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Default Kapeesh's Swaps

Corpse Appearance Theft
Stage: 3
The art of changing the body’s appearance has been known among shinobi for a long time, but the transformation is quite limited and fragile. This technique allows a more stable transformation by performing physical contact on the target while manipulating chakra; the user can take the target’s physical appearance and there would be no visible differences between the original and the copy, this version of the transformation technique can last as long as the user wills it and no damage dealt against user would undo that as long as he’s conscious. This technique can only be performed on a corpse or an unconscious person

Sand Medical Tools
Stage: 1
A simple medical technique developed by Shuju to allow himself to perform surgery away from medical centers. This technique creates a toolbox of medical tools that are perfectly suitable for medical use… clean too. (This provides the tools required for medical jutsu and no combat-friendly tools are created.)

Sandball Barrage
Stage: 5
The technique uses a sand source and forms hard balls of sand (baseball-sized sand balls) and throws them at a specified target. Each ball explodes with the power of an explosive tag. Shoots 5 balls.

Sand fog
Stage: 3
Description: This jutsu uses any available sand source to gather sand around the target in a fog like effect to reduce his ability to see, he wouldn't be blinded but not able to see well. It makes aiming jutsus or projectiles hard but it also affects the user, it affects an area of about 7 feet and followed the target and the user will know that his target is somewhere within that floating sand. The jutsu wears off after three posts or if affected by a higher level wind jutsu. It can be escaped by going underground or teleporting (Such as kawarimi).

Daidomyaku - Sound's Taijutsu Style.
Stage 5

Sharp Palm
Description:The user focuses chakra into his palm and makes it vibrate like a tuning fork but at a much higher frequency. These vibrations turn the user's palm into a sonic weapon - the frequency allowing it to sheer through materials by literally shaking them apart - and for all intents and purposes turning the user's hand into a sword.

Hydro Pump
Stage: 5
After performing the required handseals, water is gathered at the user’s palms and can be fired in two different ways. The first method unleashes the water, sending a blast of water about the size of the user and it’s capable of throwing people around without doing much damage; it’s pretty much just a big push and can reach up to 4 meters. The second method fires a focused blast the size of the user’s palm that goes in a straight line and can punch through steel. It can reach up to 5 meters. Each of the user’s hands can fire in a different direction and both have the same power.

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Default My swaps

The sword mentioned below is this one.

Stage: 4
Toushi focuses chakra into his sword’s hilt in its normal form and then stabs it into the surface then he transforms it into its chained shape and the rest of the chain emerges from underneath the target, giving the user a six-foot long pieces of a blade with chains between them. The extended part from underneath the target is fully controlled by Toushi. This can be used as a jack-in-the-box-styled-surprise or like a sneaky snake hiding under the target’s legs and trying to sneak up on prey. The target must be within 20 feet.

stage: 4
This technique turns the sword to its chained form if it’s not already in that form. Toushi launches the chain forward like a harpoon and having it stick onto objects and by releasing the chakra, the chain shrinks, pulling Toushi towards the point which his sword was pinned onto. If the blade isn’t strong enough to pierce the surface it was fired against, it sticks just by contact due to glue-like chakra. This technique is typically used for boarding ships or climbing, dragging object and occasionally for stabbing.

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Default Swaps for Kap

The harpoon technique mentioned is in my swap thread.

Octopus Harpoon
Stage: 6
This technique is based off of Toushi’s other harpoon technique, but this one fires more harpoons. By gathering a layer of water, covering his whole blade, Toushi is capable of firing eight water-made harpoons at high speeds towards his target (they all head to the general area where the sword is pointing.) Four of the harpoons tend to veer to the left while the other four to the right and while doing so Toushi is capable of firing the original harpoon in the center at the same time. This technique is typically used to trap or pierce a target in multiple locations.

Piercing Fountain
Stage: 6
After scratching the surface of the ground with his blade, Toushi places an arm on it, pumping water into it. By doing so, a circle of about a dozen blade-shaped streams of water form around Toushi, firing at impressive speeds on a 45 degree angle away from him. Toushi stands at about a foot away from the edge of the circle and Each stream is capable of slicing clean through steel. The stream fires and ends at the same post.

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Default Kap Jutsu

Sparkling Sand
Stage: 1

After performing the required hand seals, Kin throws a handful of sand. The sand crackles with some noise and each grain turns into a spark. The sparks are quite harmless (unless they get in someone’s eyes). The technique is primarily used for distraction and illuminating dark areas for a few seconds.

Explosive Stab
Stage: 3

Kin coats his weapon with a thin layer of sand and then next time he strikes anything, the sand sticks to the struck object or person. Afterwards Kin can cause the sand to explode with the force of an explosive pouch by doing a single hand seal. The sand sticks unless it’s dampened with water or alchohol.

