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Default [Sound Kitaeru] Rosutai Yakeyama

Name: Rosutai Yakeyama
Age: 12
Sex: Male
Height: 5' 4"

Country/Village: Otogakure
Rank: Kitaeru
Division: N/A

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Physical Description:
Yes, Yama realizes that he looks like a tomboy. Honestly, he's okay with people mistaking him for a lesbian. His messy, boyish hair cut coupled with his round, cherubim face, often reads more like a girl trying to be a boy rather than the simpler alternative. He is, after all, just a boy, who has cut his own hair for the past five years and simply doesn't feel the need to pay someone else for something he can do himself. Hence the messy, yet trained locks. His attentive pupils, but occasionally tired eyes, appear light blue at first, but, upon second glance, his left eye is actually a light gray, indistinguishable as to what shade it leans to.

Being enigmatic on the gender scale, he is in that limbo age, where one needs more than a double take to discern prepubescent rebel chick from fairly developed, nonchalant boy. His outward appearance, however, is probably the only thing that is even remotely characteristic of a gender, and the fact is that his slim, but not toned, body is not that of a girl his age. He's scrawny, and his baby-fat cheeks are about the only thing that could cause confusion. His blond hair still holds that unruly, just-woken up nature to it, and his posture implies the many late nights that he spends crouching over a project or stolen textbook, with his light, apparently discolored skin revealing the years that he has spent tunnel bound with his fellow clansmen.

Smudges of oil or paint often appear unexpectedly on Yakeyama's wrinkled, but clean, shirts and pants. Button ups are all he swears by, as he is able to change the amount of airflow he receives with each button. With his sleeves constantly rolled up near or above his elbows, his fingers are always tinkering with some gadget or piece of equipment, if they aren't covered by his clan's characteristic catalyst gloves.

The most notable quality to Yama is the extra belt he wears. This one, not used to keep his gray worker's pants tight around his waist, is his own variant of the shinobi's standard utility belt. Littered with half a dozen pouches, he carries a larger variety of equipment in barely smaller quantities. Each pouch is a copy of the next, with one large clip keeping the flaps tight. On his right hip, his largest weapon and piece of equipment is his wakizashi, which is far more unorthodox compared to the ones carried by serious swordsmen. His is larger than a tanto, but smaller than a typical wakizashi and functions as one of his last resorts for close range encounters. Other than that, all of his pouches carry his typical loot, a suture kit, kunai, smoke bombs, explosive tags, and the rarely seen numb stick, which is his unique tool for most treatments where his sewing is necessary to close a harsh wound.

Lastly, the shoes with which he walks are a slight variant from the typical shinobi boot, as they are close-toed with a small, supportive heel to him that allows him maximum comfort while working or otherwise.

Yama is a thinker, and he isn't sated by keeping his thoughts to himself. Naturally a loud mouth, his tendency of consistently speaking is not, as one might think, the trait of a kid bored of his duties. It is in his very blood to be constantly speaking, either muttering to himself about one of his hefty theories, or releasing his often one-sided opinions into fleshy arguments. Being a social animal, Yama doesn't hesitate to converse with others, especially not if he has something to say. Even on the field, he thinks to himself through nonsensical spoken word. Often something of a poet, even if he doesn't know it, his blabber can either motivate or mystify. Despite his tactical nature, he doesn't often rely on team tactics. Rather, he watches the field as he is trained to and develops internal strategies on his own.

Yama is the type of boy, if there is such a type, who reads instruction manuals and marks the grammatical errors with a highlighter and misspelled words with red pens. Critical to the nth degree, there isn't a topic that he doesn't have an opinion about, no argument he isn't ready to pick at with a fine-toothed comb. And, if he learns of something he hasn't heard about, he quickly learns what his side on the matter is.

Though always on top of things on the technological front, this young, but barely naive, kitaeru also maintains a cultural connection in the arts. Long ago having forsaken music as one of his possible callings, Yama indulges himself in the visual arts. In his new home, he has drawers of painting, sketching, and sculptural material. Even if most of his art seems inspired, most of it is pointless, esoteric, and a means to vent his never-ending mental energy. His projects range from disassembling a radio and turning it into a sculpture for social commentary to portraits of New Sound's government officials. The most prominent theme, however, in all of his works, is the arachnid, or possible presences of such animals.

