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Default Baisuu Tou Ryuu (Multiple Sword Style)

Baisuu-Tou-Ryuu (Multiple-Sword-Style)

“If you fight with one sword, then I’ll crush you with two, and if that’s not enough, I’ll use three, four, even nine to beat you into the dust.”

This style was founded on the ideal that the greater the number of weapons one has, the chance of success over an opponent increases. It was created by skilled front-line warriors that performed quick and strong attacks on the enemy, but it was a rash, hack and slash form that , while it would deal massive amounts of damage, it would rarely actually hit the target. Since then, it has evolved into a more flowing style and became more focused on the use of swords and blades, mainly Katanas (although Cleavers are still used, as well).

Seeing a true practitioner of the Baisuu-Tou-Ryuu is considered a wondrous rarity. Just seeing the clashing of the metal and the gleaming of the many blades is sometimes enough to turn even the most outspoken Ninjutsu Specialists into users of this style.

Physical hardness and toughness of the Baisuu-Tou-Ryuu Specialist is nothing to be amazed by. The only thing amazing is that they have a minor resistance to the pain of being cut by any blade. A lifetime of getting used to wielding multiple swords is a lifetime of constant cutting and bleeding. They have also been known to continue fighting despite the worst conditions and extreme loss of blood.

While some have commented that several practitioners are less than brilliant, that is not an entirely common thing. Most are very resilient and can easily find a solution to any problem they are involved in, sometimes even having to rely on cutting off their own feet.

Users of the Baisuu-Tou-Ryuu have intense strength. Their physical prowess is enough for them to even take on the toughest of opponents without even unsheathing their swords. Without their bladed weapons, a Multiple Sword User would most often resemble a fighter in a bar; not a drunken fighter, but just someone who likes to brawl.

The most extreme users of this style can face almost no obstacle that they cannot cut through. If their swords are locked with an enemy’s sword, there is little hope for their opponent to resist being overpowered.

A Baisuu-Tou-Ryuu fighter’s common tactic would be to show off their immense strength to their opponent. When the enemy feels like they have gotten used to the power of the user, the Multiple Sword User explodes with a burst of speed, quickly suppressing any further resistance. Most Taijutsu Experts like to keep at least one aspect of their fighting style a secret, and speed is the hidden factor in the Baisuu-Tou-Ryuu.

Their lack of physical toughness does not hinder their ability to defend against incoming attacks. With multiple swords, the chance for the opponent to actually land a blow is significantly reduced. Nobody wants to punch or kick a razor sharp edge. Parries and blocks are simple matters for Multiple Swords users.

The hardest part to learning the Baisuu-Tou-Ryuu and practicing it is easily one of the simplest. Long, extensive weight training is always required to keep the user in peak performance. Users must also train with holding weights with their teeth, so that they can use a commonly looked over grip for their swords.

-Sometimes it is beneficial for the Taijutsu Stylist to take another Style that focuses more on Stamina and the toughness of the body.
-Any style sword is acceptable, though it is usually recommended that the user take only the basic, bare swords with nothing special, as to easily maximize the number of swords the user can take.
-It is extremely encouraged that the user spends more stat and thread points on gaining extra weapon points, as this style can only truly shine with multiple swords.

Classification: Weapon

Stage One

Requirements: Strength 5, Speed 3
Stage Bonus: +5 Strength, +4 Speed

At this meager introductory stage, the user at max is only skilled at swinging around a sword, attempting to seem like they know what they’re doing. The person doesn’t even know how to properly use two swords and can only use one sword without cutting himself.

Regular Techniques

It-Tou-Ryuu: Iai (One-Sword-Style, Draw)
A very rudimentary technique for a very basic beginning; the user with his sword sheathed rapidly draws his sword for a striking, fast attack, before once again sheathing their sword. The speed of this attack differs depending on different variables, such as what rank the user is, and how far they excel in the Baisuu-Tou-Ryuu.

Special Techniques

Wielding multiple swords means learning how to carry them all, and how to tell a good sword from a bad one. The user's interest in blades, whether obsessive or just a little nerdy, prompts them to keep as many as possible on them at all times. Upon taking this technique, the user receives a single Item Point, which must be spent on a sword. Whenever the user obtains a new stage in this style, they receive an additional Item Point for swords, and can reallocate points given by this technique between threads. Maximum seven Item Points.

