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"A foolish gesture but a child's gesture, I don't blame you for it," he smiled, "This offer still stands Fist. Come with me and you could rule more than Konoha, you could rule all of Fire Country and be my heir apparent. Sanada excellency. Sanada supremacy and you at the top of it. No longer forgotten, no longer mistreated, no longer an outcast. The literal fist behind the power of the world."

Masakage approached his nephew, battered and bruised from their original skirmish but with Masakage's own body freshly healed from Celestial Rebirth. Masakage stood taller than his nephew though Fist's body was younger and more shaped by martial arts. It hadn't mattered in their original trading of blows. Sanshiro did not think it would matter anymore.

His mind winded and turned...

How do I beat this guy...?

I'm running low on chakra, the Tri-Sengan and summoning Shirai has taken a lot out of me...

But there's still the opportunity there always is.

To end it in one blow. One punch. One fist.

Fist sneered at Masakage and lifted his sword back up to his face and raised his two extra hands into a hand seal once more.

"I would never leave Konoha for you, monster!", he barked, "Leaf is not perfect but it is home. You're not a revolutionary, you're a rat. Hiding in holes and waiting for people to leave garbage out to get the scraps."

He grunted...

"I will be the first Sanada Hokage and everyone in the world over will respect the Celestial Body like they respect the Byakugan and the Sharingan. The Sanada are the next great clan of Leaf and I'm their next great leader. Fucking book it."

"And yet you remain Masayuki's man through and through?"

"I remain Sanada through and through, asswipe. Wouldn't expect a kinslayer to know the difference."

"You're barely a Sanada boy but I have no issue in making an example of you and Leaf the same. All will know my power soon enough,", Masakage chuckled, "Forces are already in motion. Old powers rise again and have escaped their ancient prisons. The bijuu roam the earth again and their power begs to be harnessed."


"You could be a part of the new order Fist, headed by me and my heir. Currently within my young wife Mika resides my heir and on the Serei no Shima there lies a Rokubi begging to be tethered. Hehehehehehehe. The Celestial Body combined with the power of a bijuu, it will create a creature neither Bijuuko nor man. My heir. Something only I, who has pushed our kekkei genkai farther than any ever, could fathom this. Join us or die Fist. Pick. A. Side."

He was close to Fist now and he pushed him the chest with an almost juvenile disregard. Fist was frozen in the absurdity of the situation with Masakage both revealing his master plan and the potential scale of it. Jinchuriki? An heir to the Sanada posessing both Masakage's strong blood and the power of demon within the Celestial Body itself? Could such corruption be allowed to exist? Could such a man be allowed to have so much power?

"I will stop you."

I can't beat him. Not now...

"Or you'll try, maybe that's what I want," Masakage sighed and backed away from Sanshiro, "The Sanada turned to me once and now they turn to you. Masayuki has left you to die. Do you see now? Do you understand? They don't want to change this. They don't want a hero. They just want a martyr, a statue to raise. I've been where you are, I stood where you stand. But why should you save Masayuki and his ilk when they stand for nothing? If the Sanada deserve life--let them stand for themselves!"

It has to be that technique...there is no other way.

Fist felt his two arms retract as he stood within six feet of Masakage. Ready. Willing. Prepared to fight and with a deadly focus that wasn't there before. He looked towards Hinoken and felt his eyes go downcast...

"I'm sorry old friend...but you will not survive this fight...", he whimpered, the stupid sword was pulling emotions out of him, "I wish there was another--"

"You live by the sword and you die by the sword Fist-san. It has been a pleasure. Hold no quarter."

"So you'll fight then?"

Masakage really could ruin an emotional moment with an inanimate object like no other.

All Fist did was nod.

"Fine, Fist, regrettable to spill such talented Sanada blood, but expected," Masakage said with a small degree of regret, "No matter which one of us lives, the ground we're standing on will crack and blow away. And you will fight. But when you fight, you'll fight alone. And in the end you'll see there was no other way."

