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Default Shinshi Gemmei - MOED

Name: Shinshi Gemmei
Age: Seventeen
Sex: Female
Height: 4'11"

Character Type:
MOED - Aspirant

Physical Description:
Her skin sags with a greasy, clammy coldness. Like her straight, dull red hair, it lacks any shine or glimmer as though never exposed to the light of day. Freckles and other blemishes dot the girl's face like a dirty pond water, and thin but noticeable red hairs run along her arms and legs. Her straw-like hair grows long or short by the season, though when it hits her shoulders enterprising members of the Shinshi family looking for a challenge try to catch her and wrestle the excess length from her scalp. Dark bags of fatigue hang under each eye, proud scars exhaustion from overuse of her chakra that even a good night of sleep cannot remove. A blunt and smashed-in nose falls downwards to pointy scowling lips and a bold, arrogant jaw. With her small face and crooked eyebrows, Gemmei cuts a wiry image of a starving, mangy alley cat.

As a trained soldier she possesses a somewhat muscular build, but given her tiny size and proportions the muscles seem to cling like bulbous parasites to her twiggy frame. She speaks in a nasal, low-pitched whine like that of a malfunctioning engine, and her words carry a sense of superior self-importance mixed with healthy aggression. Gemmei's movements swirl with a hefty, punctual brutality that can either intimidate or amuse, depending on which side of the battlefield you are on.

In any setting or context, Gemmei possess little to awful fashion sense. As an eternal student she rarely considers the differences between casual, professional, and tasteful clothing, and thus can appear at social functions dressed in heavy laboratory coats, clunky training gear, or stained sweatpants and dirty shirts. Often thick and concealing clothing appears on her person, usually to hide the bruises or scabs that coat her arms and legs as her family tends to ask probing questions about their sources. Always, always, she rolls the sleeves up enough to see the colored bands around her arms- as if wearing the wall of grey was a badge of honor. If her outfits have been cleaned of blood and grime, consider yourself lucky. Her rank-and-file uniform is kept clean by those with more sense than her, back at the Shinshi family grounds. When performing official shinobi duties her outfits and appearance remains at the top of mediocre. Any armor she wears consists of a patchwork of dinged and battered metal pieces, as she has kept some sections purely for nostalgic reasons.

Gemmei is a writhing, petulant ball of loathing and contempt. Her short temper and whiny nature can be sparked by a handful of simple and resolute vices: pride, envy, wrath, and so on. Though, there is a much simpler justification for her boiling, frothing attitude; Gemmei loves to hate. She is at her highest when enraged or frustrated. She is at her best when her attitude is the worst.

Since her younger days she forced herself to make tremendous strides in focusing and suppressing the anger. However, socially she is still rather toxic and her tongue has not lost any sharpness over the years. Popular pastimes of hers include bitching, moaning, whining, and of course, complaining. She holds many grudges against a wide range of people, most who have never met her. For someone with as much ambition as Gemmei, these traits tend to amplify her raw frustration. As a soldier she typically works in a plodding methodical fashion, but can display incredible amounts of acumen when an outlet for her anger crops up. In a similar vein, she possess exceptional (if not constantly infuriated) clarity of mind. Her thought process works like a whip: often it is flaccid, harmless, but functional, yet in a split second it can crack with inspiration to overcome daunting obstacles in a single, frequently dangerous, leap.

Capable of producing both well thought out plans and brute force, Gemmei often opts for the latter. This is primarily a trained response as left to her own devices Gemmei is a hedonist and enjoys abusing the visceral power of her clan's ability much more than its subtle applications. As can be expected, her anger carries with it a sense of entitlement and righteousness- Admitting a failure tastes foul to her, despite how obvious (and frequently) she might cross into that territory.

Nindo; "Way of the Ninja":
"Try to stop me. Just give me an excuse."

