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Name: Soutouryuu (Two-Headed Dragon)
Requirements: Mizu Soujuu (Water Manipulation)
Weapon/Item Cost: 12
Weapon/Item Owner: Chijin, the immortal one-million-men slayer.
Weapon/Item Description: To someone seeing the Soutouryuu for the very first time, its appellation would certainly seem peculiar. Indeed, if it wasn’t for the fact that its blade had been snapped in two a few inches away from the hilt, this weapon would simply have been regarded as an uninteresting and banal katana. However, there is more than meets the eye to it.

Rumoured to have been forged with a rare ore possessing strange freezing properties, the Soutouryuu allows the wielder to literally recreate the katana by combining water particles and shaping a new blade made of solid ice – as an extension to the original shattered one. One of the main features of this improvised blade is that, depending on the whim of the wielder, it can either have a jagged or smooth edge. The second aspect of this weapon is the ability to extend a dagger-shaped crystal blade from the butt of the hilt as well, thus the name Soutouryuu. However, the length of the blade from that side can never exceed two feet.

It has to be pointed out that, despite its nature, the icy blade is resistant enough to parry metal without shattering. The wielder can however allow it to reverse back into its original state (water particles) whenever he wills it.

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