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Well... Been working on my art when I've been able to. Alot of people know I sometimes I draw my own characters but its not the only style I have. Feel free to critique and criticize either in a good way or bad way.

iPad Sketches

Photoshop Works
Warning: Some of these will be really big!

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I like my apron pocket because it's nearest to your heart~
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Do not be fooled. I am charging my fudge ray. Soon, my chocolaty vengeance show be upon Nut and Kho.
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AP / Swaps
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I like the apron pockets one. Primarily cause I'm in it.
"Today I feel like rain:
grey cool and impartial
to the life that happens
with or without me
before and after me
and during me as well."

Walking Forwards - Satake Koru.
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Damn, Az. You got some skillz
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Has a clever user title.
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Ro enjoys the stupenious amounts of win.

~My Little Bucket of Win~
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