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Default [ANBU] Koike Kano

“Fiat justitia, ruat caelum.”

Name: Koike Kano
Age: 28
Sex: Male
Height: 5’7”

Character Type: Shinobi

Country/Village: Fire Country/Hidden Leaf Village
Rank: Jounin
Division: ANBU – Kuma (Protection and Investigation)

Physical Description:
Not tall and not ruggedly cut from stone, Kano is a hair or two below the average height and wiry as all get out. His skin is a dusky tan color, his upper body moreso tanned from his tendency to leave it rather uncovered in his everyday choice of clothing. The man’s straight black hair is kept at a medium length just short of what some might consider a ‘mop top’—complete with sideburns running down to the point of his jaw on each side—and much more disheveled, reflecting his habit of running his hand through it constantly. The jounin’s eyes are a brilliantly light amber color that people tend to find making them feel a bit uneasy when they find themselves as their target, coupled with his notably mischievous and/or malevolent seeming grin that is so often plastered on the lower half of the man’s rather angular face. He doesn’t bare any noticeable scars, though he does have two tattoos: one of two offset, perpendicular lines in bold black—a symbol he became fascinated with during a block of time when he was stuck in a library for a few months and got to looking through various books on symbols and their usage and various meanings; the second is the Cradle of Fire so well-known of ANBU members.

Dressed as part rock star, part soldier, Koike-san is often noted for his usual attire. His chest is laid bare to sight but for his standard-issue shinobi flak jacket, a black leather cord hanging off his neck, suspending a gold version of the tattoo on his arm that is identical in every way, aside from hanging upside down. As for pants, black cloth plants that are about slim-fitting yet loose enough to allow comfortable movement in a variety of position that might be encountered in his line of work. The legs of the pants are tucked into a pair of glossy, black leather boots that come up just over half of his leg below the knee, fastened tightly with buckled-straps that run up the shin, the uppermost of which is left over, the edges of the boot folding slightly over the rest of the boot from the weight. On each side of the boots, there is a black, hard-plastic sheath much like you would find in use by divers to hold their knives, with pressure releases keeping the twin knives in place

My heart’s on fire, got flames down my spine
I’ve been there, done that, I walked the line
I don’t give a damn ‘bout what people think or say
If you don’t like what you see, get outta my way

Kano…he’s not what you would exactly expect as a cop. Sure, he’s disciplined and got a steady head for the rules, but he tends to let those things register as technicalities in the heat of the moment. “Sticking too close to the rules all the time can allow people to hide behind them; fuck that.” Way he figures it, there are plenty other shinobi out there playing ‘good cop’, Konoha can afford a ‘bad cop’ here or there. Sometimes, you need a guy who is willing to do damn near anything to make a perp spill their guts. Of course, he knows just where is too far and usually stays on the righteous side of the line, but, hell, sometimes you need to be a bastard. Especially when it’s for the greater good. Sometimes, you have to be able to roll up your sleeves and tell yourself that the ends justify the means. And, sometimes, you need to believe that to get to sleep at night.

When it comes to working with others, he tends to be picky, but, hell, orders are orders. He’ll work with them to get the job done, but they shouldn’t necessarily expect him to take them out for drinks afterward or call them up on the weekend to see if they want to hang out. Kano’s found out this approach tends to work best for everyone involved.

Something you got to realize is that, at his core, Kano is a nice enough guy. He may not be boy-scouting it up with old ladies at the market, but, if that old lady was ever harmed by a damn soul, the jounin would hunt the bastard to the ends of the Earth and bring them to justice in mostly one piece. He may not volunteer with the poor, but when someone turns up dead or harmed from some thug, the man is a damn bloodhound and he will do anything to get his man, come Hell or high-water. He’s long since realized the truth of being in his line of work too long: when you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares also into you. It changes you, wears you down, and will drive you either completely nuts or drag you down into it unless you find a balance. So, yeah, he may be the ‘bad cop’, but, when you consider the alternatives of someone who has been on the force as long as him and dealt with the bastards he has dealt with, he looks like a saint compared to what he could easily be instead.

