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Default Heyya!

Hello! I'm new here, and figured I'd try get a bit of an understanding about the RP around here ( I've been on the hunt for some naruto RP in quite some time as most Naruto RPs I've joined tend to die, unfortunately )

Not sure what there's to say about me, I pretty much grew up with Naruto ( sort of ), found an interest in RP and now I'm in pursuit of more!

So anyway, Hi, Hello, if you have any questions feel free to ask me ( Also I'm all for the Hyuuga clan, heh. )

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Hello and welcome!

Feel free to ask any questions you may have as you become acquainted with the site! I've never rp'd on another site so I'm not sure where engi would fall in comparison, but I like it here! If you wish, there's a chat using discord that you are more than welcome to join to chat as you go through the site. If not. PM's or posting works well.

I hope you enjoy yourself here!
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Welcome! I'm excited to see another person interested in Rain. That gives Kazuhiko more people to RP with! Like Chi said, feel free to heck out our discord. We're usually pretty nice, and I only bite if I'm asked to.
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