Explosive Charge
Stage: 4

Kin grabs an item and charges it with his chakra. Once the item is charged, it loses color and takes a shade of gray and is imbued with explosive properties. After the item is charged, it explodes upon colliding with anything or once it’s triggered by Kin with a single hanseal. The technique can only be used on inanimate objects and it can only be used on one item at a time. Opponent's permission is required for non-bulk items.

Items the size of kunai or larger explode with the force of an explosive pouch.
Items the size of a monitor or larger explode with the force of an explosive tag.
Items the size of a small couch explode with the force of two explosive tags after a full post of charging. Nothing larger can be used.

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Default Kapeesh's Swaps

Swapsfor Ryu, my leaf nin who knows katon and Ryuujin-fu

Internal Combustion

Stage: 2
Once Ryu impales someone with a blade of his, he can then charge the stabbed person with chakra, causing him/her to light up in flames. The flame can be extinguished by any normal means... or the target can burn to death.

Fire Manipulation
Stage: 4
Due to his ability to control fire, Ryu can extract or 'pick up' fires. This technique acts much like a vacuum for flames, allowing Ryu to pull fires and grab them in his palm. This can be used to put out a fire from a burning object or person. The gathered fire can then be thrown and explodes with the force of an explosive tag upon making contact.
Note: This is to be used on non-jutsu fires or flame-based techniques of stage 2

72 Pounds of Fiery Fire
Stage: 4
This technique functions much like the 72 Pound Cannon technique. Ryu swings both swords in midair and send a flaming vacuum of fire. This technique does not retain the slashing qualities of the original. Instead, this flaming version is made to cause an explosion. Targets often catch fire once hit with this technique.

Flaming Swords
Stage: 1
Ryu can charges his swords with chakra, using the same abilities gained from his ryuujin-fu techniques on his sword. The flames on the swords are as strong as the ones for his fists and have the same duration.

Blazing Bolas
Stage: 2
Ryu conjures a flame between his palms and throws it at his target. Unlike most fire techniques, this one takes a solid form, turning the flames into bolas made to trap targets and burn them in the process. This burns less than an actual fire and only causes second degree burns upon prolonged contact (2 posts).

Ring Blast
Stage: 5
After summoning some flames, Ryu smacks his palms together, sending an explosive blast around him. The force behind the blast can knock people several feet away and stop jutsu of stage 4. The range of this technique is 20 feet.

Fire Step
Stage: 3
By focusing chakra to his feet, Ryu is capable of leaving behind him a trail of fire. The trail is left even on non-flammable surfaces and the flames left are a 4-5 feet high. Ryu can continuously leave a trail of fire behind him for 2 posts and any fires created this way are automatically extinguished after 2 posts from ending the technique (either effect can be ended prematurely). This technique was originally designed for escape purposes, to prevent an immediate chase.

Heat Wave
Stage: 2
By using an already flaming sword, Ryu can further charge it with chakra for some added effect. The sword swing sends a heat wave that is only noticeable by an approaching heat blur. The wave can travel for a distance of ten feet before losing effect. The technique has little effect at first, but it is made to be used repeatedly. Being struck by the heat wave once will cause the target to start sweating and slight dehydration. A second strike will cause the target's body temperature to slightly increase. The third time causes dizziness and disorientation. Being struck a fourth time can often knock the target unconscious.
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Default True Bijuu Ability

Ethereal Flame
Rather than engulfing himself with fire, the jinchuuriki can turn into what basically is an ethereal being. By triggering this ability the user is no longer a solid object but instead he is a humanoid body of pure flames. Ryu's entire body shifts into a fire along with everything in his possession except for his demon bound gauntlet, which is unaffected and maintains its natural state.

In this celestial state attacks that are purely physical simply pass through the jinchuuriki's body but at the same time his own body isn't capable of hitting back in physical means.

-Ability lasts for 2 posts at a time, unless ended prematurely. There is always a 3 post cool down, regardless of duration.
-Regular taijutsu doesn't work on the user. Punches and kunai simply go through him, but chakra charged fists or weapons work.
-The user can't hit with his ethereal limbs either, but he is on fire after all so damage can be done by the heat.
-Anything that manages to hit the user is received as blunt force damage.

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Default Bijuu Art Swap

Bijuu Art: Orbs of Fire
Stage Five

Upon initiating this technique orbs of fire start forming around the jinchuuriki. The orbs float freely around the user, but in close proximity. Normally the orbs orbit the jinchuuriki in haphazard patterns but they can be made to remain stationary or using any combination of movement patterns. The orbs can also be launched at any number of targets at any direction.

The mini meteors are solid and extremely hot while orbiting the user. They act more as a repellent than a strong defensive force as they are capable of deflecting projectiles but any strong blunt force trauma or ninjutsu would obliterate an orb. On the other hand when used offensively the meteors explode upon impact.

