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Default [Mist Jounin] Nakadan Isao


Name: Nakadan, Isao
Age: 24
Sex: Male
Height: 6'1

Character Type: Shinobi

Country/Village: Kirigakure, Mizu no Kuni
Rank: Jounin
Division: The Navy of Mist - Ensign

Physical Description: Isao is a very deceiving man. His height being six feet one inch, he seems a little taller due to the lacking of bulk. However, he by no means lacks strength. Appearing lean, Isao has a strength above the average shinobi, however by how much not many can tell. This can be misleading, especially should Isao take on a disguise.

Isao has had his serving of many marks, scars, and many other 'trophies' from his experiences. Many of which have healed or faded, however, Isao does have a pale thin line across his chest, another battle wound. Many of the other scars Isao still keeps are located in areas one would not see should they happen to meet him on the street. Most of them are hidden by his clothing, like his upper arm or back. So it would be safe to assume that one would not believe the number of fights Isao had been.

His face contains hawk-like features, specifically his nose. His eyes, sharp and almost piercing, are a bluish grey coupled with his dark hair. His hair, simply put, is usually messy. It was one of those things Isao never bothered about. Isao is extraordinary in that he is hyper observant and has an impeccable memory. Remembering what he sees and storing it for the future is how he got to where he is. Both of which also allows him to catch weaknesses in an enemy, making him a formidable opponent.

Clothing: Isao can, at many times, dress well and elegantly. He cleans up well. But at times he is very messy with his appearance. His clothing is often wrinkled. It is something Isao does not bother much about as much as many would. He had resolved that the standard military dress is suitable for the right moments, donning it too often would lose effect. Besides these factors, Isao's casual is normal and average. Fashionable? Slightly. Training clothing occasionally comprises of sleeveless shirts and shorts. Although, there had been plenty of times where Isao rarely cared. Some of his techniques he could do in any attire. In fact, he prefers it that way.

A thing he rather does not give much thought into, Isao's clothing could also prove dynamic depending on the circumstances. He wears what is necessary. Whether or not Isao is undercover and in disguise often influences his wardrobe significantly. And he can play a part or act an act very well.

Personality: Isao is an expert in psychological manipulation. Sometimes toying with another's mind can prove both useful and entertaining at times. Could one really look into the mind of the manipulator? Perhaps, but such information could only be obtained by paying attention and being around Isao for a very long time. And sometimes Isao wants to hide something, in which case, you're never getting it. A proffessional con-artist, if you will.

Unlike most manipulators, Isao is a lot more subtle and a lot less cold. This makes him perfect for undercover missions. As a person, Isao is naturally that person who people both like and favor. His gregarious nature allows him to earn trust quickly. He has confidence in his abilities, enough to talk out of unwanted situations. He also knows the importance of understanding. Understanding someone or something is the key. Whether it be to manipulate or to simply defeat in battle, it makes no difference. Isao knows before he does. He thinks before he acts. Oftentimes, this means the difference between life and death. Isao knows what he is doing.

In his free time, the jounin is a bohemian. Appreciating art, music, and poetry are such examples. He also has a knack for always being productive, trying to find new things to study and learn to aid him in his work. Neither does he stop learning, being well-rounded and open-minded, Isao always tries new things, techniques, solutions, because he knows that there will always be new problems, trials, and tribulations for him to take care of. He always has new tricks up his sleeve, making him unpredictable.

Isao, though a professional, does not use his skill of mind-bending full-time. Rather, he puts his skills to positive use, to analyze an enemy, understand them, and then destroy them. And the best part is, the enemy never knows what hit them. Whether a person has just met him or have worked with him, Isao would have already taken them apart and examined them.

Nindo; "Way of the Ninja": "A secret is a prisoner in a man's soul, and a man's soul is a slave to a secret revealed. Knowing is power, comprehension is herculean, but omniscience is godhood"

Clan/Bloodline: N/A.

