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Default Hidoi

“ The sewers belch me up
The heavens spit me out
From ethers tragic, I am born again”

Name: Yagyuu Hideaki; “Hidoi”
Age: 45
Sex: Male
Height: 6’4”

Character Type: Missing-nin

Country/Village: Formerly Hidden Rain; Killed in an accident in his lab
Rank: Jounin
Division: The Orange Chaos
Physical Description:
Hidoi’s body is a defaced relic of his former self. His musculature still very much intact, it is how it is wrapped that is differently. What was once pale, supple flesh carefully showcasing his muscles is now a taut, leathery, and a bright shade of blood red in color. The image pulled off is almost demonic, especially when it comes to his head, resembling a skull without flesh, the skin that is there pulled tight against the bone—the shape of which is exaggerated from the norm along the jaw, cheekbones, and the brow; the nose is missing, cut off years ago in an impulse move to fulfill the appearance of having a skull for a head, as were the lips and all the flesh around the front of the mouth. Peering out from their exaggerated homes are the eyes, an eerie acid-green color that somehow come across as both inhuman and human at the same time.

Hidoi’s clothing is one that maintains a pretense of formality, order, and social propriety, as well as being in a fashion quite foreign to the land he originated from. In fact, it is a bit different from the general attire of the other members of the Twelve, though the material is the same as the general body armor in construction, it is just the appearance that sets it apart. How? Well, instead of a leather body suit or some other sort of skin-tight affair, Hidoi’s armor takes the form of a military dress uniform, complete with medals taken from some of his victims over the past two and a half decades that fits snugly without being uncomfortably form-fitting. This is covered up with a trenchcoat fashioned from leather, though lacking the increased fortification of the body armor, with a number of pockets and pouches within and without to store this and that. Covering his uncomely visage is a durable helmet that surrounds the entire head with a discrete seam on opposing sides of the head, allowing quick removal when necessary; the helmet is outfitted with a system to allow Hidoi’s voice to be heard as if it were unobstructed and vision is granted by two optimally placed and sized lenses to cut down on any loss or obstruction of vision normally associated with full-helmets. Topping off this layer is a jaunty officer’s cap of the same motif and origin as the uniform itself. Beneath the body armor and all, the man wears a relatively more form-fitting bodysuit in similarity to a wetsuit.

“Adore Chaos, for it is the only route to true order.”

As anybody falling into the ideologies of chaos would be, Hidoi is a man of contradiction. He loves organization for efficiency; he hates organization because everybody misses the big picture. He loves stability, but he hates stagnation. His views on all that boil down to “It could work, but everybody so far has gotten it wrong. Kill them all, burn their false altars, piss on the ashes, and hope that the next to push their sprout into the light of day gets it right.” Surprisingly enough, that sums up much of what almost anybody who meets him would ever know of him, aside from the fact that he is prone to fits of mania, losing much of his impulse control quite frequently, often leading him to kill 7 out of 10 people he comes across just because he is curious to see if he can, how he can, and what the consequences could be, as well as often being extremely energetic and an almost giddy joviality about him even as he is watching dozens perish by his doing.

“I drank my wine that evening, sipping and joking and laughing as my hosts choked and coughed and died, the poisons taking their effect all too well. I do so love a good dinner party.”

His nearly three decades of wandering the world have left him worldly, knowledgeable, and well-cultured, not to mention rather jaded towards what he left behind, seeing the current state of the shinobi world as “quaint” and beneath him. Hidoi feels charged and entrusted with helping his less-fortunate and, well, unenlightened shinobi brethren realize and accomplish the true destiny of a shinobi utopia and, though he wouldn’t mind doing it the easy way—twenty-five years of foreign battlefields have left him a little tired of having to use the ‘fight, maim, kill’ method all the time—if push comes to shove, he’d just as soon kill every single last one of them and wait for the next generation to learn the lesson or earn the same fate.

