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Default Fushime Hinoiri: Roots, sister, time.

A sister to Shirou's upcoming ANBU, Fushime Sagasu.
AP received from Taro. He's cool. <3

Character revamp: 2/18/08, updated everything (including Biography)


Fushime Hinoiri / Keika

(Knot Sunrise, Firefly Light)

Nickname: Hino, Kei
Age: 21
Sex: Female
Height: 5'6"

Character Type: Shinobi

Country/Village: Hidden Leaf Village, Fire Country
Rank: Jounin
Division: Roots operative; Chu-i (Lance Corporal)

Physical Description & Clothing:
Long dirty blonde hair graces her shoulders and chest in loose, wavy clumps. Keika's hair, choppy and uneven, has the tendency to cover her eyes without obstructing vision. Little care is given to her layered, golden tresses; they sustain their shape and volume without her constant attention or concern. But most people notice the eyes first--those sharp, lucid grey eyes that do little to mask her intelligence, her confidence, her skill. Though they are partially hidden by a pair of frameless glasses, they say her eyes are her most intriuging feature; they smolder and burn when certain topics are discussed and that fleeting light is what attracts the others to her.

She's considered slender by most, but not in an unattractive or unappetizing fashion; her body is lean and toned from the little Taijutsu training she has received. While not particularly curvaecious, her body has obtained a balance that allows her to look mildly presentable in most apparel.

Her long hours in the lab demand a certain type of clothing that neither obstructs her progress or hinders her movement-- Hence, she chooses to wear a simple three-piece outfit that usually consists of a long-sleeved button-down oxford, a plain black vest, and a straight black pant. (She wears a clean white lab coat over this outfit while in the lab.) While she realizes that this combination is not the most mobile, Keika still cares for fashion and chooses to balance efficiency and her own outer appearance.

While out on the field, Keika wears the plainest shinobi apparel one can find; she likes to blend in as much as possible during missions. This usually results in her coloring her hair for a days, or wearing darker contacts that make her eyes bland and unattractive.

Personality: To understand this girl's character is to understand the two personas she has unintentionally split herself into: Hinoiri and Keika.

Hinoiri is the past, a life she used to live before joining Roots and finding a new life in an organization that gives as much to her as she gives to it. She radiates a youthful glow that is punctuated with soft, shy smiles and short, fluttering laughter. Unafraid to make companions but afraid of the lack of, Hino goes out of her way to converse with unwelcoming strangers and make allies in the most unlikely places. Though she is soft-spoken and articulate, her words have a light, yet thoughtful, quality to them; there is a certainty and passion in her voice.

Keika is the present, a life of work she embraced after joining Roots. Strictly business and no play, she possesses a serious character so often overwhelming that it inspires the people around her to maintain a similar attitude. As small talk is useless when one is on the job, Keika discourages communication for any purpose other than to relay information or share theories; she herself keeps reticent and only speaks when she feels there is a need. If her words are not connected to her work or study (which is rare), they are often sardonic and filled with a pessemism that runs so deep that it strikes fear into others' hearts.

Today, she is known only as Keika, except for a few key people who know better than to call her by her old name. She herself does not realize that she might have two personas in her -- one of a lifestyle she abandoned, and one she forced on herself upon joining Roots. While she keeps as professional as any human possibly could, there are cracks in her personality that suggest that deep inside, she is a different type of girl.

Nindo; "Way of the Ninja": "Your memories, your time... are precious."

Primary Archetype:
Roots Operative: <Chu-i (Lance Corporal)>
Special: One free Roots Swap Jutsu.
Stat Merit: +1 Speed, +1 Willpower, +1 Reserves
Stat Flaw: -1 Strength, -1 Intelligence, -1 Power

Secondary Archetype:
Genjutsu Specialist
Stat Merit: +2 to Willpower, +1 to Intelligence
Stat Flaw: -2 to Strength, -1 to Stamina


Physical (Tertiary)

Strength: 1 - 1 - 2 + 9 +2 (Thread)= 9
Speed: 1 + 1 + 14 = 16
Stamina: 1 - 1 + 17 = 17

Mental (Primary)

