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Default [Sand Genin: KAZE] Uehara Tamon


"Talent hits a target no one else can hit,
but genius hits a target no one else can see!"

(click for higher resolution.)

[Age] 12
[Gender] Male
[Height] 4'11"

[Country / Village] Kaze no Kuni / Sunagakure no Sato
[Rank] Genin
[Division] KAZE — Investigator Trainee

[Nindo; "Way of the Ninja"]
“Forget the odds! Risk every chance! Throw a knife at the moon, and you’ll at least hit a cloud!”

[Physical Description / Clothing]
Tamon's thick, ginger hair falls over and about his face in an utterly artless tumble. His skin is pallid and unhealthy, giving a sickly cast that does not suit his young, round face. The shape of his face is complemented by the lopsided curve of his impish grin that can barely be seen over the folds of the scarves he always wears. His nose is prominent enough to catch the notice of a discerning eye, but not enough distract; his eyes are almond shaped, and his bright irises burn a startling vermillion that brightens into molten orange if the light hits them just right.

Rangy and possessed of an ease of grace so liquid and casual as to perhaps frustrate his gawkier and stockier peers, Uehara Tamon walks with a cool, steely confidence that suits neither an unbloodied genin nor a twelve year old that stands just shy of the five foot mark. His swaggering gait is only cut from under him when he is seized by a racking fit of coughing. His shoulders are slim; his limbs are spindly, and the muscles are tightly corded. His long, clever fingers are covered in half-healed wounds and shallow, unimpressive scars from fouls earned by playing with the edges of kunai and shuriken.

When serving Sunagakure in an official capacity, he wears a vivid red, short-sleeved shozoku lighter robes the color of dry, sunbaked soil. The right breast of his shozoku is scored by a streak of desert camouflage. Preferring to move light and quiet if the need arises, he wears only a pair of black leather vambraces for protection. He bears the tools of a shinobi hidden in the Sand on his back, including a small gourd full of sand and a sling for his folded-up fuuma shuriken. Likewise he has several pouches for his shuriken, kunai, and explosive tags on the back of his hip. To round out his ensemble, he proudly wears his hitai-ate on a black sash wound about his waist, only wearing it on his forehead for formal functions or when meeting a superior.

No matter if he is wearing his red uniform or something more casual, Tamon wears long, flowing scarves, set about his mouth to save himself the embarrassment of coughing on people. Most are garish and unfashionable, especially in a place with weather as unforgiving as Kaze no Kuni.

Tamon has a steady sense of self-assurance and a can-do attitude, despite his unassuming stature and lack of experience. While he is reserved and polite to a fault, especially in front of instructors and superiors, Tamon is ready to prove his worth and his talents. He is perceptive and witful enough to have recognized that boisterous exuberance can and will annoy, but try as he might to subdue his own, there is a youthful and infectious energy in the way he bounces with each step he takes. His good sense for people and polite conversation are like a spring wound too tight, always threatening to snap, and he wants nothing more than to have the chance to pop off and show he has the same talent as the Iron Flower Generation.

His eagerness turns what should be temerity into thrill seeking, devil-may-care daring and an insatiable hunger to seek out challenge, and Tamon is ready to risk it all to prove he can hit the mark when no one else can even see the target yet. Too often does Tamon find himself making wagers with his fellow shinobi, that he can do this-or-that better, faster, or with more flair than they can. Most commonly, he challenges others to trick shots with throwing weapons or free-running competitions (Two things at which he excels), but he's been known to get into odd situations since his slaps the word ‘no’ off of his tongue. For better or for worse, he lacks the good sense to know when to quit, and there's never been a challenge he hasn't seen through to the end.

Sly and crafty, Tamon has a roguish way about him that gives him the charm to get away with being irresponsibly curious. Though he doesn’t tend to make trouble on purpose, he does find it and find it often. If he wasn’t a certified sweet talker and so ineffably pleasant all the time, he might have landed himself into serious trouble at the academy.

Tamon is an obsessive person by nature, and hyper fixates on specific details and information about subjects he has an emotional or intellectual stake in while finding it hard to retain the specifics of things that don’t hold his interest. His razor focus makes him excellent at solving the puzzle boxes he collects, and an excellent woodcarver if the whittling he does is any indication, but trying to refocus his attention made one sensei quip that she would rather try her hand at coaxing the sun into rising two hours early than try to pry Tamon’s attentions from something he wants to do.

