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Hana could see the improvement in Yuu’s stance, even as the shadows of dusk started to fall over them. Something about the way he stood seemed more confident, his form more polished. She mused that the last time she had seen him in action was with the Fist during the Survival Challenge – the both of them had changed substantially since then, grown even. Rather than study his posture further, she turned her head skyward for a moment, studying the crescent moon that had begun to shine just above the setting sun.

“We’ll have to have a training day soon.” She lowered her gaze and smiled at him. “To see how much the other has grown. We’re still teammates after all, promotion or not. It’s time we work on improving our combos – I seem to remember that you have quite the penchant for explosive tags.” Her mind flashed back to their time with Kiyoko in the mountains near Yukigakure and once again to the Forest of Death.

The sudden influx of old memories left her remembering their last disagreement at the hospital, causing her to shift ever so slightly in order to brace against the discomfort. She wanted to bring it up, but she decided against it. Today was a day to celebrate, to let their childish antics disappear. In the eyes of the village, she was very much an adult. She had made it to fourteen, and while she had a good deal of life left to live, she had taken a lot in turn. It made her wonder, made her think.

Very few people were left that were important to her, but Yuu was one of them. They had been through thick and thin together: She might not have been the best at expressing herself, but she truly hoped that Yuu knew how she felt towards him.

“…But, I imagine that we should be getting back. You have another five hours of training and studying ‘medical academia’ in the morning, and I have a mission to prepare for.” She stood, looking him over, before offering him a handshake in the same manner that he had her.

Rather than keep him at arm’s length though, she pulled him in, this time wrapping him in her arms. She rested her head on top of his for good measure.

“I’ll see you when I get back.”

The ribbons that Yuu had given her then engulfed her in a sudden flourish, and the girl was gone, leaving a confused Kioko to hobble back over towards him and fluff up her feathers before leaning down and ushering him onto her back.

"You know, Yuu-kun: I think she really likes you."
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