Archetypes: Taijutsu Specialist - Human Tank
Combo Special: The player can resist physical damage from all sources of damage for 2 posts. The Juggernaut has to remain in motion during this period of time and cannot use Ninjutsu or Genjutsu. As soon as the Juggernaut comes to a halt, the effect ends, even if the Juggernaut is technically allowed to keep moving for more posts. This can only be used once per thread.



Physical - Primary [60]

Strength: 1 [+1] [+2] [+21] = 22 (+17 CnK)
Speed: 1 [+1] [-2] [+20] [+2] = 22 (+21 Fool's Bane)
Stamina: 1 [+1] [+1] [+19] = 22 (+14 Fool's Bane)

Mental - Secondary [50]

Intelligence: 1 [+17] = 18
Tactics: 1 [+16] = 17
Willpower: 1 [+17] = 18

Chakra - Tertiary [40]

Power: 1 [-1] [+20] = 18
Control: 1 [-1] [+16] = 14
Reserves: 1 [-2] [+4] = 8


Chigatana no Kenbu (The Dance of the Bloody Sword)
Stage V
Reqs: Strength 22, Stamina 19, Speed 15, Willpower 16

Ahou no Ojike (Fool's Bane)
Stage V
Reqs: Speed 20, Stamina 18, Strength 18, Tactics 16

Hidden Mist Genjutsu
[S1]Kanraku Kibun (Sinking Feeling) Reqs: Willpower 2, Control 2
[S1]Doro Bunshin no Jutsu (Mud Clone Skill) Reqs: Reserves 3, Tactics 3
[S2]Suirou no Jutsu (Water Prison Technique) - I.V. Reqs: Willpower 5, Intelligence 4, Tactics 4
[S2]Shiiru Ninpou: Koji Aratameru (Force Ninja Arts: Fact Change) Reqs: Reserves 6, Control 5, Intelligence 5
[S3]Genjutsu Kai (Release) Reqs: Willpower 9, Intelligence 9, Reserves 7

Global Ninjutsu
[S1]Kawarimi No Jutsu (Body Switch Technique) Reqs: Intelligence 3, Reserves 3
[S2]Kinobori/Kabenobori no Jutsu (Tree Walking / Wall Walking Technique) Reqs: Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4
[S3]Shukuchi (Reduced Earth) Intelligence 8, Tactics 8, Willpower 6
[S4]Tenkuu Hokou no Gyou (The Art of Walking on Air)[/i] Power 15, Control 15, Reserves 13, Intelligence 14[/i]

Gas Grenade [3]
Katana [6]
Kunai [2]
Body Plates [2:front of torso]
Lethal Poison [7]

Weapon Points Remaining: [0]



Mist. Water droplets seemingly trapped in time, obscuring a view into vague shapes or perhaps even removing the depiction entirely. Inside the mist, the temperatures are colder, and the climate harsher. Things can easily get lost in such an illusion.


Our parents? They were always a distance from us, never did really get to know them. Our father was a man of his work, his life consumed by his job as a business man. Despite being our father, we never really knew him, he rarely even spoke to us. Our mother also had a job, she herself was a part of a big tea company. Neither of them ever had the time for us. It was just Isao and I.
-Nakadan Kazuo.

The Nakadan family was truly enigmatic in the Mist society. Nakadan Bishamon and his wife, Nakadan Izanami, emerged in Umitoshi with their infant child, Nakadan Kazuo in -24.00. Both applied for jobs, Izanami for a tea export company, and Bishamon for a trading/shipment company. And both quickly climbed up in the ranks. Despite this, neither of them were social and did not seek to make any friendships with anyone. Many attempts to reach out to them failed. Thus, no one knew anything of the background about the mysterious family. And eventually, no one cared.

It was common knowledge that the Nakadan family did have a considerable amount of money. Nothing compared to many vastly rich entrepreneurs in the world, but enough to be above the middle-class. The expertise in business of both parents reflected that, and most people accepted that it was normal.