Intelligence: 1 - 1 + 1 + 20 = 21
Tactics: 1 + 19 = 20
Willpower: 1 + 2 + 1 + 21= 25

Chakra (Secondary)

Power: 1 - 1 + 19 + 2 (Thread) = 21
Control: 1 + 16 + 2 (Thread) = 19
Reserves: 1 + 1 + 15 = 17

Jutsus and Techniques

Global Ninjutsu ] http://www.narutorp.net/showthread.php?t=8293
Global Genjutsu http://www.narutorp.net/showthread.php?t=8310
Personal Swaps ] http://narutorp.net/showthread.php?t=17823
Leaf Genjutsu ] http://www.narutorp.net/showthread.php?t=25635
Roots Swap ] http://www.narutorp.net/showthread.php?t=15967
Katon Technique Tree ] http://narutorp.net/showthread.php?t=8139
Corpse Manipulation ] http://www.narutorp.net/showthread.php?t=10178

Global Ninjutsu

Stage 1
AP1. Kawarimi No Jutsu (Body Switch Technique) ] Intelligence 3, Reserves 3

Stage 2
Thread. Kinobori no Jutsu (Tree Walking Technique) ] Power 6, Control 6, Intelligence 4

Stage 3
AP2. Kai (Replacing Chakra Hunting Technique) ] Power 9, Control 9, Intelligence 7

Stage 4
Thread. Awakening I (Replacing Homing Roof Tile Shuriken Technique) ] Intelligence 14, Tactics 13, Willpower 11, Control 10

Global Genjutsu

Stage 1
A1. Bunshin No Jutsu (Clone Technique) ] Control 2, Intelligence 2

Stage 2
A2. Head Voice (Replacing Track Covering) ] Willpower 6, Intelligence 5, Power 5

Stage 3
A3. Kakushi Tsuushin (Hidden Communication) (Replacing Chained Mind Technique) ] Control 9, Power 9, Willpower 7

Stage 4
A4. "Just once more." (Replacing Nemuri) ] Willpower 12, Intelligence 11, Tactics 10, Control 12
Free Roots Swap. Sentou Sengi (Combat Initiative) (Replacing Kitsunetsuki) ] Willpower 15, Intelligence 15, Tactics 13, Control 14

Stage 5
F1. "What's at your feet?" (Replacing Naisenranki no Jutsu) ] Willpower 17, Intelligence 16, Tactics 16, Control 15
F2. "We'll know it soon." (Replacing Visions of Paranoia) ] Control 17, Power 16, Reserves 16, Willpower 15

Leaf Genjutsu

Stage 1
F3. Etainoshirenai no Tacchi (Touch of the Unfamiliar) ] Intelligence 4, Tactics 4

Stage 2
F4. Dokuji no Gisou (Camouflage of the Peculiar) ] Intelligence 6, Tactics 5, Control 5

Stage 3
F5. Kyouchikutou no Jumon (Spell of the Oleander) ] Power 10, Control 10, Willpower 8

Stage 4
F6. Meiryou no Hibiki (Echo of Clarity) ] Intelligence 12, Tactics 11, Willpower 10, Power 12
F7. Chousen no Hibiki (Echo of Defiance) ] Intelligence 15, Tactics 15, Willpower 13, Power 14

Stage 5
F8. Narisumashi no Hotaru (Firefly Masquerade) ] Requirements: Intelligence 19, Tactics 19, Willpower 18, Power 16
F9. Chototsu (Recklessness) ] Intelligence 18, Tactics 17, Willpower 17, Control 14

Stage 6
F10. Magen: Haitai Chihyou no Jutsu (Demonic Illusion: Decaying Earth Technique) ] Intelligence 21, Tactics 20, Willpower 19, Power 17, Control 15

Katon Techniques

Stage 1
Thread. Katon: Ichi (Fire Element: One) ] Power 4, Control 4

Stage 2
F11. Katon: Bounetsu no Jutsu (Fire Element: Flame-Resistance Technique) ] Intelligence 6, Tactics 5, Control 5