Nindo: “Don’t think for a second that you have a chance of escaping the reward of your actions.”

Merits/Flaws: +4 Power, +1 Control, +1 Reserves, -3 Tactics, -3 Strength.
Special: An Elementum is allowed to effortlessly (and without seals) manipulate their specialist element for a single post post. This can include: launching it, blocking with it, or including it in strikes. It strikes (or blocks) with the force of a Ninjutsu 2 stages below their highest level in their village list (or stage 1 for genin). A 2 post cooldown afterwards is required before the ability can be activated again.


Physical (Tertiary; 40; 9 AP used)

Strength: 1 – 3 [Flaw] + 3 [AP] + 16 = 17 (+16 Kadou-Ken)
Speed: 1 + 3 [AP] + 13 = 17 (+20 Kadou-Ken)
Stamina: 1 + 3 [AP] + 11 = 15

Mental (Secondary; 50; 9 AP used)

Intelligence: 1 + 3 [AP] + 16 = 20
Tactics: 1 - 3 [Flaw] + 3 [AP] + 18 + 2 [TP] = 21
Willpower: 1 + 3 [AP] + 16 = 20

Chakra (Primary; 60; 9 AP used)

Power: 1 + 4 [Merit] + 3 [AP] + 20 + 4 [TP] = 32
Control: 1 + 1 [Merit] + 3 [AP] + 20 +1 [TP] = 25
Reserves: 1 + 1 [Merit] + 3 [AP] + 20 = 24

Jutsus and Techniques: (24 total; 14 freebie, 4 Academy, 6 AP jutsu)

I – Hi no Youran (F1)

II – Kadou-Ken (Vortex Fist) Taijutsu (F2-7; 2 TP)
=Stage 4

III – Katon Ninjutsu
=Stage 1
=>Katon: Tanebi no Jutsu (Fire Element: Cinder Technique) (A1)
=Stage 2
=>Katon Housenka no Jutsu (Fire Element: Mythical Fire Flower Technique) (F8)
=>Katon: Bounetsu no Jutsu (Fire Element: Flame-Resistance Technique) (F9)
=Stage 3
=>Katon Ryuuka no Jutsu (Fire Element: Dragon Fire Technique) (F10)
=Stage 4
=>Katon: Taika no Jutsu (Fire Element: Fireproof Technique) (F11)
=>Katon Goukakyuu no Jutsu (Fire Element: Powerful Fireball Technique) (F12)
=>Katon: Myaku Hitofuki no Jutsu (Pulse Blast Technique) (F13)
=>Kanashibari no Jutsu (Body Freeze Technique) (AP1)
=Stage 5
=>Katon: Kudakasei no Jutsu (Fire Element: Shatterforce Technique) (F14)
=>Atsuisen no Jutsu (Hotline Technique) [TP7] [Replacing: Katon: Go]
=Stage 6
=>Katon Yurika no Jutsu (Fire Element: Fire Lily Technique) (AP2)
=>Katon Karyuu Endan (Fire Element: Fire Dragon Blast) [TP6]

IV – Universal Genjutsu
=Stage 1
=>Fukushi no Jutsu (Double Vision Technique) (AP3)
=Stage 2
=>Meisai no Jutsu (Camouflage Technique) (AP4)
=Stage 3
=>Genjutsu Kai (AP5)
=Stage 4
=>Shunshin no Genjutsu (Instant Transport Illusion) (GMAP1) [Replacing: Nise Shookanjoo No Jutsu (False Summons Technique)]
=Stage 5
=>Naisenranki no Jutsu (Internal Spawn Technique) [TP4]
=>Akumu: Ikari no Kyuushuu (Nightmare: Descent of Wrath) [TP8] [Replacing: Nehan Shouja no Jutsu]
=Stage 6
=>Kouchi no Jutsu (Slow Down Skill) [TP5]