A little over a year later, Isao was born. There were no celebrations, no notices, and no invitations. Not very many knew that they had a baby at all. And Isao began his life with his loving brother, not his parents, nor any friends. Ever since Isao could walk, he had joined his brother in private tutor lessons. It was nothing fancy, just basics in mathematics, history, science, and such. Basics, however, was better than most, who sometimes never learn much of those subjects at all.

A couple of years later, the parents sent off the two brothers off to Shijotoshi to give them a more advanced education. They had easily made the money to do this after some years in high positions. The combined money sufficed, and the boys were now completing an education and being taken care of. No one noticed their absence.


The school was hosting an assembly; an important announcement was taking place. Two boys among the congregation, sat side by side and a distance from the group. They knew what this announcement was about.

"You sure you want to go with this?"

"Yes, I'm sure, there's no way I'm going to stay in this hell-hole. Why won't you come with me?"

"Isao, you know I can't do that. What if I never see you again?"

"You will. I promise."

The man walked up on the stage. He was prim and plain. His voice was boring. Despite every reason not to listen, everyone in the room quickly became silent to listen to what this man had to say. This man was the principal of the school, a man that everyone knew to be very proud.

"This school has been renowned for its brilliant, exceptional students, so we have invited to offer a few students under the age of 7 to enter the Hidden Mist Academy and become shinobi to serve their country. I would like to encourage any brave students to apply, and would like to commend you all for working so hard to making this school one of the best."

This was what Nakadan Isao was waiting for. His chance to get out of this school. Since he had arrived to the school he was utterly alone. Not only that, but he was bullied. In order to survive, and sleep on a full stomach, Isao learned to do things intelligently, being smart about where he goes, how he deals with the bullies. His solutions were working, but Isao still felt like a piece was missing, he wanted a new life. He felt restricted, confined. This was his chance.


As one of the ones that applied, Isao was sent to Hidden Mist and joined the Academy. Being a shinobi was no different than living in the tough environment of the school to Isao. You had to learn how to survive by watching, thinking, learning, and then doing. In this way, Isao excelled in school, taking upon himself a few various forms of taijutsu to learn, things he would find in research or encounter. Isao learned to adopt and trash things, as to become a little more unpredictable in fighting, as well as in his social status. He learned to be quick, sharp, and adaptable.

But what Isao did gradually begin to subconsciously trash a few aspects that his mind began to deem unnecessary: kindness, generosity, and mercy to name a few. This toughened Isao out a little, and it helped him survive, thrive. However, Isao began to beat up his classmates brutally during training sessions. When he sent one boy on the brink of death and in a hospital, he realized what was happening. He was becoming rotten, with decay moving deeper and deeper into his core. Isao resolved that this was inhumane, and began to hold his inner beast within. He resolved to be a better person, but he still kept the darker parts of him due to his inseparable partnership during the days of the Academy. His fellow students all knew who he was, what he was capable of, and he struck fear in their hearts for what he did on that day.


The kid in front of him was the last one.

The smell of sweat and blood was palpable; Isao knew it well. It was all laid out before him, he knew how this one fought. A fellow classmate, Isao had observed this contestant since he began going on a winning streak. He lacked reaction-time, but his durability and stamina made up for it. His hits are hard, almost crippling, but his aim is rough. His specialty? Taijutsu, obviously. He had body mass, a considerable amount. To a spectator one would expect this boy to win. But everyone knew he wouldn't.

Isao started out with a balanced stance. Many faces shifted in curiosity as they watched. In every fight before this one, he had always been the first to attack. It seems now was different. Not likely.

Taking this as his chance, the kid chose to deliver a right-hook straight to Isao's face. A blow he probably believed would end the fight. Sa Kishin Kobushi. I should've known. Isao moved inwards and blocked the hook with his elbow, then outstretched his arm to grab the kid's wrist. Having put the boy's arm a considerable distance from him and immobilizing a vital part of his classmate's fighting style, Isao twisted inwards, pivoting on his right foot and moving his left foot under his fellow student's legs. The weight did the rest. The boy was on the ground in seconds and his arm was now broken.

