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Default Grass Taijutsu - Kinokozaku-Fu


[Chihan Kekona]


Born from the youngest generation of Kusagakure no Sato’s jounin, the Kinokozaku-fu is considered to be one of the epitomic trademarks of the village’s modern time. It is described by critics as “an elegant taijutsu, infusing the hip, fluid dances of the neo-generation with the traditional, powerful understanding of nature developed by their ancestors.” In just the short time that it has been in existence, the style has become renowned for its flowery aesthetics, often compared to the beauty of freshly bloomed petals dancing to the heated tempo of a spring wind. As far as pop culture is concerned, the Kinokozaku-fu is the “in” thing to do. From movies to street performances, the show that is this fighting style has jumped in popularity nearly overnight—a mushroom millionaire of the physical arts.

Known as the face of the Kinokozaku-fu, Chihan Kekona (?? ??) was the young woman who created the taijutsu. Daughter of a mycologist jounin father and a ballerina chuunin mother, it was only to be expected that she would find a way to combine their influences. While not quite a prodigy, the girl was considered advanced by many and much was expected of her because of it. When, at the age of fourteen, she set out to create the perfect method of fighting, her former academy sensei was quoted as saying, “With Kekona-chan at the head, I have no doubt that it will be majestic.”

And so it was.

Kinoko refers to the word “Mushroom””, the most surprising of all the forest’s creatures. Where they might not have been one night, they can appear fully grown the very next morning. They spring up with a speed and boldness unmatched by any other forms of life in the entire world. Despite their small size, they stand tall and strong in the face of the largest trees, beasts, and/or men. And they survive with intelligence and tactics, knowing it a wiser maneuver to feed off of their larger opponents than to attempt and overpower them with fervent, instinct-driven confrontation. The mushroom is the most delightful creation of them all. At the same time, their tendency to induce hallucinations and alter behavioral patterns in their enemies sits well with the taijutu’s mild departure into illusionary arts/psychedelics.

Zaku refers to the verb “To Bloom”, related heavily with the taijutsu’s sudden and surprising nature. Typically, the users of the style will start off fighting with the most basic of forms; however, they will display more and more of their true capability as the fight goes on, revealing a deeper power to the style than first meets the eye. It “blooms”. Fu initially referred to the word “Wind”, connected to the style’s fast paced movements and loose maneuvers; as well as the tendency to go from gentle to vicious at a moment’s whim. Due to misprinting in various shinobi and entertainment magazines, fu has since come to refer simply to “Style”. The mistake was considered forgivable by the creator, seeing as the kanji for wind and style are one in the same.

Despite becoming one of Kusagakure no Sato’s most impressive fighting styles to date, Chihan Kekona—now in her late twenties—still claims that it isn’t “perfected”.


-Basic Outline-

The Kinokozaku-fu is a style built around the idea of constantly having an upper hand over the opponent. As the user’s are typically not of incredible stature—often they were more interested in chakra as children—this style relies on the disorientation of the opponent as the primary method of balancing the playing field in their favor.

As a physical art, the taijutsu appears like a fluid break-dance, user’s sticking low to the ground like the mushrooms that inspired the style. Because of this, they have a tendency to work more on increasing dexterity and agility. Spins, flips, trips, handstands, somersaults, cartwheels, and the like are the primary motions involved. They flow perfectly with the most basic attacks: From sweeps, to rising kicks, to uppercuts, to strikes directed at the pressure points, the fighters will aim employ as many physical tricks of the trade as possible to dizzy, nauseate, and disorient their enemy.

However, as those maneuvers tend to find their usefulness dampened when fighting more powerful enemies, the Kinokozaku-fu has a more advanced method—introduced to shinobi around the rank of genin. Using spores and chakra, the fighters will mimic the qualities of some mushrooms—inducing a psychedelic confusion/disorientation within their enemy. Trances, illusions, hypnosis, and hallucinations can all be recreated.

It is a style for those with a flair for aesthetics.