“The end is the beginning is the end. Destruction for construction for perfection. Utopia is a dream that can be fulfilled only by tearing down that which does not work.”
Clan/Bloodline: None
Primary Archetype: Ninjutsu Specialist
Secondary Archetype: Human Battery

Statistics [3 AP]

Physical (Tertiary; 50)

Strength: 1-3(AT)+16(Pool)=14
Speed: 1-1(AT)+22(Pool)=22
Stamina: 1+12(Pool)=13

Mental (Secondary; 60)

Intelligence: 1+20(pool)=21
Tactics: 1-1(AT)+20(pool)=20
Willpower: 1-1(AT)+20(pool)=20

Chakra (Primary; 70)

Power: 1+3(AT)+23(Pool)=27
Control: 1+1(AT)+3(AP)+25(Pool)=30
Reserves: 1+3(AT)+22=26

Jutsus and Techniques
(5 academy; 16 freebies; 3 AP; 24 total)

Higi no Kagemusha(5 freebies)
>Stage 1
>Stage 2
>Stage 3
>Stage 4

Hidden Rain Poison
>Stage One (Academy 1)
-Projectile Poison Coat (Academy 2)
>Stage Two (Freebie 6)
-Weapon Poison Coat (Freebie 7)
>Stage 3 (Freebie 8)
-Poison: Toxin (Freebie 9)
>Stage 4 (Freebie 11)
-Body Poison Coat (Freebie 12)
>Stage 5 (Freebie 13)
-Assassin Body Poison Coat (Freebie 14)
-Shortroad to Enlightenment (Steep) (Freebie 10)
>Stage 6 (Freebie 15)
-Silent Death Poison (Freebie 16)
>Stage 7 (AP 1)

Global Ninjutsu
>Stage One
-Kawarimi no Jutsu (Academy 4)
-Mure no Dankou* (Bonus-SS)
>Stage 2
-Kinobori no Jutsu (Tree Walking Technique)/Kabenobori no Jutsu (Wall Walking Technique) [Academy 3]

Global Genjutsu
>Stage One
- Fukushi no Jutsu (Double Vision Technique) (Academy 5)
>Stage Two
- Meisai no Jutsu (Camouflage Technique) (AP 2)
>Stage Three
-Kai (AP 3)

*Restriction disallowing the character from having both Mure no Dankou and Kawarimi no Jutsu overridden due to bonus from membership in the 12

Inventory [4 AP spent; 12 points gained through conversion; 3 gained from ‘12’ Bonus]
-Razor Wire Gloves (3)
-Kunai (2)
-Helmet + breathing apparatus (2+2=4)
-Bouncy Bombs (4)
-Sensitive Contacts (2)
-Sliver (5)
-Kunai Bomb [10]
-Flint Paste [2]
-“I see You” [3]

Weapon Points Remaining: 0 [Total=35]
Additional Weapon Points Gained: 15

Forty-five years ago, a child was born among the small band of refugee shinobi of Rain who were attempting to carve out a living in the subterranean complex of the country’s sewers. The child was a boy by the name of Yagyuu Hideaki, born to Yagyuu Hideo and Yagyu Akihana, both shinobi by trade. He was the fourth child of the couple, all four being born after the events that led to the shinobi of Amegakure being chased from the surface, and the only male. Hideo was reasonably ecstatic over the birth of his only male child and swore to do all he could to make the boy great.

Over time, the boy grew, as all children do. There was something that set Hideaki apart from most other children, however; from all signs, he was a genius—not in the shinobi sense, necessarily, but in the mundane sense. The boy began reading at three years old and, by the time he reached five, Hideo was stealing rather complex science books for his son; not that his son was quite that far along yet, but the man, seeking to uphold the promise he made to himself on the day of his son’s birth, was nothing if not encouraging. And Hideaki, a child with an insatiable curiosity, would delve into these books the moment they were handed to him. He spent every waking moment working his way through the complex texts that were intended for people over three times his age. At first, his understanding was minimal. But, in an alarmingly short period of time, things started making sense. By the time he was eight years old, science was Hideaki’s bread and butter. It was his sacred manna. It was the breath of life from God himself.

And, shortly after turning eight, Hideaki was introduced the—at the time—extremely crude and informal shinobi academy of Hidden Rain. Receiving instruction from the Amekage himself, as was normal at that point for the refugee shinobi, Hideaki fell into the ninja arts quite naturally. What surprised most was his ability for integrating his non-shinobi knowledge of chemicals, anatomy, and psychology into his practice of the trade at such a young age. The boy was set aside to be trained as a medic-nin, which he was quite satisfied with. His instruction turned from basic chakra manipulation to the more advanced and technical field of using those skills to heal—or hurt. Hideo was so proud of his son.