At the base of it all, Yama resembles a perfectionist, a quality which finds its place in all parts of his life, even if he is a lover of chaos. Of course, his room at first appears vaguely cluttered and incomprehensible, but ask him to find something, and he will know exactly where to look, so long as no one has touched anything. In his training as a shinobi, he works hard to make sure that every movement is purposeful and important in the grand scheme of things, and though he is not always perfect, per se, his effort has resulted in him gaining a grand understanding of his clan's forms of fighting, which are his most familiar methods. Artistically, he is hectic, irregularly-paced, and greedy, all at once, but still, his finished products retain a level of cohesion and completion that rivals his fellow musician-kitaeru.

Nindo: "Test. Fix. Repeat until finished."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Member of the Rosutai
+ Oriko: Ichi
Primary: Chakra
Secondary: Physical
Tertiary: Mental
Stat Merit: + 2 Control, + 1 Stamina
Stat Flaw: - 2 Willpower, - 1 Strength
Description: Derived from medical ninjutsu, the clan’s techniques are made to support and aid the user while hampering the opponent. Often used in conjunction with Sound’s techniques, practitioners are also well versed in both the village’s genjutsu or medical ninjutsu. Faced against an adept Rosutai and the opponent would soon find themselves stripped of protection and quite literally faced with a manipulator of Time.

Offensive Healer
Merit: +1 Intelligence, +1 Reserves, +1 Speed
Flaw: -2 Willpower, -1 Power

Base = #
Archetype = [#]
AP = #
TP = #


Strength: 1 - [1] + 4 = 4
Speed: 1 + [1] + 4 = 6 [+4]
Stamina: 1 + [1] = 2 [+5]


Intelligence: 1 + [1] + 1 = 3
Tactics: 1 + 2 + 1 = 4
Willpower: 1 - [4] + 3 + 2 = 2


Power: 1 - [1] + 3 + 1 = 4
Control: 1 + [2] + 3 = 6
Reserves: 1 + [1] + 4 = 6

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Oriko no Jutsu
Stage One:
Oriko: Ichi
Amimono Hibiko
Handokuei: Menekisei
Mayu Bunshin: Karui
Stage Two:
Oriko: Ni
Amimono Kenshutsu

Karisome Matsure
Stage One
- +5 Stamina, +4 Speed

Medical Ninjutsu
Stage One:
Igaku Kunren
Stage Two:
Keksuki Gyouko

Inventory [18/20]
Oriko no Te - 1
Suture Kit - 1
Kunai - 2
Smoke Bombs - 2
Wakizashi - 4
Numb Stick - 4
Explosive Tags - 4

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Ever The Independent
A tunnel. Deep underground, and covered by the bare lamplight of infinite, labyrinthian alleys, a baby's cry escaped in between a mother's heavy, exhausted screams of pain. Three doors down that dark hallway, a fermenting rodent sat in a hydro-chemical solution, a tumor of infected chakra growing like a virus until there was no room left for it.

The Rosutai and the Naga had maintained these sorts of agreements for years. Peaceful coexistence so long as one did not bother the other. That day, when that child was born, marked the beginning of an era. An era of Yama, as his father would call it, where no Naga within a mile radius of Yama's underground home would escape the constant scientific inquiries of the child. His ethical arguments with his neighbors occasionally reached his elders, but the harm a child could do posed no threat to their greater good. Yakeyama was simply the exception to the rule.

Originally Posted by A Collection of Arguments; A Naga Study of Rosutai Yakeyama's Naivete
"I would never give up my eyes. How hideous. No sight? No one is complete with four senses. I swear, if I went blind, I'd spend all of my life trying to cure it. Screw brotherhood and all its needs, sight is sight, no matter what you say."

"But what if your other four senses were amplified with your loss?"

"No. It wouldn't be an amplification, it would simply be a realization of what you hadn't been aware of before. That's all blindness does. It forces you to recognize with your other senses that you're as dumb as a lame duck. Nothing can make it better. Blindness is a disease, whether its self-inflicted or not."

"But the importance of sight is really only to note the spatial relationships in spa-"

"Spatial relation-shit! Blindness is stupid."
It didn't matter all that much that Yama swore like a sailor by the time he was six. Mannerisms of the tunnel-bound had grown out of the pompous sound-centralism that had been the case above ground, and Yama had learned his language skills from the Naga scientists whose experiments he interrupted with his constant prying and inquiries. His loose tongue had left his parents a little uneasy, but at the same time, they realized that their son's intellectual capacity seemed to make up for the occasional crude phrase.

What was important about his youth, as was immediately apparent to those he spoke to (which was everyone), was that Yama understood complex concepts in the same way that an infant understood that food was the answer to their hunger. It was simply second nature for the boy, who acted like something of an intellectual idiot savant when it came to science and the cultural impact of art.

Originally Posted by A Web of Truth
"Like this?"