Style Basis: Ninjutsu

Availability: Kusagakure/Hidden Grass

Core Aspects:

Taijutsu – The types of maneuvers and acrobatics that the user can pull off tend to be the most important aspect in judging their overall talent in the style. For, it designates just what their limits are and what their limits will be. As they improve, they will go from performing slow, low-quality handstands to fast-paced, one-armed handstands—still with enough strength to guide them. From there, the next most important aspect is the precision of their strikes. Even if one were to be capable of the movement necessary to take out an opponent, what’s the point if they can’t do it accurately? Because of this, dexterity, agility, flexibility, speed, and strength all are incredibly important. Their bodies must be able to keep up with their own desired movements.

Provided in each stage description is a very rough outline; creativity is absolutely key in this style.

Psychedelics – The manipulation of the spores through the air in a gaseous form. This section determines how far off of the body the gas radiates, the types of effects that it carries, and how long those effects last.


Stage One
Stat Requirements: Four Control, Four Power
Stage Bonuses: +Three Speed

At this stage, it is expected that the Kinokozaku-fu practitioner is mostly focusing on increasing their basic movement ability. Told to keep close to the ground, move fast, and aim low, nothing all that fancy has come into play. They have just learned the basic stepping techniques, possessing rudimentary knowledge of how to keep moving constantly to avoid enemy attacks. “Duck, roll, hop, flip, turn on nimble fingers, crouch, somersault, dash, duck, roll…” and so on are the basic commands that go through their heads. One handed feats are not possible.

Psychedelic Manipulation

As far as spore use is concerned, the fighters are just beginning to understand the proper manipulation of chakra into the air around them. That said, their range is extremely limited, with the enemy having to come into actual physical contact with the user for any of the effects to take place. If by some chance, the Kinokozaku-fu student manages to graze the nose or mouth of their opponent, said target will begin to feel slightly dizzy. The effect will only last for the post immediately following said contact. If the user manages to hold contact for more than one post, the dizziness will still end in the opponents first post free from their grasp. None of the more colorful aspects of the mushroom effects have begun to come into play. Even with chakra, the spores are fairly impotent.

Stage Two
Stat Requirements: Seven Control, Seven Power, Six Speed
Stage Bonuses: +Three Speed
Total Bonuses: +Six Speed

Now that the user of the taijutsu style has gotten the basics of dance down, they can begin to employ it more usefully in battle. Their steps are now solid, allowing them to crawl at a full speed equal to their running speed—all while performing dodge-rolls, somersaults, and other grounded twirling motions. Strategically speaking, they are now beginning to learn the weaker parts of the body to attack; not quite pressure points, but it is suggested that they attack places like the back of the knee, the ankle, the shin, and the diaphragm—only leaving their low-ground position for the latter. At this point, they can mimic the beats of music in their heads, allowing them to fight with nearly as much fluidity as they move while dancing. Dodges are beginning to lead perfectly into counter attacks, which in turn lead right back into another dodge.

Psychedelic Manipulation

Leading up to this stage, there is a greater focus on chakra manipulation in the practitioner’s training, helping to make their spore control more potent and easier to do. At this point, the gas’ range has increased to a foot away from the user’s body. If it is inhaled by an opponent, they will feel two distinct feelings: the dizziness from before, as well as a new wavy feeling throughout their body (i.e. it seems to undulate). Worth noting: While the new effect is not enough to throw them completely off balance, it will make them slightly less secure about making movements that require perfect precision.

The lengths of the two effects are:

Dizziness: Length of Exposure + One Post After Exposure
Undulation: Length of Exposure

Stage Three
Stat Requirements: Ten Control, Ten Power, Eight Speed
Stage Bonuses: +Three Speed
Total Bonuses: +Nine Speed

Not much at all has changed between the style in the previous stage and the style in this stage. At this point, they are usually too busy working on improvements in many areas to see any noteworthy improvements in a single aspect. If anything, they will begin to experiment more with the infusion of their dance into the fighting, using more and more break dancing techniques as attacks. Kicks are more frequent, as are aerial maneuvers like front-flips and back-flips—both of which tend to lead directly into some form of a kick.

