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Based Kiba
Based Kiba
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So my phone was stolen tonight, which means that my main source of accessing Discord and Engi has been taken out from under me. I'm going to try my hardest to continue maintaining my activity, but it's a huge *&%^ing wrench in my life, never mind my Engi-life, so I can't make any promises.

Really sorry to those of you already waiting on posts from me, and to all who I'm in a thread with. I'll be as diligent with my time to get on the computer to post as I can.

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Finishing up the moving business this week, but I've still got a few trailer loads to haul and boxes to pack and an apartment to clean. Unfortunately I've moved my PC already -- I will be around on discord but not really posting again until the 27th. Feel free to reach out with questions/concerns/etc either via PM or on discord.


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Hi guys, I am migrating my internet service provider at the end of the month and just hit my cap so will be off for about a week (hopefully all goes well). I will randomly check in and maybe post at work during this time.
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Tomorrow starts PAX weekend, so I'm going to be MIA until probably... wednesday? Thursday? Depends when I'm fully feeling back from vacation life. Be good kids.
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I am trying to finish everything to Move to Canada. So if I'm slow or unresponsive, sorry. This should clear up by November 8th or so.
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