V – Universal Ninjutsu
=Stage 1
=>Kawarimi no jutsu (A2)
=Stage 2
=>Kinobori/Kabenobori no Jutsu (A3)
=Stage 3
=>Shukuchi (A4)
=Stage 4
=>Shunshin no Jutsu (AP6)
=Stage 5
=>Unari (Roar) (GMAP2) [Replacing Hiritsuku Kasumi no Jutsu (Stinging Mist Technique)]
=Stage 6
=>Jishinha (Seismic Wave) (TP3) [Replacing Shoushagan no Jutsu (Vanishing Facial Copy Technique)]

-Combat knife (3)
-Memory cloth (4)
-Sensitive contacts (2)
-Scope Shades (2)
-Kunai (2)
-Explosive Tags (4)
-Flashbang grenades (3)

Weapon Points Remaining: 0
Additional Weapon Points Gained: 0


There’s not much to me, as far as I see it. I’m nothing special. I’m just doing my job. Shinobi ain’t an easy career to follow, sure, and being a cop and more usually falls into the same suit. You have to look at the crap under everything and see the truth and, more often than not, you tend to find a lot of ugly things out about a lot of otherwise good people. Then you have to bring them to justice. What? Of course, there are no exceptions. Criminals deserve justice. Decisions have consequences. You make the choice, you get your just reward and I’m one of those that makes damn sure that happens.

You want the whole spiel? Fine. My name is Koike Kano, first-born and the only living child of Koike Koketsu and Koike Shigota. My father was a distinguished shinobi who earned damn well his position as Force Commander of the KSPD. My mom…she was not a shinobi; in fact, she was the only and cherished daughter of a former crime boss within Hi no Kuni that my dad played a crucial role in bringing down. How the two of them came together and that whole story, really, is pretty fascinating. It would make quite a good play, I think. Alas, nobody has written it yet. No big deal.

Anyways, they got married and the first fruit of their union was little ol’ me, named after my maternal great-grandfather, Yamaguchi Kano, ‘one of the most respectable men he’d ever had to collar’ according to my father. By the time I was for, a second bundle of joy came along in the form of my younger sister, Maiko. She was a brat from the beginning and always had a weird thing about authority and attention. If only we could have foreseen what was coming…

Never mind that for now. Hand me a cig, will ya? Back to the story. For our futures, there was no question where my sister and I were headed. Actually, my father was the only one of our parents to be reluctant. Mom…When I think about it now, I think she felt she had to do something to make up for her family’s sins, for her father especially. I didn’t know how much of a bastard the man was until I got access to the case files years down the line. Made my stomach churn at being related to such a man.

So, I entered the Academy once I was of age and did fine. I wasn’t necessarily a hellion, but I wasn’t a goody-two-sandals, neither. I was enough of a pain to have fun, but never enough to get into any serious trouble. I had a solid group of friends and got ‘cool’ enough—did you notice the air quotes there?—to earn the adoration of a number of girls my age. One of those girls, Motoko, would become much more as time went on, but that’ll come in later. Trust me, we’ll get to that.

Eventually, time came for graduation from the Academy and I did so with little difficulty, as anyone properly prepared for the exam should. Wasn’t a cakewalk exactly, but it’s not like it was the worst test I’ve had in my life. Anyways, I got the fortune of being teamed up with Motoko and a friend of mine by the name of Shubo. We were under sort of a rookie jounin, you know the type: ridiculously straight-laced, desperate to further their own recognition in hopes of getting a better post than they have, preferably something nice and cushy. The jounin in question was named Tatsuga Mirashi. He may have been a rookie jounin and he may have wanted to earn an easy way out, but the son of a bitch knew how to make our lives miserable under his tutelage. Early-bird runs with weighted packs, endless practice, and—this one always seemed unique to me—voluminous pop quizzes that basically led to us spending more time reading various scrolls and books than you would ever imagine. He had us practice all sorts of obscure skills that could easily be accomplished through ninjutsu, but he insisted on making us learn how to do them the normal way so that we could ‘save our energy’ for when we really needed it. After that first rocky year with Mirashi, I began to respect his methods. Need a letter forged? Give me an example and a brush and it’ll be done. A lock picked? Gimme a pin and it’ll be done. The things you can learn from books and a stubborn son of a bitch.

