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Shipori kept one hand clenched in place on the dial of the vault, through no specific choice of his own, and slowly creaked his head enough to one side that he got an eye on Moko, the woman, and her sickly looking dogs. He lacked the fine motor control to glare exactly, but his pupil narrowed down. His seal burned hot on his chest. Though the Chuku witch had not completely debilitated him, yet, unseen force gnawed at his edges and danced knives along his itching skin where his seal unfurled into full display. Skittering black lines crept up his neck as Shipori grit his teeth.

Stay out of my way, little girl.

The back of Shipori's robe billowed out around a writhing lump. A quartet of cloth bandages came streaking out from the confines of his yukata in a twisting column towards Moko and the woman. As the hounds leaped forward to intervene, ribbons split of to knock the dogs away. The ribbons curved, then bent at hard angles to bring stiff edges down on the chain near Moko's neck. With a heavy clang, the ribbons formed a makeshift jaw that snapped through metal, and the iron ball about Moko's neck tumbled away.

Shipori's fingers twitched.

Ho? Surpri-

The Chuku woman reached out with one hand and grabbed a fistful of bandage, which went limp as her touch stifled Shipori's chakra flow. Shipori himself spasmed as if shocked and stumbled forward against the door. Black and purple arcs of electricity jumped all over him – out of him, his own system put out of control. The woman yanked back and Shipori came sailing towards her, a fish flailing on the line. Her dogs recovered and came barking and snapping back at Moko while Shipori hit the ground in a heap.

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If only he had a chance to figure out how the new power he discovered worked. If only these Chuku weirdos had some other weakness. Instead, he was left being choked out, and he already knew that Shipori was crippled when fighting against their power to disrupt and control chakra.

It was getting hard to breath, and he could feel the snarls from the eyeless beasts. He was pinned to the ground, the Chuku so close to him that he expected the death blow any moment.

Then there was a metallic snap, and the pressure released. Moko took in a deep breath, and peeked up to see one of Shipori's bandages before the Chuku snatched it up. She had him, and that close, she thought she had them good.

Still, there was one type of attack that so far Moko hadn't seen the Chuku defend against effectively.

"Kusanagi Tsumazuku!" Moko yelled as he twisted from his down position, his legs spinning around him and catching both dogs before he managed to recover to a kneeling position.

As the hounds recovered and came to bite him, Moko released the hidden blade at his wrist and slashed up at the arm holding Shipori.

The slash cut across the woman's wrist, and she released the bandage with a scream of pain and a leap back from the fight.

"You insects!" She shouted, "Absolute wastes of flesh."

Moko didn't have time to gloat. He was thankful for the armor on his forearms as the too-sharp teeth of the hounds bit into his suit. He blocked his face, but they were stronger than they had any right to be.

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