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Default [ Kaito - Items ]

Cost: 19

1. Thermodynamics.
- a function of thermodynamic variables, as temperature, pressure, or composition, that is a measure of the energy that is not available for work during a thermodynamic process.
2. (in data transmission and information theory) a measure of the loss of information in a transmitted signal or message.
3. (in cosmology) a hypothetical tendency for the universe to attain a state of maximum homogeneity in which all matter is at a uniform temperature
4. A doctrine of inevitable decline and degeneration

A theory. A method. A measure. A state of being. Entropy is all these things at once, yet none at the same time. The very definition by which we practice its understanding seems to defy all the words that plead for explanation. This is why Shinsui chose to coin his meticulously crafted weapons thus, for it encapsulates the essence of his swordsmanship.

Ordinary by most means, the superficial value of his swords seem no more significant than the blades themselves. A deep jade scabbard of plain design houses both, of which Shuang Dao-influence seems quite prevalent. Somewhat wide and reasonably thin, each blade sits at a comfortable length that seems to match that of a wakizashi (though only slightly longer to feel more applicable to Shinsui’s height), but has the sturdy build of classic Chinese broadswords. Single-edged and curved, the craftsmanship is made apparent in the cutting quality, which transfers along the blade continuously regardless of position or momentum. Even at close range, the blade will cut just as sharply from a short swing as it would from a wider one, due in one part from the curvature, and another from its excellent weight and balance.

A disc-shaped guard of impenetrable onyx connects blade to hilt, which by itself extends a handsome 22cm down, curving slightly in the opposite direction of the blade. Conjoined, the two blades bear the weight and strength of a traditional dao, but when unclasped seem to retain this dexterity. Even the guards and hilts, by reasons unknown, seem to self-repair when detached, allowing a smooth transition from single, half-circle swipes, to the wide-arc maneuvers practiced when wielding two swords. In fact, there would be otherwise no reason or method of discerning that these weapons come as a pair at all. Even when attached, they bear no greater width or shape that might hint at such, and when split apart they appear as clones of the original.

The special ability of these swords, however, lie not necessarily within the sword itself, but within the effect produced by Shinsui’s application of chakra. When attuned to him, which requires no more skill than it does to, say, walk on water, the blade begins to attract the moisture in the air to it, allotting itself on whatever area Shinsui sees fit. Along the blade itself, on its width, even at the hilt or guard: there is no limitation to where this moisture may settle.

Then, depending on where it is affixed, that water can be used in a variety of ways. When placed on the edge, it may bypass a block by continuing onward to where the blade cannot, or perhaps have the effect of a serrated blade when pulled away, leaving a shredded wound rather than a clean on. On the face of the blade it may be widened to extend past the metal, giving the sword more ability to shield against attacks. Such are but a few examples of how the water may be applied to already lethal affect of these two swords.

The implications here, though, are that there is only a certain amount of water or moisture that may be used in such a way. At any given time, the entirety of only one blade may use this ability (though this may be split between the two), and relative to the moisture in the air may only be used sparingly. Even sweat may be used as a means of adopting this property, but again, only in this limited capacity and, moreover, for only so long until entropy is achieved.

- Inspired by and styled after Zuko.
- This ability may only be used twice a thread, each ‘turn’ lasting three posts with another post as cooldown.
- Was crafted in part by Shinsui and another blacksmith in Mist. May be replaced/repaired by Shinsui if broken, stolen, or otherwise misplaced.

Swaps // Items

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Default Genshi [ Komatsu Rikaku ]

Genshi // Phantom Limb
Komatsu Rikaku
Cost: 20
the illusion that a limb still exists after it has been amputated

Hauntingly subtle in its likeness to the arm it is meant to replace, the Genshi possesses features above its organic counterpart. Comprised of a newly engineered alloy that can only be termed as ‘bio-titanium’, its form is highly malleable yet firm and resistant, withstanding physical trauma of even the highest pedigree but able to bend and mold unlike normal tensile metals. Not to be confused with indestructible, it does, however, have a remarkably high melting point and even accommodates most the nerve function most prosthetics seem to underestimate. In effect, it transcends the illusion built by the phenomenon it was named after, and achieves even a glimpse of the humanness lost.

Quite clearly a prosthetic, its design is meant to allude to its unnatural use. Shallow groves scar it from elbow throughout, glistening and pulsing azure in stark mimicry to the life lines it once harbored, outlined in a deep scarlet that provides severe, almost painful contrast. An aesthetic effect that is easily camouflaged under even bandages, a primary vein trails from the top of his wrist and winds its way down the length of his forearm to just above his elbow, and this too shines that eerie, paranormal gleam. Further made unique by its somewhat gritty and devastated exterior, neither rough nor smooth to the touch, its appearance is quite otherworldly.

Uncommonly imposing, this arm possesses a demonic quality to it, but resonates with all the sophistication of a device. Jagged in design, the most unique physical aspect of it is how the hand is modeled. It glows a delicate beryl hue, which only further highlights its clawed shape. With fingers that spiral into sharp points, and violently crimson knuckles scaled menacingly, thin lines run all along its surface with no visible pattern to speak of. In all, the superficial resemblance of the Genshi can be placed more akin to a gauntlet or vambrace: armor-like in both use and appearance.

However, as its careful engineer is well aware of, the artificial limb bears an ability that could have only been created by the fusion of Yuki’s superb technology and Konoha’s ambitious ingenuity. Crafted by the ever-talented Keika of Roots, the Genshi allows an apparition of sorts to spring forth from the limb in its shape. Coined as a ‘chakra shadow’, it is essentially the same concept employed on most standard weaponry (a common example being that of a sword lengthening its deadly edge by chakra), except only advanced and more readily adaptive of the changing battlefield. As it were, chakra is funneled through the arm and molded along its exterior. Channeling it further through the arms precise internal operations, it gives it a more corporeal structure. In effect, this ethereal limb is an exaggerated, extended appendage that may lash out in certain proximity.

None more extraordinary in its otherwise preternatural usage, its function and acts exactly the same as the arm it is manifested from. It bears no greater strength than his own grip, is no more durable than his own arm, and boasts only a few choice advantages: it may be attuned to proportionate sizes greater than the arm itself, it does not fall prey to the pain he might otherwise feel if it were his true arm, and may only achieve a total length of 3m. This essentially adds a full spear’s length to Riku’s arm, and places him at great advantage in any confrontation.

- Class 2 Titanium-base Prosthetic with an active chakra circulatory system

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