So, time went on and Mirashi took his time training us. We missed four shots at the Chuunin exams because he wanted to be damn sure we’d walk in and own the entire thing. Every day, we’d be up before the sun for our conditioning. Every night, we slept soundly. We rarely got days off, so to speak, but when we did, we made use of them. Particularly when it came to Motoko and myself. It was about four months before we finally got to participate in the Chuunin Exams that we went beyond friends-slah-crush to an actual relationship and we’d sneak in whatever chance we could to be together. It became a challenge and sort of a game for us to see how much we could get away with during Mirashi-sensei’s lessons and trainings and definitely on missions. The both of us were kids playing at adult emotions and passions. We weren’t really ready for everything it entailed. It would tear us apart.


Anyways, the day finally came for our shot at the Chuunin Exams, held in our home turf. We walked in pretty damn well prepared. We were a well-rounded team, Motoko, Shubo, and I. The first test was a pain in the ass, or would have been had it not catered to one of the main things Mirashi-sensei had stressed during his whole trip about not always being able to rely on ‘ninja magic’. Riddles and puzzles, mostly. It stressed thinking like a shinobi, since that is the first step to being a true shinobi. Well over half of the attempting teams were gone after that. Before we were given time, the building the exam had been given in?

It was engulfed in flames. Phobos and Deimos, my friend. Fear and panic were so thick that you could taste it. People were running around like idiots and getting themselves injured. Our team, well, we were spooked, no doubt, but we were not about to lose our heads. We made our way out of there as quickly as efficiently as possible, grabbing others on our way out and telling them to follow us. It was a pain in the ass and pretty trying, especially once beams started falling. We didn’t have much time left to screw around and had to really get through fast. This was about when I realized just how much control I could exert over fire. I mean, I had an affinity for it, no doubt, but, I mean…okay, there was this hallway we were in and it was collapsing around us and the way out was blocked by a lot of fire. I just sort of…exerted myself over it and it died down enough for use to get by. It was intense.

Anyways, we get out to find the examiners waiting for us. The other genin who weren’t with us were scattered around, nursing their wounds and being seen to by medics for their injuries. Nobody had been seriously done in, but it was enough to make a damn big impression. People were pulled away according to team and the examiners revealed that they had just experienced the second exam and that only 8 genin were allowed to advance. Our team was the only complete group to make it through to the final exam.

I’m not going to play by play the tournament for you. I wasn’t the champion. Shubo was, actually, that crafty son of a bitch. I went down in the semi-finals, as did Motoko. But Shubo came out as the real star and for good reason. The dude was a beast of a soldier and one of my deepest regrets is letting him go the way he did. But, he did it to himself. We shinobi all tend to go by our own consequences.

That night , we celebrated big, bad, and way more than anybody not even 15 should. Our gang of friends had absconded to the woods outside of the village, about 20 of us all total, with shadily acquired booze—a first experience for all of us—and no worries about what may come. We lived for that night. Motoko and I took the last step any relationship can take towards intimacy, really, and that would be where we screwed up. Like I said, we were dumb kids playing at adult emotions. Our consequences would be pretty heavy. That night is also where Shubo met what would be his big enemy: alcohol. He was the most celebrated of us all, so he felt compelled to continue his string of being ‘cool’ and drank himself to oblivion and ended up choking to death on his own vomit that night while the rest of us were passed out.