Psychedelic Manipulation

As the practitioner continues their improvements of the shinobi arts, their handle on the spore manipulation follows in turn. The gas now retains its effectiveness as far as two feet away from the user’s body. Upon being inhaled by an opponent, they will now experience three separate feelings. Again, the first is dizziness and the second is that of their body undulating; however, the third is entirely new. They will find themselves experiencing the world as if it was a teeter-totter, shifting from one side to the other. It can make many advanced movements extremely difficult to perform, most of the time leaving them with only the basics.

The lengths of the three effects are:

Dizziness: Length of Exposure + One Post After Exposure
Undulation: Length of Exposure + One Post After Exposure
Seesaw Earth: Length of Exposure

Stage Four
Stat Requirements: Fifteen Control, Fifteen Power, Thirteen Reserves, Fourteen Speed
Stage Bonuses: +Three Speed
Total Bonuses: +Twelve Speed

The dance is growing more and more fluid, with the users able to move on the ground easier than the average man or woman could move on their own two feet. Since the last couple of stages, the user has worked on their abdominal and upper body muscles to the point where the feats that they can perform seem almost inhuman. One-handed feats can finally be pulled off with enough ease where the user can wield the takegari while moving all over the place. Typically, people will begin to infuse the baton-like weapon into their acrobatics. At the same time, their studies have helped them to learn many of the body’s most sensitive points; as has much training garnered them enough experience to successfully attack them in battle.

Psychedelic Manipulation

With time and practice, the user of the style has now reached the midway point of the taijutsu’s chakra component. Releasing their chakra into the air, they can now create a gas field three feet around their body. Most noteworthy of this level is the level of precision that they have reached—now able to discern enemy from ally, choosing who they wish to effect as they fight. If the opponent breathes the noxious air, they will experience four effects—all of which are based around aiding the user in robbing them of their balance. The first, dizziness; the second, feeling of undulation; the third, teeter-totter motions of the earth; and the fourth, simulated inebriation—blurred vision, difficulty concentrating, etc.

The length of time that they affect the target is as follows:

Dizziness: Length of Exposure + Two Posts After Exposure
Undulation: Length of Exposure + One Post After Exposure
Seesaw Earth: Length of Exposure + One Post After Exposure
Inebriation: Length of Exposure

Stage Five
Stat Requirements: Nineteen Control, Nineteen Power, Eighteen Reserves, Sixteen Speed
Stage Bonuses: +Three Speed
Total Bonuses: +Fifteen Speed

Other than the increased physical capabilities, there has not been much improvement since the previous stage.

Psychedelic Manipulation

Again, the user finds their progression in the manipulation of chakra to be quite evident. At this stage, their precision has reached the point to where the gas may be manipulated through any breathing apparatus of the enemy—effectively nullifying the items that otherwise might hinder the progression of the spores’ effects. The gas will surround the user’s body up to a distance of four feet. And, as seems to be typical of the style, a new effect is thrown into the mix as well. At this time, if the enemy inhales any of the spores, they will experience all of the previous four effects, coupled with a brand new one—a feeling of absolute bodily liberation: euphoria. Their own body becomes numb to them, they become giggly, as if being tickled over every inch of their body, and the world seems to be something entirely its own. They are their spirits.