However, as his son rose to the fore of young Rain shinobi, other matter plagued the mind of the Rain jounin. After living in the sewers—among the waste and vermin of a nation that hated them—for fifteen years, Hideo grew anxious to return to the surface. He looked at his fellow Rain-nin and saw them outfitting the sewers to house more and more people that fled to the sewers, seeking refuge and training, and he saw a people defeated. The man had always been proud, continuing to wear his hitai-ate as proudly as ever after being driven from the surface, and seeing these displays of accepting their fate, seeing the absolute defeatism in his comrades, disgusted him. What was worse is that his own family had not been spared from that trend. His daughters felt more at home in the sewers than under the muted sunlight of their blessed country. His wife spent hours “fixing up” their hovel to distract from the reality that they were living in a damned rat-hole. Hideo could take a lot. He had been a terror on the surface for over 20 years, the last fifteen turning from the usual contract killing to murder and pillaging and, in a few cases, raping—not out of lust, but out of want to spread fear and to demoralize. Hideo wanted the surface back, not for himself, but for his family. He had suffered for 15 years under the cold stones.

He could suffer no more.

On Hideaki’s tenth birthday, Hideo rose before anybody else in the family. He gave Akihana, still as beautiful as the day he met her, a last kiss as a parting, she remaining quite asleep through it after a night of passion unparalleled for a number of years. He snuck to each of his children’s rooms, giving them each a special present. Hideaki’s was several new science texts and one of his father’s trademark weapons known as slivers. Hideo left a note on the inside of the “door” to their home and left without looking back once. This was it. The man had his pride and he would not suffer the disgrace of living among the shit of traitors anymore. All or nothing. Come sundown, Rain country would either belong to the shinobi or it wouldn’t be his problem anymore. His movements were purposeful, heading constantly towards his target: Furiyamu, the capital. His aim: the bathe the capital in the blood of its every citizen.

Unfortunately, fate frowned upon Hideo. His massacre started right at the heart, sweeping through the capital court as a wraith. Many fell to his skills, poisonous gas filling their air, explosions rocking the normally serene atmosphere, and death being the order of the day. The Rain-nin never even saw the katana extend from the shadows of an arch. The blade drove deep into his chest, stopping his full-bore rush in an instant. The military officer responsible stepped out from the shadows, smiling wickedly as the shinobi fell to his knees, blood trickling from the corners of his mouth as his lungs filled with blood. Hideo never saw the face of his killer. As he fell into the arms of oblivion, his only thoughts were of his family. The last words out of his mouthed, garbled by blood as they were, were simple and regretful: “What have I done?”

News of his death reached Amegakure within an hour of the event. Akihana was crushed on multiple fronts. The foremost was that Hideo had been her first and only love. She had met him when she was only seven, bothering around her family’s flower shop. He was older by a few years, already a graduated genin going on missions with his jounin-sensei and genin teammates. They were investigating the disappearance of some children in Furiyamu and had come by Chiba’s Garden—the name of the shop—to ask her father general questions about the happenings. From the moment she had seen him, Akihana was in love and she didn’t even know what it was. Time passed and their paths continued to cross, the shinobi’s missions continuing to bring him to the capital city and to her family’s shop time and time again, the gangly little girl maturing into a graceful, beautiful woman before Hideo’s eyes. The two had been married when she was only seventeen years old, Hideo being twenty-three himself. And now, the only love of her life was gone. She had no idea what she would do or how she would provide for her family. After all, she was no shinobi. Akihana was just the daughter of a florist who had the unfortunate luck to fall in love with a Rain ninja.

The children were hit hard as well. They had lost their father and didn’t understand his reasoning for what he had done at all. Why would he want to retake the surface? The sewers had been their home for their entire life. Well, one of the four Yagyuu children understood: Hideaki. Hideaki had listened to his father’s every story and had read enough to know why the surface meant so much. More, Hideaki had always admired his father’s pride and, now, saw his father’s death as more than admirable. Hideo had been willing to live and die and kill by his belief that the shinobi of Rain belonged on the surface—hell, to rule the surface—and that was above all admirable in the eyes of Hideaki. This is the event that turned normal pride and admiration for one’s father into something less normal, building him up into a god-like hero. This is one of those handfuls of events that change a person’s life forever. The death of Yagyuu Hideo is the moment that set the course for Yagyuu Hideaki’s life as a shinobi of Amegakure.

And his death.