I was the first one to come to, waking to find myself naked, curled up with Motoko—which was a real shock since I didn’t really remember it until later, after my pops had beaten the sober into me, so to speak—and threw my clothes back in a panic at the realization of what this meant and started looking at my surrounding. I did a sort of head count on everyone I could remember being there through a splitting headache, overall uncoordination, and blurred vision. Then I saw the guy who had been pretty much my best friend since we were in the Academy and decided to try and wake him first. I shook him and…

Yeah, anyways, before I could get much further towards stirring the others, a search and rescue type of squad—or that’s what made the most sense to me—from the village swooped in on the scene. The whole next two weeks was hell of a lot of suck. There was Shubo’s funeral, of course, and having to deal with seeing his parents and younger siblings, bereft of one their loved ones at such a shining moment. There was having to look my parents in the eye and try to explain myself. There was the ass-whippin’ that my pops doled out with extreme prejudice. You can’t leave out the penalty doled out by our superiors in the Konoha line of command that basically stuck all of us on really terrible duties for the next six months or so of our shinobi careers. And, of course, all the lost respect that our team in particular had just earned during the Chuunin Exams, particularly with our star member dead by his own excess.

And, finally, there was Motoko and I, having to deal with crap we were not ready to deal with in the slightest. Our parents leveled the whole field with us each individually and, well, they tried their damnedest to keep us apart. Things between the two of us were so weird. We knew what we had done and we vaguely knew the consequences, but we didn’t really understand them. That came a few months down the line when, after a grueling day of menial work as part of my punishment, I walked in the house only to get a backhand from my mom. The stun of it was the biggest effect. Before I could even get the word ‘What’ from my mouth, she said the one phrase a 15 year old boy is never quite ready to hear concerning their girlfriend.

‘She’s pregnant.’

Yeah. Motoko was pregnant with my children. Neither of our parental sets were sure what to do with this situation. That night began the first of about four straight weeks of ‘serious conversation’ about everything. Motoko was going to be pulled back from active shinobi duty and relegated to hospital duty. I was going to finish my punishment and then I was going to be a man and support my child. That was the parental decree. Momo and me…we just accepted it. They had way more knowledge in this area than either of us did and, well, we could both understand that they had our best interests at heart.

Motoko and I hadn’t hardly talked since the night we had shagged. Hadn’t talked about what we had done and how we felt about it. Now, we were encouraged to spend time together dealing with this. We made a good picture until her belly began to swell. If we had been about four years older, it would have been a good picture the whole way through, but no, we weren’t that fortunate. The thing nobody tells you: childhood crushes and ‘love’ ain’t the strongest and it ain’t the truest. We stuck together because we felt obligated. We had gone so far, we had to stick together. Neither of us would admit it until just a couple of years ago, but it was the truth. Nonetheless, we tried to do the right thing, to keep things normative.

I worked my ass off and actually succeeded at getting a break from a colleague of my father’s in the KSPD who felt pity for me and mine and wanted to give me the chance most wouldn’t. It was grunt-ass work on the beat, but it was better than nothing. Plus, it was stable and gave me an opportunity to prove myself. I continued training and working steadily as Momo went further and further along. Before long, we got a piece of just great news: it was twins.

Twins? What the hell? How were two kids going to raise one kid, let alone twins? That was what we thought. We felt so slighted by the Universe, by Fate, by whatever God thought it funny to do this crap. I have come to understand, however, that as soon as a child takes the privileges of adulthood, he is open to the consequences. We tread on ground we shouldn’t and this was the lesson.

I became absorbed in the job to keep my mind off of the crap of life. I started taking jobs that would take me far from my reality, that would wear me down to the point where I could barely make it to a couch before passing out. I was becoming a workaholic unconsciously. Or maybe it was consciously. I dunno anymore. The day our children were born, I showed up just in time to see the second one crown. She still won’t admit it, but Motok resented me for missing the first 16 hours of labor and only showing up after she’d done all the hard work mostly by herself. Nonetheless, I held her hand while our second daughter came into the world. We took a good deal of time trying to cope with what had just happened—or I did at least; the pain of the ordeal had made things quite crystal for her. The names? Oh, Ayame and Azami. They were and still are two of the most terrifyingly beautiful things I’ve ever seen. They’re 13 now, you know? Want to see a picture? No? Your loss.

The first few months were terrible. Motoko had it harder than I did by far. I was scared and selfish enough to keep busy with work and leaving her to tend two infants alone often enough that, while my professional reputation was soaring form my hard work, my personal one was becoming that of ‘dead beat dad’. At sixteen! After my father had another one of his patented ‘heart to hearts’ with me, I explained to my boss that I’d need to cut back on my workload a bit through eyes swollen shut and busted lips.