Stage 3
F12. Katon: Kyuuka no Jutsu (Fire Element: Flame Sphere Technique) ] Power 10, Control 10, Willpower 8

Stage 4
F13. Katon: Myaku Hitofuki no Jutsu (Pulse Blast Technique) ] Intelligence 12, Tactics 11, Willpower 11, Power 12

Corpse Manipulation

F14. Shibito Tankyuu no Jutsu (Corpse Search Technique) ] Control 2, Tactics 2


Universal Equiment Items ] http://www.narutorp.net/showthread.php?t=16461

- Insulation Clothing (2)
- Rubber-soled Sandals (1)
- Chakra Earrings (3)
- Sensitive Contacts (2)
- Explosive Tag (4)
- Fake Death Pill (2)
- Smoke Bombs (2)
- Shuriken (2)
- Communication Unit (1)

Weapon Points Remaining: 1
Additional Weapon Points Gained: 0

Mission Log:
3/19/07 - Enter the Charred Spider: +2 strength, wall-walking.
4/05/07 - Target: Kumateki Yoshin: +2 Control, Katon: Ichi
4/30/08 - Death and Rebirth: A Red Butterfly: +2 Power, Awakening I


At the time, I had been ignorant and idealistic. I had lived a life without cares, fears, or worries. But in those days, I had justified to live such a life; if perfect happiness could ever be attained by mankind, the house of Fushime had found it and run away with it.

We lived in a quaint apartment in a homely district of Konohagakure -- a beautiful area marked by tall vertical buildings, bright red rooftops, and disorganized telephone lines. Various shrubs scattered the area and breathed life into the aging buildings, the arbitary signs gave our neighborhood character and distinction. Here, we belonged to a community that cared for us and loved us. Though we did nothing spectacular to aid our neighbors, we somehow became laced into a group of families that expressed an unhealthy, but addicting, love for this community.

We fell in love with it too; in turn, they fell in love with us. When our ANBU mother was killed in action, their sea of condolescenes and sympathy was almost enough to numb the pain. But it was a pain I never endured in my young years -- I had been five, my older sister, eight. It hit my father the hardest, who, with a small cafe on the plaza, could no longer afford to sustain our family. With market prices falling and the decadence of the neighborhood slowly catching up to the community, we could no longer afford to live in our quaint apartment in a warm neighborhood that had shown me love like none other. Two years following the death of my mother, we quietly left our apartment, leaving nothing behind. Except our hearts, our joy, our innocence.

My father managed to find a ramshackle apartment in a slummy part of Konohagakure, a sty that was barely fit for dogs, much less humans. Apparently, the apartment came with its own clan of rodents -- rodents that Sagasu, my older sister, and I would spend hours hunting down.

Somehow, I managed to keep ahold of innocence for a few months after we moved into the slums. But it soon became apparent, with a mysterious illness ailing my father and the fatal lack of a mother, that Sagasu and I could not afford to live by killing rats. One summer afternoon, my older sister took charge and became the main female figure of the house. She had been eleven; I had been eight.

To say that I blossomed into a responsible young woman by the age of eight would be a lie on a scale so grand that I couldn't dare to tell it. On the contrary, I was nothing short of a brat who could not understand the severity of our living condition. I griped at even the smallest of chores, mumbling complaints under my breath as I swept the floor, bought a few groceries. Arguments with my sister became increasingly vitriolic, and neither of us accepted the logic of the other. At some point, we began to drift apart, and the string that had always kept us as loving sisters slowly began to decay, much like the walls of our apartment.

At the age of eight, I decided to join the Academy.

It was a decision ill-received by my sister, who herself was enrolled in the Shinobi Academy. She insisted that I stay at home and take care of father (who still worked when he could, but was ill often enough to require constant attention) and our apartment (which still had its share of rat rebellions, many of which I had not survived unscarred). A heated debate had ensued, with Sagasu arguing that a lazy curmudgeon like me would be mauled. But I had already made up my mind; I was going to be a Shinobi, an occuptation I glorified in all my childish glee.