That day saw acceleration in the development and relative mastery of Hideaki’s ability as a shinobi. He was a man—well, a boy—driven to become strong enough to finish what, in his eyes, his father had stated. His progress was astounding. The boy went from a ten year old novice medic-nin, just barely a genin, to a disturbingly knowledgeable and skilled chuunin on the verge of being granted the rank of jounin. In five years—five short years—Hideaki had surpassed everybody’s expectations; well, of course, except for his own. Things had happened between his tenth and his fifteenth birthdays. Important things.

Originally Posted by Yagyuu Hideaki’s journal, 3 months before his 13th Birthday

So, I guess I get to continue getting dealt sunshine and candy. I should have suspected something sooner. I really should have. My mother is getting remarried. The date? The day before my birthday. The groom?

My father’s blood brother Shunsu Jubei.

Let me explain everything. After my father died, my mother was having problems providing food and whatnot for all of us kids. Jubei’s intentions—at first—seemed harmless enough, at first just dropping off food and the occasional bit of clothing or random gift for the family. In time, I would often return from my work with my sensei and teammate only to find Jubei and my mother chatting in family room. Before long, his visits became more and more frequent. Longer. More involved with other members of my family.

And, at dinner, the two announced this grand betrayal of theirs. Actually, from what I can gather, they were only announcing it to me. It seems my sisters already tossed their lot in with this Judas a few weeks ago. I immediately got up from the table and exited the house to vomit. It felt like everything I had eaten since the day my Father had died came out. My mother came out to check on me and, before I could summon the composure to speak, he was there, right behind her. He called me son. I felt like ripping every bone from his body slowly, dipping him into a pit of acid, and forcing my mother to watch. But no. I didn’t do that. I stood and went straight to my room, pushing past the two and ignoring the inquiries from my sisters. I don’t know if I can handle this. How can they do this? How can they betray my Father like this?

I just don’t understand.
Originally Posted by Yagyuu Hideaki’s Journal, 13th Birthday
Happy birthday to me. It is just barely my birthday, a few minutes past midnight. There is nobody in the house other than the newlyweds and myself. I can’t fucking stand this. As I am writing this, my mother and my Father’s best friend are fucking in my Father’s bed. In my Father’s house. That asshole is invading what will always belong to and only to my Father. He is taking the last thing he ever gave to my mother from her: the memory of his love.

GODDAMMIT! All this, and she moans like a whore! Of course, they don’t know I am here. According to plans, all of us kids were supposed to be away for the next few days. I had a bad day. I fucking horrible day. I saw Jubei take everything from his sworn brother by blood-rite. His lust at the entire ceremony was disgusting, the side comments and leers at my mother making me physically ill. I am so goddamn tired of this. I want to scream at them that I can hear them, that these walls are paper-thin and I can hear every…

I can’t believe it. I can’t fucking believe it. The filth coming out of their mouths, being shouted and screamed amid the obscene grunts, it’s just unbelievable. I will not write it down. How dare my mother degrade herself like this? WHORE. WHORE.

I believe it is time I leave this place. I can’t imagine this every day. I can’t imagine having to smell the adultery on my mother, my Father’s true love, betraying him. I must pack. I will be gone tomorrow.

After I confront them.
Originally Posted by Yagyuu Hideaki’s Journal, 2 Days after turning 13
So, I’ve gotten quite situated into my “laboratory”. It is good that the Amekage feels some sort of responsibility to help me after what happened with my father. Now, I have an entire deserted factory at my disposal. After what happened the morning of my birthday, I definitely needed a clean slate. Here, I can be free of all that shit. The whores. The traitors.

I really got to start writing in pencil for this kind of stuff so I can erase shit when I get out of hand. I still can’t believe how that confrontation turned out. My own mother turning against me? The nerve. If things go well, I will never have to see any of them again. I have my own place now. As they have no need for my Father, I have no need for them.

Anyways, I must be going. I have a meeting with the Amekage to discuss some special project he wants me involved in.
Originally Posted by Yagyuu Hideaki’s Journal, Age 15
So, today has been a thoroughly…fun day—being accosted and interrogated by the new Amekage always is. The questions about the Shining Heaven Project—oh, that’s right. I haven’t written about that yet.

The Shining Heaven Project’s purpose is to find a steady method of resurrecting the shinobi of Rain at minimal cost, allowing our numbers to be inextinguishable. I am working on it with several different shinobi, most of them trained in kinjutsu more than science. Of course, due to my equal footing in kinjutsu relating to medical ninjutsu and exceeding knowledge in science—namely various fields involving chemicals and the human body—I have been set at the head of the whole project. Can you believe that? I am in charge of people over twice my age. It’s a great feeling. Our progress has been…not so well, concerning what we are trying to do. I’ve gotten a person to return from death, that is true, just not on so much of a permanent basis. And not terribly useful as a shinobi either.