Initiating this technique increases drive by 10. Maintaining control of orbs adds 5 drive per post (starts from the post after the technique is used)

1 Force: 4 orbs can be created
2 Force: Each orb explodes with the force of two explosive tags
3 Force: 6 orbs can be created
4 Force: Each orb explodes with the force of three explosive tags

Puppet Arts: Puppeteer Proxy
Stage: 6
Using this technique the puppeteer can use one of his puppets to act as a puppeteer in his place. The puppeteer controls one machine using this technique and that single machine can produce chakra strings to control the others. This technique does not change the total number of puppets that can be controlled and the proxy puppet is still restricted by the distance limits that would affect the real puppeteer.

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Default The Court of Owls: Kapeesh's Personal Summons

Personal Summons of Kapeesh

The Court of Owls

A: Control
B: Power
C: Reserves
D: Tactics
E: Willpower
F: Intelligence

Paths of the Shrine Maiden

Stage 1
Kuchiyose no Kyouichi
Control 3, Intelligence 2
Kyouichi is a little guy, barely bigger than a chick, that hasn't been fully inducted into the court of owls. His inexperience shows, with his actual knowledge of the mystic and arcane being minimal. Instead, he relies on his favorite hobby, 'Ninja Info Cards', to learn about threats and techniques in the shinobi world. Kyouichi is a huge collector, and a font of knowledge that may or may not be true, a regular rumor mill. He also looks up to his older brother, Kyourama, as an amazing magic user, and 'so much more powerful'. Most of his solutions to problems is letting his summoner know that his brother could probably handle it if he was here. That is, unless he knows some factoid that might help, in which case good luck getting him to shut up about the situation.

Power 3
Control 4
Reserves 3

Intelligence 3
Tactics 3
Willpower 2

Strength 1
Speed 3
Stamina 2

Paths of the Shrine Maiden
Jikan wo Tsutaeru - Telling Time [2 Control, 2 Intelligence]

Stage 2
Kuchiyose no Kyourama
Control 6, Power 6, Tactics 4
The newest owl in the court, Kyourama is proud of his own mystical accomplishments. Maybe he is a little too proud. His claim to fame is his young mastery of the celestial hand. When talking to his younger brother, Kyourama becomes a bit snooty and overly boisterous, and he treats the summoner in a similar way. His accomplishments make him much better than any old summoner, and as a member of the court, he is clearly superior in that way as well. Kyourama isn't too useful in battle though, and becomes flustered at the very idea of entering a fight, his eyes bulging and feathers ruffling. But in a pinch, he can be depended on to get a task done. He is a good owl after all, and wants to be great one day.

Power 4
Control 5
Reserves 4

Intelligence 4
Tactics 4
Willpower 3

Strength 2
Speed 4
Stamina 2

Paths of the Shrine Maiden
Yamino Tankyuusha - Darkseeker [5 Control, 4 Power, 4 Reserves]

Fukuton: Celestial Hand*

Sage Technique:
Fukuton: Tentai no Te (Owl Release: Celestial Hand)
Requirements: Control 7, Power 7, Tactics 6
Lacking hands to manipulate objects, Celestial Hand isn't just a convenient spell for members of the court, it is almost essential. Celestial Hand creates an almost translucent hand, visible because of small star-like sparkles inside it, that appears from a small portal created anywhere the creator can see. The hand isn't any bigger than an adult human hand, and is about as nimble as the average person. The hand can pick up objects that weigh a few pounds, and can reach out about a two foot distance from its starting point. It can also make a basic attack, with strength level 1. The hand can pocket a small item, bringing it back into its portal, in which case the item will appear in its creator's pocket or pouch.*

Additional power can be poured into the Celestial Hand, giving it more strength. With every sage usage burned, it can punch with an additional level of strength. For every stage 2 or sage usage burned, it can leverage an additional 40 pounds of weight.

Stage 3
Kuchiyose no Kyoukage
Control 9, Power 9, Tactics 7
A strange one among the court, Kyoukage considers himself part of the 'Mask and Cowl', a conspiracy within the court of owls. They are so secretive, that besides Kyoukage, the other members of the court of owls have no idea which owls are members. Kyoukage has darker feathers than his fellow court members, and wears a white owl-faced mask over his face with a black star-speckled cowl over his head. But he still keeps a star patch on his breast, to show his rank in the Tower of Heaven. An extremist, Kyoukage is known to try to talk Summoners out of continuing their studies, believing that 'all magic is destroying the world by corrupting its power'. Often he will state 'All seals shall break!'. The main magic Kyoukage is willing to use is a power of his own creation, which unravels opposing magic and returns that power back to nature.

