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The Daimyo looked confused about the whole process of events in front of him, and instead struggled against his bindings there beside the musician. The musician took one glance at him, but then turned back to the threatening pair of shinobi as Kuma started his approach. He shuffled back, getting to his feet as he took to patting down his body looking for something. He was taking on a sheen as the situation was making him more and more stressed.

Then Sanosuke started his boast, and the musician seemed to get a new idea. A sly smile spread across his face, and Kuma felt a new thought occur to him in that instant.

This kid is trying to one up you, he has no respect.

He drew a dagger, and shouted out, "I'll cut you down before you finish!"

Then he charged at Sanosuke, weapon out and ready to strike toward his body and plunge the knife deep into his stomach. He had to knock over his own instrument to get there, the panicked attack blowing through the furnished room.
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