That does not please the Amekage. He ranted about how he felt like we were wasting resources that could be put to better use on other ventures. Other ventures where? Further solidifying and establishing our home among the shit of our inferiors? If he were seeking to outfit all of our shinobi more properly so we could sweep the surface clean of those who are not worthy of it, then that would be one thing. But to build some more secure housing down here? Fucking worms. They talk a big game about reclamation, but they are as chickenshit as ever. Cowed little worms are all they will ever be. They don’t see it quite yet, but they will soon enough.

Oh wow. Rereading that, I am beginning to think some of these chemicals I am working with down here are getting to me. Actually, the more I think about it, the more it makes sense. I’ve been having problems thinking that I am hearing things that are not actually there. No, not voices. Just sounds.

Or maybe I’m just becoming one of those novel-type mad scientists early in my life. I need a hunchbacked assistant.
Originally Posted by Yagyuu Hideaki’s Journal, Age 17
So, after debuting a whole slew of new poisons for the use of Amegakure in a most grand way, I’ve been granted the rank of jounin. ‘But Hide, how grand was it that it earned you such a rank at such an age?’ Well, let’s just say there is a large section of farmland that will be completely unable to produce any food that isn’t inherently fatal within seconds of ingestion for well over a century. Not to mention all the damage done to those farmer scum. It was really quite pathetic how little of a chance they had.

My eldest sister attempted to visit me last night and finally caught me this morning as I left the Amekage’s office, eagerly asking me if I could come to her wedding. I pushed past her and continued back to my lab. I have no time for her or any of my sisters, nor any desire to be around them. Especially not now that the whore that was once my mother and Jubei have produced a third child in the 4 years they have been married, the second boy of the three spawn. They had the nerve to name the first Jumaru and the second-born son Hideo. How disgraceful. I should poison Jumaru’s precious first-born son, just to send a…

Oh dear. It seems that the chemicals are having more and more of an effect. The sounds have begun to turn into murmurs lately. Completely unclear as to what they are saying, mind you, but I really think I need to get away from them soon. Bah, if things go well, I will finish this damn project before long and convince the Amekage to stop worrying so much about fancy housing and get on to taking our rightful place. We really are getting close. Two reanimations before motor functions cease to come back on is our current record. Shining Heaven will make history. And then, Amegakure will make history. This I swear.
Originally Posted by Junshu Shoryuu’s Investigation Report

Incident: Explosion of the labs associated with the “Shining Heaven” Project located at Yagyuu Hideaki’s residence in a re-outfitted factory in Sector Two as 0930 hours on July 17th, Year XXXX.

At 0900 hours, Yagyuu Hideaki (19) was working on the project with three other associates throughout the labs—Junao Kazuo (35), Sumareke Shinsui (28), Kanzorattori Jinako (47)—when Hideaki’s step-father, Shunsu Jubei (45), entered and began to speak with Hideaki. The discussion escalated to shouting and threats of violence eventually from both of the participants. Suddenly, the pressure of the chemical storage tanks began to reach critical levels, possibly from an accidental button push from one of the two men during the heat of the argument. The glass on several of the tanks broke, exposing the chemicals to air, causing a number of the less stable ones to combust and cause a large explosion. The explosions racked the entire factory structure and brought it crashing down. Jubei, Kazuo, Shinsui, and Jinako were all dead and horribly disfigured from the collapse of the building and the effects of the chemicals, seeming to have caused an instant mummification process on their flesh.

There was one survivor: Hideaki. He was in bad shape, his legs broken and his body also affected by the chemicals, though to a lesser degree than the others, though his skin was visibly affected. The attached medical reports will detail that further.

Ruling: Accident. Questionable fault. Verdict left to Amekage.
Originally Posted by From the desk of Dr. Hoki Raimaro, July 24th, Year XXXX.
My observation, examination, and treatment of Yagyuu Hideaki has been rather interesting. His physical injuries were treated easily enough and I felt he could be released on those grounds, but I enacted my right to have him detained for psychological observation and evaluation due to some red flags I picked up. It might just be his exposure to the chemicals, but something is not quite right with him. He couldn’t stop babbling and wincing from things not quite there. Could have been the pain medication reacting with whatever.