The two of us had moved into our own place a couple of months before the girls had been born and, before long, we had a frequent visitor in the form of my little sister. You remember Maiko from earlier, right? Well, she had graduated from the Academy early. She was three or four times the shinobi that I was at her age and so damn gifted. It was ridiculous. She was also’s Pops’ little girl and got away with murder. Well, not literally, but you get the picture. She had become a right brat, especially because of the fact that, since I had fucked up, she had been saddled with the greater expectations and the greater leeway. I could tell that it probably wasn’t going to turn out good in the end, but I was too busy taking care of Motoko, Ayame, and Azami to be able to set her straight or really notice how bad it could end up. Mostly, Motoko and I were just glad to have her so eager to help with the girls.

Over the next four years, Motoko and I got the closest we had been to normality and love that we had ever been. We understood it better than we ever had and were really trying to make it work and, hell, we even did it up right and got married right square in the middle of it.

But, yeah, those four years were also a time for my sister’s emotional fuse to blow. She was a pre-teen and, suddenly, a teenager. And with puberty came the flipping of her emotional switch. She became oddly rebellious and, hell, I don’t even know all the details any more. I did at one point in time, but it got lost. What I remember is the definitive act, is where and when she crossed the line from rebellious teenager to case file.

What I gathered is that she got caught messing sans clothes around with her teammates—one female and one male—by my mom whilst pops was away on assignment. Much shock and yelling came from my mother as she demanded to know what they thought they were doing. I don’t know what was in little Maiko’s head, but she just snapped, called my mom a slew of curses and then—BOOM—hit her with four throwing knives out of nowhere; literally no where since she was practically naked. She then recruited her teammates-slash-lovers into tormenting my mom for a bit, mutilating her severely, then tying her down and bleeding her out. Then, they fled.

Shocked? I sure as hell was when I walked up to my folks place to find it practically swarmed by shinobi. They tried to keep me from seeing the scene, but the curiousity and panic made me unstoppable. They had covered her up, but her hand and her wedding ring were uncovered and that was all I needed to know who it was. Everything that was in my stomach came up in a gut-wrench of agony. I cried, I’ll admit it. You would if it were you and don’t you try and deny it, you pansy. It’s a good thing if you can feel that sort of sorrow. Means you are still human, that you still have a soul. The moment you go beyond feeling grief for another person, that’s when you step into very shady territory as far as I am concerned.

Anyways, I flashed my badge—not that it was really necessary for anyone at the scene—and demanded to know what happened. Fortunately, probably one of the best detective-types I had ever met was there. He had ways beyond just logic of figuring out just what happened at the scene of a crime and he broke it to me. It didn’t make sense to me that Maiko had done this. Hell, it still doesn’t quite. Nonetheless, I volunteered to be allowed to bring her in. They tried to refuse me and most were telling me to go home to Motok and my girls and be with those who loved me and whom I loved. But I am too stubborn for that. I didn’t want to sit back and let someone else do the work on this one. I didn’t care that I was too close to this case. This was my flesh-and-blood dead by my flesh-and-blood. Maiko and her teammates needed to be brought in and I could do it.

They succumbed…kinda. They told me to not do anything stupid and to go home. They never said anything about staying home, however. I went home and got my supplies in a rage. Momo tried to find out what was going on, what had happened, but I shut her out. I ignored her. I pretended she even existed. She begged me to let her know anything and I pretended like she wasn’t even there, walking practically through her without yield. I was gone without a word.

It didn’t take long for me to find her teammates. They were panicking in the woods about three hours run outside of Konoha, hiding under the bough or a willow. They were comforting each other and trying to rationalize everything out. They realized what they had done was wrong. Not that they were willing to surrender when I dropped into the clearing. Oh hell no. The girl tried to run, but she was way too slow to get far enough before I was on her. The boy tried to defend her in a moment of nobility and I rewarded him by twisting his left arm at the wrist until I hard a snap. He fell to the ground in pain and shock as I gave the girl one last chance to surrender.