I went four years in the Academy without any major problems, as I discovered that I had a natural aptitude for the Shinobi arts. Though I, in my eagerness to befriend other kids, caused much trouble in the classroom, the Chuunin instructors did little to placate me. They knew I was one of the best students of my class. So they tolerated my tantrums and allowed me to graduate near the top of my class.

Sagasu was promoted to Chuunin the same day I was promoted to Genin, and thus, she overshadowed me with her greater success. I had hoped that my becoming a shinobi would cause her to give me some space -- I was almost her equal, after all. But as things usually turned out in our household, my rank only gave her more reason to gripe about my flaws. Now that I "earned an income", it was time for me to sacrifice a chunk of my wedges for the upkeep of our barely kept apartment. I relented, warranting a response that was nothing short of angry and violent. A terrible fight ensued, resulting in my getting a scar across my shoulder, which I still have to this day.

Though I continued to live at the apartment where my father whittled away his days, I avoided my sister as much as possible. I trudged through my days engrossing myself in my shinobi work, honing my ability and trying out new skills. It was around this time -- through my Jounin sensei -- that I discovered my penchant for Genjutsu techniques. My sensei, upon seeing my progress, vowed to tutor me personally in the arts of illusion. When Sagasu found out, (she knew everything, somehow.) she was upset, though she tried in vain to hide it. She, too, was a Genjutsu specialist, and did not take well to me following after her. In my later years, I would discover that she had not wished for me to learn Genjutsu because she felt I had more potential than her.

It was around when I was fourteen when demolition signs went up around my old neighborhood, where its beautiful vertical apartments that decorated the outskirts of Konohagakure. The community had decided, as a whole, to get rid of a few of the older buildings in favor of newer, more modern buildings, to attract younger, richer tenants. And not surprisingly, the Fushime clan's old apartment was included in the demolition.

Knowing that our apartment had not been resided in since our departure, I decided to visit one last time before saying good-bye to an integral part of my childhood. It was strange, to view the community as an outsider; familiar faces passed by me, but did not recognize me. ...It hurt.

I furtively snuck into the apartment of my childhood, ignoring the signs warning me to stay out. There must've been something in the air in those few rooms, because as soon as I saw the old hardwood floor and the poorly painted walls, a heavy feeling of nostalgia settled in the depths of my heart. I walked through the rooms like the undead, the memories playing in my head like an old, soundless film. Even the smell seemed familiar, though I knew very well that such was impossible.

Living room. It was where we had all been sitting when a shinobi messenger had come to tell us of our mother's death. It had been quick and businesslike. The shinobi had been detached and unemotional, leaving after we understood the implications of the message, but before the tears began to flow. Kitchen. It was where my mother would cook on days she wasn't on duty. She wasn't a great cook (my father was better), but she liked to try new techniques when she could. Parent's bedroom. It was where Sagasu and I would run to during thunderstorms, afraid that, because our apartment was so high, the claws of lightning would slash us and harm us. My mother would laugh, tell us reassuring things, then shove us into the bed next to her. Father would roll his eyes, but move over to make room for us. But we'd be happy, because we felt safe. We felt like a family.

And then there was... This closet. One closet in the back of our parents' bedroom that Sagasu and I had never bothered to check before shoving our most essential belongings in a bag before packing up and moving away. Not expecting much, I opened the closet door ... only to find a pile of old cardboard boxes.

But in those boxes was something incredible. A collection of my mother's most precious items (probably hidden away by my father) stored neatly in walls of cardboard. I stopped my selfish reminiscing that minute, and discovered, through aged photographs, journals, and belongings, what kind of woman my mother really was. I took the rest of the afternoon to cry, laugh, and smile with her as I thumbed through old diaries and mission logs. My mother... had been an incredible woman. And if time hadn't taken her away from me, I would've been able to learn from first-hand experience. Instead, I was happy drowning in my naivety, never realizing that such an amazing woman would be taken away from me.

Memories... time... They are truly precious things.

It took another year for me to get promoted to Chuunin status, coincidentally around the same time as Sagasu was promoted to ANBU. She was still of Chuunin status, which made her promotion all the more surprising; Chuunin were not common in ANBU. But along with her new uniform came a completely new attitude towards me. Knowing that my interest in Genjutsu was what got me to Chuunin status, Sagasu began pressuring me to "training sessions" with her. But in reality, they were little more than overglorified 'bonding times'. Though the bonding times were not particularly terrible -- Sagasu was making a noticeable effort to be kind to me -- I didn't get much actual training done.

