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What a long day for old Motonubu. Only half a day had passed since his arrival in this city but it felt like two years. From morning to dusk he had bravely hunted this vagabond, devoting every bit of his mind and body to the task. His fresh stab wounds still stung like so many little reminders of his failures and his sore throat prevented him from adequately expressing his frustration.

But this was why shinobi were shinobi and peasants were peasants. Hacking up a lung didn't stop the chuunin from leaping into action where his genin partner hesitated. It only took one arm for Motonubu to pull the child from the loosened grasp of Isamu and carried the boy straight into a nearby wall. He slammed the kid with enough force rattle the building.

Unable to speak properly Motonubu instead released a gurgling sort of half laugh. The fear the child must be feeling! The comeuppance! Ninja might not make lots of money, but it was the little on the jobs perks like this that made the work worth doing. He squeezed down hard enough to cut off the child's air and listened to him sputter incoherently. The boy's tiny limbs flailed, probably to try and stab or kick the chuunin again, but he was wise to the kid's antics this time and simply held the boy at arm's length. He held the rat until its body fell completely still.

Sweet, sweet victory. He savored the moment for about three seconds, then moved on.

With a breathy huff he hurled the limp body of the child back towards Isamu, then leaned up against the slightly moistened wall to rest himself. His voice was ragged, but filled with satisfaction. “Assuming the cockroach did not die from that,” like an agitated bull Motonubu snorted his words through his nose, “tie him up. We are done here.”

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Isamu stood shocked in the middle of the ramshackle orphan gathering. Some children were hiccuping tears down their throat or exclaiming at the pain of the projectile putty Motonubu had endangered them with. All others were silent as sand.

Isamu did not let his superior wait for him long. He had already learned where he stood in the heirarchy. He procured a measure of thin rope and dutifully - and softly - tied the unconscious boy's hands together. As Motonubu already proceeded on with his day, hoisting himself gracelessly over the windowsill with his cane in tow, Isamu finished his knot.

The young man could not bring himself to break his illusion. The demon visage of a face folded over without features was the only face the children saw, or would ever remember of him. He was not expecting to end the day with shame in his belly. As he hefted the boy over his shoulder, one girl began to shout the young miscreant's name, but another two orphans hushed her.

Motonubu shouted from the street after him.

Isamu climbed out of the window as children shied from him, and his gut dropped. He remembered what it was like to live on the streets as a kid. He only survived because of boys like the one on his shoulder.

It wouldn't be until the next morning that a girl would stumble upon the pouch of ryou stuffed in the corner where Isamu had been tying the knot.

The money was just a weak offering. As Motonubu shouted at Isamu for his slow pace and general incompetence, the genin would apologize, nod his head and keep his distance.

For a second, Isamu looked back over his shoulder, but, to be expected, Motonubu snapped him back to the trek towards the authorities.

"Yes, Sir."

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