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Default [Rain] The Shichou Looms are hiring!

Live with Purpose!
Have you ever wanted to make a Rain nin because kuro suiton is five different elements, but never had a good excuse to do so? Let me try and seduce you into Rain's latest revamped clan, THE SHICHOU!

What do they do?
Clothes and clothes accessories. The Shichou's ninjutsu list, Joukyuu Nuime, lets shinobi create magical articles of clothing that can do a variety of things. There's a little in there for your taijutsu specialists, some stealthy stuff, some blowstuffupy stuff, just a whole grab-bag for your pleasure.

What can they do?
See this post for a little mission list I've set up. The Shichou deal in business as well as shinobi work, so there's always a great excuse for Shichou characters to be traveling or engaging in work that isn't your standard 'go to place and kill dudes' ninja jobs.

What do you want in a Shichou?
That sure is nice of you to ask, hypothetical seduction target. The Shichou ethos is that of 'purpose', which is to say I'd like to see characters who have goals in mind. They can be small goals (get promoted), big goals (kill a Rain Militia general), personal goals (get married), or petty goals (learn to cook). The idea is that a character should be motivated to accomplish something. Other than that I'm pretty flexible.

I have more questions!
Great! Ask them here, or PM me, or bug me on discord. I'm always available to look over stuff in unfinished as well.
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