All Fist did was shake his head...

"That where you're wrong...when I stop you, when the Sanada stop you, it won't be alone...," he grinned, "I may not be built for this world. I may not be cut out for my clan but I am a Sanada of Leaf and the will of fire pumps through my veins and powers my heart. I have friends and powerful ones at that. I ain't scared of you Masakage, but you know what's really wild?"

It was then that Masakage noticed it or perhaps it was only then that he let Sanshiro know that he noticed it but Sanshiro's entire body had changed. The Sanada prodigy was literally glowing now, orange as if he was a piece of coal in a volcano. Chakra pulsated in the area causing the very sky to darken and lighting to crackle...

"And what's that Fist?"

"I've seen inside your head Masakage, you ain't as complicated as you think and everything you've done today--this pandering and recruiting. It has to be for some reason and I can only find one...," if Fist's smile could extend to his eye balls it would've, "You're scared of a seventeen year old boy. You're scared that you're a once in a generation talent and that generation has passed..."

He saw Masakage's eyes narrow and him approach Fist with a renewed ferocity. He hit his nephew hard with a big blow to the stomach and then with a knee to the groin. A left upper cut to the chin and then alternating hooks with a shocking quickness to rival Hitoko's or Kiyoko's own hand speed.

It wasn't enough...

"You're scared of me Masakage," Fist said between bloodied teeth, his very tongue and molars glowing like heated metal, "And you should be."

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The sound of combat polluted the area--though it was exceptionally one sided.

Sanshiro was in the pocket, his guard up, but he was much slower and much less experience than Masakage who seemed to be both upped in his curiosity and ferocity towards his nephew. He plunged towards his nephew with an open palm that shifted into a spear, Fist parried the blow with his sword but soon fell victim to an upper cut.

Sanshiro got launched into the air and then fell with a plop. Masakage breathed heavily at him...

"What technique is this? What are you planning boy?"

Fist smiled and laughed...

"Heheheheheheh," he giggled stupidly, "I ain't like you unc, I'm the hero of this story--you're the super villain. It ain't my steez to explain what I'm doing before I do it."

Masakage chuckled in return...

"I see so much of myself in you it pisses me off nephew," Masakage said with a degree of bitterness, "This is a combination of the Celestial Body and Elemental chakra, correct?"

Fist's eyes widened--his uncle was correct. The technique in question relied on Fist's Sanada chakra system, it infected every cell in his body with napalm like katon chakra--each capable of causing immense fire to be released. The combination of the fiery chakra fused with the sheer amount of cells within his body allowed for a destructive force that would destroy anything in his path...

And leave the Sanada home ground completely destroyed...

"This a fight or a science class? Yeah, my whole fuckin body is filled with katon chakra--Imma bout to blow this popsicle stand and errybody in it: namely you."

And for a moment they both stood there, Sanshiro glowing like a coal in the flame and Masakage staring at him with a degree of skepticism.

"One month."

"What? What the fuck do you mean one month?!"

"I mean just that--my plan will be stalled one month," Masakage bowed, "I came here to kill Yuki and end this prophecy once for all--but this visit wasn't entirely pointless either. Thank you for that Fist, you've given me a lot to think about. Your reputation proceeds you. One month, Spirit Island, I expect you to be a man of your word--as I am."

And just then Masakage formed a single hand seal...

"Don't you dare motherfu--"

"Get stronger Sanshiro, you have one month."


But it was too late...

Aruku Bakudan!!!//Walking Bomb!!!

Shunshin no Jutsu

In an instant Sanshiro's chakra exploded outward turning the entire Sanada ruin to ash.

And Masakage disappeared in a puff of smoke...

Just not in the was The Fist had intended.

Don of the Sanada Family
Leaf & Grass Lieutenant

Yeah, I stunt, but I’m a li’l more realer
When it come from the heart, don’t it feel mo’ iller?
Watch my flow go bananas, I’m a li’l gorilla
So pardon me, man, y’all gon’ have to pardon me

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"You'd think that he would want to send his clan head to a nicer looking cabin."

