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Default Hello

Hello my name is Justin and I already know how to write my character I am just looking for peeps who would like to read it.
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Three days with no one saying hi? That must be a record for us.

Hey Bossman!

I know you're already in discord, so hey, that is probably the best place to ask if someone wants to take a peek at your work in progress.

Of course, take a look at everything in the handbook.

When you want to put down your work in progress, best place to do that is in Unfinished, a part of the registry. Lets you make sure your layout is right, and makes it easy to link to people who you want to have take a look at it.
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Hey Justin! Sorry about the late welcomes! Some of us are in school, or participating in Nanowrimo, or had a string of bad-luck in the past weeks. Forgive us!

I hope to see your character real soon, and would love to write with you sometime! Hope to see you around!

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