After delivering a solid kick the guy's jaw, he was unconscious, and everything was sealed. Isao had passed genin exam.

He liked to think of all this as euthanasia. Isao was simply ending all the other students' suffering by swiftly ending their life as a shinobi. Deep down, Isao urged a pang into his heart, and was finally satisfied when it came. I'm sorry, but there can only be one champion.


Isao's entrance and introduction into geninhood was one of his more cherished memories. He had met his team, but more importantly, he had met his ship.

Being one of the best in his class, Isao's team was assigned to a ship that he promised he would have for his own. The Executioner, a newly crafted vessel, was not only for Isao's team. A variety of teams, as well as a crew, used the ship, mostly in battle. Isao's team was only allowed to take part in one voyage and use the ship on rare occasions. Since he first laid eyes on the beauty, Isao had claimed it for his own. And nothing was in his way.

Isao spent many, if not all, his genin years watching, learning, and adapting naval warfare. He knew if he was to earn this ship, it would be through valor in the sea. And that is exactly what he did. To name one example, Isao used a simple rowboat to infiltrate an enemy ship. It was big, and Isao easily slipped through. His teammates were held captive, and he had caused a disturbance in one part of the ship, which caused the guards guarding his team to wander. It was a simple tactic, nothing impressive, yet one genin infiltrated a ship of many dangerous men. This did nothing to decrease Isao's reputation, and rumors quickly spread.

Then one day, Isao encountered a boy whom would change his life forever.


They knew it was dangerous from the start. It was an inside mission, in treacherous waters, but the only way it realistically work was with the involvement of a handful of young agents. It was a rising crime organization, by the name of White Shark, and the Hidden Mist could not get grown agents inside. A system of familiarity went on in the organization, and any new full-grown agents were immediately recognized. However, they were accepting many young children to join their ranks, some from the street, others from simple towns. Hence, Isao was sent in, with his team. But it was all wrong from the beginning.

Isao's team was compromised before they even went to cover. Their jounin turned out to be a double agent, corrupt. Unbeknownst to them, as they went in, they were utterly cut off from the Hidden Mist. Oblivious, the team went in deeper. Ironically, they were being trained to kill. Keeping their "special" skills hidden, they pretended to be simple street urchins. Cover was the priority, and the situation was extremely sensitive to the genin. Thus, they ended up doing some bad things. Drugs, killing of innocent people, and, well, you get the idea. This lifestyle was slowly turning the children into monsters. To be robbed of any commitment to any man or woman, to have no one to care about and no one care about them. Such a life has two results. One is that it brings out the worst, the lowest, and the most self-centered aspects of human nature. It kills kindness, creating monsters that kill without a feeling of guilt in their mind. The second is loneliness, a dark void that, once created, is hard to fill. Solitude causes sane people to do strange and eventually insane things, things a right-minded person would never do.

What Isao's team didn't realize was that they were exposing themselves to all these things, and taking on the life that was corrupting so many others. Message after message was sent, and no replies ever came. At first, the jounin reassured them, it was natural. Isao kept quiet, maybe the jounin was right. Weeks soon became months, and as they got deeper and deeper they started to forget what kind of people they were. One would agree that actions can sometimes define a person, and what Isao's team was doing was horrible, abominable. And then, the jounin disappeared.

With the disappearance of the jounin, a genin on Isao's team lost it and started to go crazy. He would talk to himself, and ignore others. Then one day, he just killed himself. Isao and his teammate, lost and feeling defeated, faded away into the child killer program. They began to lose a sense on who they were. One night, the two were drunk and an argument started. Isao ended up killing his teammate. His last real connection to his old life gone, Isao was put into dejected state, where he just didn't care anymore. He killed, raped, looted, and more. His overseer had known he was a shinobi all along, and seeing him succumbing to the effects of no-one-caring-about-you-and-no-one-to-care-for, they had accepted that Isao was officially corrupted. And they were half-right.