Most curious, however, was the effect the chemicals had on his skin. Over the seven days I had him under my care and watch, it gradually turned a vibrant shade of red and seemed to be growing unusually tight over his body. It seemed quite painful for anything to touch him, causing quite a problem for us to facilitate and subdue him. At first I thought it was burns, but—based on my observations—it seems more in line with what you would see in somebody mummified. The skin has a more leathery quality than normal. It’s all quite…odd. But he seems to be dealing with it as best he can using the salve I gave him.

I have a follow-up scheduled in another two weeks with Yagyuu-san should he be deemed mentally fit enough to be released into his own custody.
Originally Posted by Brief psychological evaluation of Yagyuu Hideaki; Unnamed Evaluator
Yagyuu Hideaki seems to be displaying signs of numerous different sorts of personality disorders. However, they seem to link up to the effects noticed on people who overdose on various potent hallucinogenic drugs more than actual defects. It seems as if they come and go, though they seem to have diminished greatly over the past week and a half. In fact, that is why I am releasing him from observation with the stipulation that he be observed for 48 hours every three weeks from now until the episodes diminish completely. I suggested to him that he keep his distance from any chemicals that could alter his state of mind, but he seemed dismissive in his reply.
Originally Posted by Yagyuu Hideaki’s Journal, 32 Days after Explosion
They continue to dog me about returning for observation and evaluation, even hidden in my new lab. I have work to do. WORK TO DO! <(Scratched out scribbles follow that phrase for about 5 pages)> That was…odd. I am finding it difficult to control what my hand writes at times and it is quite disturbing. More unfortunate, given my line of work, is that I have lately become victim to the occasional fit of what could be described as hyperactivity or mania if the person were also hopped up on PCP and LSD. These fits are rare, but quite dangerous, what with the highly unstable chemicals required for the Shining Heaven project to be a success.

Oh yes, I am still working on that. That is why the Amekage has been so generous in keeping the various doctors off of my back. That is why he got me released so quickly from the various observations. It will be difficult to replicate what took years to accomplish before, but I can do it. I know what to do and what I need. Now, I just need to get to work with fewer interruptions.

As for my changes in appearance, I am finally getting used to them. However, the aesthetic is wrong. My skin has tightened around my head and turned quite a disturbing shade of red, almost as if it wants to be a skull, but the skin on my cheeks and around my mouth is still too full, too loose to make the look complete. Sure, I wish it would revert, but, hell, if I am going to be stuck like this, what’s wrong with me wanting the look to be completed? ‘Aestheticism: not just for poofs and women anymore!’ I better stop this writing thing for now while I still have enough presence of mind and control to get things taken care of for Shining Heaven.
Originally Posted by Yagyuu Hideaki’s Journal, 34 Days after Explosion
Well, I did it. I don’t know what exactly came over me to go through with what I mentioned here two days ago about “completing the look”, but this morning, I found myself taking a scalpel to my own face. Lips—gone. Cheeks—mostly gone; looks like I got an extra wide grin sliced into my face, though the chemicals in my system did their work and tightened them up to the side of my face. I am not used to talking like this yet, so that’ll be a bitch, but I just couldn’t get over the unfinished state of my appearance. If I’m destined to look like a monster, then let’s go all the way, right?

Damn straight, I’m right. That’s what convinced me to cut the cartilage from my nose
That hurt. But, again, aesthetics.

What the hell did I do? Fuck. I cut up my own face. FUCK! I CUT OFF MY NOSE! WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING?
Originally Posted by Yagyuu Hideaki’s journal 87 days after the explosion
I have to accept it. Whatever happened in that explosion—whatever chemicals got to me—they screwed me up; not just physically, but mentally. I don’t know exactly which ones did what anymore as all the records were destroyed, not to mention that some of the chemicals involved weren’t even managed by me. I have entertained the thought of acquiring some additional materials to research my symptoms and try to figure out which chemicals must have been involved, but I am much too busy with my work.

Well, my work and having to deal with my family. My sisters and mother visited my new lab a few days ago, ‘checking in on me’. I opened the door and they screamed at my appearance before running away. And you know what?

I loved that. I loved causing the terror and fear that drove them from my door. It was satisfying.