Clan/Bloodline: Shinshi

Primary Archetype:
Shinshi Specialist
Special: When taken as primary the user has one free usage of their highest stage of the Hen’iki
Primary: Chakra
Secondary: Mental
Tertiary: Physical
Stat Merit: +2 to Control, +1 to Tactics
Stat Flaw: -2 to Speed, -1 to Willpower

Secondary Archetype: NA




Power: 1 + 10(Pool) +1(TP) = 12
Control: 1 +2(Arc) +11(Pool) = 14
Reserves: 1 + 9(Pool) = 10


Intelligence: 1 +11(Pool) = 12
Tactics: 1 +1(Arc) +8(Pool) +1(TP)= 11
Willpower: 1 -1(Arc) + 8(Pool) + 4(TP) = 11


Strength: 1 +8(Pool) +1(Arc) +5(TP) = 15 (+6 RAF)
Speed: 1 -2(Arc) + 8(Pool) = 7 (+6 RAF)
Stamina: 1 +8(Pool) +1(TP) = 10 (+15 RAF)


Jutsus and Techniques:
Stage I, II, III
Requirements: 14 Control, 10 Reserves, 8 Tactics

Grass Genjutsu
Stage One
Fuuka no Jutsu Requirements: Power 2, Tactics 2
Stage Two
Etai Teichi no Jutsu Requirements: Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4
Stage Three
Heki Tsukene Yari no Jutsu Requirements: Intelligence 9, Tactics 9, Control 8
Doki Etai no Jutsu Requirements: Intelligence 8, Tactics 6, Willpower 8
Stage Four
Fuzentatte no Jutsu Requirements: Power 12, Control 11, Reserves 10, Intelligence 12
Kamigami riki no Jutsu Requirements: Intelligence 12, Tactics 11, Willpower 10, Power 12

Global Ninjutsu
Stage One
Kakuremino no Jutsu Requirements: Power 3, Willpower 2
Anrokku no Jutsu Requirements: Intelligence 3, Reserves 3
Henge no Jutsu Requirements: Control 3, Intelligence 2
Stage Two
Kinobori/Kabenobori no Jutsu Requirements: Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4
Stage Three
Shukuchi Requirements: Intelligence 8, Tactics 8, Willpower 6
Hitoshizeru Bakuhatsu no Jutsu Requirements: Power 9, Control 9, Intelligence 7
Fukuwajutsu Requirements: Intelligence 9, Tactics 9, Control 7
Stage Four
Shunshin no Jutsu Requirements: Power 12, Control 11, Reserves 10, Intelligence 12
Saihen no Te (Hand of Debris) Requirements: Intelligence 12, Tactics 11, Willpower 10, Power 12

Reflect All Force
Stage One
Stat Requirements: 3 Stamina, 5 Strength
Stage Bonuses: +5 Stamina, +2 Strength, +2 Speed
Stage Two
Stat Requirements: 6 Stamina, 8 Strength, 6 Tactics
Stage Bonuses: +5 Stamina, +2 Strength, +2 Speed
Special Techniques: Shield Slide
Stage Three
Stat Requirements: 10 Stamina, 10 Strength, 8 Tactics
Stage Bonuses: +5 Stamina, +2 Strength, +2 Speed
Chakra Coating Shield Technique Requirements: Power 10, Control 10, Reserves 8

Houzou Hakkyou - Grass Village Prison Seal

3 -Shield
3 -Shield
4 -Tower Shield

Additional Weapon Points Gained: 16
Weapon Points Remaining: 14


At an age of sixteen, Gemmei has a total of twenty-one thin, colored tattoos around her forearms. There are several colorful loops, and about a half dozen are white (nearly invisible against her pale skin). The vast majority of the rings around her arms are gray, signifying incidents of great shame in the house of the Shinshi. Most of these bands are located nearer her wrist, where her first trials as a shinobi began.

You are a blight.

She was sick, a third child born much too early to a Shinshi couple. Her toddler years were plagued with some intangible disease and listlessness, a weakness which grew in both her parents' heart and in her clan's hopes. Her older siblings, a brother and a sister several years her senior, had been candidate prodigal shinobi early on in their life. While Gemmei received the love and attention of her extended family as much as any child, she grew up with the whispers saying that such a fragile babe could not amount to much of anything. As per tradition, Gemmei was enrolled into the shinobi academy at the young age of 6. It was thought that it would be best to get her imminent failure out of the way early, as her siblings were progressing onto their genin careers and would require more care and training from her parents than they could afford to split between three children.