To test it, they began giving Isao command, and tasked him with support raids to help higher-ups fight shinobi. Isao did as he was told, sinking a good few ships of the Mist's Navy. Yet, the Mist shinobi had no intelligence on Isao as a criminal, thus he was not recognized. Isao's ship was a small one compared to many, but on the flip side it was faster. His crew was also smaller, all about genin age and of around genin level, but there was one such boy that was special. His name was Eiji Arashima. The boy was just like the rest of them, cold. But he thirsted for one thing that made him different: power. Thus the boy decided he would take over the ship, and organized a mutiny. Isao and his remaining supporters killed all of the mutineers except Eiji, saving him for last. As Isao took out a dagger to slice Eiji's throat, the boy begged for mercy and told Isao that he knew he was a shinobi, a person of honor. Isao remembered his old teachings and relented. He then decided to bring White Shark down once and for all, and finish what he and his teammates started.

A friendship sparked, and Isao's crew began to slowly climb ranks. Eventually, Isao got his task force and led them to kill one of the most important members of White Shark. As they surrounded the man, a new person arrived with a knife in Isao's back. It was the jounin. Eiji then launched himself at the jounin to allow Isao to escape which he did. In his escape, Isao commandeered a small boat and sailed back to the Hidden Mist, where he was promoted to Chuunin for his survival where his teammates and supposedly jounin failed.


Isao snapped back to reality upon reestablishing himself among the shinobi ranks. But the memories of what had transpired were engraved into Isao's mind, and he would never forget them. And neither did he want to. What he did want to do was avenge Eiki's death, rid Mist of the crime organization, and kill the jounin himself. Therefore, Isao worked towards this goal. He trained and trained for hours a day. He also took part in a number a missions, in Isao's head it would make him more experienced and his fighting more diverse. What it really did was make his file look better and better. His previous goal of obtaining the Executioner would have to wait.

Isao was a sailor under the Dragon's Pearl, yet another ship but not nearly as large, and he was one of the most hard-working of them all. He was always the first man to invade the other ship and he was always the one holding the record for most kills and prisoners in a battle. Eventually his peers came to respect him as the most valiant. One such event was very significant in their minds.

The Dragon's Pearl cut through many ocean waves, fighting a brewing storm. All hands were on deck, keeping the ship under control. It wasn't anything they hadn't done before. The distance wasn't very far compared to other voyages, but their final destination worried the crew. They were alone this time. Eventually, the ship had passed the tempest, but many on board wished they had perished in the storm. They were sailing to Kanitoshi.

Under any other circumstances, the men would be more confident in their abilities, but Kanitoshi had been becoming dangerous recently. Crime rates have increased, and many convicts were interrogated. They weren't local, they were foreign. All their reluctant stories were the same. Kanitoshi. Yet, still they were almost useless because they lacked very much information. Their stories were all similar. Impoverished and dramatically poor, they were offered a new life in crime that payed the bills and more. Hidden Mist had sent some chuunin operatives inside, and none came back. Acknowledging this as a bigger threat, jounins were sent and information finally came.

Crime organizations were growing, prospering due to much unification efforts. Not just one, but several. What was Hidden Mist's answer? Eradicate the threats before they became a problem. Thus, the Dragon's Pearl became what would be the inside jounin's reinforcements for the aftermath. For the first time, Isao saw what he had dreamed of since his return after capture. Revenge on White Shark.

When a genin, Isao set a devastating blow on the crime organization. Power over the young generations loosened as they realized they could rebel against the higher orders of organized crime. Kirigakure had in fact sent agents to tear down the remnants of the syndicate, but they under-estimated them. White Shark hid underground, growing and regaining strength. Upon arriving in Kanitoshi, Isao realized he had found the headquarters and he could tear it down for what it did to him, his teammates, and Eiji.

