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Default Staff Role Changes


In an attempt to focus down our staff roles during this busy time, I have messed with the roles of staff.

Before the staff roles had four tiers.
Exec Mods
General Mods - Editors - Etc
Trial Mods

I'm eliminating the Executive mod section. Not because Kaen and Jami (the Exec mods at this time) have done anything wrong, but because the distinction wasn't serving a lot of purpose. Now we are moving to focused staff roles! So let me introduce your staff and their roles.

We are here to keep the site operational as a whole. We are also the bridge between members and staff. If there is a conflict or problem with staff and members, you should escalate it to the Admins.

merdle (yours truly)

Ratings Moderators
These mods are here to keep the thread ratings section clean, organized, etc. This means they will do more reading than the others, and that if you need edits after a thread it will probably come from one of them.

Hitoko (Finally, no longer a trial)

Registry Moderators
These mods will work in the registry to make sure it doesn't become completely backed up. They inform us when special approvals are needed, and they will alert you when a thread is going to be removed because it is too old and looks abandoned.


Story Moderators
These mods create story content, NPCs, and help make sure that our site keeps on moving in character. They even make sure the content quality of engi stays high, even if they have to stop a registry thread because of some bad grammar.


Balance Moderators
These mods try to keep engi's systems and numbers in a balanced state. Is one list way stronger than another? Is there a list that has just been left in the dust? Will that list in the registry throw the engi world off balance? Balance mods also help create new lists that are being created.


So now if you ever need to know who is on staff, or what their current role is, you can look here? This should help you focus your PMs and questions.
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