Power 8
Control 9
Reserves 6

Intelligence 7
Tactics 4
Willpower 7

Strength 2
Speed 6
Stamina 5

Paths of the Shrine Maiden
Shinpo Genkaku: Yami no Kankeki - Hex Illusion: Bolt of Darkness [8 Control, 8 Power, 6 Reserves]

Projectile List
Senbon Ninpou: Kansen (Needle Art: Infection)* [Intelligence 7, Willpower 7, Control 6]

Higiton: Counter-Magic*

Sage Technique:
Higiton: Han Ningen (Arcane Release: Counter-Magic)
Requirements: Control 10, Power 10, Intelligence 8
With a large enough spike of mystic energy, it has been observed that weaker spells can be disrupted, or even outright destroyed. This requires high awareness of the technique, and strong idea of the nature of it. It isn't enough to know it is a fireball, you must know it is a fireball that intends to explode, or a shield made of multiple layers of wax, or an illusion that predates on a fear of heights. With the technique identified, a glowing burst of blue-purple energy is ejected from the user and toward the target technique. For any technique that is stage three or below, it will be ended immediately and need to be restarted. For any technique stronger than stage three, the user must also spend a usage from the stage above the target technique. If the user doesn't have a strong enough usage, Counter-magic fails in a spectacular flurry of energy without harming the targeted technique at all.*

When targeting techniques above stage three, any technique that has a longer duration is only disrupted for a post (But more usages can be burned to continue disrupting the technique). If the targeted technique is above stage three, Counter-magic counts as an offensive action. Counter-magic cannot stop the taijutsu bonuses of a taijutsu, but it may be able to stop chakra-generated effects like generated weapons, clones, or elements.

Stage 4
Kuchiyose no Kyouten
Control 14, Power 13, Reserves 11, Willpower 10
The Major Alchemist of the Second Order of the Tower of Heaven, Kyouten has a long title, and all the pomp to go with it. While as an owl he is a basic light brown, and only slightly larger than a natural owl, his feathers are well tended, and he wears an overly tall blue hat that shouldn't be able to stay on his head, adorned with several stars to show his place in the tower of heaven. Kyouten talks too much, and spends all that time to remind the summoner how little they know about every subject. He is a wise owl, relatively, and well versed on a lot of subjects related to the mystic arts, ninjutsu, genjutsu, Miko, chi, whatever the topic may be. But getting any answers typically requires sitting through long drawn out speeches, full of comments about the summoner's capabilities, and not all of it will even be accurate since he knows you don't know better.

Power 11
Control 12
Reserves 10

Intelligence 9
Tactics 9
Willpower 12

Strength 5
Speed 11
Stamina 11

Paths of the Shrine Maiden
[S4] Ofuda Gijutsu: Genkaku Kyohi - Seal Technique: Deny Illusion [12 Control, 11 Power, 10 Reserves, 12 Willpower]
[S3] Ofuda Gijutsu: Kyouka - Seal Technique: Reinforce [8 Control, 8 Power, 6 Reserves]
[S3]Shinjutsuno Kyouyuu - Sharing the Truth [8 Willpower, 6 Intelligence, 8 Tactics]

Projectile List
[S3] Ame no Yadama (Projectile Rain) [Power 8, Control 8, Reserves 6 ]

Higiton: Celestial Gate*

Sage Technique:
Higiton: Ten no Mon (Arcane Release: Celestial Gate)
Requirements: Control 15, Power 15, Reserves 13, Tactics 14
While mystical teleportation isn't uncommon, the Celestial Gate is an advancement in both technique, and application. The Celestial Gate rips open a swirling star-filled portal to any location the creator is aware of within a mile. The gate is large enough for humans to walk into it one by one. Inside the portal is a small corridor, a tube that seems to hang suspended deep among the stars. Anyone that enters the portal finds themselves pulled toward the other portal, not moving by their own locomotion, but floating to the other end. It only takes a few seconds to get to the other side, where they will be deposited wherever the portal leads.*

There are some major differences between the Celestial Gate and mere shunshin techniques. For one, the Gate does not need to be used to escape. A Celestial Gate could be placed a few feet away, allowing combat relocation. It could also be used to get in and out of a secure location. The Celestial Gate can also transport large amounts of people, the gate burning an additional usage each post to stay open. Another usage can also be used to make the gate wider. Another usage can be used to speed up movement through the corridor for the creator or anyone they designate.

The Gate will always force out anyone in the corridor before closing. The Gate cannot open to anywhere but open air, meaning it cannot lead to walls, underground, underwater, or similar.