The agents of White Shark and the agents of Hidden Mist had began picking off of each other. Both knew each other were there, and both knew that it was a game of cards, and each move was a gamble. However, the Dragon Pearl was a trump card, and the moment their arrival had reached White Shark's ears it was a full-out battle. Mist was victorious, but not without losses. The force that remained was vastly smaller than the initial force. Many good men had been lost.

Isao had confronted the man that was the root of his problems and annihilated him. His old jounin, after years of corruption, watched his employer's organization collapse in anger, but also looked at the chuunin in amusement. He was confident of his abilities, and resolved that he would wipe this pest off the face of the earth. This deadly mistake gave Isao numerous openings. When a comrade helped him distract him for a moment, Isao disarmed the traitor and stabbed him with his own sword. Eternally grateful for the distraction, Isao looked at his comrade in delight only to find that the former jounin had thrown three kunai, one piercing the man's heart, another his stomach, and the last his abdomen. He died happily knowing he had saved his country from a traitorous maggot, and Isao made sure he had a proper burial and visited the man's family personally.


Isao had been assessed since before the White Shark collapse, and before then they were quite unsure, as they wanted some more major feats in their jounin. However, after killing a jounin ranked missing-nin they began to be sure that Isao was fit for jouninhood. Now an Ensign, the Nakadan felt no different from a chuunin. What used to be respect was now tangible in leadership, however, things felt similar. And times were similar as well. This was when Isao decided to try something other than constant sea life, so he left the Dragon's Pearl temporarily. Afterwards he decided to take a break from shinobi work altogether.

As an Ensign on land, things got weird fast. People would drop by and attempt to convince him to sail again, or to at least do missions. But Isao gave them all the same answer. Why he chose to suddenly stop for a while? No one knows. Some speculated it was he would become a merciless killing machine had he not taken a break and kept his sanity. A few believed it was something out there that Isao was afraid of. Many thought that Isao was done for the rest of his life, he had done quite a part already, so why not?

To many's surprise, he did come back some months later. However, he was suddenly much more skillful then before. His skills had been waxed strong and he knew many ingenious war tactics that he had previously not known. At first no one could believe his genius, and the Dragon's Pearl became a ship with many victories thanks to his tactics. Some included surprise attacks on pirates, naval protection of islands, and even the destruction of a rebellious town. They were small things, but they added up. Isao by no means was trying to make the Pearl famous, and neither did he desire to. Rather he decided to serve his country with sudden efficiency, an efficiency no one expected nor asked of him, or at least that was what everyone believed.


Almost two years later, Isao is still where he was, a talented Ensign of the Dragon's Pearl, a ship barely any one would know about. The Seagull War had begun and the Dragon's Pearl was set to work in defensive positions, defending against enemy ships. Those in high places thought the Dragon's Pearl as expendable, and put them in dangerous situations, ones where it mostly emerged victorious save a few defeats by sheer outnumbering, where the ship simple escaped. Not too much later, the ship was wrecked by a Seagull flagship. Isao and the crew escaped, by using the sinking ship as a decoy and escaping on rowboats to a nearby island. At this island, Isao and the crew took a disguise upon themselves and worked to gain the means to buy a ship and sail back to the Hidden Mist.

Isao began working at a bar near the ocean, and he encountered the strangest thing. A man walked in that was extremely familiar to him. As he entered and ordered a drink, he looked at the man's face and tried to place it. The man was obviously playing subtle, making no conversation. He had only come for a little drink and then he left. Interested, Isao followed him secretly. In a nearby alleyway, he saw the man, being threatened by a more menacing character, who punched him in the face. The man fell to the ground in anguish, and Isao intervened. After subduing the hostile. He helped the man up and that was when he remembered. It was Eiji.

