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Default Preview: The Bakemono Isles

The Bakemono Isles

The Bakemono Isles are the next location to be added to Engi no Jutsu. Here is a nice fluff preview for their introduction.

Let me know what you think below. Staff is fueled by motivation, so any ideas, recommendations, commendations, or statements of excitement are greatly appreciated.


I’ve stalked giant cobras in the Forest of Death. I’ve hunted dire poisonous bears in the Gahou Glades of Kusa. I’ve pursued the black whale in the tumultuous waves west of Mizu. A thousand and more creatures have come into my sights, and all have been bagged or tagged, one more treasure for my trophy room. No monster of myth was beyond me, and no land, not even the great deserts of Wind, or the treacherous swamps of Numa, could slow me down.

I am Grand Hunter Juju, and I considered myself invincible.

Then I was hired, by men with tattoos and brands that reeked of backwater tribalism. It was the sort of work I would usually avoid. There was something in their eyes, the one that had eyes, that spoke of a cold and clinical attitude toward life. This was not an adventure to them, it was a business venture. They didn’t know the thrill of the hunt. If anything, their wiry frames, their nervous glances, these men were hunted.

My Sensei warned me about men like them. While we toiled in blood and sweat, while he taught me his unique hunting art.

They wanted me with them, on an expedition. It was an island, far Northeast of Water. Men from money wanted the island tamed, commercialized, but their first encounter with the isle had not gone as expected.

30 sailors died. A mercenary shinobi on board was assumed ripped to shreds. They returned with only one item as cargo. A small jade idol, taken from a shrine found near a jungle shore.

The idol was a crude cylinder, and on it was something I never imagined I would see outside of history books. There was a depiction of a fox, furious, with 9 tails.

Usually A job like this was not worth taking, not from men I knew I couldn’t trust, men I knew were holding back information from me. But there was something on that island worth hunting, and if it was going to be anyone it would be me.

I didn’t know what I was getting into. The dangers on the Bakemono Isle were beyond even my wildest dreams.


The hope with the Monster Islands is to create a place full of danger, excitement, intrigue, and of course giant monsters. The villages will be hired out to help control the island, and every country will have their stake on this wild frontier.

So let me know what you think.
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u havin a giggle m8
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How much XP will we get from killing mobs and do they drop any good loot?

I myself am a big fan of ancient ruins and/or forgotten beasts. A "Hunt" list as opposed to a mission list sounds all kinds of cool, presuming the island isn't full of mostly harmless Colossi.

What's on the table in terms of beasties? I imagine having velociraptors roaming the jungle would be way too out there. I can see giant versions of already existing dangerous animals stampeding around, coupled with some spooky scary 'tailed beasts'. You can get a lot of mileage out of monsters.

On a more serious note (and kind of relating to what you talked about on the IRC), having some IC incentives for cross-village contact (either cooperatively or competitively) also sounds really nice. Maybe it's a bit of a departure from typical ninja behavior but variety is the spice of life and all. Are there any plans for this shiny new island to be integrated at all with existing village missions/arcs or will it mostly be a stand-alone vacation resort for enterprising soldiers?
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New LANDS in Engi!? What crazy alternate world I have I fallen into!?

I like it.

Can we skin the monsters and collect their stuff to craft armor and weapons? ... Wait, wrong series.

Either way. Sounds neat-o.

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take the l
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I like it, a new place where all sorts of things could go down. The sense of unpredictability makes the possibilities endless. Not to mention plenty of monsterthings to hone your skills on.

I'm hoping that the creation of the island includes a complementary plot, maybe a twist specifically around those who are trying to clear the island. Would it also be plausible for another group of savage/barbarian-like people living on the island?

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Sounds cool, let my nin at it

as usual I am all for new and shiny stuff

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To answer Junge: There are certain hopes and intents with this, but we can never guarantee everything will be as interesting as we want.

Considering the control of villages has sort of... consolidated, it may be possible to have arcs turn toward the island. But there is a hope to draw in the interests of most of the countries, which inevitably draws in the ninjas villages that they employ.

As for monsters, Distortion and Junge, this island opens up the option to do fun stuff that we otherwise would only see occasionally (like in Sand arcs or so).
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This sounds like a lot of fun, I've always (vocally, even!) liked the idea of ninjas fighting giant mythical creatures outside of summons and jutsu.

I'd like to see some messed up chakra-fussing areas, too. Woods and ruins that naturally produce genjutsu like effects, areas of meditation hidden behind places so dangerous not even a Jounin would dare it alone, places of great power that allow one to face the shadows of the past...

Pulp fiction adventure threads are WAAAY up my alley.
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Little do they know...
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Fan of Dagobah, VD?

Monster plants and natural environmental deathtraps are also a fairly sound investment.
Where would these islands be located geographically?
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This sounds great, though if the island is not on the back of a giant turtle i may cry.

I can imagine this would be great fluff wise for beastmasters, but would there be any special rules in regards to them? (i can imagine adopting one of the monsters as a pet would be... interesting).
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Beastmaster pets are effectively domesticated ninjas. Taking something you can barely control and trying to teach it to be a ninja pet would probably end in tears.


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