The little tramp shot a fireball at me! ME! Koike Kano! I dodged easily enough cought her jaw with my knee. She bit off part of her tongue as her teeth slammed shut, cracking a couple of her ivories and knocking the front two on top clear out of her mouth. She was out like a light. A quick kick to the boy’s gut guaranteed he was as well. They were coming back alive. Injured, but alive.

I heard her before I saw her. The gasp. I turned, my vest spattered in the blood of her girlfriend and her lovers laying at my feet, to see little Maiko shiver for a second. Fear? Excitement? I don’t know. Whatever it was, it was lost in a see of bravado. I asked her why and she dodged, taunting and teasing and dancing around the subject. Part of me thinks that she realized that I was there to bring her back alive to face her punishment. She either wanted to escape with her life or die. He didn’t want to be truly punished for what she had done. She didn’t want to have to think about what she had done and face that she had killed our mother. I told her that she didn’t have a chance and to surrender. She turned to pleading with me as her brother to let her go, that it was all a mistake, that she was just panicked and acted without thinking.

That was all bullshit. She had thought about what she did to mom. She had probably laughed as she stabbed needles into her eyes and cut off her breasts. Had probably mocked her as she split my mom’s tongue into shreds with the very knife she later jammed into her nethers. She had thought about it when she slashed Koike Shigota’s throat open.

I wanted to kill her. I wanted so bad to use one of the techniques I had picked up from a perp and combust all the air in her lungs. She had earned it. She….

No. Maiko had earned more than death. She’d earned justice. She’d earned coming back and facing the consequence for her crime. Death would be a slap on the wrist.

I told her to shut up and give up immediately. She started to cry and used it as a cover to launch a handful of senbon at me that struck true into my left leg, immobilizing it somehow due to their presence. She was a crafty little bitch, that’s for sure. But me? I wasn’t playing with kid gloves on anymore. A snap of my fingers and the fight was done. Her flesh was aflame in an instant and she screamed my name, begged me for mercy, calling out to me as her big brother to forgive her. She meant it only so much as that she was sorry that she had gotten this as the reward for her choices.

I doused her with water once I was satisfied and she immediately passed out. She was alive and would heal, but she was hurt. Excessive? Probably. But, hell, if I had given her any more room to act, I probably wouldn’t be here right now. Like I said, she was three or four times the shinobi that I was when she was 12; that had evened out some by now, but she was still the superior skill-wise. It all came down to opportunity and willingness to not pull any punches.

I hauled the three back to Konoha and was met by an armed welcoming party. They had been hunting for me and, well, needless to say, they were shocked upon seeing my haul.

What? Why are you so focused on the whys and wherefores? You want to know why Maiko did what she did, read the psych files. I was a cop, not a headshrinker. I had done my job. That’s all that mattered to me and, after a few weeks, my superiors agreed with me. It was shortly after this that my record of service was really looked into. Even I hadn’t noticed how distinguished it had gotten. I had done a lot of little things and enough big things that I was getting noticed. My variance from orders-slash-creative interpretation of rules concerning the pursuit of my sister was both a bad and good thing, since I had brought them back alive, despite all the damages they received.

My mother was dead. My father committed suicide during her memorial with the help of an explosive tablet. So, there I was as the last of my family. Well, if you count Maiko—which I don’t, of course—then it’s just me and the burned up husk that is sitting in prison for the rest of her days left of our family. What normality that I had withered slowly. Motoko did her damnedest to drag me out of it, but she was a little disgusted with me after I did what I did to my mom’s killers and scared of the aura that I projected. I did lip-service to my fatherly duties with my daughters as I sort of sank into a pit of work and self-loathing. No, I don’t feel like describing it exactly, let’s move on shall we?