He prefers to spend his quiet time playing games and reading, and the reading isn’t always things so high minded as classic literature, instruction scrolls, or dense history books. Tamon is terribly fond of comic books, and tends to get swept up in the emotional storytelling, evocative illustrations, and exotic ideas. He would never admit it out loud, but his reckless bravery and proclivity towards long scarves are his shot in the dark to feel half so heroic as his favorite characters.

[Archetypes / Statistics]
Combo Archetype — Bombardier [ Projectile Specialist / Daredevil ]
(Once a thread, the user can pour chakra into a projectile and when that imbued projectile hits something, it will explode with the force of five exploding tags.)

Stat Merits: +2 to Stamina; +2 to Willpower; +1 Control; +1 Reserves
Stat Flaws: -3 to Tactics; -1 to Intelligence; -1 Strength; -1 Stamina

[Chakra] — Primary
  • Power: (1 + 4) = 5
  • Control: (1 + 1 + 4) = 6
  • Reserves: (1 + 1 + 3) = 5

[Mental] — Secondary
  • Intelligence: (1 - 1 + 4) = 4
  • Tactics: (1 - 3 + 4) = 2
  • Willpower: (1 + 2) = 3

[Physical] — Tertiary
  • Strength: (1 - 1 + 1) = 1 (+2 Yatama no Shikaku)
  • Speed: (1 + 4) = 5 (+5 Yatama no Shikaku)
  • Stamina: (1 + 2 - 1 + 2) = 4 (+2 Yatama no Shikaku)

[Jutsu and Techniques]

Global Ninjutsu List
Stage One:
I. Kawarimi no Jutsu (Power 2, Tactics 2)
II. Yoso no Te (Requirements: Power 4, Control 4)
Stage Two:
I. Kinobori/Kabenobori no Jutsu (Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4)

Projectile Ninjutsu List
Stage One:
I. Kage no Yadama (Requirements: Power 2, Willpower 2)
Stage Two:
II. Horisageru no Yadama (Requirements: Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4)

Wind Ninjutsu
Stage One:
I. Fuuton: Yadama Furooseigyo (Control 3, Tactics 2)

Yatama no Shikaku: Assassin’s Projectile Taijutsu
Stage One:
Stat Requirements: 5 Speed, 3 Stamina
Stage Bonuses: +5 Speed, +2 Stamina, +2 Strength

I. Shinobi Kit (0)
II. Limb Armor [Vambrace] (1)
III. Gas Weapons (2)
IV. Fuuma Shuriken [Returning] (1 + 2)
V. KAZE A/V Recorder (1)
VI. Breathing Apparatus (1)

Item Points Remaining:

Originally Posted by Bureaucracy of Kaze no Kuni
[Recording starts.]

“—questions and your answers will be recorded. Is that alright with you, Tamon-kun?”

“Of course! How does this work? What do you want to know?”

“Try not to think of this as a test. We’re just talking.”

“Alright! I can do that!”

“I’m glad you’re feeling so energetic, Tamon-kun. I’d like to ask an easy questions first. How about you tell me about your parents?”

“Uhm, well, they were caravanners. Is that what you want to know?”

“There’s no right or wrong answer to anything I ask. Can you tell me anything about them, as people?”

“I’ve got my mother’s hair and my father’s eyes, but they wanted to honor—” [Coughing.] “—to honor the old ways, and I was the first born, so I was sent to live with my aunt, Uehara Tame, at the Village as soon as I could make the journey. I think I was six. I might have been five, though!”

“I see! What can you tell me about your aunt, then?”

“Ohhh, Aunt Tame is like a hero from the comics!”

“A hero? How do you figure?”

“They used to call her Ten Arm Tame! She could throw shurikens like she had, uh. Well, you get it.”

“So she’s a shinobi, too.”

“Yes. Well, sort of. She was a chuunin, and I guess she might still be? Her, erm, right arm was cut off while defending the village during the Jailbreak Incident, so she doesn’t take up too missions any more.”

“Hrrm. I’m sorry about your aunt’s injury.”

“You shouldn’t be! Unless you chopped off her arm.”

“What a terrible thing to joke about! You know I didn’t, Tamon-kun.” [Papers shuffling.] “How do you figure that your aunt is a hero?”

“She doesn’t let her injury define her life! She can’t make most of the seals for jutsu any more, but she’s still an ace with throwing weapons! She’s the one that taught me how to aim, focus, and know when to take the shot. She’s the reason I had top marks with throwing weapons, you know!”

