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