Another year of hard work, training, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, and I was promoted to jounin. The day I was granted my new rank, I came home to find our home vacant of Momo and our daughters with a note. She wanted a divorce. She explained how she couldn’t stand by and watch me do this and that I needed to get myself in order and that I could see the girls after I wasn’t such a—her words here—‘black hole’.

And she was right. I wasn’t happy and wasn’t much of a person. I got up in the morning early, left, and would get home in time to pass out. Sure, it was great professionally, but it made me not much of a man anymore.

So, there I was, suddenly alone not only by someone else’s actions, but by my own as well. I threw a nice little pity-party for awhile that kept me from making Force Commander in the KSPD. It took me a good year and a half to finally get that, sure, someone else may have had a hand in it to a point, but I mostly did this to myself. I made the choices and this was my reward. I finally looked myself in the mirror and told myself to ‘Man up and own it’. What, you don’t believe me? I did. It was my turning point. I had a long way to go, but it was a worthwhile struggle, I believe. By owning what I had done, what had happened to me, and who I was, I was able to get out of that hole a good bit. Everyone has to negotiate the abyss within at a point and I got pretty well out of it.

In time, things have gotten better. Motoko and I started talking again and I get to be a part of my girls’ lives. I made Force Commander after some supposedly ‘brilliant’ work and shows of dedication, talent, and leadership. It’s been hard work, but it has its rewards. People not directly effected have mostly forgotten the whole Post-Chuunin exams fiasco and I’ve started gaining a deal of respect from my career if nothing else.

Of course, you can’t quite rise to a post with a record like I have and not gain attention. About five months go, I was contacted by a source that I’m not going to reveal for a whole new position. I was offered a spot in ANBU in the Kuna division, what they decided would be most suited to me due to my police background. Oh, sure, I wasn’t much of a detective back in my greener years, but you don’t get far in the KSPD without learning to play it gumshoe. And, yeah, I would have argued for Taka myself but, eh, defending the people of Konoha from the great threats of our time…it sounds good no matter how I slice it. And here I am now.

Well, I enjoyed this conversation, Doc. I’m sure you will report that I am of fine mental standing, right? Good. If you excuse me, I have two little girls to dazzle on their birthday today. Did I tell you that they were turning thirteen?

Other Info:
-Is an extremely proud and protective father to his twin daughters, Ayame and Azami
-Smokes approximately two packs of low tar cigarettes known for their unusual flavor of smoke a day; the smoke is often said to taste kind of like bacon
-Doesn’t hold out any hope of reconciliation with his ex-wife, stating that it’s probably for the best that they both try to move on to find someone they love without effort; despite this, Kano has not been on a date since they separated…unless you count taking his daughters for ice cream every week or so
-Has an aversion to funerals
-Theme Song: ‘God’s Gonna Cut You Down’ by Johnny Cash

Mission Log:
-Out of the Frying pan and into the fire: +2 GMAP, +3 Thread Points, +3 Missing-nin Bonus (Marked as thread points)
-ANBU - A night in Exile: +3 Thread Points
-Heroes of the People: +2 Power, Atsuisen no Jutsu (Hotline Technique)
-Guardians of the Will of Fire: +2 Power, Akumu: Ikari no Kyuushuu (Nightmare: Descent of Wrath)

"The more I see of what you call civilization,
the more highly I think of what you call savagery!"

Robert E. Howard, King Kull
||GM, Arechihana Bloodline Clan of Sand||
||Co-GM, Shoda Bloodline Clan of Cloud||
\\Shoda Hoshihana, Cloud Jounin//
//Arechihana Sasori, Spartoi\\
||Yotarou Ouji, SUNA chuunin||Koike Kano, ANBU||
||Hasami Kuma, the Iron Devil of Sound||Tsubasa Kinoshita, Rain Jounin||


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A pretty excellent bio by all accounts. I like how it was told, and how it pretty nicely weaved his personal and professional life.

Leaf GM Approval

Let's get this bad boy rolling.

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As long as he's not popping up in my thread...


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Half Approval. Damnit Kyz, you AP hoarder. >.<
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Approved and moved. Kick-ass bio, sir. Also glad to see another smoker on board.
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