"Yes." A sigh escaped the mouth of Rosutai Kameko. An elder of the clan, she had honestly grown tired of teaching the boy the different shapes of webs and how to braid multiple threads in and over themselves to create new designs. Yama had grasped how to manipulate the Oriko no Te months ago, and still, he was insisting that they go over the Rosutai's version of an arts and crafts project. Creating a web was one of the initial steps in training the young in their protected and constantly-developing techniques.

"Do you think that you can concentrate the density per inch of web so that one could write a letter in their web?" The boy was already attempting to do so before hearing the woman's answer. One of the clan's oldest women, Kameko was sick and tired of giving the same monosyllabic answer for all of the boy's sickeningly educated questions.

You could just read one of the scrolls on web manipulation. Though I'm sure you have. And Yakeyama had. But there was a part of him that demanded acceptance and certainty, along with a need to socialize, and so Kameko found herself spending hours in a day building little art-webs with the boy. It was only in their breaks that Kameko actually squeezed in some lectures on the techniques that he was supposed to be learning.

"Hey Kameko, how do you spell bugshit?"
Yakeyama didn't grow up knowing Otogakure. Nearly a decade before his birth, his "country" had supposedly fallen, and the Rosutai had become a self-sufficient community who collaborated in a disparate way with their fellow subterranean Naga. He knew nothing of living in tents and leaving when a crow cawed. He spent his time, perfectly content, running through the underground of their lovely tunnel-city network. There were no tent-gatherings where young "kitaeru" huddled around "hiyoitori" teachers, listening to lectures and learning the skills necessary to "defend and reclaim their village".

No. Yama spent days on his own, reading about twenty different types of plague and the symptoms that one could use to identify each one. He walked the tunnels with a flashlight around his head, searching for an elder to talk to him about webs, or to teach him about ninjutsu. He was an intellectual mouse, scrambling to find crumbs of knowledge in every corner of every tunnel, and he found it in the strangest of places. He watched spiders scramble under the harsh light that threatened their eggs. He gazed, enthralled by a dissection done by one of his more gracious Naga comrades, who allowed him audience. The underground world was a library of information, and there were no late fees.

He didn't worry about "rising up the ranks." He didn't even have a rank, just an age, and a limit to his chakra abilities. And so, he pushed that limit, and learned what he could. No doubt, had he had the Nomads at his fingertip, he would have ended up heading down a path that wasn't filled with web creation and the controlling of needles on the ends of string. He might have asked to have Zankuuha cannons implanted in his arms, or a harmonics glove, or even a flute. Of course, he didn't have that access, and so he learned what he could.

Originally Posted by Threads
"Close it up! Hurry!" If there was any member of the Rosutai who truly understood Yama's plight for knowledge, it was Elder Hibiki. Despite his age, he was spry, loud, and had a humor that the child could appreciate. And, to top it all off, he was one of the expert researchers of the clan, which put him on the same level as an above-average Naga scientist, but far less threatening.

"I'm doing it, gramps! Jeez, you're sure impatient for being so old." The jokes were welcome. It was the very thing that kept the energy up in the tunnels, and even if Yama didn't understand what it meant to respect his elders, he respected Hibiki as a friend, which was, inevitably, more important to the older man.

"See? The needle is going in one side, and coming out the other." The anesthetic, which would have made a human only a little dizzy, had knocked the rat out cold. It had given the eight-year-old his first chance at a successful surgery. There was no heart disease to fix, nor a deadly brain tumor. No, the rat just needed his tubes tied so that he didn't go around impregnating the lady rats and creating a bigger vermin problem. And that was just what Yama had accomplished. Now, as he sewed the wound shut, he took a small dab of antiseptic ointment and rubbed it over its fur-less stomach to avoid infection.

Yakeyama had been studying the basics of medical ninjutsu under Hibiki for the past five months, all with the understanding that Yama couldn't forsake his other lessons. Sort of a due reward for all the less interesting work that Yama had been indulging himself with. At the same time, while "borrowing" one of the Naga's abandoned laboratories, he was able to pocket a few bound books that taught him the basic qualities of bone and clay.

"Alright, good job. Go wash up, and I'll put the cone of shame on this bugshit." Clearly, Yama was rubbing off on people.
The kid was a quick study. For the things he wanted to study, at least. He found himself, at the age of nine, suddenly intrigued by the abilities that his clan touted as their own. Most of the time, he was either talking about potential uses for the few abilities that he had learned or about the incredible result that one of his techniques would yield once he actually mastered it. Every meal, his family's table was consumed by the many thoughts that ran through his head. His parents, happy that their son was finding yet another thing to pique his interest, sat quiet and listened intently, or at least, appeared to do so.