The length of time that they affect the target is as follows:

Dizziness: Length of Exposure + Two Posts After Exposure
Undulation: Length of Exposure + Two Posts After Exposure
Seesaw Earth: Length of Exposure + One Post After Exposure
Inebriation: Length of Exposure + One Post After Exposure
Euphoria: Length of Exposure

Stage Six
Stat Requirements: Twenty-Five Control, Twenty-Five Power, Twenty-Five Reserves, Eighteen Speed, Eighteen Strength
Stage Bonuses: +Three Speed
Total Bonuses: +Eighteen Speed

Nearing perfection, the user has now become a hurricane of the battlefield, moving about with so much random fluidity that even the most trained eyes have trouble picking up on and predicting where the fighter’s next movements are going to come from. They are unpredictable, swift, and constant—the worst combination imaginable for more linear fighters. Also, at this point, the Kinokozaku-fu practitioner begins to learn and practice strategies for fighting multiple opponents. Dancing through any crowd of enemies, they will attempt to use the numbers to their advantage—ducking and hiding behind one person, taking them out, and then springing out to attack another. To properly understand just what they are capable of doing their bodies, one should have a fighter of the style run through an industrial facility that they have never seen before. With eyes trained to keep up at incredible speeds; bodies of ultimate dexterity, agility, and flexibility; and reactions perfect for dealing with the randomness of obstructions, they could maneuver the complex flawlessly.

Psychedelic Manipulation

Precision hasn’t taken much of an increase at this stage; instead, they focus mostly on the amount of gas that can be created and the potency of it. At this level, the gas will surround the user’s body up to a distance of five feet. If inhaled by an opponent, it will force them to experience six effects. The first is dizziness, the second is the feeling of bodily undulation, the third makes the earth appear to move side to side like a seesaw, the fourth is mimicked inebriation (tipsy), the fifth is a euphoric sensation, and the sixth—and newest—is a cholinergic effect (lowered blood pressure and mild dehydration by heavy sweating and salivation). Mood swings are often prominent in those affected at this stage, as they are experiencing so many feelings at once. The length of time that they affect the target is as follows:

Dizziness: Length of Exposure + Three Posts After Exposure
Undulation: Length of Exposure + Two Posts After Exposure
Seesaw Earth: Length of Exposure + Two Posts After Exposure
Inebriation: Length of Exposure + One Post After Exposure
Euphoria: Length of Exposure + One Post After Exposure
Cholinergic: Length of Exposure

Stage Seven
Stat Requirements: Thirty-Three Control, Thirty-Three Power, Thirty-Three Reserves, Twenty-Two Speed, Twenty-Two Strength
Stage Bonuses: +Three Speed
Total Bonuses: +Twenty-One Speed

Kekona, having just reached this stage of the style, has deemed it imperfect. Beyond the abilities of the previous stage, it offers little more than precision. Things that might have been capable but difficult before can now be pulled off without breaking a sweat. In essence, this is the epitome of break-dance fighting. Flips, kicks, sweeps, handstands, headspins, Y-kicks, and the like are second nature. Hell, the fighter can walk miles in a handstand position while out of battle, so many often dream of what they could do in an actual fight—when the adrenaline was actually pumping.

Psychedelic Manipulation

The final stage! The user has now reached the point of complete mastery over the spores. The gas can now be turned off an on like a whim, directed at specific targets within the area, and maneuver through the tiniest of cracks to reach a target. The area of the gaseous field has now spread to six feet away from the user’s body, affecting anyone in the range that the user so chooses. All of the previous effects still come into play, but now the most powerful of them all can be released upon the enemy. The seventh and final effect will enter the opponent’s body and target the muscles and brain directly. The opponent will find himself delirious—hallucinations calling out for him from every each way, confusion being prominent in his brain, lights flashing in his eyes where there are none, etc.—and they will find their muscles tightened up, taking away much agility and dexterity. It is a terrible feeling. The length of time that they affect the target is as follows:

Dizziness: Length of Exposure + Three Posts After Exposure
Undulation: Length of Exposure + Three Posts After Exposure
Seesaw Earth: Length of Exposure + Two Posts After Exposure
Inebriation: Length of Exposure + Two Posts After Exposure
Euphoria: Length of Exposure + One Posts After Exposure
Cholinergic: Length of Exposure + One Posts After Exposure
Total Delirium/Muscle Tightening: Length of Exposure


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