Of course, my mother returned, seeking to draw me back into the fold. I let her in; she averted her eyes from me the whole time. She tried to talk things out with me, stemming all the way back to when I left my Father’s house after confronting the whore and the traitor. For quite awhile, I merely let her speak on and on and on while I sipped some wine that I had taken during a recent test of some of my new poisons. I listened to her voice amid the countless sounds of my laboratory and home. Her words and explanations all seemed to jumble together until I cut her off with the pivotal question: “Why did you betray my Father?”

After that, it was all downhill for her. My questions, statements, and, finally, rant drove her to curl up in a ball on my floor and cry there for hours as I returned to my work. I finally—literally—kicked her out of my home approximately eight hours later, satisfied with my progress for the time being and looking forward to some sleep. I wonder if she got the message or if she will visit me again?
Originally Posted by Yagyuu Hideaki’s journal 95 days after the explosion
I think confronting the woman has removed some block or stirred some muse to show me the way to completion of Shining Heaven. I believe I may have figured it out once and for all. A perfect restoration from immense physical trauma and damage. I just need to give the chemicals time to ferment properly. I estimate 40 full days until they will be ready to begin mixing. However, given their potent properties, they will have to be combined very slowly with just the right circumstances for the entire 10 days in order to be successful and not either be a total waste of a grand amount of time or blow up, pouring out gouts and gouts of roiling fire and poisoning a great deal of the soil above my lab for quite a long time. Now, wouldn’t that just give away this stupid rat hole that the Amekage has us all tucked away in?

Of course, with my grand project nearing completion, I have started to wonder: do these people deserve it? I have watched as they remain as passive as ever and even develop contentment down here among the shit. DO they deserve it? Is this really worth my devotion and work? Is this the best there can be?

All these and more plague my mind. Luckily, the delusions and hallucinations and impulse behavior have mellow since the explosion. However, just as those fade, larger problems—problems of loyalty and devotion and vision—arise.
Originally Posted by Yagyuu Hideaki’s Journal, 100 days after the explosion
100 days feels like 100 years. I look back at how I was before the explosion and all the things that plagued me and, then, I look at myself now. Such a difference. Such a change.

Such an improvement.

The Amekage has demanded that I finish the Shining Heaven project so that the soldiers of Hidden Rain may be treated with it and he may have an army of Immortals. His arrogance is only matched by his inaction. I will not be preached to by that flatscan about producing results when he and his soldiers have yet to produce a single damned result for his people.

I am beginning to see what my Father loved about my mother. She can be so devoted. She has spent the last four days in my lab, cooking and cleaning and trying to earn my forgiveness. She has turned my sisters away when they come and try to bring her back home, presented as she was with responsibilities to her children with the Traitor. Honestly, the man wasn’t worthy of her and the children are mongrels. I never hesitate to mention this to her if she ever decides to act up or disagree with me. She still can’t look into my face. Has she decided to make amends for what drove me to this ‘ruin’?

Like that would change anything. She’s learned not to mention his name, lest I spit in her face or slap her. She spends her nights on a simple bamboo mat without blankets and I hear her sob for hours. It gets so annoying some times. I have thought about seriously beating her every time I hear her cry, but I can’t quite bring myself to it yet. For now, I am content to enjoy the food.
Originally Posted by Yagyuu Hideaki’s Journal, 116 days after the explosion
My mother committed suicide yesterday. She finally went home two days ago without saying a word. The accounts I’ve heard all come down to her going back and being immensely happy when she got to her house, spending time with my sisters and her mongrel-children with the Traitor and giving off no questionable vibes, merely refusing to talk about what had happened to her within the lab—and, oh, what happened here.

Then, yesterday evening during the family dinner, she walked to the kitchen, grabbed a butcher knife, and screamed out to her children that she was ‘filth’, surprisingly managing to so deeply cut across her neck that her head was nearly severed as it started pumping gouts of blood out before her children and grandchildren. I expect a visit from some investigators within the next few days, but I’m not worried; after all, I didn’t tell her to kill herself. That was her own solution, her own way of making herself feel better after what had happened between us for five days before she decided to leave. She capped off her life as a whore.

I feel I’ve written too much.

19 days left until Shining Heaven is complete.
Originally Posted by Yagyuu Hideaki’s Journal, “T minus 14 days and counting”
So, I got such a pleasant visit yesterday from some bootlickers sent to ‘investigate’ my role—“if any”—in my mother’s suicide. ‘Investigation’ my ass. They barged in, berated me, and then proceeded to stomp me into the floor. My left eye is swollen shut and my right arm is broken, as are two of my ribs. I’ve had to do what I could to take care of them. Good thing I am in a lab with tons of various chemical concoctions, right? Right.