"You must not know Sanshiro that well," Masayuki said with a small grin, "This is very much in character."

The eagle, about the size of the house and the Sanada clan head, shirtless with his elegant robe dangling open halphazardly showing off his still muscular but obviously well scarred chest. Two very gruesome scars were obviously unable to be healed fully by the Celestial Body. Two marks from his duels with his brother.

Sanada Masayuki's visage retained a serenity that seemed in direct conflict with the landscape surrounding him--he was poised and stood tall while the cabin itself was a burnt out skeleton of architecture, the surrounding forest had been razed and several craters littered the area. From what the Eagle had conveyed to Masayuki, this had been a training ground that Sanshiro had utilized prior to this excursion.

It reeked of his mess.

And yet the clan head stood, statuesque and waiting, for it was in the hands of this messy prodigy. The black sheep of the Sanada clan, the annoying up start--the brave bastard who without hesitation had stepped up in his defense.

"You don't think...?"

"Never," said Masayuki with a degree of finality, "When he showed up with his first girlfriend me and my son renamed him The Cockroach. Sanshiro is resourceful and smarter than he seems--he will be fine. Keep faith."

And so they waited...

The summon and the clan head, with the summon posturing and complaining and then bouncing back to a more highly characterized version of itself--but still very much irked by this situation as much as it was bound by duty and contract to see it through. The two waited and waited for a full day and nearly lost faith...

It was then that Sanada Sanshiro appeared on the horizon.

Bald, completely hairless and naked aside from a wolf pelt slung across his shoulders.

The eagle and the clan head beamed as the prodigy approached with a degree of reticence and then stood proudly in front of them in all his gangly and dangling glory.

"Sanshiro! What took you so long!"

"Eh...complications with this jutsu and shit..."

The Fist went into a lengthy and rather animated re-enactment of his and Masakage's final confrontation that was not aided or made clearer due to his current state of dress and insistance on flashy fight choreography. For what it's worth Masayuki was just as floored as Masakage had been and just as skeptical about Sanshiro's display of katon.

"I can see why Masakage was scared to face that...or at least wary..."

"And why's that and shit?"

"To infuse elemental chakra in every cell in your body is an impressive display of chakra control, even for a Sanada, Sanshiro. At your age...well, we've always theorized that the shinobi teachings would have an effect on the Celestial Body, but this sounds like the first true evolution of the bloodline since our integration with Konoha."

Masayuki nodded knowingly...

"Never forget what makes you different from every Sanada that came before you Sanshiro," his uncle said with a degree of seriousness, "Now more than ever it is likely going to be the unconventional that saves us. And I can think of no other Sanada more unconventional, ever."

At this Fist returned a smile, he had never seen such affirmation from his uncle nor from any of his family and it seemed like today he was being courted on both sides of the Sanada divide. Both Masayuki and Masakage had to recognize Sanshiro as a fellow master of the bloodline and as such the Fist was now embroiled in a generational conflict he had been victim of but had not started.

The sons of Seijin, both of them, now had to contend with the actions of The Fist--like it or not.

"If that's the case then I already know what we gotta do next!"

"And that is?"

"You're going back to Konoha and you're going to send me some information to Sand, namely all the information you and my father can muster on how to beat the shit outta some fucking bijuu and shit..."

"You're not coming with me?"

"No, I'm going to make a pit stop before I head off to Spirit Island..."


"Sunagakure," he said with a degree of finality before jumping onto Shirai's back, "Because I may not know how to beat a demon...but if Imma face them, then I need something that only Suna can give me."

"And that is?"

"A dragon."

To be Continued...

Don of the Sanada Family
Leaf & Grass Lieutenant

Yeah, I stunt, but I’m a li’l more realer
When it come from the heart, don’t it feel mo’ iller?
Watch my flow go bananas, I’m a li’l gorilla
So pardon me, man, y’all gon’ have to pardon me

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