Stage 5
Kuchiyose no Futago
Control 18, Power 17, Reserves 17, Willpower 14
The Twins are odd among summons, always being summoned as a pair of average sized white feather owls. They both wear blue cloaks with three stars on them, showing their place in the Tower of Heaven, and the Court of Owls. The pair, one male and one female, work in tandem, speak in tandem, and work their magic in tandem. They are owls of few words, but can pull off amazing feats of magic when working together. Their specialty is teaching spontaneous or improvised magic, an ability to force chakra to the mind to create new techniques on the spot. A costly ability.

Power 14
Control 15
Reserves 14

Intelligence 13
Tactics 13
Willpower 12

Strength 8
Speed 15
Stamina 10

Paths of the Shrine Maiden
[S4] Haishi - Repeal [12 Control, 11 Power, 10 Reserves, 12 Willpower]
[S4] Hikari no Nami - Wave of Light [12 Willpower, 11 Intelligence, 10 Tactics, 12 Control]
[S3] Ofuda Gijutsu: Obi no Seikatsu - Seal Technique: Band of Life [8 Control, 8 Power, 6 Reserves]
[S2] Hoshishinsei - Starburst [5 Control, 4 Power, 4 Reserves]

Projectile List
[S4] Namaru no Yadama (Hidden Projectiles) [Power 14, Control 13, Reserves 11, Willpower 10]
[S3] Gyakujou no Yadama (Projectile of Distraction) [Power 9, Control 9, Intelligence 7]

Higiton: Magical Insight*

Sage Technique:
Higiton: Himitsu no Chisei (Arcane Release: Magical Insight)
Requirements: Control 19, Power 19, Reserves 18, Tactics 16
With enough knowledge of the mystic arts, it is possible to come up with amazing techniques on the spot. Remembering them afterwards is the hard part. Insight allows the user to formulate any of a thousand techniques on the spot, crafting a technique to suit their exact needs for that moment. Their eyes glow a deep blue-purple, speckled with stars, before they make the proper motions or actions required to execute the ability. Commonly, this means using hand seals. With each seal their fingers glow, because it isn't their own knowledge or practice guiding them, but wisdom gifted from beyond. When the move is executed, their fate is locked for the rest of the day. Magical Insight will not produce any new technique that day, but can be used again to repeat the same technique it recalled before.

Magical Insight allows the user to call on any jutsu stage five or below, from any village elemental list or genjutsu list, or global ninjutsu/genjutsu. Using the technique requires burning an additional usage for the technique recalled. When insight is used to repeat the recalled jutsu, it will again require a stage five usage and a usage for the actual technique being used.

Stage 6
Kuchiyose no Kyoujin
Control 23, Power 23, Reserves 22, Willpower 16, Intelligence 15
The Grand Vizier, Third Order, of the High Flight in the Tower of Heaven. Kyoujin is often the most powerful summon that any owl summoner will meet. He leads the Court of Owls, and spends most of his time away from the battlefield studying near the top of the Tower of Heaven. So when he gets summoned to handle petty problems, he is sufficiently pissed. Kyoujin has dark feathers with white speckles resembling a star-filled sky. His cloak has a constellation of five stars to show his level of power among the Court. He matches it with cuffs on the end of his wings, and a cropping of feathers on his face that sort of resemble a wizened beard. He likes to wear a big dark blue floppy 'wizard' hat. He is actually smaller than most of the other summons, smaller than the average adult owl. Getting Kyoujin to help can be difficult, as he likes to stand 'above' his summoners and look down on them. If he finds the situation intriguing enough, he may help, but he doesn't stick around long if he is in any real danger, that is unless he trusts the summoner enough to protect him.

Power 21
Control 21
Reserves 21

Intelligence 18
Tactics 16
Willpower 19

Strength 8
Speed 20
Stamina 15

Paths of the Shrine Maiden
[S6] Shinpo Ofuda Gijutsu: Dainashi Unmei - Hex Seal Technique: Spoiled Fates [21 Control, 20 Power, 19 Reserves, 17 Willpower, 15 Intelligence*]
[S5] Buki wo Shiiru - Sealing Weapon [17 Control, 16 Power, 16 Reserves, 15 Willpower]
[S4] Onajimi - Familiar [12 Control, 11 Power, 10 Reserves, 12 Willpower]
[S4] Enshi no Gishiki - The Ritual of Far Sight [12 Willpower, 11 Intelligence, 10 Tactics, 12 Control]
[S1] Kurai Geijutsu - Dark Arts [2 Control, 2 Intelligence]

Projectile List
[S6]Otaki no Kaiken (Dagger Cascade) [Power 21, Control 20, Reserves 19, Intelligence 17, Willpower 15]
[S5] Senbon Ninpou: Ekitai Kinzoku Juuketsu (Needle Art: Liquid Metal Blood Congestion) [Power 19, Control 19, Reserves 18, Intelligence 16 ]
[S4] Senbon Ninpou: Bakudan Senbon (Needle Art: Exploding Senbon) [Intelligence 14, Willpower 13, Tactics 11, Control 10]
[S4] Go Kadogateru no Tesaki (Five Pointed Fingers) [Intelligence 12, Willpower 11, Tactics 10, Power 12 ]

