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Fourteen years? Y'all, we're old. Fourteen years ago, I was watching the dubbed version of Naruto after school at my grandma's house and had no idea what anime was. Fast forward a few, and my twelve year old ass decided that I enjoyed writing.

So, now we can insert a generic, "Engi raised me up from middle school," post like I do every year -- I've made some really good friends, and I'm glad I stuck around.

As for the arc, does that mean I'll be getting my mystery PM to participate soon?

I'll be banking the heirloom and AP, btw.
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Hohoho, 14 years of Engi. This year is truly my 10th year of Engi. I was 16 when I joined this site, wow. This place has meant a lot to me, enough so that I don't think I ever want to change my twitter handle from @EnginoJuushichi, or Juushichi of Engi.

Every so often, I have the ideas of the past drifting around and I get the urge to post. Calibur, I promise you, you will have a post this year. I have one about 80% written at this point, but I'd have to check back into a few things. I'm almost ready to broadcast, we can do this. Thanks to everyone who has added to this site.

I'll graciously partake in the 7AP and relinquish my Heirloom item to Toshiko.

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Happy birthday, engi. I’ll keep mine short and just say that I’m grateful that an outlet like this existed for me. I was fifteen years old when I joined, an outcasted anime/manga and literature geek that didn’t know how to speak in a language that wasn’t nerd. This community was, for a long time, the only place where I felt I could breathe. Thank you all for existing.

I don’t have a single favorite engi memory. Just all the vignettes of moments where we excitedly talked about character and plot ideas in chat. Even if some of them never came to fruition.

I’ll claim the AP and Heirloom for Keiichi. Someone will need to help me with figuring out how applying them actually works nowadays. Love you all.
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Popping in to claim that 7AP and Heirloom. Rock on, Engi!
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