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Default Sushyi: Items

Wire Ribbons; (5 Points)
Unique: Okinawa Sayuri

Wire ribbons are a unique invention of Okinawa Sayuri that can be used both for any wire or ribbon style. With a bit of chakra, they can morph from ribbons to wire or from wire to ribbons. These actions must be done in separate posts. The ribbons have a metallic sheen (though they are actually made of silk), and have a razor-sharp edge to them that can graze skin rather badly. They cannot be sliced through like normal ribbons, though that's more or less a given. With a surge of chakra, the ribbon suddenly decreases in width and becomes a razor thin wire. The wire is visible to the eye, and just like the ribbons, are especially sharp for attacking. The sharp parts of the wire and the ribbon do not hurt Sayuri.

Aquilo (11 Points)

(Unique to Osozaki Nazomi)

Named after the Roman God of the Northern Wind, Aquilo resembles the wing of a fragile, yellow butterfly. As a fan, Aquilo seems to possess the same amount of power as Nazomi's smaller, more portable fans. It seems to be almost incovenient to be carrying around such a large fan -- but such is not the case. The material Aquilo is made out of is durable, but light. It appears to have low density. As a result, it is not difficult to carry around, when folded, it is roughly the same length as a staff but thicker. (This is the case for most large tessen.)

Aquilo is unique in that it can be used in two different ways. Folded, and unfolded.

When folded, the two sections of Aquilo overlap one another to create a weapon that is only half the size of the picture above. In this state, Aquilo's attacks are more compressed than an ordinary Fuuton, and can be aimed with more precision. (For example, a large scale attack such as Daikaitamachi no Jutsu would have all of its energy focused more on one area, making attacks more devastating.) Furthremore, because of the two overlapped sections, Aquilo in its folded state is a brighter shade of yellow.

When unfolded, Aquilo functions as a regular tessen. A unique property of Aquilo in its unfolded state is that it can take full advantage of the thousands of scales that decorate the wing. Any source of light will cause the scales to light up, but only as much of a nightlight or so, nothing blinding. If Aquilo is moved during this state, the light of the fan appears to 'linger' for a few moments before dissipating. While this sounds fancy, in effect all the lingering does is confuse the opponent on the exact location of the fan. The lingering effect lasts for a total of 3 posts and can be used twice per thread.

And yes, I realize this is a light fan we are talking about, but this is also Naruto-world and it is filled with Chakra. This is a legitimate weapon, not rice paper glued to two sticks. A basic Taijutsu attack should not be breakin' my fan.

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