Arcane Hex Release: Formshift*

Sage Technique:
Shinpo Higiton: Henkan (Arcane Hex Release: Formshift)
Requirements: Control 26, Power 25, Reserves 24, Tactics 19, Willpower 17
Morphing the body of another is difficult, forcing their body and spirit into a whole different shape. But with the superior technique of the court of owls, the art has been cultivated, some would even say perfected. As the attack is charged the user's eyes glow a blue-purple filled with stars, and a similar energy seems to flow inside their beak. When they open their mouth a gaseous cloud like a nebula spills onto the battlefield. It only works within a 20 foot cone, the rest of the gas falling away harmlessly. But anyone in the cone can be changed to an animal of relatively similar size (they cannot lose or gain more than half of their weight. So a human could become a large dog, or a small horse. An owl could become a large rodent.). The act of changing is dramatic and a little horrifying, their body warping in a matter of a few seconds.*

The target's shifted form doesn't take away their ability to mold chakra or perform techniques. Even if they no longer have hands, they are effectively like a shinobi animal, and can mold their chakra if they perform some facsimile of the proper seals. But their new body is alarming and strange, and it lowers their taijutsu levels by one each, and they cannot use their highest stage of techniques.*

Formshift usually lasts one post, but for every two usages burned, an additional post duration is gained. These usages must be burned when first ejecting the gas, not knowing whether it will hit or miss. Purifying their chakra can actually release someone from Formshift, so an ally with Genjutsu Kai and at least stage six in any list can free someone from Formshift early.

Stage 7
Kuchiyose no Ten Fukurou
Control 32, Power 30, Reserves 28, Tactics 24, Willpower 22
The Celestial Owl, less a member of the Court, and more the ideal that they worship. The Celestial Owl is a being that only comes to our plane of existence to witness great feats of magical power, or when summoned by the most powerful summoners of the Court of Owls Contract. A massive owl the size of a two story house, the Celestial Owl's body appears to be full of a flowing cosmos, and his ethereal cloak is is a swarm of constellations that match the heavens above. The Owl doesn't so much speak, as think ideas into the world that those nearby can interpret. It is unwise to take the Celestial Owl's presence lightly, as it is said it reached its state by studying every technique known to man, and coming to a conclusion on the ultimate technique. Now it is intangible, able to be disrupted by chakra, but cannot be physically touched or likewise harmed.

Power 31
Control 31
Reserves 31

Intelligence 27
Tactics 26
Willpower 30

Strength 16
Speed 31
Stamina 26


Paths of the Shrine Maiden
[S7] Subete Miru Me - The All Seeing Eye [30 Control, 27 Power, 26 Reserves, 22 Willpower, 20 Intelligence]
[S7] Ten wo Tsuke - Pierce the Heavens [30 Willpower, 27 Intelligence, 26 Tactics, 22 Control, 20 Power]
[S6] Shinpo Ofuda Gijutsu: Kinshi - Hex Seal Technique: Ban [21 Control, 20 Power, 19 Reserves, 17 Willpower, 15 Intelligence]
[S6] Kankaku no Keiro Imi - Sense the Paths of Fate [21 Willpower, 20 Intelligence, 19 Tactics, 17 Control, 15 Power]
[S5] Seppun no Shizuka - Kiss of Tranquility [17 Control, 16 Power, 16 Reserves, 15 Willpower]
[S5] Toku Henkan - Remote Conversion [17 Willpower, 16 Intelligence, 16 Tactics, 15 Control]
[S5] Shinpo Ofuda Gijutsu: Haiki Butsu - Hex Seal Technique: Waste Within [18 Control, 17 Power, 17 Reserves, 14 Intelligence]
[S4] Haishi - Repeal [12 Control, 11 Power, 10 Reserves, 12 Willpower]
[S4] Subete Kyohi - Deny All [12 Willpower, 11 Intelligence, 10 Tactics, 12 Control]

Projectile List
[S7] Chinseki no Yadama (Bed Of Projectiles) [Power 30, Control 27, Reserves 26, Intelligence 22, Willpower 20]
[S6] Sakuretsu no Yadama (Projectile Explosion) [Intelligence 21, Willpower 20, Tactics 19, Power 17, Control 15]
[S5] Kurugane Fuushuku (Iron Maiden) [Power 17, Control 16, Reserves 16, Intelligence 15 ]