Tou Gappei (Sword Merge)
This must be used with more than one sword. The user takes two (or more) swords and merges the hilts together, but not the blades (as in two blades side by side, or both of the blades on opposite ends of one hilt. The effect is that two (or more) swords are able to be used as one. The highest number of swords that can be used is five. The amount of time the swords can be used is described by the formula t = (P+R)/(n) where P equals the user’s Power, R equals the user’s Reserves, and n equals the number of swords the user wishes to merge. The number t is rounded up or down to the nearest whole number.

Stage Two

Requirements: Strength 8, Speed 6, Willpower 6
Stage Bonus: +5 Strength, +4 Speed

The basis of the Multiple Sword Style kicks in at this stage, allowing the user to easily use two swords at a time; no risk of fumbling around or accidentally cutting off their arms (as long as more swords aren’t added). Their natural fighting style is a little bit brutish, but effective.

Regular Techniques

This technique is mainly used in a true, up and close, one on one battle. When locking weapons with an enemy, the user simply shifts their strength, weight, and swords slightly, which casually throws off the opponent’s weapon, opening him or her up for a strike.

Special Techniques

Wadou Ichimonji (The One Road of Harmony)
A skilled swordsman can learn all from just listening to what their sword has to say. An even better one can learn a lot more from listening to the weapons of their enemy. Once the user has blocked or parried at least one attack from the opponent, they become fully aware of what, if any, Taijutsu Style he or she is taking. In addition, anything special from the weapon is also revealed.

Stage Three

Requirements: Strength 12, Speed 8, Willpower 8
Stage Bonus: +5 Strength, +4 Speed

More swords are added to the user’s arsenal, bringing the total number of swords that can be safely and fluidly wielded up to four different swords. Tou Gappei or special handling of the swords is necessary to establish this, however. The practitioner’s fighting style has become less brutish in this stage and just more forceful, showing off that immense strength of theirs but in a way that catches the opponent off guard.

Regular Techniques

Ichi Ton Keishu (One Ton Guard)
This technique requires at least three swords to perform. With a sword in each hand and one in their mouth, the user stretches one arm behind them, resting the blade just a few inches away from their back, and the other across the front of their body, allowing the blade to sit comfortably next to their side. This three sword defense acts like a trigger, allowing quick and immediate action after any hostile action against the user. This technique is sometimes followed by the user closing his or her eyes, since it’s a useful technique when you are robbed of your senses due to smoke, blindness, or any type of “hidden” Ninjutsu or Genjutsu.

Special Techniques

Nana-Jyuu-Ni Pondo Hou (72 Pound Cannon)
A Ni-Tou-Ryuu (Two-Sword-Style) technique that uses the practitioner’s immense strength with this style to cut fissures into the air itself. Cutting the air with two swords, the user sends a strong vacuumed pocket of air spiraling towards his opponent. It has zero strength behind it, but does retain the exact sharpness of the two blades, being able to easily create cuts and gashes on the enemy. It has a range of half the user’s Strength in yards.

Stage Four

Requirements: Strength 19, Speed 16, Willpower 14, Stamina 8
Stage Bonus: +5 Strength, +4 Speed

The maximum amount of swords used is now increased to five. At this level, the user should be using at least two swords on average. If a practitioner is ever to be found using only one sword, it should only be because of two possible things: they are in the middle of training, or they’re going soft and easy on an opponent. At this level of the Baisuu-Tou-Ryuu, the style of fighting levels off. They maintain a fierce fighting aura and will seldom hesitate to fight to their fullest. It is here where the user begins to develop a certain sense of style and flair, blending his or her own experiences to create their own personalized fighting style.

Regular Techniques

Lucky Catch
With more swords now at the disposal of the fighter, it can sometimes become a hassle to hold and fight with all the swords at once. With this easy, almost natural ability, the user can just juggle the swords into the air, switching off from one sword to the next. This is extremely useful for catching an opponent off guard, if the fighter uses his imagination well. Never has there been a case of a user of this technique to accidentally cut off their arm, despite its obvious dangers.

