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Nen let it now that he was there for his teammate, in the long run he knew that a sudden rain storm would call upon the shinobi of Sunagakure, and Nen knew that the shinobi of SUnagkaure knew what we were doing. It was the hope of Nen that they would help the two of them in the end and that Nen was not the only person that was within the area. Nen knew he had really screwed up but it wasn’t the first time he had done such. Looking upon the young chuunin he knew that this kid would survive for a longer time then what the Jounin had assumed. Though the blades attack was heavy and his blade was sharp, the kid would live to see another day. Taking the mud from the area, Nen covered the wound to make sure that there was something for the blood to lay upon.

Not the most hygienic thing, it still allowed for the chuunin to live a little longer. The longer the blood stayed within the kid, the longer that he would live. Rushing outwards, away from the city that they once stayed for the last couple night it was to Nen’s surprise that shinobi had stopped them. Maybe it was the worry that crossed the mans mind but he was unaware of such a presence till they were already upon him.

Letting Wisp free, Nen would return to his own village. He hoped that Ayame-son, and the rest of the village was okay with the lack of skill Nen had performed within his mission. There was no doubt that the report would arrive before him but at least there was a murder that was dead and that Nen had successfully killed him. A Dead Sand shinobi was not the worst thing but a living one was a better accommodation.
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