Fukuton: Martyr Star-form*

Sage Technique:
Fukuton: Junkyousha Seiza (Owl Release: Martyr Star-form)
Requirements: Control 35, Power 33, Reserves 31, Tactics 26, Intelligence 18
With intense focus, training, and knowledge of the roots of all mystic power, it is possible to cast a technique that releases your body from its earthly tether. This is no small task, and should be done with caution. With eyes closed, mind properly focused, and coordinated seals, the caster's consciousness moves away from their body and into a celestial form made of released mystical energy. This form is incorporeal, can move through walls, and while it can be seen through its body is still a visible mass of stars and swirling galaxies. This star form is still their normal size. The star form can move vast distances with incredible speed once per time cast, or once per hour (whichever is sooner). Otherwise it moves at speed level 13. The star form has access to all the techniques of the caster's body, except that it has no physical form and therefore cannot use taijutsu. It can speak and hear, but cannot taste or smell. Star-form can be used in combat, especially to take advantage of its intense speed. While it has no physical form, it can still be destroyed by ninjutsu, and can be fooled by genjutsu.

While in Star-form, the user's body stops in place, holding the final seal used to activate the jutsu. If the Star-form is destroyed while the user is still fine, they suffer traumatic mental backlash, and cannot perform the technique again that thread. If the user's body is destroyed while they are in Star-form, their mind and soul will un-tether from their body, and continue to live on as the Star-form. Star-forms do not age physically, and have no physical needs. Once a Star-form without a body is destroyed, the consciousness that created it is destroyed forever.
Rain GM

Items/Swaps/To Do List

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The Court of Owls
Arcanists of the Tower of Heaven

Summon Type: Utility
Village: None

Home: Tengoku no Tou, The Tower of Heaven

The Tower of Heaven has no static location on the ground. It is a stone tower that is so tall that for those at the bottom, the top is an invisible point in the sky. There are many windows rising up the tower, but no doors anywhere.

Inside the tower is cramped and chaotic. The owls of the Court of Owls spend much of their time studying, discussing what they have studied, teaching younger owls, or scolding others for what they didn't study. They leave the tower through the many windows, flying out usually to research the arts of jutsu and other mystical powers. Floor to floor are cramped rooms filled with well furnished nests, tomes, research equipment like beakers, and anything else one can imagine being necessary for wizardly owls.

But moving up the tower isn't as easy as it seems. While the first few floors are like the dorms at a private school for magical owls, the higher you go the more the operation of the tower is dedicated to the actual 'Court of Owls'. Doors are magically locked to all but those with the proper number of stars, and windows may be barred or shuttered. The top most floors are quiet, with only a few owls powerful enough to be allowed there.

The top of the tower, so far up that it seems it should be impossible to breath, is surrounded by a beautiful star-filled sky at all times. Here are many roosts for the Court to assemble when there is a discussion, argument, or just debate.

The Tower of Heaven is never spotted from a distance. It is protected by an illusion hex that makes it impossible to notice until within close proximity. Often people will run into it before they see it. But once they have touched it, they can see it until they leave it. Once they have been marked by someone within the Court, they can see it from any distance.

Which is useful, because the Tower tends to move. If it isn't being witnessed from the outside, it can move to any other location on the planet. Which means that without someone to teleport you into or out of the tower, it can lead to you being unimaginably far from home in the blink of an eye, or at the bottom of the ocean.

Description: The Court of Owls are a meritocracy, based around the mystical arts. They only respect the capability of their casters. Those who barely know any techniques are barely worth anyone's time. Owls who create new techniques, or learn hard to find techniques, can rise to the top of the Court.

Because rank is based around academic merit, the Court tends to create overly long titles that don't mean anything to anyone outside of the Court. Owls are usually styled with a position first, then an order with the best being the third, and then their number of stars, followed by their name. While it seems like number of stars and order would be correlated, they aren't always. Only the owls truly understand the complex dynamic within their ranks.

Promotions come through debate, with owls defending their request for a promotion before an audience of their peers. An owl above them must agree to argue their case, and another will volunteer to advocate for the court and argue against them. These debates can go on for hours or days.

But important to the Court of Owls is the idea of knowledge and creation. The Owls respect new knowledge, and teaching techniques to others. While Owls are generally full of themselves, they get excited about learning something new, and even love to see others learn.

History: For such scholarly summons, the Owls have little respect for history. They understand history in context of what it creates, but do not keep a great record of their own. There are Owls who have gained and lost grand titles, but few besides them will remember or care that it happened.

But there is a story about the Celestial Owl. It is said that once the Celestial Owl was the familiar of a great sage. This sage studied all types of jutsu, unaware that as he grew in power his companion observed and learned as well. The Sage lived in a time of war and strife, and felt the pressure of the world to act. The Sage gained enough power one day to end all suffering, or so they thought. The owl knew better. While the Sage looked at the world through the lens of violence, the owl had no such bias, and saw the Sage's final technique for what it was.