Special Techniques

[Open Slot]

Stage Five

Requirements: Strength 25, Speed 19, Willpower 16, Stamina 12
Stage Bonus: +5 Strength, +4 Speed

Aside form being able to use six swords at one time with extreme ease, not much has changed since Stage Four. The user would be developing their own unique sense of style by this time, not wanting to be washed away in a sea of mediocre swordsmen. The only real thing that continues to stick with the practitioner is their natural fury and ferocity displayed throughout the style.

Regular Techniques

Nigiri (Double Cut)
At this level of the Baisuu-Tou-Ryuu, the user is already suited to using speed to creating shadowy afterimages of himself or herself, confusing the opponent. This technique plays off that focus slightly. Using their speed, the user feigns a slash at an opponent, creating a false image of a sword closing into steal some blood. When the opponent thinks he or she is able to block it or dodge it, the real strike occurs; either overpowering their attempt at a block or striking someplace else that is more vulnerable. This can be used with any amount of swords.

Special Techniques

Shishi Sonson (Lion’s Song)
There are times when even supernatural weapons fail to perform their duties. Legendary Blades that are supposed to cut everything in their path just don’t... well, cut it. The Shishi Sonson is a high level Iaijutsu which can be used with one or two swords. A prerequisite to this technique is that the practitioner had to at least block or parry a blow from an opponent or land a physical blow onto the opponent himself (following up on the Wadou Ichimonji). Performing a quick Iai coupled with their speed, the user can cut apart any metal or non-metal in his or her path, even Ninjutsu Defenses of a lower Ninjutsu Stage to the user’s highest stage in the Baisuu-Tou-Ryuu.

Stage Six

Requirements: Strength 30, Speed 24, Willpower 21, Stamina 21, Tactics 15
Stage Bonus: +5 Strength, +4 Speed

The fierceness and fiery spirit of the Baisuu-Tou-Ryuu Swordsman persists once again as the number of swords the user is able to use is increased to eight swords at one time. At this point, there are no two practitioners of this style that are exactly the same, except for a minor case between Master and Student. Nothing much is left for the practitioner to learn, as they are already practically experts in their field.

Special Techniques

Sandai Kitetsu (3rd Generation Demon Splitter)
This is an ultimate defense a Baisuu-Tou-Ryuu fighter has against Ninjutsu that is at a stage equal to the fighter’s highest stage minus two. They literally cut into any oncoming Ninjutsu and in a powerful clash of steel and chakra, send it flying back towards the one that fired off that technique. This doesn’t make clones attack their owners, though, and Defensive Jutsu just crumbles.

Stage Seven

Requirements: Strength 40, Speed 34, Willpower 25, Stamina 25, Tactics 19
Stage Bonus: +5 Strength, +4 Speed

The Pinnacle of the Baisuu-Tou-Ryuu is quite possibly the Pinnacle of all the Sword Styles in the world. A Multiple Swords fighter is practically unrivaled in the field of swordsmanship. Their brute power and insane speed make them powerful forces to be reckoned with. If they ever draw their swords on you, run far and run fast. With the possibility of ten razor edges unsheathed at your throat, you had better never hope to cross paths with this man again.

Regular Techniques:

There are no universal Regular Techniques for this Stage in the Baisuu-Tou-Ryuu. Those that have mastered this style are badasses enough on their own to come up with something special if they feel like it; some signature move well defined by the limits of the style. After all, wouldn't it only be the logical thing to do once the sky is reached?

Special Techniques:


This is a horrifying technique few enemies have seen and lived to tell about it. This immediately increases the Swordsman’s fighting power threefold. Two “clones” are formed on both sides of the user, creating a figure with the likeness of a demon. Whatever number of swords the user was wielding in this form is also multiplied, making this a technique that can be considered to be in the range of the Sanjyuu-Tou-Ryuu. This technique lasts for three posts and any technique at all in the Baisuu-Tou-Ryuu arsenal can be used with this with the same amount of power.These clones are only capable of knowing the Baisuu-Tou-Ryuu, so any other Taijutsu style the user has will not carry over, and the user will be unable to use Ninjutsu of any kind in this technique. Because of its destructive nature, it can only be used once per thread and when the three posts are up, they disappear immediately.

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