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Default Bijuu rules updated to Version 0.6


Okay folks, it has been a long time coming, but we have made some tweaks to the Bijuu rules.

They can be found in the handbook, but I'm going to rundown the changes here and what this means for characters.

Drive changes. Jami made some good points that the Drive system should have an easier way for Bijuu to float in the middle and ride the wave. Before, any thread where a Jinchuuriki was fighting would end in tragedy, and our system was ill prepared for that.

Now there are only four states, and the Overwhelmed (100 drive) state has a penalty of leading to a shutdown after a few posts.

There are also changes to the Triggers for drive. Now they say you MAY gain drive for the majority of them. This allows a Jinchuuriki to choose, for the sake of roleplay, when they are losing control. To balance this, there are more penalties on what a Jinchuuriki can accomplish while in the higher drive states.

Language. Jinchuuriki techniques are now called Bijuu techniques. This is really just to make sure we used the same wording across the rules. Bijuu techniques come from the Bijuu, not from the host, so they have been renamed (before they had two names, Jinchuuriki techniques/Bijuu arts. That was dumb, my bad).

Bijuu techniques have gone through big revisions. They used to all be active techniques, and have three scaling stats. Now they are divided into passive techniques, and active techniques. The passive ones only scale with one stat, and the other functionality has been folded into the normal technique. The active ones have two scaling stats.

This was to simplify them, and make sure that certain Bijuu stats didn't create hard to balance scenarios, or ruin the Drive economy.

Archetypes have been changed. Part of this was to make sure they worked with the new 'May' system for drive gain. The amount of drive they give or take has been altered to hopefully work with this new system.

Some were also changed to work with other rule revisions. Gourmand has gone through heavy revisions, and under Kaen's advice a major change happened to spirit breeder to make it easier to use.

The Unleashed archetype is available now as well.


So what if these changes have ruined your character fantasy? Well, that is unfortunate, so I have options for you.

If your Jinchuuriki swaps no longer function properly because of a rule change:
You can reregister the technique, and we will try to make the process expedient.

If your Jinchuuriki archetype no longer works with your character concept:
We will change it to another, without need to reregister.

If your Jinchuuriki no longer functions as intended, or you are no longer interested in your Jinchuuriki because of rules changes:
Unfortunately, this means a trip to the registry.

If you need a small fluff or detail change because of these rules changes:
Those can be done on request by a mod.


What is coming in Version 0.7?

That depends on how people enjoy version 0.6, but there are two additions planned.

One is a system for growing 'trust' between the Jinchuuriki and Bijuu, included in the rules.

Two is a more detailed system for Bijuuko, and the abilities of Bijuu that would wander the world as NPCs and enemies.

Okay everyone, enjoy, and don't be afraid to let your feelings on the changes be known.
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