The Sage tried to purify the world, and instead lost themselves in a spectacular and magical failure. Without a master, the owl used a technique of its own, and unhinged itself from the physical world and time. Where the Sage wished to act, the owl wished to learn more. It set out to teach others, owls like itself. They would learn, they would teach, they would gain the magical arts. But harming others was not their goal.

The Court of Owls was born.

Important Members:

Kyoukage - The only outed member of the Mask and Cowl. He has a lot to say about the dangers of magic, and what his secretive group believe to be the true intentions of the Celestial Owl. Sometimes, other members of the Mask and Cowl will show themselves, but when they do they wear hoods and masks like Kyoukage, and don't share their name. They don't seem insidious, but they do have a vendetta against magic.

Kyoupo - Sometimes called the Gatekeeper, this member of the Court is the Wayfinder, Second Order, First Star. Like Kyouten, Kyoupo has access to the Celestial Gate, but they also know several other techniques to help teleport members of the Court, or their summoners. Specifically, Kyoupo can get people into and out of the Tower. He says that he has to teleport people to some place that they have already visited, but others will tell you that isn't true. He is a rather small brown owl who wears a cape with his one star on the center.

Kyoumi - Ambassador to the Stars, First Order, Four Star. Kyoumi acts as a tour guide to the Tower of Heaven, and often greets those who are either being offered entrance or have snuck their way inside. Kyoumi knows a technique to put her anywhere within the tower, in an instant. Unfortunately, she can only use it on herself, and often forgets that others aren't as fortunate and must take the stairs. She is dark brown, wears a lopsided blue hat with four stars around it, and about the size of a dog.

Kyouhenko - This white owl with black speckles is almost five feet tall. She is the Master of Arts, Third Order, Fifth Star. She is sometimes considered as important as Kyoujin, and some insist she is more important. She boasts a powerful knowledge of techniques of all types, but mostly she dabbles in many. She claims, for instance, to know the nature of many forbidden techniques, and the powers of the bijuu tailed beasts. She can demonstrate these in a controlled environment, and talk about them at length, but she only does so with those she respects like another Five Star. So mostly she spends a lot of time arguing with Kyoujin. They have three kids.

The Celestial Owl - Not one for conversation, the Celestial Owl only makes brief appearances when summoned, or when needed for the rare debate. Otherwise, the other members of the Court have no idea where it spends all its time. The Celestial Owl is said to be a great teacher, kind, patient, wise. When attacked, it will often flee if it can, but when it can't it can be a dangerous opponent.

Techniques: The Court of Owls usually use powers like those of Miko, filtered magical power taken from the ambient power of the universe. They would say that their power is 'similar but not the same'. They also make use of projectile techniques in a pinch, mostly to take advantage of their natural ability for flight.

Their own techniques, Owl Release and Arcane Release, focus on creating pure power using the energy of the cosmos. These abilities are also Miko-like, and while they require seals for a sage to use, they give off a similar glowing tell and interact with Miko powers.


Summon Path:

1 - Whatever owl you noticed or spoke to has left a feather behind. It glows whenever you use your chakra.
2 - You can feel eyes on you wherever you go, especially at night.
3 - You bump into the Tower of Heaven, physically. No one offers you a way in.
4 - Kyoumi or Kyoupo will greet you at the Tower of Heaven. Kyoupo will offer to take you in, but often asks for something in exchange.
5 - You may take the Court of Owls summon contract. If you already had it, the first Owl you summon each thread doesn't count against your jutsu usages.
6 - You often dream of distant locations, and may even see places you wish to go. Though no one is ever present there during your dream.
7 - Once per thread, a summon can use a jutsu you know of a stage lower than it.
8 - Through study, you are now able to recognize when you are fighting against a unique technique or a more common jutsu.
9 - Once per thread, your summons can use a swap you know of a stage lower than them.
10 - You can learn the Court of Owls Sage Mode.
11 - Your summons can now recognize for you the nature of techniques they witness (effectively, the list it comes from)
12 - While in sage mode, you can now hover, flying at half your normal speed.
13 - You can have two summons in combat, as long as one is below stage 4.
14 - Once per thread, your summon can use any jutsu from a village ninjutsu list, but it is made of 'cosmic' energy instead of an element.
15 - You gain an extra Sage Chakra Usage when you enter Sage Mode.

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Default Swap Stuff

Kugutsu Gigei: Susunda Oshie no Kyoukan (Advanced Teachings of the Master)
Stage: 7
Building upon the original technique the user’s puppets can now perform advanced martial arts techniques that their user knows (taijutsu special techniques) as well as regular techniques.

Kugutsu Gigei: Tobu no Jutsu (Flying Technique)
Stage: 6
A technique that allows a puppet to fly or hover at its regular speed by generating a continuous gust of wind from its parts.

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