So I began to reject her invitations in favor of training alone, as I needed the time to develop my own set of Genjutsu. I had already decided on a set dedicated to my mother, a set of Genjutsu based off of time. My old Jounin teacher -- now teammate -- had encouraged my endeavors, saying that not many rookie Genjutsu users dared to experiment with their own flavors of illusions. But I was determined.

It was through my Jounin sensei that I was able to secure a position on a team with mostly Jounin. Though I wasn't able to help out enough with my own abilities, I learned much from them and had experiences that I never would have on my own. It was one of the busiest times of my Chuunin career, and Sagasu made it no better by constantly bothering me to train with her.

As an ANBU, Sagasu had developed a different style of Genjutsu than I, making it hard for me to keep up with her. But by no means was the gap between us growing bigger. I knew, and she knew, that I was growing stronger at a faster rate than her. It was even evident in our few training sessions -- every session, I got a little bit closer to defeating her in a spar, I got a little stronger, a little faster.

Despite her efforts, it was hard for me to accept my sister as she was. My mother had written in her journals of all the wrong deeds ANBU had done in her time... She certainly had had much to say regarding the many faults of the organization. (The fact that Sagasu was part of such a vile group of people did not improve my outlook on her.) Her criticism of ANBU and the current state of Konoha, in turn affected me in that I began to see for myself these problems. She had written of how corrupted and narrow-minded Konohagakure citizens had become. How they did not act for the good of the village anymore, but only for their self-gain. According to my mother, things had been different in her childhood. Times had changed...

Our jounin promotions came one year apart, Sagasu first, then me. She had been twenty; I was only eighteen. It created an uneasy tension between us, for we were on the same level now. It was almost as if we were rivals. Though I laughed it off, the tensions were almost palpable when we were in the same room. So I took a break from missions for a little while to dedicate some time to teaching a Genin team of three. They were adorable, but my time with them didn't last.

Before long, the friction between the two of us escalated and released itself in form of a brutal, violent fight in one of our semi-regular training sessions. It was a terrible fight, one laced with too many years of pent-up anger and stress to qualify for a proper battle. There were too many emotions, too many words of malice, too many tears of anger...

The match ended in a draw. It had become too dark to fight any longer, not to mention both of us had suffered too much physical and mental pain. We had both used our most fierce some Genjutsu on one another, and it showed. We were both complete wrecks, unable to stand because of not only the physical pain, but also the mental images that we could not shake from our heads...

I still remember my last words to her. "You can take your damn Genjutsu and shove it."

It would be the last time I ever saw her.

Yet, I see all the numbers; I still lull for the dreamer
I thank God for the dreamers, lifetime


I dropped off the face of Konohagakure several days later, only to be inducted into Roots by a certain Komatsu Rikaku. Though he knew me as I was -- Fushime Hinoiri -- as soon as I agreed to join Roots, I asked to go by a different name within the organization.

Keika. Firefly Light.

I never told him the reason I wished to change my name, but I think he knew. He had nodded understandingly, then told me to do as I wished. And from that day on, I became known as Keika.

Roots served a higher purpose than ANBU; it was an organization that was dedicated for the greater good of Konohagakure. No matter how immoral our act was. Exitus acta probat. The ends justify the means.

I had no problem with any of this, a reaction that pleased Riku greatly. He welcomed me into Roots with open arms, immediately finding me a mentor to help me advance my Genjutsu. For several months, it was that I did. I woke up, trained in the shinobi arts, took a few breaks for eating, then went back to sleep.

I would learn later that Sagasu was killed in action during this time.

And I would sink, further into the safehouses of Roots, trying hard to forget those haunting memories of my father. Trying hard...

Sushy's Jounin Ladies --
The Dead, The Bitch, The Alchemist, The Lady, The Haunted
SR, Hensou, Roots, Navy, ???

Her Tools & Her Abilities


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