Eiji thanked Isao and told him what had happened. He was being forced to work for the Seagull Country, an exchange that had occurred many years past when the criminal organization was still in power. Since then he was used like a mercenary, except instead of payment there were beatings. And so Isao put his accumulated money to a different use. He was going to take over the island. Weapons were bought, not all at once, which would arouse suspicion, but bit by bit to make it seem normal. Isao then began spreading his influence like a disease. Any non-friendlies of Seagull within the island joined him, and they began taking over in an elusive coup, where authorities would not recognize, at least not very quickly. Over night the residential blocks were secured, and then the administrative buildings were attacked. The group divided into organized squads that conquered individually. Leading bits away from the bulk of the enforcement troops that were present, after leading them away each were ambushed and their numbers quickly decreased. Isao emerged victorious and in the morning he had taken over the island without allowing a single person escape. He had a limited number of people however, and the residents easily outnumber Isao, the ship's crew and captain, as well as those from the island who supported them. Therefore keeping the island for very long wouldn't be a very good idea. A signal was sent to Hidden Mist for reinforcements, and troops came in, making the island now under the Water Country's jurisdiction.

Impressed, Mist decided to test Isao's skill by putting him in charge of the island for longer and longer, only sending a couple of ships for reinforcements. In response, Isao set about by gaining favor of the residents, having extravagant parties often to keep them content. To pay for the parties, the funds were enthusiastically payed by the residents themselves, allowing Isao to keep them in check secretly by keeping their wallets half-full. He also had people stationed and living scattered across the residential blocks, so should chaos break out, Isao could use their families as a bargaining chip. Lastly, as Seagull ships would arrive, Isao would use tactics to hide those in the immediate area, and burn their ships. Now stuck on the island, Isao would dispatch his troops on the shocked Seagull sailors. Keeping this island for many months, and even sending Hidden Mist an application for attacking more nearby plans, Isao had passed the first test that was given him.


The second test involved the Executioner, which Isao supposedly was given temporary command over for his efforts in the Seagull post. He was alongside a minor fleet of the reinforcements that had been sent to him, and he began attacking islands that belonged to Seagull Country. Each time, Isao would win the island over using favor, leverage, and ambush tactics. Spreading out troops island to island, and yet still taking more posts, Isao advanced on more Seagull land. The Seagull Country caught on to this and began sending more ships and being more careful, with more experienced troops. Isao switched tactics and simply pulled back, but as the Seagull men began spreading themselves out, Isao struck back again, only increasing Seagull's losses and increasing his own achievements. Sending another message to his superiors, Isao asked to instead stop advancement and be tasked with keeping the islands until the end of the war. A message was sent back accepting his request.

So, Isao spent the entirety of the war after that keeping those island posts, increasing his hold, and defeating oncoming ships. As the Seagull Country weakened and Mist won the war, Isao had been honored for his leadership, tact, intelligence, and valor for his actions in the past many years. And though his feats paled in elegance to the wondrous victories of the Sea Lance, the Cavalier, and the Dagger, he had been a significant man in the war. Some of Isao's old achievements had been leaked after the war, and people began acknowledging him as a skilled and cherished member of the Hidden Mist and it's Navy. Thus the Sterling Hawk of Mist joined the names that were whispered of the war heroes

Other Info:


Isao's thoughts on more recent events:

The End of the Seagull War
Triumph and success. Isao has no regrets, and is even happy that the Conflict occurred because it granted him a promotion and a warship.

Araiso Shuzamaru No Longer Mizukage and Nemoha Maya New Mizukage
Curiosity, slight disappointment, and interest. Isao knew Shuzamaru had the right mind, but just didn't use it right as the Mizukage. Disappointed that talent was wasted by being deposed by a coup. Interest that a new leader has taken over so quickly and easily. And curiosity to see if the following effects that ensue are positive or negative.

Araiso Shuzamaru, New Water Lord, Brings In New Swordsman of the Mist
Interest. Shuzamaru is using his mind now, and is taking back what was his quickly. Isao believes that it is very likely, especially with his resurrection of the Swordsman of the Mist. Isao speculates Shuzamaru has the means to take everything back and more, or put the entire Water Country into disarray.

