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Default [Sound Kitaeru] Ishimura Yoshimura

Ishimura Yoshimura

Age: 14
Sex: Male
Height: 5’7

Character Type: Shinobi

Country/Village: Sound Nomad
Rank: Kitaeru
Division: None

Physical Description: Yoshimura is a spry, lithe young fellow sporting a thin but athletic, lean body of a track star or at the very least a dancer. Standing at 5’7, he is not a giant but at least somewhat above the average height for his age. Although his face has rather handsome attributes, a lifetime of moving around with the Sound Nomads has hardened his delicate features, for example his nose is jagged from being broken and his chin is rather prominent.

A teenager of a rather pale and pasty skin colour, his medium-length mane of dirty blonde hair occasionally needs to be brushed away from his light-green eyes. Yoshimura carries a certain air around him, one that makes him seem as if an artist, or a poet. With his long skinny body and blank green eyes which always seem to be elsewhere. The only major mark on his body other then a few lasting-scars is the eighth note that proves his allegiance to Sound placed underneath his neck, directly under his jaw line.

Clothing: Dressed in earth-shaded tones, Yoshimura keeps his wardrobe rather simple and conservative. Wearing form-fitting dark black pants that allow him to effectively move around as well as the standard blue ninja sandals, he tops it off with a black fishnet-undershirt underneath a dark black sweater that efficiently fits his body. Occasionally depending on the climate he’ll wear a dark cloak over his clothes to block out the temperature or precipitation.

Strapped to his dark black pants are several pouches that carry his weapons including his senbon, smoke bombs, shuriken, etc. Constantly on his hands are a pair of fingerless black gloves and his dark black heaphones can always be seen either placed over his ears or wrapped around his neck.

Personality: A thinker. An idealist. A dreamer. These are all words that could be used to explain the personality of Yoshimura. He is but a boy thrust into a man’s world. Although his job is that of a ninja, he is merely a peaceful kid who wants to have fun, listen to music and relax. Yoshimura is usually constantly chastised for either not paying attention or skimming on his duties. He can usually be seen gazing at the clouds or taking naps.

Stubborn and set in his ways, Yoshimura has a deep love for the Sound Nomads. Although he doesn’t always agree with what they do or how they do- his loyalty usually causes him to follow his superior’s wishes. Unlike most teenagers Yoshimura’s age, the boy doesn’t particularly care about things like social standing and popularity.

A kind-hearted boy, Yoshimura is used to being ignored in his family and doesn’t expect anything different outside. He is content with being left alone with his music but tends to be relaxed and polite when spoken to. However Yoshimura is not ‘weak’. He treats his loved-ones with much respect and would do anything for them. Yoshimura is one of those friends that you have for life. The type of friend where even if they die or move away they won’t be forgotten simply because of the love they have for you. You’re lucky if you become good friends with this boy.

Nindo; "Way of the Ninja": “I fight knowing that one day there will be no need for fighting.”


Archetype: Maven


Physical – Tertiary

Strength: 1 + 2 = 3 + 3[SK] = [6]
Speed: 1 + 2= 3
Stamina: 1 - 1[VI] + 2 = 2

Mental – Secondary

Intelligence: 1 + 1[VI] + 1[MA] + 3 = 6
Tactics: 1 + 1[VI] + 1[MA] + 2 = 5
Willpower: 1 - 1[VI] + 1[MA] + 3 = 4

Chakra – Primary

Power: 1 - 1[VI] - 1[MA] + 4 = 3
Control: 1 + 1[VI] - 1[MA] + 4 = 5
Reserves: 1 - 1[MA] + 2 = 2


Stage 1
Requirements: Control 3, Tactics 2

Requirements: Intelligence 4, Willpower 4

Stage 1
Requirements: Reserves 2, Tactics 2

Shimaru Shikaku
Requirements: Intelligence 3, Power 3

Stage 2
Basho Katawa
Requirements:Intelligence 5, Tactics 4, Willpower 4

Stage One
Requirements: Control = 5, Power = 3
Stage Bonuses: +3 Strength


Senbon Needles [2]
Shuriken [2]
Explosive Tags [4]
Smoke Bombs [2]
Scrolls [1]
Chakra Earrings [3]
Sensitive Contacts [2]
Lingering Poison [4]

Weapon Points Remaining: 0
Additional Weapon Points Gained:0

Biography: Born into a large family with 7 siblings, Yoshimura has always been the black sheep of his family. Although not considered a clan, the Ishimura family could always be expected to produce good warriors. Infact all of Yoshimura’s family members have gone on to become Sensh, so the birth of Yoshimura was highly anticipated by his family.

However when Yoshimura was finally born he was quite the disappointment. A rather quiet baby, he wasn’t as aggressive as his other siblings when they were first born. His parents didn’t think much of it. They though he had the makings to become a fine warrior. Until one day when he and a group of other children were playing. He was being pushed around by one of the kids much to the chagrin of his mother who was taking care of him that day. Yoshimura’s father even took him aside the following evening to tell him that he didn’t have to take that. He could fight back. However the next day, there he was again being pushed around.

From then on he was considered damaged goods by his parents. He was much too weak to be considered a proper ninja. Left to be, he grew up by himself- he learned from books and the people around him and spurred on by his passion for music. As he continued to grow he was mainly shunned by his family and although his loved one’s dislike for him annoyed him more then anything there was very little he could do to prove them wrong.

After all, Yoshimura wasn’t a fighter.

Years continued to pass as Yoshimura grew into a teenager and he became a Kitaeru. Meaningless events passed by such as when he was first marked with the 8th note of Sound and various simple missions hat he completed. They weren’t of much note though as Yoshimura was a rather reluctant ninja.

Although left alone by most of the other kids (mostly due to the reputation his family had), one day some boy started to bother him. Now this wasn’t a good day to bother Yoshimura because he had gotten into an argument with his parents earlier about how he was “worthless” and a “disgrace”. What his family didn’t realize was that Yoshimura was not weak, no quite the obvious Yoshimura was quite gifted in the shinobi-arts he just didn’t want to fight. He was quite peaceful in fact.

However this one boy just pushed Yoshimura’s buttons, so much in fact that the peaceful Yoshimura got into his first fight that day. Giving him a few good punches to the face, he won the fight rather easily and although punished for his misbehaviour he could not help shake off the feeling that his family was actually proud of him which made him even more disappointed in himself.

Becoming even more reserved, Yoshimura now tries his best to stay away from other people and does his best to ignore his sibling’s occasional attempts at suggesting a training session so that they can better “oversee his growth” or his parent’s wishes that he focus more on his shinobi career. He is torn between his love of his family as well as Sound and his distaste for violence.

Other Info:
–Loves Classic Rock
-Can play the keyboard
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You have Physical as Tertiary, which means all Taijutsu Stages costs 2 Freebies instead of 1.
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You have Physical as Tertiary, which means all Taijutsu Stages costs 2 Freebies instead of 1.
Took away a jutsu. Fixed.
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