This settles it, though. Rain is lost. The Amekage is a coward and sightless. The people are deluded idiots—particularly those five who did this to me; we’ll see what sort of tune those bastards are singing when the vapors they inhaled take effect. To summarize: Shining Heaven is too good for these rats. They don’t deserve it anymore than they deserve the surface. In fact, I don’t think any of these shinobi countries do or ever could deserve what Shining Heaven can offer. They are like squabbling siblings, fighting over whose toys are better when they miss the bigger picture: they are family. More, they are better than those who surround them and could impose that if they would only realize the truth and get over their petty squabbles.

Shinobi should not be the pawns of fat businessmen.

If they can’t accept that and work together, then maybe what comes of their ashes will see the truth.

I will not write anymore down. 14 days. 14 days until the next chapter.
Originally Posted by Junshu Shoryuu’s audio log, day of the ‘Shining Heaven’ Incident
I have sent 5 of my men to bring in Yagyuu Hideaki from his lab for questioning into the case of his mother’s death, as well as to answer suspicions relating to the sudden, excruciating deaths of the 5 officers who had gone to investigate him at his lab two weeks ago. I hate to think that he’s gone this far, but after that explosion, he never has been the same. It’s strange how quickly someone can change so much. I remember his father very little, but I’d have never expected his only son to become such a----

[(A loud rumbling can be heard.)]

What the hell was that?

[(A door slams against the wall as it opens.)]

[(A new voice.)]: Sir! Something’s happened in the tunnel!

[(Shoryuu)]: I can tell that! Where was it? It…it couldn’t… [(Recording clicks to an end.)]
Originally Posted by Junshu Shoryuu’s audio log, 3 days later
The case has been closed. Three days ago, I sent five of my men to arrest Yagyuu Hideaki in connection to the deaths of another five of my men two weeks after they had visited his home during an investigation. Accounts of what exactly happened this time are something less than certain, as the only word we have to go on is that of the sole survivor, badly maimed and seemingly addled by a number of chemicals. We can’t determine what is delusion or fact in his account.

That being said, I’ll go ahead and state for the record what his ‘eyewitness account’ is up until the point where he starts talking about the flames turning into butterflies and singing to him. The team arrived in the tunnel to find the entrance to Yagyuu’s home/laboratory open and abnormally well-lit. He had expected them. He had prepared for them. They walked in to find a bottle of wine and five glasses laid out on a small table and they could hear music playing from further inside. They didn’t drink the wine, remembering their mysteriously deceased comrades who had previously visited Hideaki’s lab. They carefully continued further into the lab, which they found to be quite alive and lit up and what you would expect from an active mad scientist’s lab.

And then, they saw Yagyuu Hideaki. He was standing bare-chested before all of them with a number of tubes stuck into his body and a glass of wine perched in his left hand. Hideaki welcomed them to his home and lab and said that he felt disappointed that they didn’t enjoy some of the wine. The team informed him that he was under arrest. He laughed at them, drank the remainder of his wine, and threw the glass down. Only then did they see the device in his other hand. Suddenly, explosions ripped through the labs as large containers of chemicals burst on all sides. The whole time, they could hear Hideaki’s laughter, growing in pitch as he caught on fire and only stopping when his body was thoroughly charred. The one survivor managed to run sooner than the other and only lost his legs and his grip on sanity, not to mention looking much like Hideaki had after his first lab exploded less than half a year ago.

In the end, we retrieved corpses for 4 of the team and what has been definitely identified as Yagyuu Hideaki’s own corpse, mangled and charred to a shrivel as the others were. What gets me is the planning that Hideaki had for this. He knew that someone was being sent after him. He knew that there were five of them. I’m surprised he didn’t know their names. And some of the details get to me, particularly the tubes that were stuck in him. What was he doing? Was it….was it ‘Shining Heaven’? Did he finally complete it?

Well, not like it mattered. He’s quite dead. His body is scheduled to be properly disposed of today. Nobody will know about this beyond those involved. The Amekage has ordered all records pertaining to this event sealed, including the journals we seized from the wreckage of his lab. After this recording, if someone says “Yagyuu Hideaki?”, the proper response is “Who?” If someone says “Shining Heaven”, people will have no idea what they are talking about it.

Yagyuu Hideaki never existed.

Other Info:
-10 AP used

Mission/Thread Log:

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