All the while, in the time when he wasn't bugging Kameko to continue teaching him, he was busy in his room, using his extraneous knowledge about the qualities of certain materials for purposes separate from what was intended. Art.

Originally Posted by Not So Silent Spider
"GOT IT! FUCKING SPIDER EGGS! MY THOUGHTS HAVE HATCHED!" His parents had gotten used to the surprisingly loud shouts of enlightenment that came from Yama's part of the tunnel. He hadn't exactly moved out, but rather, he had insisted on turning a new abandoned room he had found into his studio and research facility.

This particular shout came in response to his successful creation of a "live sculpture", a conceptualized art form that Yama had only begun to solidify. Hanging from his ceiling was a stack of various animal skulls, adhered to each other with various substances. The bottom most skull held a small, battery-powered light bulb that was just strong enough to wash the room in dim light. It wasn't just used to light the room however. Yama had captured a large, harmless spider and forced it to create its home inside the sculpture. It crawled haphazardly in and out of eye sockets, and created webs in the spaces between mouths. It was a mini-environment that was carefully calculated in the way a scientist would. It's placement in the room allowed the various flying bugs to get caught, surprised by the alien obstacle, in the spider's web. He had everything he needed for his art.

Though they would see it the next morning, his parents strived to understand it. Smile and nod.
The boy had grown. There was no doubt about that. However, it was less of an evolution and more a matter of addition. Yama still retained his argumentative nature, and there was no doubt that he appreciated his clan's ninjutsu. He continued to study his medical talents while creating art. For someone of his age, his intelligence had permitted him access to talents that rivaled the trained kitaeru of the Nomads. Without a rank to inform him of where he stood, Yama found his place as a promising youth of his clan.

Yakeyama hadn't indulged himself in the physical aspects of training in the same way that he had engaged his mind. He had seen his mother perform some techniques with the practiced accuracy of an artisan, but it was only when he turned eleven that he realized what it meant to truly train. He didn't like it as much, but he saw its use. He tossed kunai down dead ends, practicing his tosses. He was slowly growing, but most importantly, he was ready to see how it could apply to his experience in the underground. He didn't have a need to fight. There were never tussles between the Naga and the Rosutai. They were peaceful people.

And then the tunnel broke, and Sound came shining through.

Originally Posted by Strands Of Light
Light. He hadn't seen natural light in.... He hadn't seen natural light. He had never gone above ground, so to think that the world above had finally opened to him was frightening and invigorating. He had only heard stories of the sun. He had never felt close enough to the surface. Now, the hole was opened, and the giant light bulb in the sky was beating its painfully bright rays of light through the tunnels.

Yama was the first of his clan to scramble out. His elders had tried to tell him to calm down, and his fellow youth had tried to race him out of the hole. He simply wouldn't have it. He rose to the surface like the first spurt of lava to break the dormant volcano's molten lid. What he saw before him was beautiful, in a variety of infectious ways.

"Hey! You! What do you call this thing?" Yama's hand ran up and down a rough cylinder, trying to identify just what it was. He had never seen anything like it in the tunnels. It didn't even feel familiar, with all of the rivers of empty space cracking through its outer layer.

"That's a tree."
That was how the first three months of Yama's time in New Sound had been. Exploring this bright world that hurt his eyes. For the first week, he spent so much time outside that he actually needed sunglasses in order to even see normally. His hands were calloused by the end of his first month. He had touched everything possible, he had smelled every scent, sampled every sample, and heard every sound. Or so he had liked to believe. New corners pop up every day, and new flavors are tasted. His escapades don't go unnoticed, but no one gains quite as much from it as Yakeyama does, and in the time that he has been there, he has become more familiar with the city than most of its new inhabitants.

Still, even now, he isn't completely used to his new world, but he is as comfortable with it as he was with the Naga. He argues freely, and thinks out loud, screaming from his new studio. The Rosutai, in some deft agreement with the new government, claimed a large block all to themselves for housing, and are slowly becoming accustomed to their new terrain.

Yama, of course, is ahead of them all.

Other Info
- Goes by Yama
- Yama's full name, Yakeyama, means dormant volcano.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Thread Log
Sound Character Drive [5/2/2010]: +2 Willpower, +1 Power, Tekishutsu,
Personal AP [5/2/2010]: +1 Tactics, Oriko no Nuiito


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Intelligence: 1 + [1] + 1 = 3
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Genin Tertiary pool points is 6, not 8. T.T

I do love this kid though. Hilariously adorable. <3
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Silly me. Using two personal AP from the Anniversary to fix everything. Should be alright now.

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1 and 1/5 approved xD. Bump for the next 1 and 4/5? :P

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