Thread Ratings:

Favor: +2 Speed
Global Ninjutsu Revamp: Water Walking -> Reduced Earth
2Favor2Furious: +1 Intelligence, +1 Tactics, Tenkuu Hokou no Gyou (The Art of Walking on Air)

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Jounin stats are 60/50/40.

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1) You can't start off as a tactical officer. The highest you can have as an RPC is an Ensign. Unless it is something you discussed with Gransy. (Ok, saw the note later)

2) As Juu pointed out the stats for a Jounin are 60/50/40.

3) I would say that this has now bearing on your jutsu choices because the stats are wrong, but you have four tai styles. Even with physical primary, you have 25 techs in all. Jounin are limited to... 18, I think?

4) I'd expect a Jounin to be specialized. At this level, by techniques only, you're pretty much at an advanced Chuunin range with Stage Four or less in tais and 3 in Global.

5) An opinion... why did you take Lethal poison?

6) Genin usually aren't seen on ships, and certainly are not stationed on them.

7) I'm iffy on the Jounin's background. It seems like it would be something that Mist would catch on to. It is rather sketchy

8) There is very little way an Ensign would be promoted to Tactical Officer in a couple of years. Even with permission from Grans, I'd like to see a lot more in the bio of how it was earned, rather than some hazy "because he fought threats"
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Alright I screwed up pretty badly on stats here... :/ lemme work on that.

1. Grans said I could. :|

2-4. I'll work on that.

5. I took Lethal poison because... I'm not sure.

6. I didn't say he was stationed. No he only did a few missions with it, and even then nothing very longterm or major. But I can just as easily change it to just seeing the ship if you want.

7. Remember the events that take place in the background are long before the Chuunin Selection Exams. Mist being a country of a turbulent past I believe it is acceptable.

8. Actually I believed it was because of saving the crew of the Dragon's Pearl, but I'll expand with another few impressive feats.


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You currently don't have the stats necessary for Stage 6 Chigatana no Kenbu. It requires 24 stamina, while you have 22.

Furthermore, I believe you may be misunderstanding the 'perk' for Physical Primary. It doesn't make all taijutsu lists cost one jutsu per stage, just the first and the second. So currently your taijutsu add up to 5 (Ekitai) + 5 (Chigatana no Kenbu) + 10 (Fool's Bane) + 9 (Houshou no Buki) = 29 jutsu.
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Adjustments made. I guess I'll only have 4 lists qq

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Genin were and are often stationed on ships. The current Mizukage was herself stationed on a ship when she was an otherwise unremarkable genin. So you're wrong there, Sinn.
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Yes, I gave him permission to try to make one.

I don't mind people trying to be the exception to the rule. The thing about that is, though, is that you have to be exceptional to bypass the rule. Standards are much higher than any other jounin application. More stringent than clans, even. And it's something that can't be quantified easily. But, more on that in a minute.

First issue: You have 5 AP in Strength. That's too many.

Second issue: Your listed bonuses are way off for CnK. They're cumulative, not individual. Also, though it's largely cosmetic, your taijutsu bonuses aren't listed on your physical stats. Check the handbook or other RPCs if you're not sure how that's supposed to look.

Also, I hate how min/maxed this character is. 3 reserves, and his only ninjutsu is Kawarimi? ...what?

Even without reading the biography, it immediately comes off as "at this point in the timeline, this happened. And at this point in the timeline, this happened". It's structured as if it's a checklist of things you think the GM wants to see in order to get a jounin approved.

I did, of course, read the biography. Several times. If your bio is an indication of your writing skill, it's not bad at all. There's some issues with phrasing and a few points where you could have benefited from going into greater detail, though. Another thing that jumps out at me is that it suffers from a very common problem, where people get to their chuunin years and then 'poof, Jounin!'. It's not nearly as bad as some bios I've seen, but it's still disappointing after going into the amount of length you did for his career as a genin.

Overall, it IS a good, solid Jounin bio. Tactical Officer material though? Nah, sorry.

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Alright this may take a while. Going to make some changes here.

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