A maggot should know its place.

From her wrist to the first white stripe indicating her promotion to genin there are four gray bands. They each correspond to a separate incident during her shinobi training that tarnished or otherwise damaged the clan's image. One is for assault of another student. One is for the deliberate destruction of other clan's property. One is for assault against her own family in public. One is for stealing.

What kept Gemmei from outright expulsion was heavy influence from her family as she proved to have some skill with the art of Hen'iki. As a trainee she was immensely motivated, and even though her results were not spectacular it was apparent she could easily clear the academy courses. While in school Gemmei was a venom spitting viper and a naturally magnetic personality for delinquents. Targets of her bullying were frequently those from other clans, and others that she viewed as attempting to hold their superiority over her. This led to her getting in fights that were far over her head, and often she would head home broken, shredded, and furious.

She graduated without any commendations at 11. Her skill level was good for her age, but nothing fantastic. For this she was given her first white band, the only non-gray color across her arms at that point.

Even your best effort will fall short. You were born inferior right from the start.

During her genin years Gemmei acquired eleven thin colored rings round her arm. Three of these are white, representing two times where Gemmei was lauded among the community for her contributions to research and one time for her promotion to chuunin. There is one green band, signifying the birth of another daughter in her family. There is a black band immediately after, signifying the death of that daughter. The remaining six bands are gray and represent incidents of great shame brought to the household. These bands appear thicker than the others.

Of note are the gray bands she received for assault, stalking, destruction of property, theft, and corpse desecration. While on her genin team, there were several occasions where she personally assaulted a fellow genin who belonged to a different clan. She received the gray band after a particularly brutal fight where the genin ended up with a bruised spine. Gemmei would often use her abilities to steal and spy on members of her own clan and would stalk acquaintances under the belief that they were actively working to subvert her. When finally caught, she received a gray band. There was a short-lived rash of vandalism on several clan properties which were eventually traced back to Gemmei. She was reprimanded and given another gray band. One of Gemmei's acquaintances was a medical shinobi who eventually went into research, of which Gemmei assisted in frequently. The results of this were several improved prosthetic devices, of which Gemmei received white bands for as proof of her positive contributions. Later it was found that some of these improvements had been made possible by Gemmei experimenting secretly on cadavers she acquired illicitly from the hospital morgue. After much debate she was given two gray bands, one for stealing and one for corpse mutilation.

Gemmei was put on a long leave after the event, with explicit instructions that her next infraction would be her last as a shinobi of Grass. Should any further incidents occur, there would be a zero-tolerance dishonorable discharge from service. Fearing for their reputation and out of sincere concern for the child, Shinshi family members staged a dangerous 'intervention' over the course of several weeks to reform the lost daughter. A subverted Gemmei returned to her soldier duties soon after, her prior explosive attitude distilled to a thick but tempered venom.

You can't change a beast.

At the age of fifteen Gemmei received a white band signifying her promotion to chuunin. This was delayed for as long as possible due to her highly suspect record. Gemmei did not display a tremendous natural talent for the art of Hen'iki but proved remarkably resilient and innovative when on duty, frequently using her clan's art in unusual ways that more than made up for her poor latent ability. While notoriety and rumors of malicious pranks still buzzed about the Shinshi, her ability to adapt to many situations gave her a strong professional reputation outside the public sphere. In fact, her route to promotion was sped up dramatically as her team was assigned a series of grueling missions one after the other in an attempt to to prove that the team was not prepared for promotion consideration. Two covert assassinations, one sabotaged drug trading network, and four smoldering piles of rubble later there was little left to do save allow the girl to rise in rank. Gemmei was never allowed near the Chuunin exams- not so much for lack of skill, but because there was widespread belief the Shinshi would do something unspeakable on the world stage if given the opportunity.

