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Default January 2019 Newsletter

Happy New Year Everyone!

Long time no see! Oh wait, that was last month.

We survived December, and I liked the uptick of activity I saw during it. For a month where most people are at home with family, or trying to figure out how to budget through the holidays, we did great. Now it is January, and the good months for engi are right around the corner.

The organization for feedback has been tweaked a little. Unless I forgot a step, everyone should now see the 'Engi Workshop' area of the site (it will be in the lowest section), which is an area to bring up and have discussions about longterm changes to the site. There are already a lot of older topics in there, but always feel free to start new ones. Be active and vocal about what you want to see changed. The moderators don't always notice every thread that appears on the site, and in there is no different.

Okay, old business. Clan and Org payment is up.

The Global Arc is in motion. Remember that if you want a post from me in a thread, remind me early and often.

I'm still looking at stuff for a new engi donation drive in February.

New business. Expect a few small tweaks over the next few months, but anything major will probably come post-donation drive. I don't know what all that will be, but the future is scary and uncertain, so look forward to it!

Okay, those are all of my thoughts for January. I'll see you guys in chat or in threads. February is right around the corner!
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