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Default Jange's Swups

For Motonubu.

Sand Nin
Name: Cloak and Stagger
Stage One
Description: The user draws a substantial amount of sand (about one small gourd) towards them and infuses the particles within a fabric, usually a cloak or some other large piece of clothing. When the clothing is struck forcefully, the sand is released in a small, vision obscuring burst, similar to a smoke bomb. The cloud lasts only for the post in which it was activated. The user can also choose to activate the sand at any time with the same result.

Name: Spikes Must Flow
Stage One
Description: This technique fixes many small, sharp tools (smaller than a shuriken) into a source of sand. The sand can then be applied and hardened with chakra to any surface, creating a kind of barbed putty. The sand-tool mixture holds together for three posts or when exposed a sudden, large force (level 3 strength or above). The technique produces enough material to cover about four square feet and cannot be placed on the user. The effect is much like a bed of nails, and generally one is discouraged from touching it. (Primarily to be used with makabishi and hooks)

Name: Desert Eclipse
Stage Two
Description: After charging a handful of sand, the user throws his palms into the air. The charged sand then immediately expands in a growing cloud which is attracted to light. After one post the sand will have covered small light sources such as light bulbs or lanterns, reducing their output by 75%. After two posts the sand will cover windows, reducing the light that shines through by the same amount. After three posts the sand will smother out any open flames and shatter any electrical light fixtures. The effects wear off after the third post.

Sand Gen
Name: False Lead
Stage Two
Description: This jutsu is only triggered when the target cannot see the user, but hears them whistle loudly. Immediately after the target will begin to notice a subtle trail leading away from wherever the user is hiding. This trail can be anything that would make sense in context, such as a blood splatter, bits of torn clothing, a trail of sand, or disturbed furniture. The target is not compelled to follow the trail but must notice it in some way. The trial will extend for as far as the target follows it, until the jutsu wears off.
Trigger: Hearing the user whistle

Name: Sandboxed
Stage Three
Description: When triggered, this jutsu creates an illusion that all exits to a room are blocked by large amounts of sand. This includes windows and any other exits the target might attempt to create in the duration of the illusion. The sand can be dug through in one post if the pathway leads to another room. If the exit leads outside the only more sand will pour in (Basically moving from room to room is possible, but going outside isn't). Should the target become encased/overwhelmed by the sand, then their movements are resisted in direct proportion to their strength. Stronger targets (higher than level 3 strength) will find themselves impeded as though the sand were just as high as their ankles. Weaker targets will find it much more difficult to move through, as though it were up to their thighs. The illusion is dispelled immediately if either the target is attacked, or if the target sees anybody other than the themselves pass through the sand-blocked exits.
Trigger: Eye contact

For Gonnohyoe

Name: Smilesicles
Stage 1
Description: Moisture drawn from the body is frozen in semiliquid spikes on the skin, which look like tiny fangs. These barbs are no longer or more dangerous than makibishi, and break lose when enough force (any attack) is applied. These spikes do little more than pinprick those who touch them, but they do provide additional gripping power.
Stage 2: Spikes last 2 posts or until they are removed
Stage 3: Spikes reform once after being broken

Name: Sleetstring
Stage 2
Description: Gonnohyoe can freeze a single length of wire, string, or rope, as well as coating anything touching the string with a thin layer of frost. The frost cannot extend more than an inch from whatever the wire is touching but will provide enough strength to support his weight. The freezing is harmless to the living, and might actually feel refreshing on a hot day. Primary use is to stick strings to things for traps and for pretending to be an ice spider.

Name: Salivice
Stage 2
Description: After forming a crude set of hand seals, Gonnohyoe's spit becomes supercooled. Upon 'release' the spit freezes in midair. The splinter of ice can then cut (like a kunai) while in the air, and flattens out upon impact, coating the area in about a square foot of ice. If it strikes a person then a similar amount of area on their body is coated in ice, and if there happens to be a solid surface behind them, will 'freeze' the body part and surface together. The ice is so thin that breaking free be done in the same post it hits regardless of strength level.

Name: Snowpe
Stage 3
Description: After slapping a misshapen kanji on a piece of paper or surface, the jutsu is activated. The next person or object to touch the makeshift tag has a great deal of fluffy white snow explode in their face. The force is less than that of an explosive pouch and generates enough snow to bury a normal person. Even when buried, however, escape is easy due to the fluffiness of the snow. This quantity of snow will continue to pour out from the seal for 3 posts and will quickly block a passage unless the seal (or the snow) is destroyed or damaged. Stage two ninjutsu or taijutsu will make quick work of the stuff. The snow melts in the post after its duration expires.

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Default A Jwunge Swup

Jutsu Name: Alcohol Conversion
Stage: One
Description: Invented as a party trick by a notorious lush and passed on from mouth to mouth by those in the know, this technique transforms small quantities of water into alcohol. About one small gourd of material can be turned into a 70% (or less) ethanol-water blend. This means alcohol concentrations of up to 70% alcohol-to-water can be created. Concentrations above 50% are considered flammable, though with the small amounts of alcohol present any flame started would quickly burn up before having time to do any kind of damage (one post at most). Typically this jutsu is used as a quick way to create disinfectant, get drunk, or surprise attackers by substituting the water-ethanol mixture in water-based jutsus (though they can only use as much alcohol as they have available).

As an addendum, the alcohol created by this jutsu tastes terrible even at low concentrations.

Alcohol Primer!
up to 10% is normal for beers, requiring the consumption of several small gourds worth of material to get any kind of 'buzz'
up to 40% is normal for hard liquors, and only a few shots from a small gourd will have the same effect as above
anything over 50% is flammable when vaporized, in addition to acting as an irritant if it gets in exposed membranes (eyes or nose)
anything over 70% is strong enough to act as a disinfectant

One full gourd of 40% alcohol, if consumed, is enough to seriously inebriate a person to a point of helplessness. One full gourd of over 70% will cause severe stupor, unconsciousness, and possibly death. Alcohol in general is very volatile and thus anyone consuming it would obviously know what it is, making it impossible to secretly kill someone through alcohol poisoning. Given the unstable nature of the technique, it can't be used in conjunction with any other water jutsu that would force another person to consume the alcohol.

(In game terms, it's only effect when being used with a jutsu is to make that water an irritant if gotten in the eyes/mouth/nose, or to provide additional pain if gotten in any wounds, in addition to being mildly flammable provided there's an ignition source)

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