“Focus is important for a young person like you. So is it safe to say you prefer living with Tame-san to living in the caravan?”

“Aunty’s home isn’t what I’d call spacious, but it’s less cramped than the back of a wagon! I like having my own bed, and it’s easier to find all my things.” [Coughing.] “I miss the food from when I was a kid. Everyone pitched in for meals! My aunt couldn’t cook to save her life, unless she wanted her captor to choke on something. Aunty can be severe, too. Everyone was more relaxed in the caravan. And I was lucky enough to meet a lot of kids from the different cities growing up, too! That was nice.”

“But which do you prefer, Tamon-kun? If you don’t mind me asking.”

“Uhm, well.” [Coughing.] “The food isn’t very good unless we go out or I make it, and I miss the wind in my hair. But Aunty wants me to not just succeed, but excel! She’s been there for me, and I guess I’ve been there for her, too. That sort of thing matters more than anything else in life, you know!” [Coughing, again.]

“You’ll appreciate her severity more as you get older, I’m sure. So you’re fond of traveling? Meeting new people?”

“Ohh, yes! I think that the more people you meet and places you go, the easier it is to appreciate home.” [Clearing throat.]

“You may get the chance to do just that, if you perform well. Is that one of the reasons you wanted to serve Sunagakure?”

“Maybe! ... Definitely.”

“If it’s the will of the Wind, you’ll see the world, Tamon-kun.”

“Of—” [Coughing.] “—course.”

“Your cough is getting pretty bad, Tamon-kun. Are you sure you’re up to finishing this interview? We can continue tomorrow if you’re not feeling well.”

[Laughing] “I don’t want to miss this shot! My lungs won’t be any better tomorrow, but I appreciate the thought!”

“It’s okay for someone like you to take it easy once in a while, you know.”

“No it isn't! And Aunty would never let me hear the end of it if I walked out now! I just forgot to take my inhaler with me today. I was too excited! I couldn’t think about anything other than finishing my exams.”

“Well, for the record, could you tell me more about your condition?”

“Erm, I, uh. Well!”

. . .

“Uhm, I’ve got weak lungs. It’s not always this bad! Mostly it’s just shortness of breath and my chest burning. Other times, it can uhm...well, when it’s at its worst, I cough up blood. Some weeks are better than others. Some months are worse than most.”

“Were you born with this condition?”

“Ohh, no! No, nothing like that. I was, ah—” [Clearing throat.] “—present when the priests of Assate used that toxic gas. I breathed some of it in, you know? Not a lethal dose, but enough that that my chest and eyes were on fire by the time I got a breathing device.”

“I hate to ask this, but, the rest of your class...?”

“They didn’t, uhm...there weren’t enough rebreathers for everyone, and most of us couldn't use Wind Ninjutsu skillfully yet. Two of us survived the gas. I was, uhm, put into another class afterward, ‘cuz our sensei didn’t survive, either. I still get called the Lucky Devil, sometimes.”

“Do you think you can perform your duties despite your handicap?”

“Well, uh!” [Clearing throat.] “When you’ve got to make the pitch, there’s no room for doubt. All I need is one breath, one chance, and one shuriken, and I can make the impossible happen.”

“Your exam scores show you’ve still got what it takes, but I’m more curious as to why you would still want to be a shinobi.”

“Well, I, uh...one shinobi can make the difference. I’m burning to just, do something. To be something. The Juudaime Kazekage died, and so did a lot of my classmates. Aunty can’t fight anymore. And so many died in the struggle with Suna no Soushoku! I’m happy I’m still alive and breathing, and I’ll keep taking risks and shots for the ones who aren’t, until I’m out of weapons, breath, and luck. I’m tired of people telling me to play it safe! I’ll never quit! I’ll always shoot for the moon, ‘cuz then I’ll at least hit a cloud!”

“Don’t get yourself too worked up, Tamon-kun. Thank you for coming to speak with us today. Do you have any questions before we end the interview?”

“...Yeah!” [Laughing.] “When do I start?”

[Click. Recording ends.]

[Writing Sample]
Originally Posted by Writing Sample — Training Daze
Tamon was on his back in the coarse sand of the Academy's training grounds, and he hadn't felt so bone tired in months. His lungs burned, and his chest heaved with each gulping breath that he took. The quiet reserves of chakra in him were parched and throbbing, like a thirsty mouth. Grains of sand were already clumping in his matted, sweat streaked hair, but it cost too much to pay attention to the way it made his scalp itch. Instead he kept his gaze, lacking focus from exhaustion, on the sky and counted the sparse tufts of desert clouds, and listened to his rasping, panting breaths until he lost himself to either mindful meditation or a mindless break. He wasn't sure which.