In the year and a half that followed Gemmei's teams were always given explicit orders to watch the chuunin when she operated alone. While capable of finesse and subtle maneuvers, Gemmei enjoys taking the route with the highest body count as though doing more damage means she is a better soldier. There exists no gray bands since her promotion, though should she receive another her career as as shinobi would be terminated. Every other band involves mostly births within the immediate family, as her older siblings have already started their own families.

There is no hope for people like you.

When Grass was thrown into inner turmoil due to the release and eventual ascension of Batsu, Gemmei was particularly excited. While she sought to integrate into the new regime as fast as possible, the wounds from the crimes of Shinshi Nori still festered within the clan's reputation and the family collectively kept her from involving herself in anything that might further damage the clan's name. True enough, it only took a short time for the criminal-Kage to be assassinated and replaced by one of the relatively more acceptable Hensou. While many in the clan continue to focus on improving their reputation among the citizens of Grass and stay out of politics, Gemmei has begun to push once again to get herself in the good graces of the men in power. This often provokes fights whenever she is on the family grounds, and generally she is not well liked among the Shinshi for her feckless ambition. The Matriarch Mao in particular tends harbor hatred for Gemmei's scarring of the family name, and the two rarely meet for that reason.

In the two years since receiving her ultimatum, Gemmei has not placed a toe out of line. Her career as a shinobi counts on it.
Enjoy your attitude while it lasts.

Other Info:
10 Currency

Personal Goal: Avoid getting discharged from duty for bad behavior.
End Goal: Dispel any and all doubts others have in regards to her obvious superiority as a soldier.
Thread Ratings:
07/19/13 - Snoops or Busybodies: +1 Strength, Stage 3 Hen'Iki Sekrit Arte
01/16/14 - Just Like a Circus: Doki Etai no Jutsu (Nature's Wrath), +1 Strength
01/02/14 - Coordinraiding: Stage Two Reflect All Force
04/10/14 - Harvesters: Stage Three Reflect All Force, +1 Stamina
06/28/15 - Celebration Sequestration
07/01/15 - Community Service: +2 Willpower, Unlocking Technique
07/11/15 - Dark Matters: +1 Tactics, Henge no Jutsu
07/11/15 - Old Oak Tree: +2 Willpower, Fukuwajutsu
08/18/15 - Best If Used By: +1 Power, Stage Four Genjutsu Kamigami
08/01/17 - Fledge: +2 WP, Chakra Coating Shield Technique
04/16/18 - Gemmarriage: +4 WP, +1 Year
06/27/18 - Too Snoopy For Me - +4 WP, +10 Currency
12/07/18 - Hopefully We Get It Done - +4 WP, Shield Slide
01/22/19 - Eye on the Prize: +2 WP, +1 Strength, Shukuchi
02/19/19 - Outing: +2 Strength, Saihen no Te
08/22/19 - R??d B?????n T?e L????s - +1 Strength, Hozou Hakkyou

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I'm happy for you, and ima let you finish but,

this BUMP is the greatest bump of all time.
not really totally necessary but I'll do it anyway because I'm a cool guy

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How did I not notice you put this here?

Shinshi GM Approval and so on.
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half approved

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And finished off with a Half.
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where the her first trials

whiny nature can be sparked a handful of simple and resolute vices
I think a word is missing here.
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Fixed said typos, including a couple others I caught while editing parts of the biography. I have added this part into the end of the 'genin' part of the bio.

Gemmei was put on a long leave after the event, with explicit instructions that her next infraction would be her last as a shinobi of Grass. Should any further incidents occur, there would be a zero-tolerance dishonorable discharge from service. Fearing for their reputation and out of sincere concern for the child, Shinshi family members staged a dangerous 'intervention' over the course of several weeks to reform the lost daughter. A subverted Gemmei returned to her soldier duties soon after, her prior explosive attitude distilled to a thick but tempered venom.
I also slightly altered some other parts, but nothing which changes the contents too dramatically. If there are further issues (or if this creates further issues) don't hesitate to smack me upside the face with them.
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All right then, Grass Approval and all that.

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Probably overdue, but Approved.

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