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“Please, as if I couldn’t take an ass pounding.”

The drunkard paused. That wasn’t what Kaori said. But, it was what Sudao meant.

“But, uh. Like, that’s nice of you, Kaori.” It wasn’t normal for Sudao to stutter or need time to strew his words together. Still, alcohol, confusion, and seeing people he had gone out of his way to avoid made finding exactly what to say difficult. He shrugged. “But you can take an arrow for me anytime.”

He turned toward Masami.

“Not yours, of course.”

He shuffled his feet awkwardly – Masami took mercy on him and offered her own salute rather than address the issue, giving the boy time to stand and clap his hands together. The curtain pulled back, leaving the three to enjoy the rest of the party.

“Now come! There’s much more partying to do, and – oh, and I’ll have the maids prepare a room for the both of you.” He took Masami’s hand in his, aiding her in standing before gesturing at Kaori. He’d have offered to help him stand, but Sudao just had a feeling that it’d be difficult to move the behemoth sprawled out in front of them.

“Here’s to a good night!”
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We’re staying here? That’s... awesome. I thought I would be luggin’ it back home. I’ll make sure my sister feeds the hellbeast at my place,” he said to no one while clawing his way up from the ground. He stood and swayed briefly, letting his big body orient itself as his liver cried out against the toxins. “But Sudao, we don’t need multiple rooms, I’m for sure fine sharing with you, bro. Sleepovers are cool.

Just guys being dudes, he thought. That’s what bros did. They shared things like beds and friends and the bar tab. As typical, Kaori had seemingly forgotten the arguments just seconds previous and was unnaturally enthused at the idea of them all hanging out for the night.

Maybe we could set up a tent for Sami in the room, so she can like have her girl zone but still be around,” Kaori offered in what he thought was a helpful tone. “My sis always says girls gotta have their own space.

Kaori, however, didn’t know what personal space was. Being in an apartment was horrible enough. If he didn’t need the storage and wasn’t an officer, he’d gladly move back into a barracks and live with common soldiers. People gave him energy and strength. Being a bro in a pack was a feeling like none other, except maybe finding a hot filly and landing her. That was pretty epic, too.

He followed them out and smiled.
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