He didn't know how long he relaxed and refocused, but the sun hadn't moved too far into the next hour and no one had yelled at him to go home. He didn't feel refreshed—his drying sweat was uncomfortable where sand clung to it—but he did feel better, or at least well enough. He worked his way back to his feet, his thighs burning in protest, and quick as a snapping viper he had a shuriken in hand.

One of the more demanding instructors had created an impossibly tall tree from glass earlier that day, to honor the much more impressive tree the Kazekage had made to honor victory, and offered the nebulous promise of a ‘reward’ for any student who could climb it with only kinobori no jutsu to take a medal at the top. Try as he might, Tamon couldn't seem to get the balance of energy just right, and he had fallen into the sand seventeen times in the hour since classes had been dismissed for the day.

“Alright!” Tamon rolled his shuriken end-over-endbetween his knuckles, neverminding how close he was to the mortal edge slicing him deep. Talking made the task seem less futile, and the lack of company less miserable. “If I can't make it all the way up, I can knock it down. A win is a win.”

He drew a breath to center himself, and charged the tree. He managed a solid six steps before losing his footing on the smooth surface of the glass trunk. He fell to the sand for the eighteenth time and stared up at the branches with their sculpted flowers, and felt a stinging resentment for them being so high up. He pushed himself back to his feet, and took four steps up the tree before falling on his back again.

He got back up, even if he was slower to rise, and as always, he tried again to reach high enough to hit his mark.

[Other Info]
I. Tamon has learned to be an excellent cook. If he can't be known as a shinobi , he'll be known for his stir-fry.
II. He inherited his fuuma shuriken from his aunt.

[Mission Log]
I. (05/14/2018) Baddies Being Bad - Kinobori/Kabenobori no Jutsu
II. (06/05/2018) Starcrossed - 1 Stamina, 1 Control

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Missing the -1 to Stamina from his Archetype. YnS requires 3 Stamina, but if you move a point from Speed into Stamina, that should be fine.

The way your stage bonuses are incorporated into his Taijutsu stats could be a little more clear, they're meant to be separate from the general totals. The formatting is a little new-wave for my tastes but I am not allowed to talk about formatting. ;P

That aside, anything I had questions about regarding his biography were discussed and there is no problem on that end.

You do need a writing example--it's like a 'sample post' if you will. Doesn't have to be crazy long, or anything. I don't really expect that we would have any problems in it, judging by how polished your profile is for a brand new member (kudos), but it is part of the process all the same.

I'll be back to half this for you as soon as you fix the stats. Also, do note that you should only bump this thread before 1 week if you make any changes (such as apply AP or swap a jutsu or fix stats, etc). You can always send me a discord message if you'd like.

Excited for you to start playing in Sand.


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Glad to see that you’re interested in Sand! Seikon covered everything, though there’s some other things that might help you out.

Every player is given a slot for one advanced character. Genin get an additional 12 points to use on stats, techniques, or weapon points. Chuunin get 9. You’re by no means required to use them on this character, but it would definitely help out with the stat hiccup.

Other than that, the bio is great! You might want to make mention of the giant glass Yggdrasil covering the village — it’s Enzan’s testament to saving the village from one of Assate’s strongest disciples.
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Changes appear to be in order.

I'm cool with Genin existing outside of the Spartoi class. It will be interesting to see Tamon's perspective of them in-RP.

Solid first character. Welcome to Sand!


(You'll need 3 full approvals before you're ready to start making and replying to RP threads with this guy, and for characters, the village GM must also approve, though I think I might count for that?)


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This is a really good first character. Everything seems to be in order. Approved
Rain GM

Items/Swaps/To Do List
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Half Approved!

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Ten Arm Tame, I’m a fan.

Funny, was having a conversation with Seikon and Wess about Genin existing outside of the Spartoi and basically was like, “If this were My Hero Academia, the Spartoi would be the Hero Class, but there are other departments in U.A High School.”

I read the personality before I read the biography, so was both surprised and impressed when his cough was explained, which is a heart breaking but amazing character quirk to have. This is a good first character, and I hope you find enough threads to develop his story. Looking forward to reading more about this Lucky Devil.

Approved + Sunagakure GM Approval.

I’ll go ahead and move this to where it needs to be.

Welcome to Sand.
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