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Default Siro's Item Thread

(I would like this to become my Items thread. So when this is approved, could a mod renamed it Siro's Items. Thanks.)

Organic Left Eye
Weapon/Item Cost: 15
Weapon/Item Owner: Kazunori Kaji
Weapon/Item Description:An light brown colored eye that has been scientifically modified for Kaji after losing his eye in combat. By making the pupil shrink in size, Kaji is able to see ten times his normal eyesight. However, if he moves while his pupil is zoomed in then everything will be blurry until he zooms back out. Also, because he usually covers his new eye with bandages until he uses it. The eye has been tweaked to disregard sunlight so that he would not be blinded by the light and see normally when the sun is out. Yet any light that is emitted unnaturally(flashbangs or anything else) still effects the eye.


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